2019-09-29 - The Mechanics of Mechanics, Pt. 1


Bobbi finds Tony working in the lab and they do a bit of catching up.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 29 22:56:32 2019
Location: Triskelion - Science Lab

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You see, USUALLY its very quiet at the Triskelion, especially in the science labs since you know, these guys are on the forefront of scientific knowledge and doing important work. But then there's Tony Stark.

He's managed to completely steal a workspace for himself where he could work on the Iron Man suit, the full suit on a table while Tony walks around it, doing minor calibrations here and there. Now, whats the solid difference here?

He's jamming out to Slipknot's Unsainted.

"Hey Jarvis, run diagnostics on panels 22 through 45, I want full repulsor function back within the hour." The diagnostics begin to be run and Tony sits back for a moment, humming at the suit. He's been at it for a few hours.

Labs are designed to be quiet, places where you can sit and think. Peacefully. Not listen to something like Slipknot.

The music is practically a physical wall that causes Bobbi to slam to a stop as soon as it assaults her ears. After her mind catches up she starts to look around for a way to turn it off, or at least turn it /down/. Her hands lift up to cover her ears with her ears, "How can you think in all this noise?"

Tony looks over to Bobbi as he sees her try and fiddle with the sound system. "JARVIS, can you turn down my Christian jam, please?" Yes, Tony's being a quippy person like he always is before he looks at Bobbi. "I dunno, how'd you say yes to Clint?"

She's going to hit him. Absolutely. Yep.

Tony even realizes it and he lifts his hands. "Kidding, kidding, KIDDING!" he just knows he's about to get the deathstare from literal hell. "I can think in all the noise because its what I hear on a daily basis. Besides, I'm working. Might as well make it a little fun. Oh, do you think Agent One-Eye can hear me from all the way up there?" a reference to Nick Fury.

Thank CHRIST. Or… "Thank you, Jarvis!"

Bobbi stops messing with it so that she can begin to very casually move in Tony's direction, her hands tucking into the pockets of her suit jacket. If there is a reaction to his witty remark she keeps that under wraps until she gets close enough to him to kick at his leg, casual-like.

It's not a hard kick. Not nearly as hard as she could have made it if she was really, really trying. "You and I both know that a mouse could far in antartica….and he'd hear it." She points out before finding herself a place to sit, hands remaining in her pockets, "Ran into Clint already…he was telling me about some of the new kids."

Boot to the leg.

"Ow." Tony says with a grin for Bobbi as Jarvis answers her. "You are welcome, Agent Morse." says the British-accented Virtual Intelligence. Tony seems to put down some of his screws. At least this is how he knows that Bobbi at least semi-likes him. If she hated him, he'd be OUT right now.

"Yeah?" He kinda winces. "…and how did that go down?" He recalls that their divorce wasn't exactly a smooth one. Tony does care! "But, yeah, we've got some really bright youngsters comin' together now. Its pretty sweet if you ask me, gives me some hope that if we go down, they can pick up the pieces."


It's a too simple answer, and she probably knows that it is. But just because she seems to semi-like him doesn't mean that she's forgiving enough to not mess with him by drawing out the rest of that answer and building it into something bigger.

"I found him at target practice, and it went fine. I left him in one piece, and no one got shot with any arrows. I did hear that one of the new kids took their time agreeing to come on board, one is on trial…and one is aggressively flirtatious."

"Hm, arn't they all flirtatious? They all want to meet the super rad hot spy, don't you know." Tony winks at Bobbi then, throwing in a little shameless flirting himself her way, but he does listen to her when she tells him about the target practice. "Oh good. I kinda like Clint and he's pretty useful when we're off doing the whole Earth's Mightiest Heroes thing." Yes, a blatant reference to both Tony and Clint's Avengers status.

But honestly, there have been a LOT of Avengers over the years.

