2019-09-29 - Ninjus Interruptus


Two Ninja and a Blind Guy get crashed by a Brit.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 29 22:07:19 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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Hell's Kitchen is a long way from Staten Island in just about every conceivable way. It's cleaner. It's richer. It's safer. There's less crime and the crime that does exist is generally of a different sort. However there are links between the two places. One of them is standing on a rooftop in one of the last ungentrified parts of Hell's Kitchen, waiting.

This man, Shiranui he calls himself at least when he's in costume, has a problem. A ninja problem. A ninja problem that he's shared with an old enemy turned maybe ally, and a Man Without Fear. They'd all met before, on the battlefield as it were. But that's not a good place for a talk and in between then and now a lot of things have changed. So. Now is time to have that talk. He's put out feelers. He's waiting to see who shows up.

The past few weeks have been interesting for one Julia Perry. The street racer that she's met and looked into has turned out to have an interesting past. Both parents dead in mysterious accidents for one thing, and hints that both were big in the martial arts community. A habit of flitting around the globe - mostly in Southeast Asia but often to the US and Western Europe. An honestly sort of sketchy work history that DOES appear to be what he told her it was and at the same time just seems awful convenient. Surveilling the man had only proven more mysterious. He has a habit of going entirely off grid for extended periods of time which would make tracking him difficult except for the fact that for Julia it isn't real hard to get a meeting with him… which means that she did discover last week that he appears to have a double life. One that involves a sword and a set of seemly advanced low profile armor.

The meeting had been called and word had gotten around. The Devil of Hell's Kitchen keeps a close rein on things going on in his neck of the woods, though perhaps not as tight a grip as he would like considering the amount of Ninja that had been seen in his area. And that shrine they had set up some time ago.
Then word had come his way. Roundabout. Snitches, informants, stoolies. They have a way of getting word out, almost stammering it roughly and urgently in the hopes that this new invitation might save them from getting the tar beat out of them.
And for one informant, it did.
Thus it is how now the Daredevil is perched atop a nearby chimney, crouched and balanced on the balls of his feet with his forearms resting on his knees. Fingertips press against fingertips in a thoughtful expression as he announces his arrival with a casual, "Evening."

Between SHIELD and the Batcomputer, Julia has access to a *lot* of information. And a lot of surveillance. She was physically in the area when Shiranui's presence was flagged and curiosity got the better of this not-quite-Bat.

Julia's found a spot a few rooftops away, a few stories higher than where Shiranui set up to wait in jeans and T-shirt. The light jacket that hides her sidearm also carries some helpful equipment. Compact binocs and some remote listening hardware help her to try to learn what it is he's up to. The arrival of the Devil gets raised brows of surprise.

It's easy enough to find Ranna these days - Ryoshi. All Shiranui had to do was leave a note in one of the safe locations. The Order ninja hasn't settled somewhere since The Hand went on a rampage in Hell's Kitchen, it's not safe for her and she knows it.

The small woman, dressed in loose dark clothing arrives in the shadows, in the area that Shiranui mentioned. Her face is obscured by the half mask she wears and the hood of the jacket that she's pulled forward.

"I'm here. And no, I wasn't followed."

That's one, two, three people. One of whom is the famous Devil of Hell's Kitchen and another of whom has been spotted before fighting with both Hand ninja and the police amongst other people.

"Ryoshi. Devil. Or… Daredevil, yes?" The last time they'd met it had been Diablo but he'd since learned that wasn't quite right.

"Good to hear, Ryoshi. No trouble with Shadow-Stalker or Midnight lately I take it?" The tech ninja rolls his shoulder. "I guess we'll see soon enough if you were followed or not."

That's a tease but it MIGHT inspire Ryoshi or Daredevil to have a closer look around. Well 'look' in the Devil's case. Shiranui has not noticed Julia eavesdropping but then sensing things has never particularly been his forte. His battle-vision gives him wide coverage, but his sight isn't anything special. Definitely not like some here.

"So we've got some problems. Well, some problems and some opportunities. I'll start with the changes. We've learned that the Hand, Snakeroot and Order have been mostly pushed out of Staten Island. They're holding on to a corner of it but a lot of their operations have been taken over. Unfortunately, that means they've started to relocate a lot of them here. Which means we're starting to see a lot more of the drugs here."

