2019-10-06 - Capslock


Steve and Tony decide to go a few combat rounds on the training mats. With a few bets in place, of course.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Oct 6 20:19:59 2019
Location: Avengers Mansion - Sub-Level 1 - Gymnasium and Rec Room

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So, Tony was in the gym!

Yes, he had just finished upgrading his Iron Man suit and he was doing some minor stretches on one of the sparring mats. Now, why EXACTLY was he doing this? Because he made a bet with Steve earlier in the day that if he can beat Steve in hand to hand combat, Steve has to buy everybody in the Avengers their favorite meal. If Steve wins, Tony buys Steve a new motorcycle.

This is fair, right? Though TECHNICALLY it might've NOT been actually agreed upon, Tony looks ready and rarin' to go.

He's wearing some black sweatpants with a black and gray gym shirt, the blue glow of the arc reactor on his chest shining through as Tony gets into shape. Now he just waits for the challenger….

…who appears from the hallway projecting the usual enviable and quiet self-confidence. Steve's already got his hands in thin fingerless gloves rather than wrapped in boxing tape — this bodes well for Tony; the Captain isn't out for blood in the manner of old-school sparring.

He shoots Tony a small smile on the approach, his bare feet making no sound as they cross onto the mat. He's in grey sweatpants and an Army-green tee shirt, its fit making no point to hide any of the muscling of his body.

"Done all your calesthenics, Tony? Hate to see you get a charlie horse in the middle of the exercise," he says mildly even as he stops before the other man, swinging his arms loosely to stretch his shoulders. "Looking to get anything specific out of this? Not going to show you any Krav Maga or anything like that."

Tony looks at Cap who finally arrives and the grin on his face is extremely noticeable. "Well well well, are we sparring or are you teaching me how to throw a punch? I can grab my suit to make it fair if you want?" Oh yes, Tony was going to be a little bit of a brat, but then again he always is.

"The only thing I want to get out of this is a free meal paid by Captain America himself. Just you know, don't cry too badly when I win, okay?" God, Cap is going to wipe the floor with him. But Tony's own arrogance kinda blocks him to this fact. But he's been practicing so he'll win, right?


"I was thinking more Wing Chun or Kickboxing, actually. So, step into my office?"

"I bypassed your secretary when I walked in," Steve replies back drily even as he then steps back into a stance of readiness, weight balanced through feet planted shoulder-width apart. Anyone familiar with kickboxing itself will recognize the most basic — and dangerous — stance: the kick stance.

With a roll of his neck, the Captain then brings up his hands into loose fists before his chest. The grin Tony gets now is frankly taunting.

"Show me what you've got, Stark," he then says, true-blue eyes narrowing in on the genius-inventor with checked intensity.

Tony laughs just a little bit. "You mean JARVIS? He let you in buddy. If he really wanted to lock you out, well…" Tony shrugs just a little bit. "Or do you mean Pepper? She's always hounding me lately…" Tony gives a little crack of his neck before he enters into a standard boxing stance. He takes a deep breath as he stares down Steve Goddamn Rogers as he calls out Tony.

You see, a wise man wouldn't attack first. But Tony is not known for his wisdom, he's known for his daring.

So he lunges forward, trying to throw a series of boxing strikes at Steve's face and chest. Tony wasn't bad at all, mind…

Steve is just a better fighter.

His good-nature stands in how Steve lets a few of those blows land. None of them make any impact on his face, given he's not about to let them, but the dark-haired combatant across from him will at least find satisfaction in feeling his punches hit to the outside of Steve's bicep, shoulder, sternum when the Captain deliberately leaves it open as a subtle teaching lesson — advantage is taken and he nods to himself even as he turns to let another punch land on the outside of his opposite shoulder.

One even bounces off the super-soldier's ribs and Steve mimics a grunt; but it's the slow appearance of a smile that Tony should be wary of. It's the one that sets even Barnes to caution when the two soldiers spar.

The next swing from Tony to leave any part of his torso open is quickly and concisely attacked. Thump-whump — two sharp hits, controlled in power as not to do anything more than bruise — one to the solar plexus and a flat palm to the sternum intend to send Tony back butt over tea-kettle on the mat.


Tony manages to hit Steve not once, but -twice- in a damaging fashion that an otherwise regular human could pull off. But Steve's fought people with higher strength and speed and durability than Tony. Which is why maybe this would be a different story if Tony was wearing the armor, but…

"How ya like that Ste-OOF!" Tony takes that counter attack hard, one hit to the plexus and a palm just above the arc reactor sends Tony end over end out of the mat and onto the floor with a shout.

"….ow." He wheezes out. "Okay…" he struggles to get back to his feet. "Best two out of three?" Tony seems to almost gasp out.

Having danced back a handful of steps with his arms up in a boxing guard, Steve lets down the defensive poise and returns to at least offer the genius-inventor a hand up to his feet.

