2019-10-09 - Knights In Shining Armour


While Mari recovers, T'Challa spoils her

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 9 09:12:53 2019
Location: T'Challa's Apartment

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It's late in the evening - about the time Vixen should be out and about but tonight she isn't. She hasn't been for a few nights now - not since she got shot in the leg and Violet visited. She's needed time to recover and as reckless as Mari may be, she's sensible about her health.

Instead the dark skinned woman is ensconced on the couch, leg propped up, and a glass of wine in hand. She's not alone, of course.

Tonight they're at T'Challa's rather palatial penthouse, up on the top where the hottub is. There IS a couch out here too. And so much to look at. The city, lit up. A city that never sleeps. Well, people in it do of course but the city itself?

T'Challa sits down next to her with a plate of fruit and cheese and a bottle of wine.

"As promised." He says, offering a wine glass to her.

"You spoil me, T'Challa…" Mari smiles, shifting slightly so he can sit near her, letting him fill her wine glass again. On her wrist is the bracelet he made her - the stone beads held together magnetically.

"We didn't get to speak much about the gifts you gave us. And I'm not sure I had to chance to thank you properly."

There's scratches on her arms still, from the attack launched by Violet.

"You're going to have to let me spoil you sometime."

"I look forward to the day." T'Challa says smiling. He loops his arm around the woman's shoulders, careful of her injuries. He is rather considerate, or at least very solicitous of her.

"Ah you are welcome of course, Mari." T'Challa smiles. "I was able to replicate an older design of mine. A multifunction wearable device that uses the inherent energy and data storing abilities of vibranium and make it work with reverbium as well. I do hope you find it useful. For communications purposes if nothing else."

"Do you now? Well I shall make it happen." Mari leans back against the taller man, sighing happily as she does. With the platter resting on her lap, she takes a piece of cheese to feed to him. "Maybe I could start practicing now…"

Cheeky vixen.

"We still need to find a steady supply of reverbium. This is so useful. When Emma sees it …" There's another smile but Mari doesn't finish that. "I know it linked to my phone and I can make calls and use it to access my calendar, but what other little surprises did you put in there, T'Challa?"

Because … that's the sort of thing he would do. Like, you know, teleporting her halfway across the globe.

T'Challa grins as he accepts the cheese. That does make him silent for a moment which is possibly a benefit she will have to remember later. "I approve of practice. Lots and lots of practice."

He offers her a morsel and fills up the wine before settling back and letting her lean against him once more.

"It has radio capability. It will interface with computers, you'll find the speech to text ability quite advanced. It has a small holo screen capable of displaying data or programs and it will be compatible with most commercial apps."

Nothing earth shattering of course.

"It might be possible for someone who knew what they were doing to find you with it if you were ever missing."

"I remember that you approve of practice. I intend to do that a lot of that tonight." Mari smirks. Feeding T'Challa does indeed make him silent but she knows other ways that silence him as well.

Taking the morsel from his fingers, the ex-model allows her glass to be filled again, settling back he does and resting her head against his shoulder.

They're very comfortable together, really.

"Ah, that's good to know. I can leave my phone and tablet in my bag then. I can't imagine the faces on my Board at the next meeting… " The Board. A point of contention for Mari at the moment. That will come to a head soon, when they have Rivera.

"It can can it?" Find someone. Mari's hand runs down T'Challa's arm to see if he's wearing one. "And where is yours? How's Vixen supposed to find you should you go missing?" She's teasing slightly, but only slightly - she's rather serious about his safety.

"You'll hear my calling. 'Help. Help.'" T'Challa laughs. "I have a very loud voice or so I was always told in court."

She can well imagine. It's quite resonant. It would carry well. She feels his fingertips brush her shoulder. He seems to enjoy that and yes, they are quite comfortable together. This would probably have been a thing back in Wakanda. It probably SHOULD be now but he seems to delight in keeping it away from his family.

"Do we need to do anything about your board? Or would you rather not think of them at the moment?"

"I'm serious, T'Challa. I won't always be near and if I'm not …" the Wakandan monarch can't blame Mari for being concerned. They've had some scares of late. "And I'm sure you do have a loud voice. Did it boom down the corridors when you were displeased?"

