2019-09-27 - Spurned Leerer & Loser Boy!


A quiet night out is never quiet when your name is Roy Harper.

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Storyteller: None
Date: 2019-09-27
Location: Night Market, Brooklyn

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It's a Friday night, and that means all the craziness of the week has to take a break for the weekend, right? Right. Say it enough and maybe you'll start to believe it.

But even if there are werewolves in SHIELD and other weirdness going on, spend long enough in SHIELD and you learn to take some time for yourself when you can. Which is why Kelly is not in the lab tonight eating cold takeout. She's at one of the local night markets with her guitar. While there are some live music acts scattered around, she's over with a group that's socializing more than performing.

The redhead scientist is much better with a piano, but those aren't nearly so portable. She also doesn't associate it with 'just for fun', having been subjected to years of lessons as a child. She's pretty good with the bass, but she certainly gets a few looks for the gloves she still wears. They frustrate her a bit as well, but that attention is better than the looks she'd get for her silver 'skin'.

There's a pair of covered to-go cups next to her with hot cider.

They'd made a bit of a habit of supporting each other since they first became a couple. While Roy would have brought his guitar to jam with her, he left it at home - because they don't need to do /everything/ together, right?

While she's out socializing, he's at the bar. His right arm is tied off - no mechanical arm tonight, it fits in with his civilian guise. A guy is giving Kelly one of those leers, and Roy takes a sip from his soda. "Sup." he comments, "My girl is pretty hot, isn't she?"

He knows she can sense him, but for the moment he's playing coy with coming up to her side. She needs her own thing - and he's not exactly the super possessive boyfriend type. At least he didn't call her his 'old lady'.

Kelly isn't as good as Roy is, but they don't let that stop them from playing together on occasion. It gives Kelly something to chase after when he'll pick up the pace or lead into something a bit more complex. Some might figure that being a soooper genius that she'd be used to getting everything right. But you don't get good without failing. A lot.

Most of those gathered around in this small circle are at around her skill level. Folks practicing and enjoying each other's company. From the short distance Roy can see her smile as she laughs with one of the people next to her, dark red hair piled on top of her head with some of the strands having escaped. More than that, he can feel the warmth of her presence in his mind, even if she's not focused on him at the moment.

The guy at the bar looks over at Roy when he speaks. And then looks Roy *over*. One armed, skinny, with a *soda*. The guy makes a dismissive sound. "Your girl? You dreamin', man?."

One armed, skinny, redhead with unruly hair and a flannel shirt that barely covers the track marks on his good arm. "Totally dreaming." he responds. "Think I should go ask her out?" he asks, grinning slightly. "I bet it's worth a laugh."

Roy's confidence has the guy looking suspicious. "She's probably your sister. Or worse, would give you a pity date." The pair of them *do* both have red hair and green eyes. Not much else in common.

Their conversation has gotten some of Kelly's attention, and she's leaning over a bit to see around the crowd that separates them to give Roy a look that's part amused and part confused. « What *are* you doing over there? »

«Guy can't believe you're interested in me.»

"Yeah, you know Ray Allen? The one-armed drummer for Def Leppard? I kinda wanna be like him." Roy offers as he takes a drumstick from his backpocket and spins it idly. "Anyway, excuse me."

With that, he makes his way over to where Kelly is with the others. "Hey." he greets, and grins over at Kelly. "Gonna try to play tonight? I can bang the leathers for you."

Kelly's brows arch upwards a bit at Roy's answer, amusement dancing down that connection that's always kept open between the two of them. Unlike her connection with Jemma, which is mostly kept closed and only 'loud' disturbances would catch Kelly's attention.

When Roy joins Kelly and the other musicians and their friends in the rough circle they've put together, Kelly leans over and grabs the front of Roy's shirt, dragging him over to kiss him quite soundly. Which gets some cheers and catcalls from the rest of the circle.

While Roy's not super possessive, Kelly has no issues making it clear who she's there with.

« And you didn't beat him up! Maybe I should give you a treat when we get home. » Kelly teases him as she drags the kiss out, and then finally releases him. There's a bit of a flush to her cheeks from the teasing of the group.

«Apparently leathers won't be all I'm banging later..»

It's teased in their link as Roy barely has time to give a gasp before he kissed, and quite soundly. When they break apart, he gives Kelly a one-armed hug.

Nevermind that he's shooting dude the bird behind her back. Okay. So a little smug.

«Have you made any leeway with dude in the box?» he asks over their link.

« Mmmm, we'll see. » There's a coyness to Kelly's mental tone that should make Roy worry, shouldn't it? And yeah, she definitely noticed him flipping the guy off. She might chastise him, but. Leering. Eww.

Kelly's guitar is shifted aside so she can cuddle up next to the skinny archer, happy to take a break and sip her cider and listen to the others while holding her internal conversation.

« I think I've got the 'box' set up. I'll want to test it. Maybe I'll see about Jeriah testing it out. He's been in the network already. » Kelly doesn't want to risk Jemma having an adverse reaction to being 'out' of it, and Roy. Well. She's not removing him. Not even for a short test.

As she curls in against him, Roy gets comfortable and nods to something she says to him. While he's listening to the conversation around them, he considers his thoughts.