"I know there's a rich kid coming on board because someone thought she had talent, so…eh, we'll see how that one goes. Those are usually hit and miss, then we have to do that Men and Black thing with the mind-wipe."

The sunglasses on top of her head are reached for, knocking then down so that they settle on her nose before she lifts her hand up, "Please look at the wand." Do they say that? Honestly Bobbi can't remember, but she at least gets the reference and remembered the important part of getting her sunglasses on before clicking the air.

"And which super rad hot spy are they all wanting to meet? Nat? I've heard that she is very impressive and has all the cool kid points because of it." By her tone it's easy to figure out who might have made that keen observation, and why. "This one is a web-slinger, the one I mean. Are they all flirtatious?"

When the sunglasses come down, Tony makes a face that looks like her 'looking into the wand' line causes a flash and he looks like a blank moron, before he smiles and laughs, the joy coming right back to his face. "I'm so glad you got that reference."

Then of course, Bobbi asks him what super rad hot spy they are wanting to meet, and Tony gives her a shameless once over of the 'checking out' variety. "Well, I'm lookin' at a super rad hot spy right now. I figure my chances of meeting you are pretty good, considering." He winks.

"Web Slinger? Oh, I know who he is. I offered him a job once." he smiles amusedly. "I mean, probably?"

"I don't think we're talking about the same one." Bobbi replies with an amused twist of her lips, "This one was female, and is evidently one of us now?" She then waves her hand in the air, brushing the entire thing aside, "I'm more interested in the fact she worked for someone else at some point…or the one with the robot dogs?"

Bobbi gets to her feet, starting to rummage around until she finds a good old fashioned pen and paper somewhere, "Here, I'll give you my autograph to add to your collection of super rad hot spy autographs. Shall I make it out to my biggest fan?"

"Another Spider-person? And here I thought everyone was unique with their gimicks." Tony chuckles just a little bit. "Robot dogs?" Tony shrugs unknowingly. "But that sounds like the coolest valentines day present ever. Absolute cop-out. 'Hey honey, I got you the dog we found at the store' and it turns out to be a mechanical dog of the 'same breed'." Tony chuckles connivingly, but its clearly good natured.

"Can you put a lipstick stain on it? I want to brag to everyone." Tony seems to go with what she's selling, a smile on his face as he looks her in the eyes. Clearly, he's very amused.

"And a little spritz of perfume?" Bobby wonders, but she goes through with actually signing the piece of paper, to her biggest fan. Her real name, then a small line drawing of a bird before she lifts it up to kiss the piece of paper.

When she's done with it she picks it up and fans the air with it for a moment before she tosses it in his direction, "So what have you been doing all this time?" She glances in the direction of the suit that he's been tinkering with, "Still never perfect, is it?"

Tony watches as Bobbi is actually being serious about the sign to her biggest fan. This is how Tony will get the best fanclub going, obviously. When she kisses the paper, and gives it to him, he may or may not be looking for a phone number, but he looks happy all the same. "Thanks for that, sunshine." He puts the paper slightly off to the side where he can get it easily before he looks at the suit.

"Technology only takes you so far. Gotta repair, gotta upgrade, gotta keep it going with the times. Last little trip I took this bad boy on, I overloaded the repulsortech systems from the arms down. You know that stung like a bitch." Tony takes his screw again when JARVIS answers. "Panel 34-38 is severely damaged sir." "Thanks pal." and Tony's right back to work.

A number!? What kind of girl does she appear to be? There might be a number tucked into one corner of the paper.

"That's the thing, isn't it? Technology is always evolving, always perfecting, working out the bugs and kinks, fixing itself into perfection." Bobbi pushes her sunglasses back up onto her head before she tugs a hairband from her pocket, pulling her hair back into a ponytail as she moves closer to the suit. Careful to not touch it and risk setting off something she leans over to look closer at what he's working on, "What, was it like a transformer blew and everything zipped back down the line?"

