2019-10-07 - Tripping Over Transparency


Backstage at Club Sirius Hank, Sarah and Alison chat a bit and Ali's mutant status is revealed to her. Much to her concern.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Oct 7 20:35:43 2019
Location: Club Sirius, Queens NY - Backstage

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After the rock show, and an encore even, Sarah and Hank have been chatting, and while Pris and Cat have become lost in a chat over which is the best big cat that seems very involved, so much that they couldn't be roused from it, Hank was invited back stage with SArah when she went to check on Allison for a possible autograph. "If she's up for it…" Sarah admits, walking him back to the dressing room. "She might be a bit worn out and need a raincheck on it…" She knocks at the door. "Allie? You decent?"

"Decent? People say I'm exceptional" Alison jokes in reply before opening the door to her manager. And Hank! The blonde quickly covers up since she was half way through changing, and is topless at the moment. "Hank! Umm…come on in, both of you. Just give me a sec to…" She darts off out of view to throw on a t-shirt. "Okay!" Alison's lower body covered by jeans, her jumpsuit ready for washing, her stage make-up still worn - sparkling with glitter. "How did the show go, Sarah?"

Hank…is certainly happy to take a moment to congratulate Alison, and he's been enjoying his chat with Sarah prior to that. The man has a very eclectic mind and knows the weirdest stuff as they flitted from topic to topic like deranged bumblebees in a massive field of clover. On the moon. Somehow. Regardless, when they get backstage he looks around, fairly familiar with the sights to be seen, so when the door is opened and reveals a topless Alison…he /blushes/, blue-black fur turns /pure black/, and he averts his gaze quickly. "Oh my stars and garters, apologies…" And then he realizes just how his choice of exclamations sounds, and blushes MORE. It is /truly/ hilarious.

Sarah just….sighs a bit at Allison, rubbing her face, then waiting patiently until she's had a moment to actually get dressed…which is why she knocked. Then again, she wasn't expecting the male company probably. "I thought it went great, the venue owner was happy, wants you back too. So repeat business is always nice." She holds the door opens, giggling a bit at Hank as she steps inside now that Allison is modestly covered, garters and all.

"That's great" Alison grins to Sarah, "When does he want me back?" It's not as if she has an alternative job - other than superheroics no one knows about. She gives Sarah a tight hug and another kiss to the cheek. "You're awesome. In so many ways." Then it is time to hug poor Hank. "Did you dye your fur?" she asks about the black. "Though I think it's fading" is added as it goes back to blue. "So glad you come, Hank. And no killer clowns! Did you enjoy the show?"

And to Hank's credit, he clears his throat at the fur comment, and owns up. "Ah, no, actually I was blushing, Alison." Hank /does/ hug Ali, of course, not like they've never hugged before. In truth he's a bit on the sweaty side after the dancing with earlier, and very cognizant of this. "Apologies again." And then he laughs as she releases the hug, and mentions the clowns. "Not only no clowns - no GUM!" He grins, aplomb slowly recovering. "Oh, I did, we all did. Saran and I got to chatting and she thought you might appreciate hearing it from a fan." He bows. "So…well done, miss Blair, the Dazzler lived up to her name."

"Uh…killer clowns?" Sarah hasn't heard this story apparently. "Well, so you do know each other…cool." She smiles, leaning back against the dresser as she talks. "But he IS a great dancer, and his friend was busy chatting up Pris, so..well, not chatting up, but chatting to, anyway." she says bemusedly. "Something about the best big cat or something."

When she hears about Pris and Catseye, Alison so wants to make a 'joke' about pussies but restrains herself. She can be a polite person when needed. "I did a show at the Carnival Club" she explains to Sarah, "And some clowns came on after me and attacked everyone. They had guns that fired bubblegum balloons that were trapping people. Hank got lots of gum in his fur. Very sticky." She smiles warmly to both of them. "You say the nicest things. I've known Hank for a while. He made that awesome sound system I have on stage. Even bought me t-shirts a while back. A great dancer, huh? I have to see this."

