2019-10-02 - Nothing But A False Consort


G'rfns' words have an effect on Keiko

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Date: October 2, 2019
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The landscape is blasted and bleak. Rocks and dirt for miles in any direction she looks. The sky is red, it always is here and off in the distance is the Citadel.

Keiko Kurita is in Limbo again. She's not sure how she got there but she is. Bound, this time, on her knees and breathing heavily as a pale, washed out demon pokes at her with clawed fingers. "We know it's there, False Consort." G'rfn hisses as he circles behind her, a claw tracing the Prometheum line tattoo on her back. "We want to see it. See you surrender to it…"

Keiko growls, struggling against the bonds, eyes flashing yellow for a moment.

"That's it False Consort… you can feel it can't you. The power, the strength that it gives you…"

There's another growl as Keiko looks over shoulder "This achieves nothing, G'rfn. When the Darkchilde discovers what you've done…"

"The Darkchilde doesn't care for you, False Consort. You're nothing but another one of her demons. Let me show you…"

The pale demon produces a knife as he sort of scurries in front of the spirit caller again, holding the blade out to show her. "You are just a weak human in this form…" the blade is drawn down her cheek, slicing a deep gash. "Let it out, False Consort."

Blood trickles down Keiko's face as she makes no sound. It hurts but the Peruvian has been trained not to show weakness and pain is weakness. Still, her eyes turn yellow and start to glow as obsidian scales start to ripple over her skin and she struggles to suppress them.

"Let it out, False Consort…" the knife slices her other cheek.

The scales appear for longer this time as Keiko glares with slitted yellow eyes at the pale demon. G'rfn cackles and leans in, pressing its doglike snout against Keiko's ear "Like this you can't protect your daughter and there are others who are going to collect her now." it's forked tongue flickers out to lick the blood as it flows down her face.

That does it. Keiko growls as the scales appear fully formed over her. It's not human Keiko who kneels bound on the ground - well it is - but a demon with large leathery glowing bat wings. She strains at the restraints and they give a bit.

"I told you G'rfn, I would ask for you as a pet and collar you." The demoness struggles against her bonds, slightly stronger now but still not strong enough. "I might decide to gut you instead and use your entrails to braid my hair."

The rage coming from her is palpable - a human encased in a demonic skin.

"That's it False Consort, let it out…" G'rfn cackles again and dances backward…. "Now. I go to help get your daughter and bring her… And you'll know how worthless you are… To her and the Darkchilde."

The Demon takes off at a loping clip towards the hills, leaving Keiko in her demonic form with the sound of scrabbling and shuffling growing around her. Other Limbo demons… Have sensed… Prey.


Keiko starts awake in the dark of the night, demon scales ripple over her skin. Her heart hammering and yellow eyes glowing in the dark. There's no sound from her though - she's too well trained to do that - as a child that would have earned her a beating.

It was a dream… Just a dream.

What if G'rfn is right though? What if she is just a minion after all? She's changing she knows that, the demon spirit feels different to the others when she calls it … It … almost inhabits her, it feels like.

With her breathing settling, Keiko rolls over and remembers she's alone. Elena is asleep in her bed but Keiko's alone here. Alone with her doubts and her thoughts.

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