A really hot one. Tony probably found the number, and he's definitely oing to call it later. Assuming, you know, its not a fake number. That'd be sad, but sooo poetic.

Tony chuckles a little bit. "Yeah. life as a super-engineer is a hard one." Then he notices her pull out a hairband, does she intend to work with him? "Well, at least I have an extra pair of hands." He leans over, opening up a section of the armor on the arm and starts clearly doing some micro-work. "Something like that. I was fighting somebody who had quite the energy kick, and the result of the wildfire, so to speak, blew up a nearby transformer which filled my suit with a lot of energy and me specifically like I just put a fork into a wall jack. Really fun, 10 outta 10 would do again." The sass and sarcasm in his voice is palpable. But after a moment, he hands her a fine tool. "Here, align this back into place using this technique." After all, she seems interested in helping him!

It could be time and weather. Or roadside assistance. Both those would be funny in their own way.

"So you essentially took a surge that fried your systems?" She accepts the tool that he passes over, tucking it between her teeth before starting to unbutton her jacket, shedding it and tossing it somewhere out of the way. With her jacket off she rolls the sleeves up, then pulls the tool from her mouth to reach in and follow directions, "So are you going to install a surge protector?"

Both of those would really be funny. Tony could leave one of those flirtatious messages that leaves a room full of guys just looking at each other in the most confused expressions possible. What a thing to think about.

Then suddenly Bobbie is taking off clothing articles, namely her jacket, and Tony just kinda…yep, he's ogling, really. He even does that thing that they do in movies, where he totally moves in on her, to the poitn where his chest might be touching her back, and he points over her shoulder. "Yep, right over there. Counter-clockwise to open the valve, need that pathway clear or when I power this baby up, its gonna blow up right in our faces. Surge protector." he agrees easily.

"I can feel you breathing on my neck." Bobbi points out, but she doesn't stop doing what she's doing. The idea of something blowing up in her face is not an appealing one, afterall.

Counter-clockwise. That is easy. And as soon as she's twisted it around in the direction directed she starts poking around a little more, which might be equally as likely to blow up something as not clearing the pathway. "So is that all you needed?"

"Be honest, does my breath smell bad?" Tony says playfully to her as he looks over her shoulder. "There you go, there you go…biiiit more, and bingo." Tony then pats her hips if she allows as he moves away and around her. "Well, I have a few things I -need- but I think this is the only one you'll help me with." He winks at her playfully like the sly dog that he is, then he talks to JARVIS. "Jarvis, buddy, give me a systems check."

"One moment sir."

Literally two seconds later.

"All systems functional." "Thanks Jarvis." Tony then looks at Bobbi. "Your skills are wasted as a field operative. Should be in here helpin' me fix up the suit, you hidden mechanical genius." He was really tryin' to sell it.

"Smells like scotch." Bobbi points out before she starts to straighten up, a pale brow lifting at the pat on her hips, the second brow joining it when he starts going on about things he needs, and things she'll help with.

There's a Look for that. Flat out. But she doesn't say anything, instead starting to move away from the table to set the tool down somewhere out of the way. "I'm better at software than hardware, unless your hardware is flesh and blood."

"Funny, I thought it was Brandy." Tony tries to cou-

"Its scotch, sir." JARVIS unhelpfully interrupts.

"Thanks buddy." Tony says in that kind of defeated way before he looks at her when she gives him a look about that. As she talks about it, he does smirk. "Thats pretty much some of the best part of me that is made up of flesh and blood. If you want mechanics, you can always search me right here." He puts his hand right on the center of his chest, where the arc reactor he still has glows a vibrant blue color.

"Thank you, Jarvis." The words are delivered with a little bit of smugness when the computer backs her up on what his breath smells like.

"Isn't mechanics your department though?" She pulls up a chair, settling on it before she settles her hands on her knees, leaning forward to give him a once over, head to toe then back again, her expression thoughtful. After a drawn out moment she gets to her feet to approach him, hands moving to reach for his shirt to start trying to get it off without asking him permission. He opened the door for this.

