2019-10-09 - Cellos and Cafe Wha?


Kate Bishop plays her Cello in a beautiful performance and Damian honors his word.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 9 17:18:50 2019
Location: Cafe Wha?

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Beatnik. It was a throwback to that lifestyle, that idolized time of poets and drum circles, black turtlenecks and hats. Of showing off one's intellect and emotions rather than keeping them bottled up inside… but doing so in a way that was just 'cool, cat', so that you could be part of the 'in' crowd. Whatever that might have been at the time. The wannabe rebels and outcasts.

Only that wasn't quite what it was anymore. This was just a remnant of that era that held on to some of the nicer parts, like live music, and spoken word poetry. The rest is just coffee. Music. Nothing more really, nothing less. It was enough to keep the locals coming by and the tourists to peek in. Enough to keep the doors open in this pricey part of town for years to come.

Kate was a familiar enough sight here as she sits near the stage area with her cello resting against her knee. There wasn't a lot of room to actually have a stage, per say, but enough of one that a performer and their instruments could have the room to work. Soon as her turn is called she moves forward to do just that. The microphone is dropped down to get the best accoustics for the cello, and she sits again to turn her attention down toward it after a breif glance to scan the crowd for Damian's familiar face.

Even if he wasn't there though, her attention soon turns to the instrument she knew so well. Bow drawn up she starts to play with fingers dancing over the strings. Bow slicing, stabbing, teasing off to draw out each sound as she loses herself to the moment of pure music. Forgetting the stage. Forgetting the crowd. Just her and the sounds she created on the warm wood of her cello.


While Damian was not a rebel or an outcast, but instead a ultra-ninja who's here to support his maybe-girlfriend? It is a date after all. But he wore a black turtleneck with black jeans and classy shoes. He does have a coat, but that?s for the weather that seems to have gradually chilled over the course of the event.

Damian toughs our more than his perhaps preferred share of horrible poetry and tone-deaf musicians for his liking, but his purpose is clear: Kate Bishop. Having patrolled all night the night before, Damian has his coffee, giving him the energy to do what must be done.

Then her name is called.

It seems Damian honored his words. When she scanned the audience, she would see his face as his emerald eyes looked into her own. He gave a kind smile and a nod of his head.

Then she played an unforgettable tune. It was beautiful, even by Damian's standards. He can even hear the impressed murmurs of the tables around him and it is quite well-deserved.

Kate Bishop smiles the whole while she plays. Not for someone, not because of someone, but just because. It was her peaceful, tranquil moment. As she reaches the crescendo of the song it's drawn out with expressive movements of her bow, and fingers dancing across the strings. Finally she drinks a deep breath of air as her head lifts to blink against the lights of the stage. Without a word she stands, tucking her bow into the hand also holding onto the neck of the cello, and she gives a little dip of her head.

"Thank you for listening." Whether it was to Damian, or the crowd, or both it was difficult to tell but the next smile she shines out past the bright lights to the crowd she could barely see was aimed in his direction.

Then she's stepping down to tuck away her cello into the hard sided leather case meant for it, and slings it over her shoulder to stride in the direction of the table he sat at. Her own attire was anything but 'fitting' for this place, yet she didn't stand out terribly either. A pair of dark blue, nearly black slacks, gloss black heels, and a purple blouse with loose sleeves that revealed slits from shoulder to wrist so that her movements occasionally flashed the pale skin of her arms. Likely not the warmest thing, but warm enough.

"Enjoying yourself?" She asks of Damian with a warm smile. "Thanks for coming."

Damian seems to watch as she clearly just succumbs to the very breath of the music. He can tell that she's good, that she's genuine, that she's -interested- in what she's doing by the way her body sways, the smile on her face, the closed eyes. Commitment to the art that is a passion for her. He watches people snap their fingers or outright clap or give a whistle or five here and there as she finishes her music. Damian performs a golf clap himself as Kate finishes proper.

It may have been hard to see, but Damian knows that smile was for him. Or maybe he's just really vain. Who knows?

Then she approaches him. She looked beautiful and even Damian had to admit it. He rises to his feet when she approaches. "I am. Some of the poetry made me want to cut my ears off…but the wait was well worth it." aww, thats nice. "How do you feel? You performed and look very beautiful." He's a charmer, isn't he?

Even if she didn't have a coat, Damian would probably give her his.

