2019-10-02 - The Mechanics of Mechanics, Pt. 2


Dinner finally happens, and the game of chicken between Tony and Bobbi continues.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 2 03:42:09 2019
Location: Stonewall Inn

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Tonight is the night!

Tony finally manages to get Bobbi to the diner where they can feast on steaks and, in Bobbi's own words, the most expensive items on the list. Tony is still wearing his suit jacket with jeans, tennis shoes, and a Guns n' Roses t-shirt. He knows Bobbi is much more nicely dressed, but if this actually works…

If Tony actually manages to woo Bobbi…

He wants her to like him for him, not an image he wants to set. So, he walks in with Bobbi and he gets the waiter to put them at a romantic-looking booth, because Tony somehow planned all of this in advance. "Now this place is practically famous for its steaks and lobster."

"And riots in the fight for gay rights."

Bobbi might be familiar with the place. Maybe. But she doesn't seem to /look/ impressed when they get shown to a booth right away, just offering the waiter a thin smile like she knows exactly what the rest of this evening is going to have in it. "So we'll do steak and lobster. Plus I'll take a martini, and not with any bottom shelf stuff."

At the booth she unbuttons her jacket, sliding it down off her shoulders before carefully folding it and setting it inside the booth before she slides into the seat.

"To be completely fair, riots for gay rights happened in a lot of places. I'd prefer it if there wasn't fights, but I guess not everyone wants to be Martin Luther or Ghandi." Tony shakes his head just a little bit. But then again, he did not even get involved in that fight, since you know, Tony's not gay. Or bi. Or trans. or any of that stuff. He's straight as a metal pole.

Stubbornly so. Sorry :(

"And I will take your finest glass of Chardonnay, and let it breathe." since Bobbi ordered the steak and lobster for them, Tony kinda mouths 'times two' to the waiter, who seems to understand him.

Tony finally takes off his shades and hangs them off of his shirt as he rolls his sleeves up.

"So, tell me more about you, Bobbi. What do you like to do in your down time?" oh yes, small talk.

"I didn't figure you for a Chardonnay guy, Mr. Scotch-Breath." Bobbi reaches up to push her sunglasses up on top of her head, pushing her hair back in the process.

When he asks the question she narrows her eyes for a moment, weighing the potential answers before she reaches a hand out towards him across the table, palm up, "Do you really want to know more about me, or would you prefer to just hold my hand and stare longingly into each others eyes?"

Stark just kinda chuckles for a minute or two. "Hey, I like the fine stuff every now and then too. Specifically on dates with beautiful women, but, you know." Tony shrugs, but then she's being incredibly blunt with him. Tony just replies with a smirk.

"Well, you see, Its a bit of both on my end." He winks just a little bit at her, so he offers her his hand.

"You're terrible." Bobbi points out before she slaps her hand down on his hand when he offers it, then pulls back from him to lean back in her seat, "Fine stuff especially on dates. I'm sure you've had the chance to experience fine things on dates a lot."

She glances away, checking to see if that waiter might be wandering back any time soon. "I enjoy long walks on the beach, reading a good book…experiments. I find those relaxing still. Yoga. What everyone does in their downtime, you?"

Tony chuckles just a little bit as Bobbi slaps her hand right down on his own. His own hand squeezes around hers, she might even feel the entangling of his fingers with hers if she likes. "Well, back in my playboy days…I imagine you've had some chances to try some fine things while you were undercover too ya know." He teases her shamelessly.

When she finally reveals, perhaps even a little bashfully, of what she likes to do to relax…for free time. For FUN, Tony smirks at her. "Those all sound really nice. Especially the experiments. Is that in terms of trying new things or more of a scientific variety?" He asks her in genuine curiosity.

"Well, I like to work on new suits, I like to travel and do new things, I like walks on the beach, I like spending time with friends, I like building stuff…" Tony perhaps starts to go off for a bit. "I really like napping and I like reading educational books, usually of a science variety."

"Science." Bobbi replies with a laugh, "I like doing experiments in the realm of science."

There is a glance upwards, studying the ceiling before she settles her eyes back on his face, "I've had a few fine things, but that's not often the norm when it comes to undercover work. I've had more situations of not fine things, honestly."

Tony smirks at Bobbi when he actually manages to get her to genuinely laugh. "Oh wonderful, maybe we can work on something. I was thinking about grabbing Banner for a genetics experiment that you will either love or hate." Tony, being straightforward as always, sees nothing wrong with this.

"Well, if it helps you feel better, for the past couple of years-" he pokes at his arc reactor at the center of his chest, the glow of which is still visible through his clothes if but faintly. "Kinda been not-so-fine for me too. Changed life, actually."

"Has it?" Bobbi wonders, her eyes dropping towards the glow to study it for a moment before she looks back up to his face, "Some day I'd like to sit down and talk about it, and those changes. But not tonight."

She pauses, then tilts her head, "Alright…what is this genetics experiment?"

A smirk at that. "I would absolutely agree. I feel like it'd ruin the mood, besides, do you really want to hear my particular sobstory over a lovely cheap dinner?' Well, to Tony this was cheap. He's a ultra-billionaire. But then he's smirking as she asks him about genetics.

"Well, remember what I told you about with the human-animal hybrids that AIM was workin' with? I'm going to study their DNA and see if I can come up with a cure. I'm gonna need Banner, the best geneticist money can't buy, and probably a gorgeous assistant to keep me focused." He smirks.

"For hybridized DNA?" Bobbi looks dubious about that, shaking her head before she reaches up to pull her sunglasses off her head, setting them on the table, "I'd imagine the answer is no. But that doesn't mean…no."

Which makes no sense, Bobbi. But somehow she assumes that Tony might just understand what she means by that. "I'd be interested in your story."