«It'd make sense to use another technopath.. telepath.. I mean, whatever he is. But maybe you should find one as well that isn't verse in your systems, to see if they can find their way out? They may catch something that someone for familiar with you may miss?»

Of course, while he's doing that, he totally misses the Spurned Leerer (totally a new supervillain name) has bellied his way over and 'bumps' into Kelly's other side. "Sorry, babe." he grunts. "Why don't you drop this guy, and come make some music with someone that has all his parts."

Kelly considers Roy's suggestion. « Probably a good idea, but I don't know any regular telepaths. » She admits. She's actually got a fairly small circle of people she's friendly with and an even smaller one of those that she'd consider friends. « Jeriah's closer to a technopath, I suppose. A hacker with a cybernetic connection. »

Paying attention to their internal conversation, she doesn't notice SL having come up on them and when he bumps into her it makes her cider slosh around in her cup. Luckily there's a top on, but some still escapes through the cutout and splashes on her gloved hand. "Ack!"

Transferring her cup to her free hand and wiping the other off on her jeans she turns to look up at the man and, like he did to Roy, she looks him over before meeting his eyes again. "Sure. Why don't you point one out to me? You seem to be missing my favorite part." She gives him a saccharine smile as she leans against Roy.

Someone's never been to de-escalation class.

« So is our break in guy a hacker or a technopath or telepath? » Roy asks in some confusion. He's about to ask more when they are interrupted.

SL snorts at Kelly. "You don't have to be all charity case with me, baby, I'm a full man…" And then he's moving to grab Kelly, when Roy steps forward, spilling his cola - down the man's pants. "Oops. Must be my disability." he offers in mock apology.

Of course, that gets the guy's full attention as he grabs Roy by his good arm. "Hope you can hold a spoon with your toes, fool!"

Kelly doesn't get to answer Roy thanks to Mr. Pushy. She's already leaning against Roy so doesn't really have anywhere further to *go* to get away from him grabbing her. Roy can feel Kelly's distaste, like slime sliding against his mind and the prickle of mild underlying fear as SL reaches for her. Even knowing they're surrounded by people, and that Roy's here, and that she should be able to deal with him doesn't entirely quell that knee-jerk fear that most women have when a strange man decides to accost them.

Those disturbing, emotion-laden thoughts are washed out as Roy comes to her rescue. Some days Roy's the damsel in distress, but today? Definitely Kelly.

Anger sparks bright after that as SL grabs Roy. Which probably won't help Roy's temper in all of this. Kelly moves further away, pulling her bass out of the way as well. She's pretty sure Roy's not going to care for being grabbed either, if for different reasons.

«Ewww.» Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Kelly. Roy will be buying some Hagen-Daas and huddling in a blanket later while watching 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants'.

In the here and now though, as his arm's grabbed, Roy grins. "You have no idea what I can do with my toes!" he says with a snort as he his knee comes up. Thigh, inner-thigh, groin are all struck in rapid succession. As the man doubles over, Roy continues to just use his leg, swinging it up and over, in a move that would make a cheerleader jealous as he drives it into the man's back to drop him.

He was about to say something snarky when a beer bottle comes out of left field and strikes him in the nose, and he stumbles backward. SL has his sidekick Loser Boy with him tonight, who is rushing towards Roy who is momentarily knocked for a loop. Kelly's vision may be shaken as well as Roy's flashes red from anger and the momentary panic of being blinded as he tries to regain his composure and remembers he can blind fight.

If Roy thinks that's ew, he should never, never ask for a telepathic download of 'a day in the life of being a woman'.

While Kelly doesn't take much amusement in SL getting knocked about, she's not without a bit of grim satisfaction. No touchie. Shock cracks through their link along with a small shriek as that bottle comes flying and Roy's pain shoots through their connection and Roy's anger slides across to her.

Kelly finally stands up, shrugging out of the strap to her guitar and handing it off to someone so her hands are free. She doesn't want to get in Roy's way, but if SL makes any signs of getting up, she can definitely keep him down on the ground.

Not wanting to disorient Roy, she doesn't just shove over her own vision to make up for his lack, but she slides it over so he can touch on it to get a feel for where things are to try to help him out.

As Roy gets to totally screen snipe from Kelly's perspective, Roy shifts. His hand grabs the drumstick from his back pocket, the archer turns his attention to where LB is charging at him.

He spins the drumstick and then flings it down. It hits the rushing man in the knee, snapping against the nerves of it as he goes lunging and tumbling forward. Moving to the side with his eyes closed - because he's focused solely on the feed from Kelly, he snaps his elbow down and brings down his elbow to drop Loser Boy on top of Spurned Leerer.

Now he uses his free hand to reach up to cover his face. "Thimb he bwok my nobe."

Something they should probably practice later. Even if Roy's not blind, if he can coordinate with another, or several points of view, it might be useful.

Kelly stays at the edges until LB joins SL, but he can feel the 'wow' that goes with watching him deal with his second assailant. And Kelly's not the only one, as there's some smattering of applause that comes from the crowd and the murmurs of surprise. His takedown of SL was impressive enough, but LB on top of that?

With a quick word to the friend Kelly handed her guitar off to she hurries over to Roy, putting an arm around his waist to help support and guide him. She grimaces up at him and reaches out to accept the napkins someone is offering, putting that in his hand. "Oh yeah. Thaaat's broken. We'd better get you looked at."

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