"Sometimes I wonder what side he's on." Tony shakes his head just a little bit. At the comment of Mechanics, he does laugh. "True, but mechanics can me many different things. Mechanics of a sentence, mechanics of a human body, mechanics of engineering…" Tony starts to go on a tangent before Bobbi is suddenly on her feet and trying to get his shirt off.

He does NOT stop her.

He lifts his arms over his head and smiles at her when he's suddenly shirtless. He's the athletic-nerdy type apparently, considering he's pretty musclebound, but like a runner or someone who engages in excercise without the steroids.

He looks her in the eyes then, his hands perhaps reaching for hers now, unless he's stopped of course.

"Mechanical engineering. Your field." Right? Maybe. Bobbi doesn't pay that much attention, honestly. And despite him suddenly being shirtless the last thing she's actually looking at is his muscles.

When his hands reach for her arms she gives him an absent brush off before she settles her hands on his shoulders to start trying to push him backwards towards a chair, or table. She's equal opportunity at this point in time, "I can tell you all about the mechanics of the human body, however."

Tony's looking her right in the eyes as she speaks, a bit of a laugh touching his features. "Yeah, mechanical engineering." Then he stops talking. His hands are brushed off of her and he's firmly pushed onto a table. "Oh really? I'd love to compare notes."

Yep, he's apparently decided he's at her mercy. Not a bad way to the day, certainly. Nevertheless, he's flat on his back.

"I'm sure that we can sometime." Bobbi agrees, giving his shoulders a pat once he's on a table, "You just lay right there." One hand reaches up to slide over his eyes, trying to get him to close them. "Just think about…something pleasant."

Then she moves away from the table to start looking through drawers, "I promise that it'll only hurt a little, but you'll barely notice it. Just a small sample, that's all."

Tony chuckles. "Heh, yeah…" Tony knows they probably arn't going to do the nasty right there on the table, but he hears Bobbi apparently digging for stuff. "If your going to take a sample of the shrapnel trying to eat my heart alive or just a piece of me, you can always just ask for my phone number."

Yes, still flirting, still joking. Apparently he's completely comfortable like this.

"What, so I can call you with the results?" Bobbi wonders as she finds everything she's looking for, bringing a small tray of things back to the table to set it down next to him. "What's your phone number, then?"

How disturbing might it be to be being asked for his phone number while she starts to pull on a pair of latex gloves, "I don't think I can get the shrapnel without causing more damage. I really just want a look at the tissue around it." It. The reactor. "See what effect it might be having, if there is any molecular degredation happening."

"Awww, you -do- care."

Tony flirts with her mildly. "332-791-2989" Yep, there you go Bobbi! Would she even remember it? Probably not. "I checked a multitude of times. I doubt there's going to be any kind of molecular degredation when my flesh and the reactor is seperated by a safe metal." But Tony lets her operate on him regardless.

"You can always use my lap as a chair too, ya know." God, he's insufferable.

"Mmmhmm." That mmhmm could be for his assurance that there is unlikely to be any degredation, his declaration of safety by metal, or his offer of his lap. Either way she cleans the area before taking a small sample that gets dropped into an empty test tube that is then closed before she starts to move towards a proper storage place.

"You know that you're insufferable, right?" The gloves are pulled off with a snap and tossed into the trash before she pulls out her phone, and maybe actually adds the number to her contacts. "You can get up if you want, or take a nap."

"Isn't that what makes you tolerate me anyway?" Tony tells her with a bit of a smile, even as she pulls out her phone and MAYBE is adding his number. Either that, or she's making a note about stealing a part of his armor or something. You know, for scientific purposes.

Either way, Tony ponders this. "I dunno, I'm not really tired. Maybe some spearmint gum." he winks at her.

