2019-10-01 - Star Wars is So Confusing


Jessica and Kwabena decide to have a 'date' in the Triskelion. They choose a movie, and they choose Star Wars… but which episode do they start with?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 1 19:45:40 2019
Location: Holding Area - Triskelion

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With Kwabena's newfound freedoms, visits have not been nearly as strict as they began. And now, finding herself finished with work early, it seems as good a time as any to stop by. She doesn't bother to bring food this time. They can discuss that later.

She scans her way into his holding area, knocking twice as she opens the door, and calls out inside. "Kwabena?" Then, she lets herself inside. So long as he knows it's her. "You know, I should really give you a key to my place. I've already got a key to yours."

Kwabena is seated at the computer, dressed in a pair of dark wash denim jeans and unimpressive athletic shoes. SHIELD issue. The nanosuit covers his top, left in a configuration that resembles a tank top, and he's browsing. He's been browsing all day.

At the knock, he turns to look at who is coming, expecting another scientist or another psychologist. Instead, his dour expression brightens when he hears Jessica's voice, and he rises from the chair to meet her. "A key to your place?" he asks, then begins to laugh. "Dis is good point, you do have key to my place." He looks her over, a sight for sore eyes, even if it hasn't been that long since they've seen each other.

Jess grins, and wraps up Kwabena in a hug. She isn't dressed up, really - wearing her black leather blazer and boots, with a thin shimmery red top beneath the blazer, and jeans. Her hair is loose and long, just the way she prefers it.

"Been researching?" she asks, nodding toward the computer. "You looked pretty buried up over there."

"Yes," he answers, a bit hesitant to break the hug at first, but eventually he does. One hand snakes down her arm, looking for fingers to grasp hold of, while he glances over his shoulder toward the computer. "Reading about all of de things I was not allowed to read about," he tells her.

"Oooh, sounds juicy," Jessica replies, angling her hand so that his finds it and slides easily into her grasp. "Like how to build a potato cannon out of PVC pipe, carb cleaner, and a lighter?" Not that Jessica knows anything about that.

"No, I know how to do dat," Kwabena tells her, entertained for a moment. However, the smile goes away and he draws a long breath, letting it loose slowly. "Politics. Social… ah, what is de word. Social… social logic?" He seems frustrated for a moment, and finally tries it different. "De way peopah have worked. Nations. Cultures. What I was given was… filtered."

Jessica Drew says, "Ahh…they censored you there. I suppose that makes sense. They wouldn't want you knowing what's really out there. Outside the bubble they had created for you." Jess shrugs, but she shakes her head, too. "It's sad. Like you have to relearn everything you thought you knew.""

"Relearn, yes," Kwabena answers. "Maybe… reframe? Is bettah word. Is not like I am learning new things, but, more like, filling in de blank spaces."

Releasing Jessica's hand, he walks over and puts the computer to sleep. "Enough of it," he says decisively, before turning back around and lifting his jeans to show his leg. The nanosuit is covering his feet, serving as socks, likely covering his legs as well, but there is no ankle WiFi repeater. "It would seem dat de scientists were successful."

"Wow…" Jessica looks from his ankle back up to his face, her own eyes wide. "That was fast. But can they let you out of here without it? I mean…assuming the diplomatic immunity and everything that goes with it are approved in a timely manner. "Or is it a sustainable resolution to the problem?"

"Not yet," Kwabena answers. He seems slightly distraught about something, but he doesn't speak of it; in fact, he doesn't speak about his request for diplomatic immunity at all. "Is sustainable, to a point," he tells her. "So long as Prevoshkhodstvo does not find a way to undo what dey did. It will always be a risk." He smirks ruefully and says, "If I were SHIELD, I would also hack nanosuit to be capable of tracking me, but I am sure dey have already thought of dis. Is probably in whatevah virus Agent London created."

"You know I can read you just as easily as the you read that stuff online…" Jess tilts her head, trying to catch his gaze and unravel whatever it is that lies beneath, fretting at his edges.

"Yes," Kwabena says, and looks back to meet her gaze. "Because I trust you." He's not one to usually show his hand so readily. With a quiet grunt, he moves over toward the couch, leaving plenty of room for her to join him. "Do you think it is mistake, pushing for de immunity and asylum?" he asks.

"I don't know," Jess says honestly. "I didn't have to have that. But that may only be because SHIELD is the only group who has access to my files. So the government…well it can't respond to what it doesn't know, right? But you…you're dfferent. I had a papertrail. Citizenship established. You have more potential problems than I do…"

"I will have to ask Agent Simmons," Kwabena answers. "If dere is a way to… not deal with all of dat… I would take it, and I would be more helpful." There seems a clear argument on his face whether being selfish or selfless is of greater importance.

"If there is a way around it…" Jessica pauses thoughtfully, and moves to sit beside Kwabena. She is close, leaning even closer. "SHIELD can do it. But the question is whether your past will be linked to you in any substantial way. If no one can make the connection, it might not be necessary. But asylum, that still isn't a bad idea. SHIELD has channels to get that done faster than most."

Kwabena seems thoughtful, even going so far as to remain quiet, to the point where he doesn't offer any sort of feedback one way or the other. All he does is reach over and rest a hand upon Jessica's knee, eyes staring at the faux window into the outside world.

"When it happens, what should I do?" he asks. "Become bounty huntah? Hitman? Learn to play de electric guitar?" Then he grins mischievously. "Male exotic dancah?"