Kate Bishop slings the strap of the cello over her shoulder with one arm keeping it hoisted just enough off the ground that it wouldn't risk dragging or bumping against anything worse than the backs of her legs. Something she was likely quite accustomed to by now. The flattery just gets a warm flush as she grins all the wider. "I'm doing great," she offers in turn with a chuckle, and duck of her head. Her free hand smoothes her hair back as she continues, "Thank you. We can go for a walk if you'd like, or find somewhere nicer than this to eat and talk. I admit it's not the greatest for that, but it does let me have a chance to play to a crowd now and then." Plus she'd met quite a few friends here over the past several months.

Sweeping her blue eyes back toward him she takes in his own appearance with a nod. "You're looking rather sharp yourself."

Damian looks at her as she chuckles just a little bit. She looks like she perhaps spent a bit more time on her hair than the other day. Not that Damian actually pays attention to any of that, mind you, he keeps his attention directly on her eyes. "Might as well do a bit of both, yes?" He offers Kate his hand, as if he intends to -walk- with her like a gentleman. "Thank you." He looks at his clothes perhaps self-consciously, but he looks fine.

"So then, who taught you how to play like that?"

Kate Bishop lets her fingers slide against his palm as she takes hold of his hand in her own to lightly grip. The smile she wore remains, head tucking down just a bit as she enjoys the moment a bit self indulgently. There was plenty to talk about though so her attention is soon drawn back. "Mm? I took lessons through high school, and still in the finishing school I'm enrolled in. It's not my primary focus but it's one of the few I still enjoy from childhood." No particular teacher, just a pure enjoyment of it.

"I don't practice as much as I used to. I've found other things to catch my interest lately, so I do like it when I can have days like this."

Damian holds her hand then, his fingers intertwining with hers as he leads her out of the building. Some people give them looks, since they look like a hot couple that would be in a movie of some sort. But as they walk together, Damian nods at her words. "So its more of a hobby than anything else? But a hobby you are quite good at. What other things have captured your interest?' He realizes he probably just walked right into that, and thats perfectly okay!

"Its a bit chilly outside. Would you like to borrow my coat?"

The offer of the coat is met with a small nod of her head. "That would be nice. I don't think we're going far, but it wasn't quite this cold when I picked this outfit." Of course she could tough it out. She'd done so many times… but being cold sucked. The question of her new interests earns a shrug. "I've been working with a group that's under the Baxter group. Still working out the details of it, really, but it's been rather interesting so far."

"Plus I'm focusing more on my archery these days."

Damian then stops, removes his hand from her own and lifts his coat in his hand by the shoulders, offering it to Kate to put it on her for her. He seems to smile very softly. "The weather in New York is devious like that. But, I am of the belief that its better to come prepared than not at all." He teases ever so softly.

"Archery, hm? I dabbled in it a little bit myself. Perhaps one day we can see who is the better shot." He teases her, not knowing that she's a master at it.

"I am," Kate responds without hesitation in spite of the obvious teasing he was offering her. While there were some things she would be modest about? This wasn't one of them. If anything she seemed so self-assured that it really isn't a question. "I could offer you some pointers though," she teases back realizing just how pompous she must have sounded with that declaration.

The offered coat is slid into with a thankful nod. "Well I'm very glad you're prepared in this case. I've never been a real fan of the cold, even if skiing is fun on occasion. So where would you like to go for dinner?"

Damian looks at Kate when she snaps her answer so easily it was as if she was a natural at it. "And humble too." He teases her ever so softly about it, but its quite clear he's being playful. "I would accept what you offer. Maybe it could be amusing." He smirks.

He does ponder about dinner. "I believe there is a Stonewood Inn nearby. I hear it sells delicious steaks." He ponders.

"…are you a vegan or vegetarian?" Important questions!

Kate Bishop tucks herself into the coat easily enjoying the warmth it still held. It certainly did take the edge off of the chill in the air. The question of food though earns a quick, warm laugh from her. "No, I'm not. I tried it for awhile when I was younger, but it didn't really agree with me. Besides you can't just quit bacon and waffles. That's sacriledge."

Tipping her head toward Damian she adds, "If you are though I can opt out for the evening, steaks or not. I still eat plenty of dishes that don't include meat."

The coat noticeably smells like Damian. Fine smelling cologne and body heat is what comforts Kate even though Damian is right beside her. "Good. I didn't quite manage to keep with it either when I tried it in my younger years. Unfortunately, eating greens doesn't have the same proteins that we need from meat. So, I quit it." Damian was much more….logical with his assessment.

"I don't think opting out will be necessary. Let us have steak."

"Steak it is then," Kate agrees with an enthusiastic nod. That performance had made her awfully hungry after all. There'd be no picking or poking at her meal like some women might. No, she was healthy, and she ate as such.

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