2019-10-07 - Tripping Over the Light Fantastic


Dazzler lights up the night in a small venue 'Club Sirius' with friends in the crowd.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Oct 7 03:51:45 2019
Location: Club Sirius, Queens NY

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After their last meeting ended in EMTs and fire crew, as well as ordinance disposal crews onsite, as well Hank having /gum/ wadded in much of his fur, Alison might be a surprised to see that he's come to her latest performance. Well, Hank managed to get the gunk off with the help of a friend, and he felt bad that he was late to the last concert, so this time he's not only early, but he's brought another friend and sent invites out to others he knows via texts to see her!

The club is not a huge one, but it is a couple steps up from the last venue, and has enough seating for a good hundred or so potential audience. Hank's dressed in a blue button down shirt and black slacks, the shirt short sleeved as is his wont. Upon entry, he smiles to his companion, Catseye even as he pays the cover for them.

Catseye is dressed in black leather jacket, black doc martins, black jeans, and a Black-Tshirt with the words 'No Thanks' in large letters. She lets Hank get the cover, "Catseye will get drinks from bar, yes? Anything but bloody marys. Drank a pitcherful last night trying to get taste of demon-shark out of mouth. Don't want to even -see- bloody marys for next -month-." She tilts her head, and waits for Hank to name his poison, before she starts muscling her way through the crowd to the bar.

it's not a huge venue, but it's enough of one to actually have a stage…not only that, a back stage, which is where Sarah herself is lurking, making sure everything is going smoothly. While the Amerindian woman is still getting used to show business of this type, she's always been pretty organized, and she's taking this seriously, checking for herself that everything is done. It's a small enough affair that she can manage that. Sound check has come and gone, costuming is ready, and all that awaits is the star herself.

Alison is also backstage waiting to kick off the show at the appointed time…or a couple of minutes late. You have to be late. Nervous? Not in the slightest. This is what she loves. She wears a white jumpsuit to go with her extravagant blue face make-up; all very retro but joyful with it. "You look more worried than me" she teases Sarah before giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "I knew you would be a great manager" she winks. "Wish me luck?"

For herself, this is a venue to which Priscilla has never been. But Hank sent an invitation, and she decided to attend; she rather likes what she has heard of Alison's music and is looking forward to actually seeing her performance live and in person. Her own attire is not exactly subtle; Pris doesn't do subtle except when she is slinking around as an alien-hunting ninja; but it is far toned down from her usual clubbing attire. For this evening she has gone with a pair of beaded and rhinestone-bedecked stone-washed jeans, a simple off-white belly shirt with Voodoo in purple stylized font across her chest, and a black leather jacket with purple accents. She left her helmet with the bike, pausing once inside to send a text to Hank to let him know she has arrived.

A grimace at Cat's comment about the bloody mary. "Ugh, I don't even want to /guess/ what demon shark tastes like." Cat would probably find it endlessly amusing that Hank, whilst equipped with perfectly usable fangs has a distaste of actually biting things. After all, that's what FANGS are for!. "Get a pitcher margaritas, please." That way she only needs to make the one trip initially. He'll secure a table while Cat beverages them, and so he's settling into his seat when he gets Pris's text.

Well, he's a big and very distinctive fellow, even if he did pick a somewhat secluded spot to sit — precisely because he IS a big and distinctive fellow. Still, he stands and waves to get Pris's attention so she can join them.

Naturally he's no idea what's going on backstage, but he's looking forward to the show. Hopefully… "Please…" He murmurs softly. "…no evil clowns tonight." Almost a prayer.

Catseye nods at Hank's request, then makes her way to the bar. Her blunt, "No, go away." to any guy that tries to pick her up gets the usual rounds of insults, and as usual she doesn't care. She waits to claim the pitcher of margaritas and glasses, paying cash and tipping well. They won't be good margaritas, not by the pitcher, but if they have enough acidity, alcohol, and salt to drive the memory of that monster last night out of her sinuses. Then she makes her way back through the crowd to Hank at the table he's claimed, feeling pity for those who make their living as waitresses, and can't 'accidentally' step on dudebro's feet.

She slides the glasses onto the table, and pours two glasses. "Don't normally drink, can't get drunk… but -want- my sinuses singed until can't think about that smell."

