2019-10-06 - Good Ol' Boys


I'm betting you're wondering how we got here…

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Oct 6 01:36:16 2019
Location: Somewhere in Upstate NY

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Currently, there is a rather indescript sports car that is racing down a two-lane road in the backwoods of upstate New York. Behind the sports car is a pair of police cars and a monster truck - one of those with the giant tires more fitting for construction equipment than street-legal use. Roy is currently unbuckled and yelling towards Kelly. "Hang on! Gotta get my arm on!" Of course, she's driving.

— RECORD SCRATCH — I'm betting you're wondering how we got here.

24 Hours Earlier: A briefing room in SHIELD Headquarters. A lead on the drug Thunderbolt, that it may have found it's way into the hands of a bunch of supremeists calling themselves the Friends of Humanity - bunch of mutant hating freaks. The mission was supposed to be a simple one. Get in, get info - confirm the drug - call in SHIELD.

30 minutes ago: As Roy infiltrated while Kelly waited out in the car, Roy found out what they were planning. A raid on a school full of mutant kids. A massacre at that. While he'd not seen the drugs - he'd seen plenty of weapons and posturing. And his story about losing his arm to one of those muties? It made him feel ill-at-ease. So when one of the big burly necks started going on about his truck outside, Roy glanced out towards it, then back to the guy and may have made a comment about how he must have a really big truck to make up for a really small package.

In the ensuing brawl, Roy's badge may have come out.

And that only made it worse.

5 Minutes Ago: Cue Roy running out to the car, screaming towards Kelly, "Cover blown, cover blown, we have to unass, NOW!" And the cops were firing at /him/. Because of course in this po-dunk nowhere town, they would be at the damn meeting.

Back to the present, as Roy grabs the case to pull out his arm and bow with quiver. "Just a few more moments, babe, just need to put on my strap on!" Dressed in a flannel shirt and blue jeans with torn knees, his hat tonight reads 'Rock Out With Your (Picture of a Chicken) Out'. Snapping his arm into place, he waits for it to boot as the first police car collides with the back of their issued car. "It'll buff out!"

Of course, when Kelly was sitting alone in the car, she wasn't unaware of what was going on with Roy. So she was quite aware when things started to go badly.

As to what to *do* when things went badly? Well… she didn't really have the training for that. She's a scientist, not an Agent! Or even a Consultant like Roy is. Soooo she sat there, wide-eyed and worrying while Roy got into a fistfight and then when he comes tearing out towards her she was scrambling to try to remember which was the gas and which was the break.

They did finally get on the road, with Kelly doing the 5-over the speedlimit. Which… doesn't help make it a high-speed chase. Until Roy tells her to leadfoot it and she's clearly reluctant to do so.

"Why are the *cops* shooting at us??" The redhead is still wide-eyed and frazzled, and totally misses the really bad phrasing that Roy uses. "Why are we *running* from the cops??"

"Can you please, just for a moment, drive like you do in Mario Kart, and you know, not like we're gonna pull over and offer tea and crumpets?!" Roy locks the arm in place, and it warms up quickly as he kisses the bow. "Oh how I missed /you/." he says as he moves to open the sunroof. "Because the cops in this town are more crooked than a brand new TV from the back of a non-descript van!" he snaps back at her as he looks towards her.

She really can't be /that/ naieve, can she?

He tries not to think too hard on that as he wiggles through the opening of the sunroof and pulls up his bow. It's not a comfortable fit, and he sticks his hand down. "Arrow me!"

Like Kelly knows the layout of Roy's quiver, and what arrow is marked by which fletching. They probably should have talked about that at some point.

But she's totally distracting.

"In Mario Kart if I go off the road I don't *die*!" Kelly replies back, her tone a bit shrill and the words fast. She presses down a bit more on the accelerator, edging it up a few more miles an hour. Still not anywhere near enough to loose their tails. At least being freaked out she doesn't give him grief over kissing the *bow* and not her.

"Cops are supposed to be the good guys!" Unlike some people, Kelly had a very sheltered upbringing. Even on her own, she's been insulated by Academia and SHIELD. "Does that mean we can't call anyone for help?"

