2019-10-06 - Now do Smaug!


Bobbi comes across Roy working on a new arrowhead, and they are both introduced to Kwabena.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Oct 6 17:01:06 2019
Location: Triskelion - Science Lab

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In one of the side labs, the small panel that allows access shows that the room is currently in use by one 'HARPER, Roy'. The door to the lab is slightly open, and the most telling way to know that is that coming from inside the room, Johnny Cash's 'God's Gonna Cut You Down' is playing from within.

Inside the room, Roy's tinkering with one of his arrow heads, he's got it cracked open as he's studying it, schematics pulled up on a small device that looks alot like what hackers would put on a safe to start to running numbers to figure out a combonation.

The music? It's coming from Roy's right arm - which with him wearing a t-shirt, is clearly seen as being artifical from just above the elbow down.

For the longest time there hasn't been one MORSE, Bobbi present at this location. Instead she's been off doing….whatever she does. So the addition of another archer was something entirely missed by her.

Which might explain why when the blonde in the dove grey suit and lab coat wanders past, a pair of glasses perched on her nose and a sleek clipboard tucked against her side, and she spots the man inside working on a bow the first words out of her mouth are, "If you program that thing to explode in a stink bomb in Clint's face, I'll give you a hundred bucks."

There's a few blinks, and a chuckle of amusement. "Arm, mute." he asks, and a cherry feminine voice (totally not Alexia or Siri or Google Assistant goes, 'You got it!') The music stops, and the redhead archer grins widely at the blonde. "Just a hundred?" he asks, "I don't know, it's a start." There's a wryness to his grin. "He's still smarting from someone suggesting that he's not the superior archer of SHIELD."

Shrugging his shoulders, he gestures to the workbench. "Was working on a hacking device that can be controlled remotely and fired at a target. So someone doesn't actually have to be at the door to try to hack it and get in." Visions of Jemma nearly getting gunned down when she tried that are still on his mind, after all. Then he happens to remember his manners.

"I'm Roy. Just consulting around here, cause noone wants to give me an ICER." He gives the blonde a once over, "So, what's your grief with everyone's favorite archer?"

"Just a hundred…if you can add in red paint that takes days to come off, and glitter…I'll make it a thousand."

It's offered so casually, but there is some hint of an edge to it. Like she might….MIGHT just be serious about this, and might really pony up a grand for something to harmlessly explode in Clint's face. Maybe.

The door is pushed the rest of the way open with a toe before she moves into the room, offering a hand out towards Roy although her eyes are tracking towards the objects on the workbench, "Bobbi…and you're creating something that is capable of that with electronic locks. But what about old fashioned tumbler locks? Still need a physical presence for that." The question about her grief almost appears to be ignored, but she finally adds, "Ex-husband."

For the moment, Kwabena is still under guard; files related to him are readily available to most of those with typical access in SHIELD, but at a certain point, data in those files becomes more limited; specifically, any information regarding his legal or citizenship status. The guard who follow him aren't really paying too much attention to him, talking with themselves instead; one has his gun holstered, the other drawn but held toward the ground.

Entering the lab, Kwabena is not wearing conventional clothing today, just the nanosuit that he's pretty much stuck with. Gunmetal gray in nature, it's currently configured to appear more like a tank-top unitard, the feet formed into shoes of a sort. He's carrying a SHIELD issue tablet in hand, and when he enters the lab, he makes a beeline toward one of the techs. "I am here for daily examination," he tells the tech, with no shortage of irritation in his heavily accented and broken English.

"Exes." Roy says that in the tone of 'oh yeah, been there'. "It sucks when they try to kill you, am I right?" That's said with just a little smile. Maybe he's joking? Maybe he's not. Standing up to offer his hand, he has no qualms if it's the artifical one or not. "Eh, you ever try the old 'glitter bomb in his payroll envelope' bit? Glitter's totally the herpes of the arts and crafts world. Never comes out."

"Nice to meet you, Bobbi." After rising for the greeting, he's moving to retake his seat. "Eh, something for the sophisticated bit first. Getting a little more.." There's a hand-waggling motion. "…weird, we start talking about an arrow that can lockpick. But maybe.." He is /giving/ it some thought.

