2019-10-12 - The Subway


Mera requests Scandal's assistance in investigating unusual activity.

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Storyteller: n/a
Date: 2019-10-12
Location: Turtle Bay Subway

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Mera has a habit of texting people that she has met to rendezvous at odd locations in the middle of the night. Tonight, it is Scandal's turn. The meeting place - the Turtle Bay subway station. Since the neighborhood is still in ruins, the subway is no longer being used. Not by the citizens of New York at least.

Mera is waiting on the surface, clad in her green scaled body suit under a long black coat - she must mean business. The barricade preventing the curious from going down to the subway, or up from it, lies on the ground nearby. It wasn't much for an Atlantean to remove.

A middle-of-the-night rendezvous amidst ruins? Scandal comes prepared as well… though her liking for black attire and her selection of a long black coat of her own (its collar flicked up against the threat of rain) does mean that most of her own selections are concealed for the time being. Still, she navigates with the aid of sleek-fitting night vision goggles, and only flips those up as she nears the Atlantean, raising a hand in greeting.

"Good evening. You have chosen a lovely spot."

Mera looks around, considering Scandal's words, before giving her a curious look. "I would not say it was 'lovely'" she replies before shrugging - humans have such strange tastes. "I am glad that you could come, Scandal. Please, this way." She gestures down the stairs into the subway before leading her companion into the dark. No light down here though that does not bother a woman who swims in the darkest oceans. "I hope you are well."

Laughing softly, Scandal shakes her head. "It was an attempt at a mild jest," she says drily, before slipping her goggles back into place and following Mera. "I am well enough, thank you. How are you - and why are we here?"

Mera considers for a moment. "Oh…it was sarcasm?" A little laugh just to show that she got the joke. "I am well, thank you. We are down here because I am concerned that there has been an infiltration of the area. You are good at spying, yes?" They reach the platform level, debris everywhere. A chill in the air along with the sound of dripping water from long busted pipes.

Scandal's arched brow is invisible thanks to her present eyewear, but after a moment she allows herself a wry chuckle - while keeping a wary eye on their surroundings. "That might depend upon quite what you mean by 'spying'. But I can quite possibly assist in scouting, yes. Do you know what form this 'infiltration' might have taken?"

"Rebel Atlanteans" Mera explains without fanfare. "A squad attacked a beach recently, but we fought them off. They were hoping to set off a nuclear device to destroy New York City. I am concerned that they have drilled into the abandoned subway tunnels to use as a transit." She jumps down onto the subway tracks before holding out a hand to assist Scandal to join her. "They know me…and I am not subtle. I am hoping that you will be able to determine if I am right or simply paranoid."

Scandal hesitates a moment… then cracks a wry grin and accepts the hand, allowing the statuesque redhead to help her down. "Thank you. I can be quite light on my feet when needed, yes," she confirms. "Is there anything in particular that I should be watching for?"

"Technology that is not from the surface. New tunnels. Atlanteans. They will wear armor and be blue skinned. They cannot breathe on the surface…" A beat. "Mostly." Ahead of them are tunnels for each of the platforms. Some have collapsed, some still look usable. "I will follow but at a distance. A kilometre should be sufficient. Thank you, Scandal."

Scandal once again arches a brow. "Blue skin, hmmm?" She eyes Mera for a moment… though the goggles don't exactly grant her a view of anything's true colours. "I shall see what I can find. Should we risk using radio communication, or might they detect that? Not that I'm sure how well it would work down here…"

Mera smirks at the question of skin colour. "I am a mutant, Scandal. A half-breed. One of the reasons they detest me so." Reaching into a coat pocket, she hands an earpiece over to the other woman. "We shall risk communication. I have chosen a frequency and encryption they will not know. It is Atlantean technology, it will work. Oh, if anyone starts shooting at you…don't let yourself get hit. They will not be bullets."

Scandal offers Mera a rare look of sympathy, accepting the earpiece - then hesitating slightly. "Not be bullets…?" She cocks her head, both to convey curiosity and to let her better fiddle the new technology into place.

"Energy weapons. Bullets tend to lose some of their value underwater. All that resistance." Mera smiles warmly. "At least you will not be filled with holes." Silver linings. The redhead indicates one of the tunnels. "That one passes closest to the sea wall. I suggest trying that one first. Your communicator also acts as a location device. I will find you easily if you get into trouble. Good luck."

Another low chuckle from Scandal, then she nods - and sets about shrugging out of her long coat, revealing the sort of snugly-fitted combat/espionage gear beloved of some supervillains and elite spy organisations. Furling it into a compact bundle, she secures it in a small pack on her back. "Thank you. Now… let's see what I can find."

Mera will even hold Scandal's coat for her - it's the least she can do. Any comments on how well that second skin suits the surfacedweller, she will keep to herself.

The tunnel heads in the direction of the sea, straight for the most part. There has been minor damage to the walls; a minor collapse of the ceiling here, an pile of rubble that was once a wall there. Though it seems 'normal' until she rounds a bend in the subway line. Next to a 'Staff Only' maintenance door there is a newly formed shaft about four feet off the ground and four feet in diameter. The sides smooth as if the rock had been melted by an intense heat. Peering into the tunnel reveals a slight downward slope but nothing moves within and no sound can be heard from within.

(To Be Continued)

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