SArah mmphs, smiling a bit at the affectionate from Allison as she shakes her head. "It's my job to be worried, it's your job to sing." she says simply. "That's why I get to put manager in front of my name, so I can worry about all the little things that could go wrong and beat them into submission first." She returns the hug, squeezing, then says. "Looks like a good crowd out there, even a few stand outs…" she says, peering out. Looking at the big blue furry guy. Then perks. "Oh hey, there's Pris…" she says with interest. "So you've got friends out there. Get out there and wow 'em, hmm?"

Pris wanders over and joins Hank at his table, smiling as she gives the big fuzzy man a firm hug, then settles in to share his table. When Catseye arrives, she smiles and stands to embrace her as well. "Evening, Sharon. Good to see you. I assume this is not exactly one of your Mom's outtings. Please, let her know I said hello." That said, she sits, and she is happy to have a drink. Won't affect her anymore than it will Catseye, but it's sociable. "Sorry. Bad smell? Not here, I take it?"

When the band starts playing, Priscilla turns towards the stage and gives the show her attention. She's looking forward to this.

"It's not a job, it's a party" Alison grins to Sarah. "Okay, time for Dazzler to come out and play." Her brow furrows for a moment as she asks her manager, "You haven't beeoked any clowns tonight, have you?" Her grin back as she bounces off onto the stage as the music kicks in and bursts of colored light erupt around the stage - quite the light show for this place. Dazzler waving to the audience as her small backing band - drummer, guitarist, keyboardist - start up the music. "Time to party!"

The first song begins. A joyous banger to get everyone on their feet. One of her own songs even! Dazzler dancing around the stage, doing her best to look everyone in the eye - or make them at least feel that it is only her and them at this concert. Hank's sound system is up on stage with her, booming out the music that also helps charge up Dazzler's powers. Not that she will need them.

"No, nor can I, really. I tested it once…I had to drink over a gallon of two-hundred proof alcohol before I felt even a faint buzz." Hank admits. And only Hank would sit down to test and find out exactly how much booze it takes to get a buzz. Of course two-hundred proof is pure alcohol, which probably was /delicious/. (It wasn't)

A warm smile of welcome for Priscilla as she arrives, and he rises to hug her back just as firmly. It should be noted that he's a bit old fashioned in his manners, neither Cat nor Pris needed to get their seats, Hank made sure to do the honors for both.

"Oh, you know each other, that's splendid."

He settles right down then when the music starts, and he too is looking forward to the performance. And Dazzler delivers right out of the gate with something to get the blood pumping!

To the table, softly enough not to carry. "Oh, I like this one. Very catchy!"

Catseye grins at Pris, "No, not here. Bit a demon shark yesterday. Tasted awful" She downs half of her drink to try and drown out the memory of that taste with something burny and citrusy. Perfect memory is a curse at times. Then the music starts, and she starts bouncing in time to it, her tail perking up and swinging to the beat like a lavender furred metronome.

"Oh, that sounds yucky. Lots of gargling, I'm going to guess." Pris answers Catseye, as they hop up in response to the pulse-pounding music and the upbeat style. Why not embrace it all?! Pris does keep things toned down to simple shimmies and shakes, nothing like what she'd do at the club; this place couldn't handle full-on Voodoo, and she's not in for causing riots either. Besides, this is about the music and the company; fun stuff!

Sarah lurks back stage, having fallen back to the sound board area so she can monitor things. Not thatthey really need her to do so, but it doens't hurt, right? And she's still got a great view of the stage with the cameras above it that way, as well as for the audience. She taps her foot as Dazzler kicks thing off, smiling to herself as she watches her perform.

Alison loves this. It's what she was born to do - no matter what her father may think. She has the crowd clapping along as she throws in some choreogrpahed dance routines to finish off the first song. The beats easily flowing into the next number. Dazzler not slowing down a jot as waterfalls of coloured lights form behind her, strobing and throbbing in time with the music.

"And with Cat's sense of taste…" Hank just shudders, and he has acute enough senses that he has an inkling, and enough understanding of Cat's sensory abilities that he can extrapolate just how foul a taste it has to have been based on the lavender haired girl's reaction - to wit - VASTLY. Hank keeps people's drinks topped off, though they're all pretty much immune, so it isn't like there's a problem there, either. Grinning toothily, he taps his foot in time to the music and can't help but head bob a bit.

