2019-10-01 - Best Dogs in Central Park


Who says Avengers only meet in the mansion?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Oct 1 02:21:24 2019
Location: Central Park

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Ah, Central Park.

One of the most popular places in New York City. It also seems to be one of the most favorite spots of the Iron Man and co-leader of the Avengers: Tony Stark. Yes, Tony managed to dodge even Pepper Potts as he left Stark Tower to come down here for some ketchup-covered hot dogs. He's currently eating one right now, wearing a Guns n' Roses T-shirt with a suit jacket over it along with a pair of black jeans and some VANS shoes. He looks quite happy where he is right now, his shades still on and the occasional person recognizing him.

He's not excercising like everyone else. So, there he is. He believes its going to be a day of pristine silence, some good peace to go with it, and of course….a relaxing day.

But then again, someone isn't trying to blow up New York. Which usually happens. Man, Tony leads a crazy life.

Sure, Carol doesn't have to jog through Central Park, but 1) she's not instantly recognizable in exercise gear and 2) it's a way to relax. Even when you can fly as fast as she does, sometimes it's nice to just take it easy and loaf around, relatively speaking. Currently she's wearing sweats and a NIN T-shirt, earbuds in as she listens to music while running. Suddenly she catches a whiff of… yes, hot dogs! And these are some of the best at the local stand here. So she alters course, heading over towards the hot dog stand and asking for two dogs with cheese. She hasn't quite seen Tony yet, though she probably will in a sec…

A day off…or rather, between contracts, Amelie had found herself back down at the central park. Still, being technically unemployed at the moment didn't really seem to bother the young woman who herself was dressed in a black sundress and had her hair tied back. Obviously she wasn't quite as up to date in musical culture as others!

Hands folded, she walks the the park simply humming to herself as she regards the setting and passers by from behind the frames of her glasses.

Tony sniffles after a bite, apparently looking out at the wide world of people just trying to live their lives. He even whistles a modified version of 'I am the very model of a modern major-general' with his own little spiel. "I am the very model of a scientist-philanthropist…" He takes another bite of his hot dog and he mmms happily.

"God, I love these hot dogs." he murmers to himself, before he's back to singing under his breath. But imagine his surprise when he sees Carol out and running about. "Hey! Danvers! While you're over there, can you grab me some extra ketchup?" Yes, its meant to just surprise her with his very presence, and he does smile a bit.

Then he looks over around the place. He notices Amelie, but doesn't rest his gaze on her, rather his eyes back forward until or unless Carol decides to join him.

Carol blinks as she's called out like that, then smirks a bit, picking up a bottle of ketchup. She has an impish look, as if wondering how Tony would look with ketchup sprayed all over himself. Then, well, she thinks it'd be a damn shame to ruin that shirt, so she instead tosses an easy lob of the bottle towards Tony. "Here ya go, Stark. Next thing you're going to try and get some of those ketchup-flavored potato chips." With that, she makes a face, then glances over at Amelie, her features smoothing out into a friendly smile, "Oh, hey there."

Of course Amelie's eyes do move over Tony, he's a well enough known figure and she'd worked enough times for some of the types that would negotiate tech deals or buy some of his…older inventions less legitimately. Still, she'd never actually met the man in person and so the gaze flicking her way earns a nod. Carol? She's not 'recognized' for her identity, but she's more than striking enough to draw the eyes of the young woman…and she was talking to her. "Hello," she greets with accented tones accompanying a little bow of her head, but she's drawing nearer already for a very simple reason: those hotdogs -did- smell good after all.

Tony looks at Carol with a smirk as she tosses the bottle at him. He catches it pretty easily, then he kinda tilts his head. "Well, I mean, probably barbecue flavored? or some regular Lays potato chips with that nice onion dip…" he winks at her, but then he's back to covering what remains of his hot dog with some ketchup before taking another bite. "You know, it kinda defeats the purpose to run when you…don't…need to? Isn't it the whole half and half thing?" Yes, he indirectly references Carol's half-Kree genetics.

Then he looks over at Amelie as she approaches on over. "Oh, hi there." Tony eventually takes off his sunglasses and hooks them on his shirt.

Carol shrugs, "Well, it's a habit. Always like to get out for a daily run, puts the mind at ease." She grins, "You should try that sometime. Especially if you're going to be eating that many chips with dip." She takes a sidestep from the cart, holding her cheese dogs as she nods towards Amelie, "Oh hey, didn't mean to block the way. I'm Carol." Which, well, first name Carol, last name Danvers…

"It's fine," the shorter woman smiles, waving a hand as she steps around Carol and digs out a couple of bills to order her own before she looks back to the pair. "Amelie," she offers in introduction returned before clasping her hands together down at her waist in a rather formal posture. Some habits do indeed linger even when one has downtime after all. "It is a pleasure to meet you," a pause, she glances on towards Tony. "And you as well."

Tony stays where he is on the bench, having just finished his hot dog. Now, imagine his surprise when Amelie actually introduces herself and thus, so does Tony, gesturing to the Rose on his Guns n' Roses shirt. "Tony." He smirks for a solid minute before he looks over at Carol. "Well, I should have you know that I do excercise. You're just mad because I fly faster than you." Oh yes, the challenge has been laid OUT.

Though thankfully, not far is probably somebody who can tug on Tony's ear just a little bit…

Carol snorts, "Wow, that ketchup went straight to your head." She shakes her head, more out of amusement than anything else, then looks over at Amelie, "You see what I have to put up with?" She grins wryly, then takes a bite out of one of the cheese dogs she got, being pretty careful not to dribble cheese everywhere.