"Never mentioned an ex-wife to me before. I mean, not that I studied much or go picking into files. But you know, I'd mentioned you. At least in passing." Was that a compliment? It's probably a little awkward, before they are thankfully interrupted by Kwa's arrival. "This your appointment?" he asks Bobbi in some confusion as he looks over Kwabena and arches a brow. Apparently it's not the /first/ time he's seen nanotech on display. But he didn't expect it to be so prevaliant. "Do they self-replicate?" he asks, looking to Kwabena curiously. "What's the turnaround time on that?" Because if his nanotech is better than Kelly's?

There's a flicker of amusement at the question about killing them, then the smile that spreads across her face is one of open amusement as she gives the hand a shake. Real or artificial, it doesn't seem to matter to her, "I wouldn't know, you'd have to ask him what it's like being beat by a girl." She glances in the direction of the new arrival, taking in the guards, the nanotech, the man himself before she observes absently, "Next time you see him, you should ask about me."

But then she's moving towards the door so she can better watch Kwabena, her shoulder leaning against the door, "Not my appointment that I know of…Hey." The hey is louder, and for Kwabena, "Who're you here for?"

When acknowledged and questioned, Kwabena turns and looks in the direction of Roy and Bobbi. The irritation is visible upon his face, and for a moment or two, he is the one not remembering his manners. "I don't know," answers Kwabena, and raises the tablet in his hand indicatively. "Read file. Did not make dem."

Said file, if in fact inspected, has a great amount of detail on Kwabena's nanotech, but it isn't pretty. Cliffs notes suggest it to be an advanced technology, remotely accessible, and was being used by a Russia-based criminal/terror organization to control an unknown number of X-Gene carriers, of which Kwabena (last name unknown, code named 'Shift') is one. The files go on in great detail, but of note is that Kwabena is cooperating with SHIELD, who have managed to hack into the nanotech and disable the Russian organization's devious use of the tech, which equates to a horrible form of psychological and physical torture.

"He's here for me," the tech answers Bobbi, and motions for Kwabena to move toward a scanning contraption. "You know the drill."

Kwabena glances from Roy to Bobbi, still unaware of his lack of manners, and steps into the scanning device. He raises his arms to the side, and when the tech gives him a nod, Kwabena glances down to his arms. The nanotech begins expanding down his arms and up his head, until the man appears to be completely enclosed, while data from the scanners begin streaming information over onto the computers.

"Oh, I know all about getting my ass kicked by a girl." Roy observes. "Or in this case, a woman." There's a grin at her that's offered. "I know better than to walk into that trap." He did learn a little in his time with his ex. However, with Kwanbena begins to get his examination, the archer turns his chair to keep his eye on them both.

"I remember those days, needing the escort around. Right after I got out of the hospital." comes the response from the archer. "I'm Roy, this is Bobbi." At least he's a little polite. "You a Thunderbolt, or one of those other special projects?"

Of course she's going to read the file offered, a sound of agreement offered to Roy. She's listening. No, really. But whatever she's reading causes her brows to lift upwards a bit and she puts it back down where Kwabena can pick the tablet back up when done. "Interesting."

She watches the examination with interest, but goes back to at least part of the conversation with Roy, "Sounds like someone I'd like. Why'd she beat you up?"

"I am Kwabena," answers the man being examined, his tone still non-committal. "Special project, yes." The grin can't be seen right now, but it can definitely be heard.

"All right," the tech days. "Code is optimal, signal blocking is still strong. Let's go ahead with form one."

A stasis field appears around Kwabena, an egg shaped shimmering energy field projected by the contraption. "Go," says the tech.

There comes a sound of displaced air, and Kwabena transforms into something resembling living goo. Black as oil, held in place by the stasis field but clearly liquid in nature.

"Something about getting her pregnant and then finding out that I was reporting on her for the government the whole time? It's complicated." That's a good word for it. Complicated. Roy gives a shrug of his shoulders, about to say more on the matter, when Kwabena suddenly /melts/.

Wait, what? Double-take.

"I think I saw that in Star Trek once." He snaps his fingers a few times in thought. "Right, the goo that ate Tasha Yar!" he realizes. Then aside to Bobbi in mock-seriousness. "Don't get too close."

If it weren't for Kwabena's shift there might be a whole lot said about the nature of Roy's mysterious bully. Not bully. But instead there is shifting and Bobbi is straightening up with what appears to be excitement, like someone just wheeled in the biggest birthday cake ever.

"Holy fuck." It's breathed out, and Bobbi doesn't look like she's going to rush over and try to get eaten by black goo like poor Tasha Yar, but she does look pretty interested, "That doesn't sound complicated, by the way, that sounds messed up."