"Sure, Tony, two out of three," he agrees in a patient good humor. His smile is there, still mild, but it's his eyes that twinkle. The Stark family has always stubborn as mules. Briefly flashing back to Howard has the Captain showcasing one dimple before he sets up in the kicking stance again.

"Ready whenever you are."

Tony gets back up to his feet and he stumbles just a little bit before he lifts a finger. "Just uh…one second." He gets back onto the mat and he takes a deep breath as he bends over for a minute, hands on his knees and taking a very deep breath.

Then he suddenly just lunges forward with a kick for Steve's stomach! Yes, he tried to get Steve to lower his guard just a little bit, but thats always been Tony's game.

Use his mind and his wits rather than physical attributes. It was a long shot, but maybe Steve might get caught off guard?

Or Tony's about to get knocked out of the ring again. His sternum STILL hurts after that hit.

|ROLL| Steve Rogers +rolls 1d2 for: 1

The kick lands. Steve lets out a quiet grunt and dances back across the mat with a forced laugh.

"Nice, Stark, just mind how your weight sits after you commit to the move," he says before a cuff of a swing comes around aimed for Tony's leading shoulder. It's aimed to set the man to stumbling rather than landing to the mat again.

Tony manages to actually land a sharp strike on Steve and might have even made the Super Soldier feel something! Thats a plus, right? Right?

Maybe not, since Steve is coming after Tony all over again after he gives some pretty helpful advice. "Oh, so a bit more twist in the-OH SHI-" Tony couldn't even get the words out as he just barely leans out of the way of the strike, but his his footing is off, but he manages to blindly reach out for a strike at Steve's face, which very clearly misses because he's already stumbling backwards, but he manages to regain himself.

"Atl east let me contemplate!" Tony jokes, but it seems like he's back to boxing, through a few body shots to hopefully hit Steve in the abdominal region.

"Gotta think on your feet," the Captain chides with a small grin. "No time to ponder if somebody's got you in their sights." He talks through deflecting Tony's swings; mixed martial arts shows in how he diverts the throw of weight beyond his own wide-shouldered frame.

He waits until there's a heavier punch involving the commitment of Tony's entire shoulder before he grabs the man's wrist. Yanking him through the motion, Steve then attempts to bring his arm around to capture his sparring partner's head in a gentle if unbreakable headlock.

You know that sound effect of Stormtroopers from star wars when they fall off of a tall height or some such? Yeah, thats pretty much the sound that Tony makes, except the only thing he's falling into is Steve's ridiculously burly arms.

His head caught in a headlock, Tony tries to break free, but Cap is just significantly stronger than him. If Tony had the suit, its a different story, but out of the suit, he's about as strong as the average guy.

So, with no choice, Tony pats on Steve's bicep. Tapout!

"Geez, can you save the Capslock for the bad guys?"

Capslock. He named Steve's headlock…the capslock.

Mindful of the mundane build of the genius-inventor, Steve only keeps him in place until he feels the sharp slap to his bicep. Immediately, Tony's released and the Captain dances away again, fists upheld.

"Effective, isn't it?" He pauses and places hands on his hips, giving the other man still the mild smile. "You calling that two out of three or you want to call it when you hit the mat again?"

Friendly challenge leveled.

Tony looks at Steve when he's finally released and while he's still on a knee, he manages to get back to his feet. and he dances on his feet just a little bit. "yeah, but keep it on the bad guys. Or just adoring ladies who keep up your fan pages."

Yes, Tony hits cap with a little bit of high school childish jabs, but honestly, Tony's not being serious at all. He's enjoying the bonding with one of his best friends.

"When I hit the mat again. I ain't gonna let you have that one. Let it be known, Tony Stark didn't lose the match on the Capslock."


Then Tony is rushing Cap, attempting to tackle him to the ground.

Tony gets a little roll of eyes for his jibe. The Captain's fully aware of the number of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts dedicated to him — to them both, really. The wonders of modern social media!

That being said, he simply grins again and this time, it's a true eat-shit grin meant to be infuriating. Barnes knows this one well enough. In comes Tony for the tackle and for a second, it looks like he might make solid contact with the muscular torso of his blond sparring partner.

In a move like a torrero taunting a bull, Steve sidesteps and again utilizes the momentum of the dive at him. SWISH: there goes Tony in a long horizontal flight path, doomed to bump along the mat.

It helps when you're famous!

But unfortunately, fame does not equal martial might, and thus, even though Tony's 'ground game' is experience (cough), he finds that he can't even budge Steve because he can't even touch him! Steve sidesteps him and suddenly he THROWS Tony.


Tony hits the mat in a flail and actually bounces off the mat a few times before he lies there. "Ow…fine, fine, I'll buy you the motorcycle." Tony just kinda lies there. "JARVIS, can you tell Pepper to bring me some orange slices?"

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