2019-10-07 - Something Wicked This Way Comes


Robin updates Batman on some of the happenings on the street.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Oct 7 20:33:54 2019
Location: Central Park

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Damian Wayne has been investigating the Hand for some number of weeks now without involving other members of the Bat Family until he had more of an idea of what was going on. So, in order to rectify this, Damian is out on patrol as Robin and after stopping four muggers and an armed robbery over the course of the night, he makes a communication to the Batman to meet him on Staten Island.

It was important.

So there Robin is, a few buildings down from the old clocktower, dressed in his full Robin regalia. He waits, patiently for Batman to arrive so he can update him on the happenings of the shadows.

Batman does not arrive with any real to-do. He simply is not there, and then his voice comes from the shadows.

"What is it, Robin?," the infamous voice asks. A moment after that is uttered from the shadows, the outline of the grey and blue costume can be seen.

He steps from the shadows and moves to the edge of the rooftop, looking out over the city as his cape flutters about his ankles.

Robin approaches the Dark Knight when he makes his arrival atop the roof. "I have been investigating the Hand's activities within the city. Something is happening, a change of power or at the very least, an invasion from an opposing shadow operation."

He lets those words register to the Batman before he speaks again. "I noticed, quite specifically, that the Hand's former places of operation had been rendered vacant. There were claw marks on the doors to many of the rooms, a slime-like acid substance that caused a burning sensation when touched. But most peculiarly, there was hair that resembled that of a dogs. I took a sample of everything, but I haven't found the time to return to the Cave."

Yes, Robin has been working very diligently on this.

"I questioned members of one of the petty gangs that used to work for and with the Hand, only for them to tell me their locations were attacked by what appears to be some kind of bipedal wolves. Smart, but misshapen. Apparently, they heal extremely quickly as bullets didn't stop them. They just got up and their wounds closed extremely fast."

Another pause. "I believe we have a serious problem on our hands."

"We do," Batman responds after a moment. He's silent for a long moment as his gaze sweeps out over His city. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, his eyes land on his son.

"I need you to reach out to the occultists. This isn't petty crime. Seek out sorcerors and those who dabble in that sort of thing. I dealt with someone inflicted with lycanthropy when I was younger. Some of the hardest fights I've ever dealt with. Hopefully, these attackers have nothing to do with magic or the occult. Hopefully this is a scientific experiment gone wrong or something. That would be easier to deal with."

Batman has rules about working with the worst case scenario and working backwards. Werewolves would be that.

Robin looks at Batman as he agrees that this is a serious problem. Whether or not it truly is lycanthropy or some kind of demon remains to be seen, but Robin gives a nod of his head. "Yes sir."

"…though you should know I have a distrust for sorcerers. I would sooner tie and bind one than allow them assistance." well, at least he's being honest, but the League hasn't exactly been straightforward about their Lazarus pits and dark methods.

"But, I will do my best. To ensure a case of lycanthropy, I will also run a DNA test on the Bat Computer for a more thorough investigation. I'd use my wrist computer, but the Bat computer is more equipped to handle this sort of data."

He nods to all of that. He brings his finger briefly to his cowl, pausing as if listening to a comm channel that Robin is not privy too. Batman lowers his hand and turns back towards his son.

"Do that." There is a brief moment of hesitation, or judgment, when Damian mentions not trusting sorcerors. He doesn't comment, though.

"Do you have anything else?"

Maybe it was the fact that Damian was very alike to Bruce? Or was it one of the things they truly differed on? Batman's past relationships with sorcerers or witches or the occult aside, Damian nods when confirmed to follow through with such an action.

"No. Not presently. Though I believe I should make you aware that Red Robin is attempting to bring the vigilante known as Spoiler into the fold. Apparently, he trusts her. But I recommend you approach her with caution if you're on your morning shift. I have a feeling she hides something."

Damian's instincts tend to be right, at least where reasoning is concerned.

"Everyone hides something. Catwoman's mentioned her to me. I've already considered her and the situation. I've already come to a decision, too." That sounds like Batman, alright.

"Last time spoke on patrol I told you do work with the other members of the Family. Have you been doing that?" He turns away from Robin, staring out over the city.

Robin nods very softly. "As long as you are in the know." Damian's features continue to be obscured by both the Domino mask on his face AND the hood over his head. His own cloak touching his feet like his father, whom he modeled and modified the Robin suit after while keeping to his ninja roots.

At the inquisitive question from his father, Damian nods. "Mainly with Batgirl and Nightwing. However, I have approached Red Robin with this same information, and I believe he too will be beneficial to the mission."

"Red Robin has his particular skillset he brings to the table, just like you do. Or Batgirl. Nightwing. Catwoman. Everyone provides something."

He steps back from the edge of the rooftop and glances down to check something in his utility belt. He apparently finds what he's looking for, and he nods to himself.

Robin looks upon his father as he reiterates his previous point that everybody brings something to the table. "I understand, Father. Though…I find myself at odds with Catwoman at times. I do not know if she understands how to approach me, and honestly, I find myself with the same flaw."

He takes a breath.

"I am uncertain if she and I get along." He notices Batman fidgeting around for something in his utility belt. "…are you alright, Batman?"

Batman considers the mention of Catwoman, and he ponders how to response. Catwoman is soon to be his wife, afterall. He's had a child with her. This situation is…complicated.

"She doesn't know how to approach you. She's comfortable with the others because she practically raised them. I wouldn't have her by my side if she hadn't earned that position, though."

He nods slightly at the inquiry about if he is okay or not, but Batman certainly seems uncharacteristically distracted. "I am fine, Robin."

Robin looks upon Batman for a brief moment as he explains that Catwoman doesn't know how to interact with him. "Even so, she looks at me as if I am an oddity. Something that should not exist by normal means." And frankly, she's kinda right.

But even still, Robin keeps his attention firmly on his father. The narrowing of the eyes suggests that Robin doesn't believe that his father is alright, noting his distracted nature.

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