2019-10-08 - Musicians United


Damian and Kate officially meet. They want to meet again.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 8 00:30:20 2019
Location: Central Park

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The crisp air meant there were fewer kids in the park these days. Mostly it was older folks out on walks, joggers, those who were well and suited for colder weather. Once it snowed that would be different. For now it was just fall foilage time and no one really liked gross soggy wet leaves on the ground when there was no one to rake them into colorful piles.

Kate was one such apparent jogger that was taking a rest on a bench with eyes half shut as she listened to her earphones. It wasn't the listening that was peculiar so much as the movements of her fingers in the air moving along with the music as if she ought to be holding an instrument. It wasn't air guitar though, or even air drums as was so common, but it looked more like the movements of a cellist to one who might recognize such.

Damian was not out jogging, but rather he was out enjoying the crisp air. Walking around central park wearing all black: black pants, black boots, black shirt, with a black coat, Damian looks around. He sees how people converse with one another. How friendly they can be, but also he notices the arguing gentlemen across the way, apparently having a heated debate about some movie director or another.

But then those emerald eyes come across Kate Bishop as she sits there on the bench, the way her fingers move suggest that she's picking out the chords that could be played in accordance to the song.

A musician?

Damian approaches her while she's there on that bench, his head tilted to one side, but eventually he taptaps her shoulder to get her attention.

There's a moment of stiffness from Kate at the tap. She almost, almost reaches out to snag hold of his wrist instinctively but catches herself. The movement instead turns into her hands rising to tug out the earbuds she wore which were afixed to the bluetooth base looped around her neck. So nice having hands free devices. Raising her eyebrows questioningly she offers him a smile. "Lost? The park is kind of big," she reasons in a tone of voice that made it just a tad difficult to tell if she were teasing or not.

Damian looks at Kate for that brief moment, shaking his head when she asks him if he's particularly lost in Central park. A shake of his head at her possible teasing, but a smirk does prove itself to be verily real in humor. "Not quite lost, I'm afraid. I simply saw you while you were tapping away to the music. Are you a musician, perhaps?"

He tries to listen closely to try and hear what music she's playing. The kind of music screams details to what kind of musician she might be.

Then he straightens himself out. "Oh, I'm Damian, by the way. Damian Wayne."

One would think it would, but the music playing on her headphones is perhaps a bit surprisingly modern. Kate dips her head a little at the assumption of what she was with a grin emerging again. "I play a bit," she admits. Shifting a bit on the bench she draws one knee up to cross over the opposite leg so she can turn toward him to face him fully. One arm drapes over the back of the bench to help keep her positioning just so. "Wayne, huh? The youngest brother of Helena I presume? I've run across all the others in the past at least once or twice," she admits.

Reaching out to offer a hand she introduces herself, "Kate Bishop. Your sister and I go back a ways."

Still a bit bemused she looks him over head to toe taking in all the obvious differences as well as similarities between him and Helena if not so much the others. "I play the cello," she finally informs. "Classical as well as modern. I rather enjoy turning current peices into a cello peice. It's challenging and interesting to see how it sounds played. Not to knock the classics," she assures, "But they're always going to be there. Not really anything 'new' coming out in regards to that."

Damian looks at Kate as she not only recognizes him, but knows his sister as well. "It would seem that she knows many individuals of late. Though I did not come into her life until only recently. So far, it is a pleasure to meet you, Kate." Even still, after all of this, Damian doesn't exactly offer to sit down beside h- "May I seat with you?"

Nevermind then.

She plays the Cello? "You do? Very interesting. I don't know many people who still play the instrument on a personal level. Perhaps one day I will get to hear you play?"

Kate Bishop lifts her hand just at the wrist to gesture to the seat beside her. There was plenty of room on the bench after all. "There's not many 'Waynes' around here in New York," she admits with a little grin. "Though I admit I did hear your name a time or two before, so it wasn't such a hard guess. Feel free to join me," she adds with an affirmative dip of her head. The gesture causes her hair to slip from behind her ear just a bit earning a sweep of her hand to tuck it back in place after just a moment.

"I've had a lot of hobbies over the years. Dance, gymnastics, mathletes, cello. Whatever caught my eye, or that I thought would help me in running my family business in the future." There's a little flicker of distaste that flits over her features before she manages to hide it. Then she's smiling again regarding him with a grin. "Of course. I play with my friend on occasion at one of the cafes near here. It's just a pain hauling it around at times."