Honestly, she can't imagine him being displeased like that. Her shoulder moves a little as he brushes it, encouraging him to continue. The ex-model hasn't pressed for anything more than this between them - and if he keeps it from his family, he has reason.

"My Board? We need to stop Rivera but a renewed reminder of the influence that I hold would not go amiss. Do you mind terribly, that I ask that of you?"

He'll have to wait to answer as she feeds him an olive. A lovely pitted black one.

"What we should discussed is Violet."

"I know you are Mari. And yes. It did. It thundered through the halls. But then I learned that people pay more attention to whispers. Sad, that. Waste of a good voice." T'Challa grins.

"But to answer your concern, I do have a way to locate me should I ever be in trouble and I will give it to you when the time comes that we are facing something that requires me to be less safe than my mother would like."

Which is probably 'in the palace, in Wakanda.'

"I do not mind…" He says around the olive. "And yes. Violet. I am afraid she is not gone forever. We will likely have to deal with her again."

"Then I bet you have a lovely singing voice and it shouldn't go waste. I'll remember that." It's true though, about the whispers. The more quiet you are, the more people have to listen.

T'Challa won't miss the way Mari's face clouds with worry at his assurance but she nods. "Alright then, I'll hold you to that." Shifting a little, the ex-model moves herself into his lap so she can feed more. "Just remember that I have your back, no matter. Well, Vixen does."

"Then I shall get you to send that reminder, subtly, till we have Rivera sorted out." She sighs as he confirms her fears about Violet. "How then, do we do that. I don't care for how she hurt Gabrielle."

"I am still not entirely sure the Vixen feels about me the way I feel about her. Shall I do something reckless to drown the pain of unrequited affection?" The Prince teases. He's good at that, she's discovered. Teasing, that is.

"I do not like it much either but discorporating ghosts permanently is tricky. To be as durable as she is, she has to be anchored to something physical in the world, likely something quite personal. Could be a small object, could be a place. Either way, until either her issues are resolved - as seems unlikely - or we find and destroy all of her anchors, she will keep reforming and returning to haunt us." Beat. "Literally, in this case."

"Is that so? The fact she is here, sitting in your lap and feeding you delicacies as if you are a King, is not enough to prove that to you? Maybe it is her turn to make a gesture a that ensures there is no doubt?" Mari chuckles, watching T'Challa. "Being reckless isn't something that I necessarily disapprove of though. What sort of reckless thing would you be thinking of?"

She can tease as well.

"Hmmmm. Well she's not getting her body back, so her issues aren't going to be resolved." Mari's thoughts move back to Violet. "We could ask Gabrielle what personal effects were found with her. That could be something that's anchoring her here and perhaps Detective Grayson has some information on where she lived etc. It's worth investigating, don't you think?"

"Well it would have to be something grand. And romantic, that is always a plus. Perhaps a feat of heroism in her name. Or is that too medieval?" T'Challa loops his arms around Mari and gives her a gentle squeeze.

"It is worth investigating yes. We should also take a look at the lab you both found. It's possible the site of her death would be an anchor or at the least contain anchors. Both of those are things we should look into."

But for now, well, he's mor interested in looking into something nearer to hand.

"You wish to be her Knight in Shining Armour? I thought that's what your friend was for…" Mari chuckles, leaning forward to capture his lips in a kiss. "Not too medieval but I suspect your Court will have something to say about that, T'Challa. Risking your person for the model you're knocking around with."

"The lab, yes. There's also that fabric I found in the file that I need to examine. We shall do that. Will you come with us? Or do you want me to arrange the Panther?" Mari still doesn't suspect they're the same person.

"You think I can't white knight just as well?" T'Challa grins and kisses back. "Mmmm. There's a good song about that actually. Perhaps I'll sing it for you later." Glory of Love. So very 80's but still quite good. Well, good enough for the Karate Kid after all.

"The Court probably would but I stopped listening to them the moment I realized that I didn't have to worry about what they thought. After all, they can't remove me from my post and so long as I am relatively reasonable they won't act against my status in the world of the living either."

Must be nice to be able to ignore your 'board'.

"If its ghosts you'll want me. It's okay, Mari. I trust you to keep me safe. Or, well I trust Vixen to keep me safe." ANother grin. Another piece of cheese for her.

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