2019-09-25 - Shopping Spree for Three


Emma, Cat and Pris meet while shopping - shopping spree ensues!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Sep 25 00:00:00 2019
Location: Shopping Spree followed by Emma's Condo

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After their chance meeting at the leather boutique, Emma sweeps both Priscilla and Sharon off for a whirlwind of shopping fun, several more shops, the poor driver having to tote and heft their combined loot. Of COURSE Emma's limo is a Rolls, and of course there's a stocked bar in the back, though Emma doesn't drink anything but soda water and lime, the others are welcome to whatever they like, she knows Sharon pretty much /can't/ get drunk off anything, and Pris is a guest.

After the shopping, Emma is seated in the back of the car, and smiles to Priscilla. "So, Miss Kitaen, were you feeling at all peckish? My chef is quite good, we can see what he's got waiting if you've no pressing matters to attend."

Emma of course has covered all the bills on the shopping spree, she loves to spoil friends and her daughter, and even if Pris isn't a friend /yet/, that takes time, she's at least good company, engaging, and stunning. All more than sufficient reason for a bit of spoiling. That they have dancing in common is also a plus, though of course Priscilla's skills far surpass Emma's, still, something they hold very much in common.

Having Pris around makes the shopping trip more fun, especially since she doesn't react when Sharon's grammar slips in private. In front of the sales people, she says little, and when she speaks it is slowly and carefully, though she often hums happily to herself. In private, she has trouble with pronouns, avoiding all but the possessive form, and speaks more freely, quicker and that happy little hum becomes more of a purr. As for the drink, herbal bitters, a splash of simple syrup, and seltzer water. Even if the bitters are alcoholic, it's not enough to get a kitten, er, child drunk, much less an adult with a healing factor. It's the flavor of the herbs balanced with a dash of sweet that she is looking for, more refreshing than water alone.

Sharon nods to Emma at the idea of eating in. "More relaxing than restaurant, and food is just as good."

Priscilla was a bit amazed that Emma so wanted to sweep her up, and was mildly resistant or hesitant until convinced. Once convinced, however, Priscilla has been an enthused participant. She also is utterly shameless, and happy scandalized the staff at one of the fine clothiers they visited when she promptly shed her clothes and instead dressed in what Emma had already promised to purchase, and then just asked for a bag to stow her previous civvies.

It helped Pris to fit in a bit better at all the high-end places these two were going, though nothing can really make Priscilla 'just one of the girls'.

Emma may also have noticed - though Pris does her best to hide it - that the mocha-skinned dancer has difficulty reading. She has to work hard at puzzling out even something as simple as the pricetags infrequently present at such places. Linguistically, Priscilla can be quite well-spoken, but she works at it; her natural word choice and speech patterns are, as one might expect, lower class and ill-educated. But as an interesting bonus, she proves to be multilingual, capable in Spanish - offered to the help in a few places - and French, as well as Japanese and Mandarin if they happened to come up.

As for drinks, Priscilla - like Sharon - is more about flavors of interest than caring about alcohol content one way or the other. She allows herself to be guided to tasty wines and spirits gladly, and proves to be apparently immune to their effects. Not like anyone will be shocked, really.

"I wouldn't mind eating, Emma." Pris answers when asked. "I don't want to impose, but I've already figured out you wouldn't offer if you weren't open and willing." See? Ill-educated, but not dumb, a very good judge of people even when she can't read the others' mind. "My only 'pressing matter' is work tonight. But I'm sure we'll be done in plenty of time for that." She considers for a few moments, and then adds, "I realize my current establishment is probably pretty low-brow for you two, but I will put your names on my guest list, if that's acceptable. Then, if you ever decide to drop by, you can get in without the cover charge, and you'll get top-flight VIP service; all of the staff look out for the guests as they know they're friends of their coworkers."

Emma can be quite convincing when she wants to be, so indeed, 'Poor' Pris is swept away for a shopping gala that will probably be something to behold. She earns a lot of points for her acceptance of Sharon's little quirks, truly that is a strong mark in the potential friend column. Emma was highly HIGHLY amused at Pris's fast change that so scandalized the staff, and when one of them looked like they were going to say something she just fixed the woman with a quelling look a few hundred numbers brinell harder than a diamond drill bit, that shut down /any/ fallout.

The lack of education is also something that would attract Emma's attention - she's a passionate and highly skilled educator, her passion going back to before her teen years in fact. The multi-lingual aspect is a plus, though she's well aware that a telepath picks languages up very easily. Fortunately, lack of education can be remedied.