"Daredevil works." The vigilante's voice is calm, exceedingly so as he turns his head slowly, crimson lenses in his mask reflecting the shadowy silhouettes of Ryoshi and Shiranui back to them. He tilts his head slightly to the side, nostrils flaring slightly as he seems to consider something.
Then one gloved hand lifts as if to stay Shiranui from speaking too much of the situation. In answer to Ranna he says, "No. You weren't." Then his head swivels in the direction of Kian as he adds, "Though he was." The words are delivered quietly, and perhaps easily lost in the manner given.
Seemingly non-sequitir he then asks, "You have the time? I've got about 2 o'clock." His head then turning slightly in that direction as if he were pointing out a particular direction.
Perhaps Julia's equipment is enough to pick all of that up, and perhaps she's savvy enough to read exactly what's being said. Then again, perhaps not.

Julia Pennyworth is pretty good at being stealthy. To normal people. A few roofs away, up high, peering over the parapet? She figured she was good. But apparently not. Her equipment's good enough to follow most of the conversation and definitely picks out Daredevil picking her out. She swears creatively and considers an exit plan. If it were just Kian, she'd be more interested in confronting him and asking a few pointed questions. But she doesn't have any sort of relationship with the other two, though she's familiar with them.

After thinking through a few things, she decides 'screw it'. The costumed sorts might take flight like so many birds, but she's seem them meeting. So instead of disappearing, and potentially causing them to chase, she just stands up. Tucking her equipment away, she folds her arms before her and looks down at the assortment of costumes in her oh-so-normal attire.

"I saw Midnight, he didn't see me." Ryoshi comments. She might have been looking around. Between shifts. "No sign of Shadow Stalker for which I'm thankful."

It's subtle the way her hooded head turns in the direction Daredevil mentions, there should be nothing to give that movement away. Not that it was needed "Friend of either of yours?" She asks the two she's with.

"I have a lead on *where* they might be congregating. At least some of them. Amazing what happens when you listen to the talk in the market."

Shiranui looks up where Daredevil indicates at about the point that Julia decides she doesn't need to hide and both of the people next to him - And Julia not that he knows it - might hear him mutter 'Welllllll fuck.'

"Iiiiiiii might know who that is, though I have absolutely no idea what they're doing here." He's going to need to get closer to confirm that yes he does know that. He raises a hand and gestures. Well she's here. Come on down. He figures that she's got some way to do that. She got UP there after all.

"She hasn't shot at us yet, so that's a start. You've got a lead on where they're going to be gathering. Ryoshi? That's curious because I might have something on what the drug is for and why it's being tested here of all places. And I heard something interesting about you Daredevil. The Hand has a particular interest in something about you for this project."

"Not one of my two friends." Listen to Mr. Big Shot here with his two friends. Daredevil speaks seemingly steady and without inflection, but there's a slight twitch at the corner of his mouth as he offers that admission. He tilts his head in Kian's direction, listening quietly for now and taking in the sounds of the night.
Then his attention returns to them enough to reply, "Any information you have is appreciated. I'll do what I can to deny them their operations in this area." He does not seem to mind if the eavesdropper joins them or not, he can sense elements of her from this range to make sure they're not in immediate danger… and if Shiranui isn't alarmed at her presence…
Then he nods in answer to what the ninja says, "The Hand and I have a history." A rather sordid one, but he doesn't go into it right now. Rarely ever really.

Yes, she got up *here*. Julia doesn't do as much rooftop hopping as the Bats, and so Kian's gesture gets a frown as her hands move to her hips and she looks about to track a way down. Luckily the buildings are fairly close together. It's mostly the drop that makes it a bit of a challenge.

Julia backs out of sight so she can get the running start she needs to jump across to the first roof, hitting it in a roll before taking the next to join them. Standing, she dusts herself off a bit and comes to within comfortable hearing range. Daredevil can probably pick up that she's carrying a sidearm. And a few knives. But most of what you see is what you get.

"Will you now?" Ryoshi's head turns and she sounds slightly amused. "As will I, to be sure. I owe them." Shiranui gets a look next. "You know that I'm never letting you live this down, right?"

At least he's not using his powers at the moment.

"Some information. Funny thing about working in the market, people need to eat and not everyone orders takeout all the time. And they don't see the chick stacking the shelves near them." Of course being able to blend in is something she's learned, so there's that.

"Why is the hand interested in you?"