"Oh, Pris and Cat get on very well, though definitely there'd be no chatting up…Cat isn't into that sort of thing, at all." Hank doesn't judge, he is just happy to have her as a friend, and truth be told as a minder since Hank gets /distracted/." He laughs softly, and nods. "Yes, Ali and I have met a few times, and she lamented not having a good sound system so I made her one. It was an interesting challenge to come up with a design that was useful, compact, and powerful enough to fill a club with sound."

He grimaces at the memory of the clowns. "Believe me, getting gum out of of FUR…/not/ as fun as advertised." Luckily he didn't end up having to shave it.

Sarah winces a bit. "Yeah, that…sounds unpleasant. And that was very nice of you to make one. You're an engineer then?" she says curiously. "I mean, possibly a chemist if you knew a way to get that much gum out of that much fur…."

Alison makes her way over to stand next to Sarah, resting her head on the other woman's shoulder as the conversation continues. "If we ever need any engineering stuff done, then Hank is our man. He is super intelligent. Quite educated. Has numerous Doctorates by now. Probably got another one this morning."

"It was moderately unpleasant, but actually not anything requiring a degree - just patience, vegetable oil, a stiff comb and a freezing agent, in this case applications of compressed air from an inverted can." Hank grins. "And yes, I'm an engineer, and a biochemist." He doesn't mention the multiple doctorates - of course then Ali does. "Well…um, -no-, my last doctorate came a while back." He rubs the back of his neck as he says this, and then nods. "But if you do need any help with science or engineering questions, let me know. I'll see what I can come up with, or at least get you a referral if I'm not the right one for the job." A nod. "Ali has my card and contact info, or if you want we can exchange info here, not like we're sans cellphones."

"Well…hmmm.' Sarah ponders. "I'm not sure honestly. I mean, we pretty much have the studio set up at the Baxter Building at this point…well, mostly anyway. There's only so much money we can put to at at a time, and pay the band and everything."

"Yeah…money" Alison sighs at the bete noire of her life. "We wouldn't be able to pay you much, Hank. I already have Sarah relying on me for her income as my manager. I think she's operating at a loss. We don't really have other jobs." She lifts her head to kiss Sarah on the cheek. "Maybe I should have got that law degree after all."

"The Baxter Building, interesting." Hank is well acquainted with the history, though he's seldom been there. "Well…you're friends, I'll do a consult at least on my own dime. Now, if there's actual building or such, well, depending on what it is we can figure something out." Hank smiles . "Fair enough?" He chuckles at the law degree. "Well, you know, I am a big proponent of education, no reason to not continue in your limitless spare time."

Sarah smiles easily at that. "Well, that seems more than fair, then. We appreciate it, every little bit helps when we're building a brand, so to speak." She reaches over to ruffle Allison's hair. "I mean, Allie here can't do all the work by herself."

Alison snorts with amusement at the very idea of 'limitless free time'. "I practice about eighteen hours a day, Hank. Perform for two more. Party for two more. Sleep…that leaves me two hours for sleep. No time for getting that law degree in there. Besides, I'm doing what I want to do. It just doesn't pay much. Yet." She does look a little concerned about the Baxter Building revelation. Is that supposed to be known to others. Quick, Alison, think of a reason why you're there that doesn't involve superheroics. "Baxter Building. Yeah…I…umm…" Nope, she's got nothing. She can't even claim to be a cleaner since she just said she didn't have a job.

"No, no she can't. Only so much a girl can do, even if she's a mutant with laser powers…" Hank looks thoughtful. "…and possibly some sort of sonic control." Hey! He was THERE when she was lasering the evil clowns, and he noticed the sound reduction even if he doesn't know the conversion process Hank /is/ pretty darn smart and very observant.

A nod then about the training…err…/practice/ she engages in. "And apparently her other super power is to survive on almost no sleep." Hank is not threatening, he's simply informing his friends that he knows a bit more than they might want him to. It is a gesture of trust and hopefully won't get him laser blasted in his face!