"It might help to mask the scotch." Bobbi agrees before she tucks her phone back into her pocket, her hips settling against a counter before she crosses her arms over her chest, "But I'm all out of gum, so you'll have to figure out how to take care of that masking situation on your own, Tony."

She glances in the direction of the suit on the other table, but doesn't make any move towards it to steal a piece, "Anything you /honestly/ think I need to know about now that I'm back?"

Tony seems to sit up then, swinging his legs so that he's still sitting on the table, but looking at Bobbi. "All out of gum? Well, shit." Tony says with a light shrug of his shoulders, but then she's asking about specifics.

"Well, SHIELD has been monitering what looks like freaky animal genotypes that were mixed with humans as part of an attempt to create a new life form. No new data on that, but Natasha or Clint would know more." Tony shrugs. "Aside from that, I find you incredibly attractive and I happen to be single." Tony teases her.

"But seriously. Not much new has happened really. I mean, sure, someone tried to conquer the world a few times, but…so far so good, right?"

"All out of gum. I might have tic tacs." Bobbi nods in the direction of her suit jacket, but doesn't rush over to figure out if she's got any or not, but the offer to let him check seems to be out there. "Aren't you always single? Sometimes maybe it's just a formality…"

But new life forms! That seems to be up her alley, a curious sound made, like she's uncertain about something. "Maybe I'll ask Natasha if they need any help with it, but I imagine…." She doesn't finish the thought, letting it trail off.

"Eh, not a fan." Tony shrugs lightly as he looks for his shirt, wondering where Bobbi threw it off too. "No, not always. I've been in relationships, and I'm actually looking for something real." Tony tells Bobbi with a look of seriousness for once on his face. "You just feel…empty just doing the casual stuff sometimes, you know?"

But he shrugs.

"Hey, don't count your chickens…they'll probably want all the help they can get. I'm looking into the genetics, but I'd like it if I found Banner so he can work on that part." He shrugs.

"I'd be happy to look into the genetics." Bobbi lifts her shoulders in an easy shrug, but doesn't push at that, or make any comment about chickens. Or eggs.

Instead she gives him a curious look, then she shakes her head, "I'm kind of shocked. I'd never have imagined you'd break free of the careless playboy mold…someone break your heart?"

"Of course not. I just want something real." Tony says with a little bit of a shrug as he finally finds his shirt and puts it back on. Sorry Bobbi, no more eye-candy!

"So, free for dinner?" Tony says with a bit of a smirk crossing his features. Yes, he legit just asked Bobbi out on a date. Yes, he's probably going to get roundhoused. No, she probably won't care.

But its worth a shot, right?

"Define real, though." Bobbi counters before she moves towards her jacket, picking it up to start sliding her arms through the sleeves, pausing only when he goes so far as to actually ask her out.

For real.

"Are you buying?" Bobbi finishes pulling her jacket on while she asks the most important question. Who is picking up the tab.

"Like a real relationship. Exclusive, we go on dates, we watch lame movies, her shit is my shit and my shit is her shit…loyal, not a one-night stand…" he starts to go on a bit of a tangent but then Bobbi seems to imply that she's saying yes to the date.

Tony looks surprised.

"Well, yeah. Unless you want to, anyway." He smiles at her then, looking for his own jacket and shades to prepare to head out into the great outdoors!

"Hmm. Mr. Can Buy Anything He Wants paying….or me, on my meager governmental employee salary." Bobbi raises a hand, finger tapping at her chin before she shakes her head, "You're welcome to pay for it."

The sunglasses are tugged back down, then she tucks her hands into her pockets before she starts to head for the door, "What's the most expensive place in town?"

Tony chuckles just a little bit to her, offering the woman his arm like an actual gentleman. Practiced, no doubt, but sincere. Whether she takes it or not, Tony puts on his shades and for once, he's not wearing the Iron Man suit, though he does have a trick in case…you know, he needs it.

But, he'll lead her to the place. "Oh don't worry, Its a surprise."

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