"Who's your friend, Shiranui?"

"Two friends? Fancy." Shiranui mutters. He suspects that he's going to get asked some variation of 'who is your friend' more than once tonight. "It miiiiiight be someone I met at a concert."

The entrance is, well, impressive if somewhat less theatrical than he's seen others use. And yes, it is the person he was afraid it was which makes the tech Ninja inwardly groan. If this isn't about to get interesting right now it will prooooobably do so later.

"Well…" Shiranui addresses Julia when she arrives. "Nice jump. I'd say this was a private party but you clearly knew it was happening and you equally clearly didn't call our enemies which makes me think you're not with them. That does beg the question 'why' though." Why is she here? Why is she interested in this? So many whys.

"Or are you just a Ninja aficionado like Ryoshi here?"

The tech-ninja's voice is modulated but if you know what the original sounds like guessing who it is isn't hard. Something to do with the cadence and inflections.

"This is Ryoshi and Daredevil. And how would you like to be called…?"

Give him this at least, he's not giving her name away.

The tech ninja glances over at Ryoshi. They'll get to the information they both have in just a moment. Soon as they're done, um, greeting the new arrival.

Paying attention to Julia as she makes her approach, Daredevil can sense the subtle shift in her gait that signals the sidearm, the slight way her hand tenses as she moves past those blades. It combines with the thumping of her heartbeat and her measured breathing to present an interesting picture of the young Pennyworth.
Then he turns his head in Ranna's direction and he says wryly, "Has to do with an ex of mine." And he leaves it at that, though he does climb down off that chimney to stand with the others, leaving space open enough for Julia to join with them. Just that small hint of body language that grants one the feeling of being welcome.
At the mention of his name he lifts a hand in Julia's direction in case she didn't know that Daredevil was the guy with the red and black and the horns.

Julia Pennyworth isn't wearing any sort of mask, so she doesn't want to give them her name that the Bats use. Which Kian might recognize from that night with Nightwing. And Julia Perry is findable if you've got the skill, which is something vigilantes often have in spades. "'S Julia. An' someone was makin' me a mite suspicious so I figured I'd keep an eye on 'em. Amazin' the people you meet." Julia's East London accent is pretty strong.

"No, I'm not with the Hand or any of their friends." Though it sounds like Julia's familiar with the group. You can tell the way she doesn't start out by mocking the awful name.

"Rooftops are really good meeting spots, yes." Shiranui says sliiiightly blandly and that comes through the modulation. He takes a look at Ranna, who has taken an interest in some movement in the distance and sort of shifts over so he can keep an eye on everyone at once.

"So. The Hand is partnering with two other fairly nasty organizations - The Snakeroot Clan and the Order of Si-Fan - to produce drugs. Which is not the sort of thing you'd think they'd need partners for. All three of them are in the drug trade independently. But for some reason THIS is a joint venture and they're consecrating the drugs to their 'god' with specially made shrines and generally being a bit creepy with all this as they test it on the black market and the homeless."

Shiranui folds both his arms and takes a breath. "What I've discovered strongly hints that they're attempting to produce a narcotic that can implant memories and skills. That's what's up with all of the mystical stuff - they view it as magic - but there seems to be a fair bit of science and interacting with neurons in weird ways that I don't completely grok. The long and the short of it is that they're trying to narcotically 'resurrect' agents and dead masters by creating a drug that gives a person all of their skills… and ideally, allegiances. And then someone thought 'well if we can do that with our friends, why not with our enemies?'"

That earns Daredevil a pointed look. A person with Daredevil's skills, on the side of the Hand… in a pill. That might be bad news IF it could be pulled off.

At first Daredevil keeps his counsel to himself, arms folding over his broad chest as he frowns. His head lowers for a moment as small aspects of the past coalesce with the current situation, considering the training he has received and the people from which it came. He scowls slightly then tilts his head in Ranna's direction as if she might have some insight.
Only for him to turn back to the two others. "That is a route of research and mysticism that they have pursued for a long time. It's in their legends. It's in their history. They have prophecies connected to it and it sounds like they're trying to force it through technology."
He tilts his head to the side until it gives a small crackle then he seems to look between the two of the and beyond. "We might need to try and get to someone on the inside. Or an old member of their clan."
Another glance to Ranna.