Damian moves in a manne rthat one would describe as calculating, every movement given the appropriate amount of thought and care. Nevertheless, he finds himself comfortable as he sits down and looks over at Kate for that brief moment.

"I have been in the press and media a few times by now. Mostly at charity events." he shrugs for that brief moment. "So I see. What cafes, if I may ask? I play only a few instruments, but a Cello is not among them."

Kate Bishop nods knowingly. "Your family is known for their chairty work," she has to agree with a small chuckle. The way he moves is watched with open curiosity as he settles down. It earns a slight tip of her head while keeping her gaze on him but she doesn't outright stare, either. Instead her blue eyes sweep away to gesture with a lift of her chin off in one of the directions of the path. "Keep going that way toward Soho and you'll find Cafe Wha?" A roll of her eyes comes with this, "Yes, that is actually the name. I think it was a joke of some sort at one point. Either way it's a nice enough spot. Good coffee and tea, not bad pastries, and they often have open mic nights for performers. I'd go on occasion to get extra credit for classes by calling it a public performance."

Mention of his own instruments earns a far warmer grin. "Oh yeah? What do you play? I think I'm the only one among my friends that plays anything… Well, other than Hod, but he doesn't count. He's old as dirt."

Damian tilts his head at the name of the cafe. Apparently He is not -too- impressed with the name, but beggars can't be choosers. "Very well. What day?" Is he being serious about seeing her perform.

He notices a few tells about body language.

At the question at what he plays, Damian smirks. "Violin, guitar, the flute, and drums." He shrugs just a little bit. "Not the cello, but I manage." He winks, putting some of that Wayne charm to use.

Maybe it was that Wayne charm that put her at ease, or maybe it was the fact that she knew Helana so he was kind of already like someone she knew. Or ought to know. Either way she seems fairly relaxed all things considered, even if her foot is still tapping away in time to the barely heard music from her dangling earbuds. "Every Wednesday at 4pm is when it starts. I'm usually there early to get in queue. There's some other good performers around, but also some really horrible poets. Just to warn you. You get a mixed bag in Soho."

For a moment her smile softens, as she adds more seriously, "You don't really have to come if you don't want to, though. I know how social niceties sometimes make you compelled to agree to something you're not really up for just to be polite." Ie, cut the bull. "But if you do, I'd be equally glad to show off. Never miss an opportunity for that."

Damian looks upon Kate as she tells him about the time when her playing will begin. "Then it would appear I will see you at Cafe Wha? at the alotted time." Yet, then she seems to warn him about horrible acts that may also be present. "We can always leave after your performance. Are you required to stay?"

What is this, a date?

Damian looks at her when she tells him he doesn't have to go. "Kate." Damian says somewhat firmly then. "I find myself to be an honest person, at least most of the time. If I don't want to go or have no interest in going at all, then I won't go. If I have an interest, which I do, and I want to go, which I also do, then I will go."

That does earn a grin from Kate as she eases back to sit more comfortably once again. "Well then far be it from me to stop you. Just wanted to make sure," she points out with a shake of her head. "I try to be honest myself about things. Not always an easy proposition, but I think I do fairly well. I'd love to see you there, Damian."

"And no," comes with a laugh, "I don't have to stay around after unless I want to. There's a lot to see in the area. I could show you around some if you've not explored it already."

Damian looks at Kate for that brief moment as he smirks at her. "Good. Then we won't have any kind of misunderstanding." Though he does seem to look away for that brief moment when she tells him she'd love to have him there. He's not used to people -wanting- him at places.

"Good. Perhaps I will treat you to a meal if you're performance goes splendidly." Damian suggests with an easy-going smile. "If you wish to be a tour guide, I won't deny you."

"Whatever we want to do after is fine with me as well," Kate assures with a small indifferent shrug. "I just thought you might like a tour since you likely spend most of your time in Gotham. Though I assure you my playing will be perfectly fine," she adds with a bit of a brag, and a grin as well. She shifts in her seat then giving his side a light nudge with her elbow. Not meant to harm but more a friendly little jostle. "For now though I should finish my jog before I cool down too much. It just got to the part of the song I wanted to work on some."

Rising from the bench she looks over her shoulder back toward Damian with a grin. "See you Wednesday, then."

Damian nods softly to Kate as she agrees to the idea of something after. Though when she nudges him in the side, he doesn't see it as a hostile intrusion, but rather he watches her as she stands up to go and do her jog. "I understand. Do what you have to do." He will then watch her as she runs off. "See you Wednesday."

…Her form is impeccable. Did she do track in high school?

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