"Correct." Tony says with a light smirk. "Technically the answer is technically no, but then again. I'm an Avenger, you're a SHIELDie, Banner is on-again, off-again. We can figure it out." Tony says in a really relaxed kind of way, but then again with all matters of intelligence, Tony usually is.

He's figured out the impossible, after all. Sometimes. On occasion.


"Then I'd be delighted, to tell it. Just like I'm very interested in yours."

"I don't have a sobstory."

Or fly. Or have shrapnel trying to worm it's way into her heart. Unless Tony himself counts as shrapnel. "But I can answer questions if you think of them. Maybe, sometime." She leans forward, her elbow settling on the table as her chin rests on her hand, "So how has life changed?"

"Sure you don't." Tony grins at Bobbi, but then again, she has nothing physical happening to her like Tony does. No evil shrapnel, for one thing. But she could probably make a suit. Totally. Mhm. Yup.

He notices the interest in her body language. Or is it boredom? Flip a coin, Stark. But he answers plainly. "Well, Pepper pretty much has me cleaning up my act just a little bit and I'm diverting where Stark Industries is actually putting its focus. Trying to shift to clean energy. Be really cool. I gave up the playboy life, currently in the process of giving up the rapid-fire alcohol, and really trying to be better than who I was yesterday day by day. I still have a thing for really pretty blondes named Bobbi though."

"I hear that in the first year of AA you're not supposed to date." Bobbi observes, which might not be boredom, but it might not be interest. Or maybe interst. She's listening at the very least.

Either way she lets her eyes wander around, "Clean energy is good, as long as it's affordable for the little people. Part of the problem with shifting to things like that is the cost of the research into some of those things is so high it trickles down to the every day person. So what are you going to do to combat that?"

Tony looks at Bobbi with just a chuckle. "Well, good thing neither of us are first years." Tony gives her a playful and flirty little wink, but its then that their food arrives! And it all looks cooked to absolute perfection. Tony might get lucky if the path to Bobbi's heart is through her stomach!

"Oh trust me, thats part of the plan. The whole point of clean energy is to get it through natural means. Which essentially means people get to cut back severely on electricity bills. Basically just makes it more affordable. The actual business plan is about several pages long-" and Tony goes on about a ten minute rant, while occasionally putting food in his mouth and continuing once he's swallowed.

Its actually a pretty good idea.

"…But the gist of it is that we're going to try and power everything with clean and renewable resources." He takes a breath then finally. "That being said, people won't have to keep buying more and more and more of it, just enough of it to keep them sustainable. So no growing annual costs and if they go the Stark route, they'll get it much cheaper too, thus, affordable."

"Wouldn't that hurt your bottom line?"

That ten minute rant is just allowed to happen. While he talks and sometimes eats, she eats. Unlike some stereotypes, she eats, and isn't afraid to eat more than a few bites before pleading being full. Although she skips anything that resembles a starch or a carb.

Tony shakes his head very lightly. "It might, but honestly? I wouldn't mind it. I want to help the world, not give Uncle Sam an extra slice of the pie than he already has." Tony smirks just a little bit and its when he's done talking that he's actually EATING.

for real, its nice to have a lady that isn't afraid to actually eat. He's buying her this amazing meal. He WANTS her to eat all she can have!

Which Bobbi seems to be willing to do, until she's satisfied herself. The remains of her plate are pushed away, and she reaches for her drink to pick it up and wash everything down. "Sounds very noble of you, Tony."

"You sound almost surprised." Tony quips at her for just a minute as he finishes off his Chardonnay after that last bite of delicious, delicious Lobster. He wips his face and his hands with the napkins they wrap the silverware in and then he's relaxed.

"So, scale of one to ten, with ten being the best you've ever had and one being pretty damn shitty."

"What am I grading on a scale of one to ten?" Bobbi wonders as she continues to take sips from her drink until it is all the way gone, then she sets the empty glass on the table. Then she reaches towards her sunglasses, like she's preparing to make a run for it before the check comes.

The check does arrive, and it'd probably make Bobbi wish she was dead if she was the one c overing it. Get to cleaning the dishes, Morse!

"The date and the meal." Tony smiles, perhaps reaching to hold her hand just a little bit as he doesn't even look at the check, he just pulls out a credit card from his pocket and puts it on the check, then hands it back to the waiter.

He's Tony Freakin' Stark.

The sunglasses are slid onto her face, and she avoids the hand by reaching for her jacket as she starts to slide out of the booth. Once on her feet she tugs the jacket back on, then reaches into a pocket for her phone to check it.

He's casual with paying, she's casual with ignoring that question until she's ready. And when she is there is a shrug, "Eh…you can buy my dinner any time."

Well, since she's standing back up out of the booth, Tony does so as well and he puts his hands in his pockets. "I'll take that as a ten." Tony winks at her just a little bit. But when he usually just tries to get the woman into bed as fast as humanly possible, Tony is taking his time.

"So…should I drive you home or fly you home?"

"Oh, if only I could go home. I've a rat problem." Was it rats? Either way Bobbi shakes her head, "I can call a ride to the hotel, but thanks for dinner."

Tony nods just a little bit at that, not being pushy in any sense of the word but Tony had his own method of transportation already planned out. "Jarvis, can you bring Model I.T.H to Stonewall Inn, please?"

His glasses seem to flash with some kind of high tech ordinance, before there is a sound of thrusters outside. "Alright then. I'll uh…get back. Maybe we can do this again sometime?"

There is a glance towards the door at the sound outside, then Bobbi looks back before she flashes a smile at him. Without saying anything in return she turns on a heel to begin heading towards the door in search of her own ride home.

With less thrusters involved.

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