Jessica blinks. "Not a hitman. I don't want you getting a whole new bunch of new reasons for you to run from the law," she laughs. "I certainly think you could pull off being an exotic dancer. In fact, you could pull it ALL off…but then you might have a Spider-Woman stalking your biggest tippers," she says with a wry grin.

"No no, hitman is wrong word!" Kwabena struggles with it for a moment before he finally gets it. "Cage fighter! Not hitman. But is a man who hits, yes?" He laughs at the confusion, before a twinkle enters his eye. "Dat would only make me more popular," he argues.

Jess smiles and snugs Kwabena for a moment. "Well, whatever you want to do, I'm going to be supporting you. I'll be your cheerleader. As long as you /like/ cheerleaders." She winks. "I just want you to be happy with the freedom you have."

"Cheerleadah," Kwabena asks, with a lifted eyebrow. "From sporting event?" He shakes his head and says, "Spidah-Woman is bettah." He grins ruefully and adds, "Does not need short skirt to be sexy."

Jessica laughs. "Well, that works, too. Because a short skirt with these legs? Really it's just a formality at that point." She raises her brows and looks up into his face. "Have you eaten? I could order some delivery. Anything you want."

"I am not hungry," Kwabena tells her, and it is not a lie. Instead, he angles his head slightly and asks, "Dere is a thing I have not done, and I wondah if you would… do dis thing with me?" He squints his eyes a bit, perhaps feeling a bit unsure about all of this. "I read dat… is common thing when two peopah go on a 'date' is to watch a movie." He gestures toward the faux window, which doubles as a very large plasma screen. "And I am told I need to watch… 'Star Wars'."

"Oh!" Jess' eyes brighten at the thought. "You know, we can definitely do that. To be honest, I've been told I need to see Star Wars, too. Now we can get everyone off both of us, and check that off our list." She gets up and moves over to the table near the "window" to change over to a movie library. "Ummm there are a bunch under Star Wars. Which one is first?" She looks back to Kwabena with a puzzled expression.

Kwabena stands up and moves over to join her at the screen, eyeing it dubiously. "….. ten?" He turns to look at Jessica, balefully. "Dere are ten of dem??" He looks back to the screen and shrugs, completely unaware of what dire fate awaits them both. "Might as well staht with numbah one…"

Jessica is already on her phone, looking it up on Google. "Okay, this is weird…" She scrolls down a page, reading, then goes back, and tries another page. She scrolls down that page, too, and her brows furrow. "I Googled 'Which Star Wars movie should I watch first?' Everyone says something different. Did this movie somehow tear the fabric of space and time?"

Turning, Kwabena looks at the same article over Jessica's shoulder, and his eyebrows rise. "Don't even watch de first one?" he echoes as he reads, frowning. "Jah Jah Binks is a fuck-tahd?" He frowns, and looks to Jessica with a confused expression. "Hold on, go back to dat one." He eyeballs the list, and frowns. "Four… five.. and six wah made first, and den one, two, and three… and den… seven?" He shakes his head and throws his hands up, clearly frustrated. "Dis is stupid. You decide, yes?"

"Hey, if it's good enough for the real world, it's good enough for me. We'll just start with the first one…which is uh…the…sixth one." She gives a determined nod and starts the movie on the screen. "Ooh…a novel AND a movie…"

"No, de fourth one," Kwabena argues, and it's a good thing too… if they were to start with Return of the Jedi, they would have missed out on one of life's greatest moments. "De first one evah made. We should watch dem in dad ordah, like de rest of de world." He looks up, seeing that the sixth one has started. "No, no, de fourth one!"

"I'm trying!" Jessica is panicking, and fumbling with the remote. She finally gets the movie off the screen and gets the right one started. "There! Still a novel…."

Kwabena watches curiously as the opening crawl begins. "Huh," he emotes, before quickly grabbing Jessica's hand and pulling her back toward the couch. "Movies are long. We should get comfortable."

Jess giggles like a girl and plops on the couch next to Kwabena. She leans against him and rests her head on his shoulder. "Perfect…" She sighs contentedly, and reads the crawling intro, afraid to miss anything important.

It's a good thing they started with #4. Otherwise, they might have never really understood…

Almost two hours pass, during which Kwabena has been riveted to the screen. When at last the movie is over, he glances over toward the woman who is snuggled with him, eyes wide. "That was… I don't know if it was really bad, or really good, but I am thinking, really good." He looks back to the screen as the credits roll, with an arm around her. It seems that one does not need any instruction on how watch a movie with your partner, after all.

"Yeah…I mean, ya gotta consider that when this came out it was like….cutting edge, and there hadn't been anything like before. So I think, really good!" Jessica settles in and looks up into his face. Her eyes go wide. "But which one do we watch second?" Well, maybe a FEW instructions.

Kwabena looks back toward the screen, debating whether or not they should go for a round two. "Five," he tells her, nodding his head. "De next in ordah." He then shakes his head and reaches a hand to touch her chin. "But not yet." He grins. "Unless… you ah dying to see de next one." His tone of voice drops to a lower level, and regardless of how she might answer, he scoots a bit closer to her.

"Mmm…no, I think it can definitely wait," Jessica says, nestling in against Kwabena. "I think there are other ways people usually end dates besides watching a movie, hmm?" She presses a kiss against his neck. "We should pick one of thooose, I think."

Pulling his arm so as to bring her closer, Kwabena draws her chin up to meet his face, and claims her lips with a warm kiss. "Yes, can wait," he echoes, and kisses her again, this time with a growing desire.

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