2019-10-02 - A Meeting of Angels


Thea brings Warren and Spider-Man together…with the power of Chinese food!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Oct 2 03:51:05 2019
Location: The Golden Dragon Restaurant, Chinatown

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It's taken forever to co-ordinate, between Warren's business stuff, Thea's…insane schedule, and Peter's double life. But she's finally gotten Warren and Peter to agree to a time and place to meet.

So it is the biokinetic is sitting at the table on the rooftop of Peter's favorite Chinese place, waiting for the two guys to join her. Her hair is currently brunette, up in a high ponytail. She's in a loose rose hued sweater with jeans and some knee high boots. She's pondering if Peter will let her pay for food to be ordered.

Warren makes his way up from the street to the rooftop seating where they agreed to meet. Wearing a long jacket, Warren moves carefully until he gets to where he can see Thea. Then he smiles and moves more assuredly to the table. He offers her a quick greeting and adds, "Good to see you." as he settles into the chair across from Thea.

Peter ios going to be sooo LAAAAATE…!
He thought suiting up was going to make it quicker to get to Chinatown. He should have listened more closely, he would have heard thje Parker Luck cracking its knuckles before going to town on his trip to Chinatown. Before he could make it to the Golden Dragon, he had to get through TWO muggings, ONE attempted robbery of a CAB STAND, and - get this - a HUMAN RAT HYBRID attacking people in Central Park.

By the time he is making his way to the Golden Dragon's front door, he is already five minutes late.

Thea's face lights up at the sight of Warren. "Hey there, Angel Soft." She will tease him, a hand out to touch his. "Thanks for coming. I have someone I wanted you to meet, so I can get your opinion with your business acumen. Here is just a nice, quiet table with amazing Chinese food."

She sits back, crossing one leg over the other. "He runs a little late sometimes, but you'll see why."

Warren rolls his eyes at the name Thea calls him, but he smiles as he picks up a menu to look it over. Then he shakes his head at her statement about Peter's punctuality. He comments, "Lateness is never appreciated in business, but I can spare some time for an old friend." He nods Thea's way at that.

He must be flustered, He actually used the front door instead of just swinging in. The little girl playing with her mother brightens as wave to him, and he waves back as he rushes through the evening crowd, without knocking anyone over, of course. He makes it to the stairs and simply leaps up the entire flight, popping out onto the roof like a monkey on a stick, or a spider on a string.
The first person he sees is Thea, classy as always with a different look. The Woman of a Thousand Styles.
Then he sees he other guy, and wonders who the man in the coat. Handsome in that way people can be with culture and style and no, he's not jealous at all, right?
He looks back to Thea, and steps forward. "Well…nice to see you again, Angel."

:rises, laughing as she moves to meet Peter as Spidey to walk him closer to the table. "Spidey, this is a very good friend of mine from back in high school. Warren, I'd like you to meet Spider-man." There's a smile on her face, as she looks from one to the other. "So who is hungry?"

Whatever Warren was expecting out of Thea's friend, this wasn't it. His eyes widen for a moment before he regains his composure, laughs, and extends a hand. "Spider-man, huh? Wasn't expecting to meet you today. What the papers say aside, I guess you could call me a fan of some of your work."

He blinks. He can't help it. It always amazes him a little that he has fans. "Really? Well…thank you. I try my best." He shakes the man's hand, then looks to Thea. "I think I could eat about a metric ton of Mongolian beef and chicken egg rolls. It's been a lively night." He looks back to Warren, then says with a smile in his voice, "Well, any friend of Angel's is a friend of mine. She's the cooler sister I never had." He sits down, then says, "I could go for a cherry Coke right now."

Thea's laugh rings out true into the evening air. "I'm leaning sesame chicken and broccoli for myself. But a Cherry Coke sounds about perfect." She hugs Spidey with one arm. "What about you, Warren? I need some crab rangoon, too."