"Very good," says the tech. "Now lets do form three next."

The black goo reforms into a man again, still covered in nanotech, and then there comes a sound of something cracking, popping and hissing. The computers will show something of a 'hardness scale' that rises and rises, approaching the severity of some special metals but not exceeding them, while bodily functions also seem to be slowing, such as heart rate and breathing.

"That's good enough," the tech says. "Let's go back to form two."

The hardness scales revert to normal, and then there's that sound of displacing air again, and what was a man is now black smoke, with thicker tendrils of living black gas swirling about.

A voice comes from the cloud of smoke, no longer resembling Kwabena's but instead, something more like a ghostly whisper. "What is it with Star Trek around here?"

"Hey, stay focused," the tech says.

"You're in SHIELD's science labs. We're all nerds around here." Roy responds, before glancing aside to Bobbi. "Eh, she left me with our daughter shortly after she was born, so there's that." There's a silent moment there, before he shifts his attention to watch the ever-changing forms for Kwanbena. "Ooh, ooh, can you do Smaug next?" he asks. "Or if human all you got?"

The archer actually sounds interested in this - setting aside his own project for now as he watches the work on the newcomer.

"Still messed up." Bobbi is firm on this point, it seems. But not enough to make more of a deal about it than already done, instead pointing out, "I don't think goo counts as human."

She moves away from where she's been rooted in place, and instead heads towards the tech to start looming over their shoulder, and looking at the computers. "I'm very proudly a nerd….but I prefer Star Wars."

"It's biomatter, not goo," explains the tech. "Solid, liquid, gas, right? That's what his x-gene does. What happens next is thanks to the nanotech."

"What is 'Smaug?' asks the whispering cloud.

"Kwabena, we're gonna prep for form four now. Stand by." The tech flips a few switches, and the stasis field intensifies. The lights in the room briefly dim at the power draw, before everything is regulated again, but now the stasis field has gone black. "Visual dampening at 50%, safety measures locked in and connected. Okay, Kwabena, we are go for form four, five second burst only."

The darkened stasis field shows nothing for a moment or two, before there is suddenly an explosion of blinding white, dampened by the stasis field so that it instead appears as if the human inside is on fire.

"Plasma," the tech explains. "Not quite Smaug, but close enough."

Is the room getting warmer?

"Whoa. Okay, that's a little outside the weird zone for me." Roy offers, a lift of his hands. "I'm gonna grab a bite to eat, and be back later. Nice to meet you both." With that, he's getting up to go.

"The dragon in the Hobbit series." Bobbi supplies for Kwabena as she continues to watch the monitors, until the explosion happens and her attention shifts fast back towards the stasis field. The rising heat in the room is noted, and it's clear that Bobbi might have more questions, but she keeps them back to instead give Roy a nod, "Nice meeting you."

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The reaction suddenly shuts down, and the stasis field is immediately filled with a burst of cryonic gas. Not necessary, but helpful for keeping the room temperature from spiking when the stasis field is lowered, revealing Kwabena in his normal form.

"Nasty stuff, this nanotech," the tech tells Bobbi, while waving goodbye to Harper. "It creates and regulates the chemical reaction. Oh, and they were using to to control and monitor them." He gestures toward detailed micro scans of a nanite sample, indicating the various functions as he talks about them. "Brain wave and physiological response recognition, so they knew what he's thinking, feeling. And if they get out of line? Pain inducers. Ugly stuff. Real ugly."

Kwabena steps out of the device, while the nanotech begins crawling back up his arm and off his face, resuming its original configuration. Seeing that Roy has left, he looks to Bobbi and says, "I do not know what is Hobbit," he admits, before blinking. "Wait. Dis is Stah Wars. No, no!" He snaps his fingers a couple of times. "Lord of de Rings!"

"That's pretty wild…." Bobbi points out with a shake of her head, then her wrist beeps with a reminder and she glances down towards it, "I've got an appointment." The wrist is lowered and she glances towards Kwabena, "Right, Lord of the Rings. Sorry to watch and run, but I've got to head to this meeting as well."

"I have not seen it," Kwabena tells Bobbi, before shrugging his shoulders and giving her a smirk. "I hope you enjoyed de freak show. First time is free." He then turns back around to speak with the tech, most likely to resume whatever daily testing is needed.

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