2019-10-10 - Eldritch Jogging


Carin tries to encourage Eve to take up jogging.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Oct 10 06:26:48 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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Pant pant pant pant pant.

Just because Eve can turn off fatigue and pain it dosn't maen she won't feel them like anyone else if she wants to. She'd been exercising, see, trying to stay to her rather normal human capabilities.. and yes, her exercise gear is as Goth as the rest of her.

"Why did I let you talk me into this, CArin?" The jogging, that is. "You just want to show off?" There's humor in her tone as she glances towards her friend.

"You're th' one who keeps sayin' ya need ta get out more an' get some sunlight and stuff…" Carin says, jogging along easily (and at normal speeds) with her friend. "Besides, helps with endurance an' stuff. Get ya some energy in the morning, perk ya right up, once yer body's used ta it." the pale girl points out, her eyes twinkling a bit.

"…I want to die," groans Eve as she slumps into the wall, panting heavily.

She is MISERABLE. "HOW DO YOU DO THIS ALL THE TIME?" she asks of Carin. Wags a finger at her. "Ugggh, my knees are gonna exploooooode."

Carin slows, jogging in place for a moment, then shrugs, stopping to lean against the wall. "It feels worst when yer first startin' out." she admits, pretty shamelessly. "And I'm just used to it. I run, it's what I do. It's one of the few things Im good at."

"Don't sell yourself short," replies Eve, firmly, to Carin. "I can imagine you being good at any number of things. Me, I just watch movies all night." She shrugs her shoulders, giving her a wry smile. "Well, that and garden." She's good at the gardening bit, that's for sure, judging by the money she has for her apartment.

"Annnnd that is why you're feeling so worn out after just a little jog…gardening doesn't exactly scream workout, y'know." Carin points out, shaking her head. "I mean, it's work, but not the same sort of work to get yer heart beatin' faster." She smiles a little. "Don't worry. I mean it'll probably be kinda uncomfortable a day or so from now, but you'll get used to it."

"WEll, /yeah/," agrees Eve, "I mean, it's labor intensive physically," for anyone who isn't Eve, "but it's not running." She makes a face at her. "You're enjoying this WAY too much," she protests in teasing. HEr breath caught, she straightens up and brushes herself off. "Okay! Ready for part two," she says, with a faux-weary sigh. "And you need to tell me what you've been up to lateyl!'

Carin grins. "Maybe a little bit." she'll admit. "And we can take it down to a walk when we get to the park so you can cach your breath a bit, yeah?" And off they go again! Carin at least has the breath for talking as they go. "Well, I'm kinda feeling like I'm gettin' caught up in classes a bit more. Still frustrating that I feel dumb compared to most of the kids at the school, but the teachers give a crap and the classes are small enough that they actually pay attention to me."

"Don't feel dumb, Carin. You're not dumb. You're just behind, is all, and I'm sure you'll catch up in time. Youi're /definitely/ not dumb. And you know I'll help if I can," she adds. Warm smile at her.

Carin mmphs, but smiles a bit shyly at the encouragement. "Well…I feel less behind, then…" she says, slowing as they enter the nearby park as she pants a bit, then starts wandering towards a water fountain. "It'll be nice when I'm, like, at least feeling like I've graduated or something. I don't know what i'm gonna do then though."

"College' says Eve, cheerfully. "Right here in good old New York, I'd think! Definitely college. That's where you go to figure that /out/. That part, I mean, wehat you wanna do with your life after the fact. You can do that, Carin." Eve smiles at hjejr again, though she stops at the water fountain when they reach it to have a long drink. Very long.

Carin snorts. "Me, in college?' She shakes her head, pausing to take a drink after Eve takes hers. "I don't got money or nothin' for something like that, I kinda think I need a real job first or somethin'."

"A job won't pay for college, realistically. Maybe your school has a program, though?" asks Eve. It probably does. "Lots of schools do, though some are worse than others. It's within your grasp should you want it."

Carin chews her lip a bit, frowning. "Maybe? I mean…a lot seem to just…stay at the school and become teachers, but I'm not…I don't know nothin' for teaching ta people." She sighs a bit. "And, I mean, they do lotsa pro-mutant stuff, but I'm not…I dunno. I dunno if I wanna get into that or not."

"…I understand. You need to figure some things out. Talk to them about college, though. See what's on offer. You /should/," says Eve, firmly. She gives her a little nudge with her elbow and steps away from the fountain. Her turn, of course. She glances around and does make note of the few stares that come their way from those who've noticed Carin's particular look.

"I guess….I mean, I can talk to Professor McCoy, he seems cool, but he's all…I dunno. Brainy an' stuff. He's got like a catgirl assistant now too that seems to be real good at helping out with his sciency stuff." Carin says, leaning back against the fountain on her hands. She's trying not to take notice of the people staring….it happens. Giant green lightning bolts on the face draw attention.

Eve links her arm with Carin companionably and simply walks on with her.

"You should definitely do that. Talk to him, I mean. Brainy just means he'll probably be able to give you some good ideas on how to proceed. You don't have to make any decisions yet, anyway."

Carin finds herself leaning in towards her friend, ever the sucker for physical affection. "I guess that's true. I mean, I don't…I don't wanna disappoint him or somethin', by not goin' into engineerin' or sciency stuff." she says after a moment, frowning faintly.

"…you're not going to disapoint him, Carin, I'm sure. If you want, I can be around the school when you do or something. I'm just saying.." Eve squeezes her. "It's okay to not be sure. His job isn't to judge you for not being sure about what that is, it's to help you /find/ what it is."

Carin mmms, then sighs a bit. "Yeah, I know, it's just…it's hard to…to trust people aren't gonna screw me over sometimes." she admit with grumble. "I know, I gotta work on it…" She gives Eve a squeeze back. "But thanks. For havin' my back an' stuff."

"…you know I will be. That's what friends are for," says Eve, warm and happy to be of assistance to her friend. "Come on. Let's get back, huh?" And with that, she's gesturing off in the direction of her apartment building.

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