Julia will undoubtedly be having a long Talk with Kian after this. For now, she stands at ease, listening. Her gaze moves back and forth between the two, occasionally touching on Ranna as she moves off to the side and then returning to the group.

"'S not a small thing, for those three to work together. Also means it's liable to come apart at any moment and turn into a bloodbath between the three of 'em." Julia says, offering commentary instead of just lurking on the side. "And if they've moved out of Staten Island, the Bats are going to have a limited interest in them." Not none, they aren't quite that insular but… close. To be fair, there's a lot of bad in Staten Island.

Kian can already see that long talk in his future. He's got to get through this one first though and it hasn't started out on the best foot what with being crashed. Being crashed by a friend is a lot better than being crashed by an enemy but still… masked types expect privacy and they get itchy when that doesn't happen. Daredevil at least seems to be… okay.

"You're correct Julia. Mostly they'd be at each other's throats and they are to a limited degree at the low levels. But that's just the foot soldiers not getting along. The fact that they're cooperating on this means that it's in all their interests… which means that it's probably not at all in ours."

The thing about the bats gets a slight look. Is she… publicly associating with them?"

"Can you think of anyone who can do that, Daredevil?"

Arms still folded over his chest, Daredevil's giving all the signs of body language that this is not a good thing, that he is displeased, and that he is likely to take some form of action on it. Though as to what that action might well be… it's currently unknown. But that's what they're here to decide.
"Mmm," Is his first answer as he lifts a gauntlet and stretches it for a moment, the leather creaking. "I might have an idea. But it's tenuous. And likely to fall through." Depending on who he can contact.
He then turns towards Kian and says levelly, "Might be best for us to proceed in a way to turn them on each other. Identify their assets, hit them, take tell-tale markers and leave clues behind that might cast a shade of doubt upon them. Nothing too obvious, some slivers from a broken blade, torn cloth hidden somewhere it's like to be trod upon."
There's a shake of his head, "But main thing is we need to identify those assets to hit them."

Julia Pennyworth isn't giving away any inside information. Anyone that's got a good ear on the Bat-types know they work out of Staten Island.

The dark skinned woman cocks her head to the side a bit and looks at Shiranui and Daredevil. "And how are you gonna do that?" She sounds curious. Maybe a bit skeptical. They're meeting on a rooftop and from what her dossiers on them say, they're both men of action. Not research and data crunching. But she could be wrong, which is why she asks.

"Solid idea, Daredevil and one that Ryoshi and I had discussed. It's probably the only plan that has any long term chance of success. But identifying their key people and assets is easier said than done. I'm… one guy. One guy with some help sometimes but just one guy."

He takes a deep breath and looks at Julia. "I don't really know. So far I've gotten by raiding their own data stores and getting help with interpreting the data. It's just a question of finding the right stuff to interpret in the sea of dross. I've got some contacts, so that helps. Though…"

The way his jaw works under that face covering they can probably interpret as a grimace. "They prefer to lay low and stay out of this and the more I involve them the more jumpy they become. I really do need someone invested in this who does… data."

The Man Without Fear knows when there's a good moment to remain quiet, and this is one such moment as Kian turns his attention on Julia, and the Daredevil turns his head in her direction as well. It's enough for him to lend his weight of consideration and judgment as the two ninjas now just /look/ at the Pennyworth scion.
"Yes, you really do." As if they could just find out of nowhere… someone who is good with data. Hmmm.

Julia Pennyworth's new name might need to be 'gift horse'. "What you need is someone for mission control." She clarifies, her British accent so very, very dry. "Do you already have somewhere that'll work for it, or do I need to find one?" She rolls her dark gaze over at Shiranui and her arms come up to cross in front of her.

It's not even that she's volunteering, she's more inviting herself to the table. Being an unknown, the others might be a bit less keen on that. She didn't even bring a resume.

Julia is at least not a total unknown to Shiranui but he hasn't put anywhere near the clues together that she has. She's definitely got the advantage on that one.

"Well, Julia I can't think of any… actually hang on." The Ninja turns to look at Ryoshi who had been looking out over the city.

"No Hand ambush forthcoming Ryoshi?" He pauses and waits to confirm that what she had been looking at is not going to in fact be a problem.

"You said you had information about where they were going to be gathering, right? You also took a copy of the Hand data from that abandoned safehouse we raided. Was there anything on there that might be suitable for someone to help us out from? I know they had monitoring stations but you're more familiar with Si Fan and Hand operations than I am."