A riot would be a bad thing, no question, a happy Pris however is a good thing! And Pris, being Pris can sense he really is happy she came tonight. Hank's not shielding at the moment, there's no need. He does briefly take out his phone, and check something on it, and then nods to himself and tucks it away, clearly unsurprised at whatever he saw. "Bloody Marys, apparently." He asides about the palate cleanser.

You know, it really is a wonderful thing to see someone doing what they love. It really shines through and this is both literal and metaphor in Alison's case! Hank is very much enjoying the show, and the company.

Catseye nods, "Extra horseradish, triple hotsauce… worked after a couple pitchers." She bounces and shimmies to the music, not going all out on the dancing either… not enough -room- for starters. And some idiot male would probably get handsy and then she'd get clawsy, and there would go the fun night out. Nope, going to stay here at her table with her friends and enjoy the show.

Pris makes a very expressive face at the thought of Casteye getting a mouthful of that taste. Yuck indeed. "Sorry, SHaron. That sucks. Hope you can manage to get the last of the remnants out and have fun tonight." Because fun is key! Pris bounces and shimmies with the music, moved and inspired. See, this? This is why she wanted to see a live Dazzler performance.

Having confirmed that things are more or less okay, Sarah has slipped away more toawrds where Hank and Catseye and Pris are sitting, leaning against a seat of her own as she watches Allie perform, a little smile on her lips as she taps her boot idly to the music, pausing to order something to drink for herself as she watches.

Alison seems to be going for the extended versions of songs too. Lots of breakdowns to assist with the dancing. People might start getting exhausted soon. A final fireworks display behind her before the medly comes to a close. "Phew. You all sure know how to dance" Alison grins to the crowd. "Time for a slower number so we can all catch our breath…or the person you've been dancing with." Alison takes over keyboard duties for this one. "I'd like to dedicate this to my manager. Without whom, all of this would not be, and you guys wouldn't be having such a wild time." She peers into the crowd and spots Sarah, giving her a wave before blowing her a kiss. Then the purely piano driven ballad starts - all about finding your dreams with the support of special people in your life.

Hank is a fairly good dancer, but…too conspicuous, he prefers not to make the people around him uncomfortable. Sure, many wouldn't be bothered, but some very likely would and rather than bring the mood of the place down, Hank stays seated and simply enjoys his table mates dancing efforts. And really, as good as they both are? Not a hard thing to appreciate as enhancement to the energetic and impressive performance. There is one guy who decides that the obvious mutie shouldn't have such pretty table mates, but the trio of flat looks from the table encourages him to discourage anything more than a glare or three, from a safe distance. Which is fine with Hank.

Blue eyes track to the manager, and he raises a glass in toast to the woman, even as he lets the music roll over him. Eyes closed, he just /listens/, with every bit of his attention focused on the music.

Catseye is an obvious 'mutie' too. True the hair could be a dye job, but not that tail. The fact that she shows zero interest in dancing with any of the guys that try to flirt earns some mutters as well, but as long as they don't touch, she ignores them. When the slower song starts, she claims a chair, and another margarita or two, her tail tucked under the table out of the way. As Hank zones out to the slower song, she watches the crowd, watches for trouble. Zoning out is something to only be done where it is safe, and she has pretty rigid definitions for 'safe'.

SArah tilts her head, the Apache woman jauntily raisinga glass back to Hank as she sees him. It's nice to see both of them here…that they're comfortable showing up to a show here says a lot about whether they want to come back to the place next time, to her. She's not exactly an obvious mutie, but hey, either way. After a moment of thought she slips over closer to the table, leaning in so she's not talking loudly over the concert. "Enjoying the show?" Because managers should probably check that sort of thing - right?

The ballad finishes with a last resonant note. Alison lets it ring out into Eternity before winking at the crowd. "Shall we get back to partying?" Time for a mover once more. Alison bounding back to centerstage as the drums kick it off. Her lovely singing voice filling the air as lasers sweep the room. A wave to Hank and Catseye as she spots them. They even find themselves illuminated by a starbust above them for a moment.