"Priscilla, really, I would not invite if you were not welcome, no imposition at all. Chef enjoys when I have guests over, in fact I'm going to have a small gathering in a few days, you should come. I'll add you to the guest list if you can attend. I'm sure Sharon would love having you there as well, she finds some of these soirees a bit tedious." Emma's smile is quite warm when Pris extends her own invite. "We'll make sure you get to work in time, perhaps even stay to see you perform, make it a full day." Emma can easily afford to buy…well…probably she could buy the club, but that's not the point here. Pris is offering something, a gift, and that is important to her. She nods acceptance. "That would be lovely, most gracious, Priscilla."

The trip to Washington Park is not terribly long, and once there the chauffeur gets the door for the ladies, handing them out before worrying about offloading their fairly astonishing supply of bags. And then it is up to the penthouse they go, private elevator of course. "Home again, home again." She murmurs. Eyes of blue are warm. "Please, make yourself comfortable, I'll inform chef we'll take dinner on the balcony, Sharon, would you be so kind as to give our guest the tour?"

Emma gives hard looks when someone might disapprove of her companions, Sharon's looks are softer. Her eyelids half lower, the head tilts slightly to the side, but it's the tiny smile that unnerves people. There's a faint amusement and predatory confidence to that smile, like a cat spotting a mouse in reach daring to scold it, that completely shuts down anyone dare looking askance at her. And there will be those who do, there always are that those that see her hair and tail, hear her odd grammar, and get… condescending. As if one could out condescend a CAT.

And Sharon likes having Pris help with the shopping. She doesn't understand sex appeal, oh, she understands it exists, but when she looks at herself in an outfit she thinks 'this makes me look like a predator' or 'this makes me look like prey' not 'this makes me look sexy'. She'll never willingly dress like prey, but having people who understand the… other rules of society and can explain how an outfit looks to her is a huge help.

When Emma asks her to give Pris the tour, she grins, "Of course, Mother." Then grins at Priscilla. "Been a good day, yes? Long day with workshift coming, but dinner first. Priscilla be alright?"

Priscilla accepts the welcome after her token resistance is addressed, and follows along quite happily. She especially seems to enjoy that they have a minion for the carrying of all their packages; that does make life SO much more convenient. She usually has to be quite careful when shopping, since she has to carry it all back either on foot or on her motorcycle, so this has all been so incredibly indulgent in amount, as well as price tags.

The fact that Pris would never dream of looking askance at Sharon for any of her oddities, and proves to genuinely find her feline traits beautiful and worthy of praise is just her nature, and it pleases her that she detects for Emma this is not just a case of 'she is mine, thusly she can do no wrong', but that she in fact views that Sharon can do no wrong. It all makes Pris that much more comfortable, and she is happy to follow Sharon on a tour. "I should be fine. I can run pretty long without tiring out. And once I get to the club and start dancing, that always energizes me a lot." Not unlike going hunting for Sharon, one would guess.

Priscilla tries not to let it affect her, but the sheer beauty and elegance of Emma's home is intimidating to her. She is pretty sure she can keep from knocking something over, but the chance her mere presence might 'pollute' such a place of pristine beauty is still in her mind; this is what was inculcated in her as the mixed-race useless stupid s**t from the wrong side of the tracks in her youth.

The elegance and beauty, though fine in their own right of course, are there for the very purpose of intimidation as well. She has social gatherings here for people that need a little intimidation, so if that's how Pris feels it is surely understandable. During the tour she'd see their rooms though, probably, and they're /totally/ a different story, especially Sharon's room, it is very much 'her'. In fact the bed might never have been slept in for all it looks comfy, there is a cat bed however with plenty of signs of use, and lavender fur. Which might be odd, considering Cat's in her smoothskin form.

Emma's quarters are a lot more lived in, and OH My GOD her /bathroom/ leaps past sinful to divinely profane it is so indulgent. The main room holds a bed that could sleep four comfortably, and is kept neat, though not the coldly elegant neat of the more public areas. It might amuse Sharon to show off the ridiculously full closet in Emma's room, the thing could probably sleep a family of three.

Sent to Catseye and Pris both, though not before a polite 'knocking' for access to send to Priscilla, Emma's mind voice comes to both of you. ~Bide a bit, I'll join you, we're having seafood for dinner but it won't be ready for another half hour or so. We'll see if we can find some jewelry for Priscilla's formal outfit.~ Her mind-voice sounds for the most part very much her normal voice, just more…pure, no distortion from air or contamination by other sounds.

Of course Sharon won't even bat an eye, to her speech with MotherMotherFrost is voice, or thought, or both — all interchangeable.

When she senses a bit of Pris's shame, those dark thoughts she sends privately. ~Never let them make you feel less than you are, Priscilla. You're a powerful woman, a woman of grace and beauty. You cannot contaminate this place, believe me.~ The words are firm, but not recrimination.

Sharon smiles reassuringly at Priscilla, "Clothes are… tool, and weapon yes? So is penthouse. And stage of sort, especially during parties." She does head into Emma's room, mainly to get the bags inside and the clothes hung up. That closet is larger than many New York City apartments! But Catseye knows how it's all organized, and where Emma would want things put away.