Warren answers lightly, "Can't go wrong with some crab rangoon. But I could do with some chicken lo-mein myself." He looks to Spidey and says, "I'm still trying to figure out how you're going to eat all that with a mask on, but I guess we'll see."

Spider-Man says, "Well, the way spiders eat is that…" Then he looks at Thea, and realizes this is the wrong crowd for that joke. Instead, he lifts up his mask to expose his mouth and nose. "Problem solved," he says, his unmasked voice sounding younger. Teenager younger. "Anyway, I'm wondering a little about why we are all gathered here, apart from this place serving the best food in Chinatown."
He did see the girl's childish crayon drawing of herself hand-in-hand with Spider-Man. His head had been the size of a manhole cover. So there was maybe another reason he'd come here, apart from Thea and her request.

"I wanted the two of you to meet someplace not conspicuous, and yes, the Chinese food here being an addiction, which is all your fault, Spidey." Thea sinks back into her seat, a hand smoothing over her ponytail. "See, both of you trust me, right?"

Warren looks at Thea and says, "Of course I trust you… I sense an unusual request coming." he smiles and shakes his head, "No need to beat around the bush. Just let me know what you need."

Spider-Man smiles, but ti is a puzzled smile. "Of course I trust you, Thea…uhm, what's going on?"

She drums her fingertips on the table. "See, Warren, I ran into Spider-man here, a while back. Truth is, the guy's a genius, not just a snappy dressing crime fighter. I've been… investing in the brand, shall we say. Quietly, of course. But you're a business guy, who I know is… angelic at heart." There's a grin at Warren. "I'm just thinking the two of you may find your hopes for things lay in the same direction, and you might be able to help each other.

Warren rolls his eyes again at the "angelic" comment. He turns to Spider-man and gives him an appraising look. With the mask half flipped and the voice he seems so… young, even though Warren isn't exactly old himself. Warren sighs, "I was wondering when your friend showed up just why I was here. You know, financial capcity or… otherwise. I guess it's the finances."

Him, a snappy dresser? Wow, a first! But the rest…
"Uhm…well, Thea, I do appreciate the concept. But I don't need a lot of money." He looks to Warren. "Warren, sir, the last thing I'd ask you to do spend money for what I do. I do what I do because I can help people, not for any monetary award. What I can really use are friends. People I can talk to, like Thea. I'm not perfect, though. And if I asked you for anything, it wouldn't be for me. It would be to help other people. I think that is what I really ask of you. If you could help me help someone else."

"Well, I do some.. rounds with Spidey, here. I've helped him with the hero stuff." There's a glare at Warren. "Don't you dare try to laugh, either."

She looks at Spidey, a smile. "Finances when he needs gear beyond what I can help cover is fine. The Otherwise was something else I wanted to try and feel out on both of you. Because I think you could help each other." She'll cough, blushing faintly.

Warren does not laugh, but his mouth twitches a little as he suppresses the urge. He turns to look at Spidey, "Let me be clear. I wouldn't hand out money if i thought it was solely for your benefit. But to genuinely help people in a city that could use a little more genuine? That's an investment I can get behind."

Spidey grins. "All I'd ever ask. Look…I do have a way for you to contact me, if you have a smartphone. If you need some help with anything, even just science-wise, give me a holler. And if I need help with something, I will let you know what it is, but the choice is yours to make. And I won't ask unless it's something I can't help with." He winks. Yes, the eye of the mask is articulated. "And if you want to just…well, chat or anything, or share info, or ask questions…we can do that, too."

"Oh for the love of all that's holy… stubborn men." She shakes her head. "The two of you both trust me with your respective lives. I'm certain the two of you have a lot you could work together on." Thea pushes to her feet. "But I am going to go down and order food. Who wants what? You two can talk about setting contact stuff up while I'm gone."

Looking a little chagrinned at Thea's comment, and gives her his order. Then he produces a business card from his pocket and hands it to Spider-man. "Contacting me is pretty straight forward, but we should definitely talk more."

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