It is a sad but true thing that Cat is the more alert and focused of the two of Hank and herself, Hank's not irresponsible or unalert by any means, far from it. She's just far more so, if that make sense. Once the manager approaches, in fact before she speaks he's turning bright blue eyes in her direction. "Very much so, Alison is amazingly talented." He grins toothily. "Hank McCoy." He greets the Native American woman. "And this is my friend Sharon." He knows she prefers Catseye, but…she's smoothskin now, and HE knows that Emma would prefer her to be called Sharon in public, so there you go.

He shifts over to make room for Sarah if she's inclined to linger, and he's clearly having a good time.

Pris had to get up for the moment, having made her way towards the ladies room for now.

Catseye nods to the manager as she approaches, "Music is great." Then Alison sets of that starburst overhead, and laughing, Catseye does a lazy back cartwheel from the chair she's standing on, over the table, and lands in a chair opposite -without- flipping the table -or- spilling the drink she is holding. Show-off Cat is a show off! She grins, "Alison very talented yes? And is a lot of fun."

"Sarah Rainmaker." the tall woman says easily, offering a hand, first to Hank,then Catseye as she returns from her cartwheel, laughing a bit. "Impressive balance there…" she says cheerfully, her eyes flicking back to Alliason again, especailly after the starburst as she waves back, blowing a kiss playfully. "Mmm, she's talented, but it's because she works hard at it. Practice, practice, practice…" she says thoughfully. "Pleased to meet both of you."

Alison rocks out a little next, just to prove she can. Hard rock verging on heavy metal, though her voice is still clear and angelic; though she throws in growls on the final chorus. It is very much a party concert. Dancing is the name of the game. Ballads kept to a minimum…maybe one other to give people a rest. She will do her best to get everyone up and dancing…including any mutants in the house.

"A pleasure miss Rainmaker, but…it seems that Ali is /intent/ on dragging us all center stage." Hank smiles to the woman. "And yes, Sharon's astonishingly graceful." And then the smile turns pure imp. "Pray excuse me, or…if you'd like, join us." He turns then to Catseye. "Shall we show folks a thing or three?" He actually bows to her as he asks, his manner right out of an earlier age, one hand behind, the other offered palm up as he bows. Should she accept, he gets a sort of manic gleam in blue eyes, and spins, almost tosses the tall but slender girl to the center of the dance floor, leaping right after with ASTONISHING agility for a man of such bulk!

Catseye nods to Sarah, "Talent nothing without hard work, but can't let it -look- hard, yes?" Then Hank asks her to dance and Catseye laughs, "Of course, did furfriendHank really need to ask?" She bounces out onto the center of the dance floor almost as if she had been tossed, actually just using Hank's boost to make her pounce seem effortless. And as much as anything, that's the trick to it. Yes, she's stronger than normal, faster than normal, more agile than normal with a spine that bends like a rubber band and a tail to counter-balance… but it's that no matter how much past training or at the moment effort is involved, she keeps that perky kitty grin on her face and makes it -look- effortless. And like Alison on stage, Catseye genuinely -enjoys- the dancing and the well hidden effort.

Sarah laughs and claps for the pair, but just takes a seat for the moment, perhaps not wanting to get shown up TOO badly by the pair with the superhuman agility. She leans back against the bar, sipping from her drink, her head bobbing in time a bit as her toes continuing to tap. Cannot dance and manage though!

Sarah is just asking to be called out again by the songstress on stage, but Dazzler leaves her be for now. A cheer for the dancing furries as a spotlight - which doesn't seem to have a source - lights up their incredible dancing for the crowd to enjoy. Getting near the end of the show, and no clowns in sight, Alison turns to some covers to finish up the evening. Plus a reprise of her own material that she started with - 'Party Night'. It seems appropriate. More fireworks as the concert comes to a close. Shapes being formed out of the the shimmering lights behind the bowing singer before she makes sure her band get applause too. "Thank you, New York. You've been awesome!"

Hank goes full bore - he's not nearly as bendy as Cat, and she's way faster, but he is STRONG, and he /is/ more agile than an olympic champion, so it is almost freakish to watch four hundred pounds of furry bulky guy dance and keep up with Cat. When all is said and done the evening is an absolute blast. After the show Hank insists on treating everyone to dinner, and will /not/ accept a no!

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