Her own room is just as much a stage, pastel lavender and cream furniture with delicate ruffles and rose patterns… But then there are the honest parts, a HUGE cushion in front of the window, big enough for a tiger to curl up on and covered with fine lavender fur and a closet full of leather and denim, as well as books piled neatly, but all over. "Like to read. Writing, talking is hard. Have to do everything twice, first is how thoughts come, then have to wrestle words into proper grammar, form. At least writing can take my time, do in private. Is hard out like today, speaking with strangers. Speak like think, and strangers think stupid. Take time to put words in right order, remember 'a' 'the' and other filler, grammar fluff and… stranger think stupid because pause before thinking. Unfair, but true."

She's putting her own near clothes away when Emma 'paths her. Her own reply is mostly non-verbal, a surge of affection, an image of Emma's things already put away, shopping bags neatly folded and put aside, an image of her own hands, right now hanging up a dress. ~Alright~ is the only actual WORD sent.

Priscilla definitely aligns a bit better with Sharon's ways of thinking and being, and makes no secret of that, smiling at the comments about the penthouse. She seems to love the look and feel of the homier aspects of Sharon's room, and she lightly touches the cushion - but not the bed, that would be rude and presumptuous as she appreciates it and listens to Sharon talk … about talking.

Honestly, Pris responds, "I don't read much. It is very difficult for me, and I get headaches." She doesn't explain much more than that, though she could if asked. "I get not liking others assuming you're stupid. They all assume that of me. And they may be right, but I don't care. I'm me, and that's just how it is." Pris has been hearing and soaking in the assumption that she's useless gutter filth with all her brains in her curves her entire life; she pretty much accepts it as Truth at this point. The fact that reading is so difficult for her just reinforces it all.

Pris definitely seems to love the look of Emma's closet, though; her fashion-loving heart beats pitterpat at such wonder, even if her pocketbook cries out in horror. When Emma's mind taps lightly, Priscilla rolls back her shields as she was taught, to allow admittance to that 'outer vestibule' of her mind for the messages. But her response is noteworthy; she puts no particular intent of force into it, but her return thought blasts out like standing beside a fog horn, her mental voice akin to a deafening shout, without a hint of finesse. ~Thank you, Emma.~

More than a few have had headaches when in telepathic contact with Pris. It's not hard to imagine why.

Emma's response to Cat's affection, is a return of such that Pris will surely feel too. Emma is a hard woman, her nigh tangible glares earlier are proof of just how hard she can be, but there's a heart inside that shell of diamond-hard, diamond-bright armor. A heart, and one that cares very deeply about those in her charge, which feelings Pris is triggering in her on an instinctive level. Thus, some spill over. Even Emma's formidable control and focus is not perfect. Approval is sent for the unpacking, and thanks, as well a hint of apology. ~Forgive me, had something I /had/ to deal with for work. I'll be there directly.~

She is just rounding the bend to enter her room when Pris's reply blasts forth, and she doesn't hide the wince. Aloud, and mentally both. ~"We really need to work on your control, dear."~ Emma softens the words with a smile. "There's no shame in not having training, not having book learning, you know." Emma moves towards the closet and nods approvingly when she sees where everything has been set away. Her smile brightens. "If you would like I can help you with both things, I'm a licensed educator, and can administer GED exams. There is no accreditation available for the telepathic arts, but I am quite sure I can help you with such, if you're willing to learn."

Cat would know this is NOT the sort of thing Emma offers casually, not by any means, and the fact that Pris is NOT a mutant, that makes this quite possibly an utterly unique event.

That said Emma moves to her dressing area, and selects a few jewelry boxes, taking them out of a safe for their storage, and setting them on the table. "Think about it, Priscilla…and why not get changed into your gown so we can see which jewelry you like best, mm?"

The rest of the evening is a treat. All three ladies get to play dress up together. Emma is a complete clotheshorse, honestly. Her closet is utterly drool worthy, and a lot of the clothes? Worn only once. Despite the ridiculous price tags. About the only thing that wouldn't suit Pris's or Cat's aesthetics is Emma's nigh obsessive fondness for white. Nearly everything is white, though there are a few other items, some reds, more greys and light blues, and several blacks.

When all is said and done Priscilla would be given Emma's private numbers, and Cat's, and not only her newly acquired loot from the day but also a few other items from Emma's closet. She'll also be invited to visit the HellFire club for a tryout as a dancer if she'd like a chance to move in much richer waters. Finally, Emma would make it plain that mental training is not only available, but encouraged and that SHE would be delighted to provide it. She's not subtle about this at all, nor is she going to be pushy about it. Well, not precisely. It is plain she feels strongly that Pris should do it, but she's not going to force things.

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