2019-10-16 - Surprise, We're Coworkers!


Jessica discovers that Kwabena is joining SHIELD.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 16 04:25:18 2019
Location: Tactical Office

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The holding room where Kwabena Odame was living is now empty. His guards have been reassigned; the one outside of the now empty living space doesn't have much to go on. However, it wouldn't take much for an agent of SHIELD to locate the former terrorist; he's in one of the many tactical offices that pepper the Triskelion. These are rooms where operations are staged, but often, when they are empty, agents will go there to have some quiet, to get some work done.

Kwabena is seated at a computer terminal, where he's just finished entering every single thing he knows about Prevoshkhodstvo. How he's dressed may come as a surprise to anyone who isn't aware of recent developments… he's wearing a SHIELD uniform, with a PPU (Powered Persons Unit) patch and a bright orange armband, still symbolizing him as a potential threat. It's a far cry from the orange vest and armed guard escort.

It isn't hard for Jessica to gather information on where Kwabena may be found. She stands outside the door and taps it lightly. "Kwabena? It's Jess. You decent?" The smile cN be heard in her voice. It does her good to be able to visit him here instead of some jail cell. And here, he has his privacy. She'll knock instead of letting herself in.

A smile forms on Kwabena's face, illuminated in the otherwise dark room by the light of the plasma screen. He reaches over to flip a switch, and the door slides open. "I'm decent," he answers, and when he stands up, the lights come online. He looks toward Jessica with a slant to his lips.

"I heard a rumour. So I brought you a gift." She hands him a coffee mug that reads "World's Okayest Coworker."

"I thought maybe you might need a mug. For your coffee." She smiles brightly, looking him over, and she encircles him with her arms, drawing him in for a long, tight hug. "I'm so happy," she whispers in his ear as she holds him.

"Rumah?" Kwabena asks, but recognizes the word only a few moments later. He 'ah's' silently and smirks. "Yes, dis place is full of rumahs. Someone asked me if I punched Rasputin in de face. I didn't even come close to doing dis thing!"

When the coffee mug is presented, he eyes it with a dubious look. "I think I will be making my own coffee with dis, not… not using what dey have in stock." Because everyone knows SHIELD coffee is garbage. He takes the mug with a grin, recognizing it as his first actual possession, and hasn't even had a chance to set it down when she embraces him. So she'll find a coffee mug bumping against her shoulder when he does the same. "I can tell," he tells her, laughter in his eyes.

"And the next item on the agenda is to find you some new clothes so you aren't SHIELD everywhere you go. And a place. I mean…of your own. Unless, of course….I mean, if you like my place, and would like to stay there, instead. I think you'd like it." She looks hopeful. "But there's no icemaker, of course…" Her hand is sliding along his arm, absently. "DID you punch Rasputin in the face?"

Kwabena listens easily, his mind in a safe place. Eyebrows shoot up for a moment, a similarly hopeful expression in his eyes, but when she asks if he did in fact punch Mikhail, he laughs. Stepping away, he sets the mug down and turns back to her, shaking his head. "No. I like him. I want to punch every Russian in de face, but, I am finding dis new thing which is called 'self control'. Is very much pain in my ass, but is not pain in my knuckles."

Reaching for her hand again, he nods slowly. "I am not allowed beyond SHIELD area," he tells her, letting the half-truth hang for a moment before a grin spreads across his face. "Unless I am accompanied by SHIELD agent."

Jessica arches a brow, when Kwabena gives that tibia of news. "That is amazing news! That means…you can come home sometimes with me. And I'm sure it's just a matter of time until you can go where you want, whenever you want. But ah…You might want to leave some of the self-control here. You won't need it much where we're going…"

"Does dis mean I can get out of dis place and see your house?" Kwabena asks. "Finally?" He gestures toward the computer. "Have just completed full report on Prevoshkhodstvo, and I would love…" He steps in closer, wrapping his arms around the woman and looking into her eyes meaningfully. "… a change of scenery."

Jessica presses in against Kwabena, and encircles him with her arms. "And I would love nothing more than to get you out of here, and take you home," she replies. "I dunno….I mean should I really allow such indiscretion with a coworker?" She arches a brow and looks up into his face. "Ah, he'll with it…Let's go before you explode, and I can't take you out anymore." She smiles, her eyes bright as she contemplates the idea of taking him away from this place. "I am SO ready to get you out of here."

"If you don't," Kwabena tells her, "Den I will change into smoke and follow you." He reaches for his mug, twirling it in a finger before cupping it into his hand. "And I have a bottah of vodka. Don't ask me how I got it. You don't want to know."

"I have a few bottles of things at home, too," Jessica offers, ting to distract their conversation from the trip itself, and any extra-curricular activities that might occur on the trip. A safer subject.

" Although the smoke could be interesting…" She looks thoughtful. And by the looks of things, she has failed at distracting herself from the activities on the trip.

"Let me go and get it," Kwabena tells her. "Then let's get de hell out of here. I'll leave de SHIELD uniform." It isn't as if he doesn't have a change of clothes on his person, after all.

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