"Yes. The sleep part needs to be improved." Sarah says, frowning faintly as she eyes Allison. "I don't want you wearing yourself out hon. Maybe I should draw up a slightly more forgiving schedule…"

"Don't you dare, Sarah. It'll be fine. I was only joking…a little." Alison pouts at Hank's deductive reasoning. "Okay, I can do things, but I'm not a mutant." She has no reason to think she is and it's certainly not something she's talked about with anyone. "Not that I know how I got this way…" she also admits before changing the subject back with a wry smile for her manager. "Give me a reason to come to bed and I'll get to the sleep eventually."

Hank's impressed by how readily both ladies take his revelation. "Actually, Alison, you /are/ a mutant. Same as me, only your powers are different, but you're most certainly a mutant." Now, how he knows this would be interesting, there's no arguing that he is sincere and emphatic about the assessment however.

Sarah smirks at Allison, raising a brow, before she blinks at Hank's certainty. "…why would you say that? You seem sure of yourself." she says after a moment, chewing her lower lip slightly.

Alison is also interested in why Hank is so sure she is a mutant. She nods along to Sarah's question, peering at her furry blue friend. "Even if I was, what does that have to do with anything. You want to put me in Mutant Town? You want to tell the world so that half of it will hate me and the other half will expect me to do miracles for them?" She is not angry. She sounds more frightened.

Hank moves to place both of his massive hands on Alison's shoulders. "NO." He says. "I don't want /any/ bad things for you, Alison. I am your friend, but I thought you should know what I know. Your secret is safe with me." He looks to Sarah. "I have a device that detects mutants, I suspected, so I checked." He takes out what looks to be a phone, and then rests his thumb on it until the display shows a very VERY different interface. He aims it at himself and it turns green, then at Alison, and it goes from black to green again. "See? Positive, only detects mutants." He aims it at Sarah and it stays black. "And there's the control." Fortunately it detects MUTANTS, not -supers-.

Turning back to Ali, he shakes his head. "I'm not going to say anything to anyone, however, and certainly don't want you to move to Mutant Town or anything ill."

Sarah stiffens as its pointed at her, regardless! Then folds her arms over her chest after a moment. "It's a dangerous thing to have, something that can point out mutants whether they're obvious or not." she says neutrally after a moment. "I hope you keep that thing a secret."

"Yeah, quite a few people in the world would kill for a machine like that, Hank, and then use it to kill a lot more. Sarah's right, keep that to yourself." Alison frowns as she looks at Sarah and shrugs nervously. "Still want to manage a mutant? Be friends with one?" Back to Hank. "I'm definitely not going to Mutant Town." Alison does look a little perturbed. This is a lot to take in. Her world just changed a whole lot. "How could I be a mutant?"

Hank looks between the two women, and nods very slowly. "Oh yes, I'm well aware of the dangers, and no, I don't give this tech out to anyone. I…" He sighs, and rubs the bridge of his nose. "I am sorry, I made a mess of things. In my efforts to offer transparency as we're friends I apparently crossed several lines."

Hank is -clearly- distraught about this blunder. "I…should probably go, let you both talk." He does wipe the memory files of the scans, however, including the one he took during her performance earlier before he deactivates the app and puts the phone away.

A truly sad smile. "Again, apologies for any hurt I've done here, I was trying to be honest with you…" A shrug, and unless stopped, he'll make his way from the room.

Sarah hesistates as Hank apologize,s then glances at Allison. AFter all, she's the one outed, so to speak. Apparently it didn't work for…whatever Sarah is. She does get a little nudge from the tall Apache. Just a little. In the 'your friend longer, you get to say something' sense.

Alison will definitely be stopping Hank. She runs over to him for another big hug. "It's okay, Blue Guy" she smiles warmly, "You did the right thing. It was just a big revelation that I'm trying to figure out. Maybe you can help with that." A wink for him, along with a playful punch to his shoulder. "Guess we have more in common than just incredible good looks. Hey, how about we all go out and grab a meal to celebrate the concert…and identity reveals."

Hank is more than a little tense when he's first hugged, and then sighs. "I am truly sorry, I really didn't mean any harm. Quite the opposite, in fact." He relaxes after a moment and returns the hug. "Well, the two of you have cornered the market on good looks, I'll just take 'exotic', mm?" He grins, then, and looks to both Sarah and Ali. "So…dinner…excellent idea, we can grab Cat and Pris and it -will- be my treat, mm?"

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