Much more familiar. Daredevil gets a quick look. Had Ryoshi explained WHY she knows so much about them? If not he's not sure he should press the issue too much. The last thing this little meeting needs is more trust issues.

Though he can vouch for her.

Daredevil likely has some insight into that, but he isn't exactly forthcoming either. Instead he turns his head in Julia's direction and says levelly, "If you get matters put together and a course of action," He withdraws a small card from one of the pouches on his hip and extends it toward her, "Use that number for contact and coordination."
Then to Kian, "Until then, I'll put my efforts toward this. I suggest we meet again here, a week's time?" He asks though he doesn't wait for an approval to that particular window as he turns.
Starting to move away he says over his shoulder. "I'll find out if my contact might be willing to aid us. If so then we'll go over that option next week."

Ryoshi rubs her neck absently. Daredevil knows what resides at the base of it - he's sensed it. Shiranui does too - though not to the same extent. "What?" She asks as she turns. "Oh, no. They passed us by. But they'll be back this way sooner or later. They've a grid up."

Because they're looking for someone or some people.

"I did, yeah. There was all sorts of information but the library computers aren't good for cracking some the encryption. Did you manage to crack anything I gave you?"

Library computers? What the hell?

"From what I could access though, there's several buildings in the area that are check in points. Shadow-Stalker and Midnight will be using those. And as I was saying earlier, the gangs in the area are being organised as well."

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel?

Julia's arms uncross, stepping over to meet Daredevil so she can accept the card, looking it over before tucking it away with a nod. A week should be enough time for her to get something set up and start to crunch the data on the three groups just from what she can gather from her own sources. If Kian decides to give her more after they talk, well, so much the better.

The Bats have her dad and the Oracle system, and if she has a set-up here she can pitch in as well. Secrets within secrets.

"That might work…" Shiranui looks to Ryoshi, clearly thinking. "The check in points will have pretty powerful computing systems and if we were to borrow them and set them up some place less accessible…"

Now he looks back to Daredevil and Julia. "Give us a few days. I think we might be able to arrange something. That is if you can't arrange it for yourself."

He's totally dragooning Ryoshi into helping him steal computers and monitors. The trick is going to be not getting embarrassingly caught by the NYPD while doing so.

"Uh, I did manage to crack one rather interesting piece of information. The security clearance you used to get into those Order buildings is still active. I'm not sure why. It was set to be decommissioned but someone high up in the structure countermanded that."

Ryoshi's mom perhaps? Shiranui only knows a little bit about that.

"Now, why don't you tell me where they're going to be. I think we should arrange a visit. Soon." Another glance at the other two non-ninja. "Wouldn't mind some help with it."

Daredevil pauses at the edge of the building, batons sliding out of their holster at his hip. He twists one and the grapple line readies, then he says over his shoulder. "Check with her." He gives a small nod in Julia's direction, lip twisting slightly.
"She has my number."
That said there's the whisper /paff/ of the line firing, catching on the corner of a nearby building then drawing taut as it helps pull him off his feet and into a smooth arcing swing that brings him down into the valley of the street and then lifting upwards to flip through the air.
A moment longer and then he's gone from view.

"It will be a trap. The Order doesn't tolerate traitors. If someone higher up countermanded the order, they'll know I'll be looking for a way back in." There was a reason Ryoshi was augmented the way she was, and her general behaviour would have been noted.

"We can use that though. I'm good bait at least." She shakes herself "In a couple of nights, on West 51st Street. The building where the dry cleaners is. Supposed to be something then."

Watching Daredevil grappling away. "I'll report what I find as I find it."

If Julia can get Bruce to help her out, she can lean on a lot of levers and get things moving very quickly.

After all that time in a cave though… Something with a view might be a nice change of pace.

Not having brought the type of equipment she'd need to follow after Daredevil, Julia moves to the edge of the building to see about just how she's going to get down from here. One of the perks of the building she was on originally was it was a low-security apartment building. Easy to pick the locks and rely on the elevator and stairs to get to the top.

Finding a fire escape, she looks back to Shiranui. "I'll be expecting a phone call."

There is at least a fire escape here. Ryoshi will here Shiranui sigh at the 'phone call' bit. She'll probably get that phone call. But right now there's work to do.

"Come on Ryoshi." He's going to give her a literal headache but they have some things to do right now.

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