Some things take talent, but that… pure practice.

Tug on his ear, cuff him in the ear….

Smack him upside the head.

It's all the same, really. But Bobbi doesn't do any of those things from where she's at…over there. Somewhere. Within hearing distance, at least. Not that she's made herself known just yet, not until she turns her phone off and heads over to join the rest of them. Unlike some people she's got on nicer clothes, a suit that she looks as comfortable in as some people do in jeans and a t-shirt. "You just really can't help yourself, can you?"

A pause, a blink. Of course Amelie knew of Iron Man, even when she'd been in Europe she'd heard of him. Truth be told, with polite introductions out of the way the woman was truthful considering grilling him about some of his technology. She even opens her mouth to say something before his little challenge to Carol has her blinking and tilting her head. "You fly?" she questions. Of course, she's not -immediately- assuming super powers…but one never knows.

Bobbi's approach had the young woman in the black dress looking over her shoulder before she unclasps her hands to recieve her own hotdog, but doesn't take a bite just yet. She's still pondering if it would be impolite to ask questions of engineering and ordnance in what looked like a lunch break.

"Well, with a suit I can fly." Tony replies to Amelie with a smirk before he looks over at Carol. "Least I can fly faster than-" Then Bobbi shows up and Tony seems to almost freeze. "Oh, I'm in trouble arn't I." he says to Carol, like he doesn't have to turn around to look at an irritated pretty bird.

"Heeeeyyy. How was uh, how was the phone call?" Tony gives that charming smile.

Oh yeah, he's in trouble.

Carol grins at Bobbi, tossing the other blonde a wink, "No, he really can't." She chuckles, then glances over at Amelie, "Yes, I can fly, among other things. But there's just something satisfying about going out for a run. Not like I have to worry about getting mugged, anyway." Though, one might worry about the muggers in that scenario.

"That is…neat." Amelie speaks lightly, blinking again. Alright, there was a little power envy. Finally she looks back to Tony, clearing her throat. "Mr Stark, I feel I should complement you on your under-clothing ballistics protection vest," she begins, a rather odd topic to be commenced by the petite woman. At least she wasn't dressed in her work uniform. "It proved to be extremely reliable to a client of mine last year…although there was still quite a bruise."

"Evidently my apartment needs to be debugged…or deratted? One of the two." Bobbi replies with a shrug of her shoulders before she reaches up, flicking Tony's ear before she rolls her eyes at Carol, "It's like trying to take a two year old to a candy store and hope they don't make themselves sick on everything." She glances at Amelie, then thrusts a hand in her direction, "Bobbi….I can't fly."

Tony looks over at Carol. "Oh come on." He rolls his eyes at her, before he looks over to Amelie. "Glad I could help. Until I manage to duplicate invulnerability, I'm glad thats working out for people. Can't stop blunt force trauma though." Tony shrugs just a little bit before he looks at Bobbi.

"You're just jealous because you don't know what good candy tastes like. I think there's one across the street actually." Yes, he proceeds to be quippy and insufferable, really.

He does stretch before he looks at Bobbi. "So I was thinking Stonewall Inn. They got good steaks, fine wines…"

Carol rolls her eyes at Tony, then glances wryly at Amelie, "Seems like you're used to the power game. At least with Tony's tech." She tilts her head a bit, "Mind if I ask what you do for a living? Security?" She sounds more curious than anything else, since Bobbi seems to have Tony handled, in multiple respects.

"Amelie," the greeting is returned and the hand taken. "And i only fly with a boarding pass." There's a smile, a nod and then she looks from Tony to Carol. "It is…hard to avoid in some places."

"Nice to meet you, Amelie." Bobbi offers as she gives the hand a shake, then she tucks her hands into the pockets of her jacket, looking around for the candy store of mention.

"I know what candy tastes like." But does she know what good candy tastes like? Hard to say. Bobbi certainly doesn't specify good or bad, even if the implication might be there for good candy. "You've already eaten a hotdog, might as well stop and get candy on the way to dinner."

There is a shake of her head at Carol, clearly disagreeing with her words even as she says them. But it's said with amusement before she points back out to Tony, "If we're doing steaks we should go to Keens."

Tony looks at Bobbi with a bit of a smile. "Keens it is! Have you tried their medium-rare Ribeyes? Literally to die for." He does one of those italian fingertip kisses in the theatrical sense like 'magnifico'. He does look over at Carol for a moment, before he smirks at her. Then back to Bobbi.

Carol arches a brow at Bobbi, as if not quite sure what she said, and looks about to respond to Amelie, when her cellphone buzzes. She blinks and checks the phone, then grins, wolfing down the last dog in a rather hurried manner. Once that's done, she coughs a bit, then smiles apologetically, "Sorry, just got an alert, and I need to run. Well, fly." She shrugs, then suddenly glows a brilliant golden color, rocketing into the air as she shouts, "Still can't catch me Stark!" And like that, she's gone.


"I've never had Keens. But since you're buying…" Bobbi makes if very, very clear that she's going to buy the /most expensive thing/. Just because. Speaking of, though, she tugs the cuff of her shirt up to look at the watch on her wrist, "But we should be going if we're going. You promised me a ride around the park in one of those horse drawn carriages…and if that is going to happen we should go now before I change my mind about all this."

Tony laughs just a little bit. "Alright, alright. Come on, if we hurry, we'll beat the dinner rush." He reaches for her hand to steal it so he can tug her along. "and you're damn right I'm taking you on a horse-drawn carriage! I can be a romantic if I try hard enough." Oh yes, Tony is enjoying himself, perhaps at Bobbi's expense.

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