The call for an arrow gets ignored at first, until she realizes that, oh yeah, he *is* talking to her. "Uhm… OK!" She grabs one without even looking at it, handing it over. Hey, *Roy* doesn't look when he grabs them!

Working together. Definitely something they should have talked about before doing it. Yep.

Roy knows what they are by /touch/, it's why all the fletchings are different. That's why when he's handed the first arrow, he groans low in his throat. "…/glue/, really?" He doesn't have time to hand it back for another as he pulls it back and lets it fly, where it strikes against the windshield and splatters like a giant bird just took a dump on the cop car.

The cops turn on the wipers - and they get stuck in the glue as the car swerves slightly, but is trying to right itself, though it fell behind, giving them some breathing room. Not that it matters, as one of the cops leans out and fires and the back glass of the car vanishes in the sound of breaking glass as the dashboard of the car is hit.

"Try again!" he calls out to her, sticking down his hand for another arrow.

"I know you grew up on Mister Rogers and 'find a helper', but these cops are only gonna help us /die/!" comes his response to her. "So them or the ditch? I'll take the ditch!"

The Glue Arrow was the closest one! It doesn't matter that the groan was made softly, Kelly's got a hardline into his thoughts. Looks like she's striking out as Roy's sidekick.

With a groan of her own, Kelly takes one of her hands off the wheel again, gritting her teeth and her knuckles going white one the hand that's still doing the important task of *driving* and casts about to find another arrow. She has an easier time getting it to Roy's hand, because she's got an innate sense of where he is in relation to her.

Roy's emphatic words have Kelly stomping the gas hard enough to jostle Roy in his tight squeeze through the sunroof, the car swerving a bit as she works to keep it under control with the one hand until the other can join it, and then she overcorrects a bit. "Should I call SHIELD?!"

"NO, CALL AAA. YES CALL SHIELD!" Roy's eyes are wide as he gets jostled in the sunroof, his body bounced around in the moment as his fingers grab the arrow. His eyes widen for a moment, and then he stares down at the arrow. And then at Kelly. Did she really?

He looks at the shaft of the arrow, then the tip. That little bit of silver. From her arm.

Well, alright.

"How's your wi-fi?" he asks - because he fires the arrow. Not at the police cars..

…but instead it strikes firmly into the engine block computer of the monster truck. She may feel the slight boot up of a new device being added to the network.

Did he just give her control of the electronics of a monster truck?


When the shot is fired, Kelly ducks, scrunching down in her seat. As though she could possibly duck a bullet by reacting after she heard it. It *does* make her accelerate a bit jerkily again, before that eases back off.

"WELL MAYBE YOU'D ALREADY CALLED!" Kelly yells back. Oh look! They're fighting! Stressed out, Kelly does indeed call SHIELD through her connection to her tablet. Far away, phones start ringing. Lots of phones. Hell, Roy's phone starts to ring as Kelly just dials her whole damned SHIELD contact's list.

And then he's plugging her into the monster truck, which is *distracting*. She wasn't expecting that and it's a system she's never used before. The pipstacks on the monster truck suddenly belch smoke and the engine ROARS, accelerating. It *would* rear-end the car it's behind, except those tires aren't meant for rear-ending. They're meant for car-crushing.

Roy's phone starts going off in his pocket as Kelly just /mass-dials/. "You think I had time to call while in there? Sure, they let me borrow a quarter and everything!" Of course they'd pick now to have a fight. "You're worse than a telemarkerter!" That one may net Kelly an apology gift later.

Of course, she's more than making up for it as she takes control of the monster truck - and it's first act is to crush the swerving police car that Roy had glued earlier, crushing the back of it flat as it slides and then flips sideways, tumbling off the road and into the ditch.

"Oh, /damn/." he whispers. "The Kellinator has risen." he even forgets to ask for an arrow this time because of the whole awe he has at Kelly going off and /crushing/ a car with her /mind/.

Oh, and a large truck. Potato, Potatoe.

"You could have pressed some emergency button or something! Isn't that a spy thing?" Kelly snarks back. Because a lot of SHIELD stuff is kinda spy related. Even if she's not involved in that part of it. As Roy's phone rings, Kelly winces. "I couldn't think of who to dial! And what if they don't pick up! That'd take forever to dial them in series." So, y'know, parallel. That's the way to go.

As the truck accelerates and starts to 'munch' on the car in front of her, Kelly grimaces. "Oh. Oh that's what that does. Sorry! Sorry…"

At least Roy's phone stops ringing as she takes it out of the queue.

"Red hair with a curl,
Mellow roll for the flavor,
And the eyes were peeping,
Can't keep away from the girl."

Finally's Roy phone stops playing the ringtone on his phone for Kelly when she finally takes him out of the loop. There's still one more police car giving chase to them. And of course, the burly guy in the truck that's trying to figure out why he can't drive it.

Sticking down his hand, Roy wiggles his fingers. "One more time, Lady Luck!" Aww. He's trying to make up. Okay, it was a poor attempt, but it's a start?

Kelly doesn't really want to send the truck munching the next cop car, as it's far too easy to end up dead in a wreck, so she starts mentally pushing other buttons. The full halo of lights on the truck come to life. Headlights, flood lights, blinkers, emergency lights, the extra ones across the top and all down the sides. It's like a Christmas tree. And the horn starts going off. "That's uh… that's not helpful."

"I need more hands!" Kelly grouses. The thought has part of her arm lifting off like silver tentacle or something, and while both hands stay on the wheel it reaches out, curls around an arrow to pull it free and lifts it into Roy's waiting hand.

"That's uh.. disturbing." Roy notes as he looks down and finds it's not a hand he's taking an arrow from, but a tentacle. Then he adds. "And sorta arousing." Now's not the time, Roy! Snapped back from those thoughts, which would not help him at all, Kelly nearly blinds him with the lights. "HEY!" Whose side is she /on/? He grabs the arrow, and not having a chance to check it, he notches it to prepare to fire.

When he does, as soon as it releases and expands. It pops immediately a large silk parachute that was compressed into the arrowhead. The cloth drifts and then traps itself around the second police car, causing it to swerve crazily and then go off the road, crashing into the ditch. The police are off of them at least. "Can you shut down the engine? Like, for good?"

Because as much as Roy Harper may /want/ a pet monster truck, this isn't the place to do it at the moment.

"ROY!!" Aaaand now Kelly's blushing. Blushing so very hard. At least no one can see her. Distracted by trying to do several things at once, she almost misses a turn and stomps on the breaks and hauls the wheel hard to the right. The tires squeal and the car leeeeeans over to the side dangerously before finally snapping back to straight with some back-and-forth wiggling.

"I'm trying! I don't exactly have time to figure out the system!" Computers control a hell of a lot in a car these days. *PAFT!* That would be the airbags going off inside though. That might help.

"Sorry, sorry!" Not sorry. Roy drops down into the car, because he doesn't want to die for Kelly's driving as he buckles up. The monster truck's airbags go off, and the truck swerves and come to a halt as the vehicle stops.

The guy is getting out and shaking his fist at the pair as Roy closes his eyes to take several breaths. They should be relativity safe soon - but he's not going to say that Kelly. He's not ready to go back to five under the speed limit yet - and it's still a bit of a drive back to SHIELD then home.

Kelly Dehaven still has that deathgrip on the steering wheel, eyes a bit too wide and pulse fast. Roy can feel that cocktail of fear and nervousness as adrenaline races through her veins. She's still got the pedal down and yeah. Seatbelts are a *great* idea right now.

"OK? Are we OK? That's it, right?" The words come out in a rush as she glances through the rear view window and then over to Roy. And nearly misses another turn.

"I think we're clear…" Roy is trying to be a calming effect - and he's somewhat okay, as he is over the original rush and trying to settle down. "Except for reporting it so that it can get cleaned up? Yeah." comes the response from the archer as he reaches over and gives Kelly's thigh a reassuring squeeze before his attention returns to the road.

"Eyes front. Like for us to get home in one piece."

"Right… right…" Kelly lets out a long, slow sigh and her foot eases up on the accelerator, letting the car slow down a bit.

"Are you alright?" Even as Kelly is asking the question, Roy can probably feel more of her mental 'presence' as she takes inventory to see if the archer has been injured. Meanwhile, someone has finally picked up on one of the lines that Kelly dialed and she gives them a GPS tagged location and a brief (very) account of what happened and why SHIELD presence is required.

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