2019-09-23 - Bag Of Tricks


A business meeting has Emma revealing some of her tricks

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Date: Mon Sep 23 00:23:02 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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Business lunches are often more business than lunch but today it probably will be a bit of both. This is because T'Challa has asked Emma Frost to join he and Mari at the River Cafe, an expensive and perpetually booked eatery with an absolutely spectacular view. What? Being royalty has its perks.

At present it is early afternoon and T'Challa is reading a paper at a windowside table, dressed in an immaculately tailored black and purple suit while the river traffic floats on by. The place is busy - as always it is - but the coffee in front of him is juuuuuuuust perfect.

Mari's running a few minutes late and had texted to say that was the case. The fashion industry mogul is just entering now, fashionably dressed as usual. Today it's a dress that sits just under mid-thigh, the shade of grey setting her skin tone off, just so.

"T'Challa" she greets the Prince with a smile as she approaches the table, leaning over to press a kiss to his cheek. "Sorry, I'm late. Can you forgive me? One of shipments came in a bit later than expected and I was needed to ensure it was correct."

Mari really is a hands on CEO.

As for Emma, she's dressed in probably the most modest outfit either of them have seen her in. It is a stark white pantsuit, very 'Vogue' looking, and her hair is work gathered at the back and tamed to hang straight. Her top is sheerest silk, the hue of her skin tinting it just a hint, but her jacket preserves modesty. Her jewelry is simple gold, not a single jewel.

Entering the room, she moves towards the pair of T'Challa and Mari McCabe and the perceptive in the room might just notice she was already moving in their direction even before she looked around, the timing is very barely off, but Mari and T'Challa might very well be looking for it!

"Hello, Your Highness, Miss McCabe." They're in public, after all, better to be polite. Especially if what's going to happen is what she's more than half expecting.

"Mari." T'Challa smiles. "Nothing to forgive. You look wonderful. Please. Sit relax. Emma hasn't yet-" Oh. There she is, headed right toward them. The wakandan prince gives Mari a 'speak of the devil' kind of smile and turns to face the OTHER incoming CEO.

"Miss Frost." T'Challa rises politely to greet her and bows. "So good of you to come. Please, have a seat." He moves to pull one out for her. Yes they're in public but he's something of a gentleman.

"I trust all is going well with you? Mari and I have been somewhat busy but I did not want you to think we had forgotten our talks of further cooperation."

Indeed Emma's reputation is such that T'Challa had been keen to follow up with that. She's known to be sharp and shrewd and if she is maybe seen as something of an ice queen that's not unusual for someone in her position. One does not get to the top by playing nice after all.

"You're always to forgiving for me, T'Challa." Mari smiles and turns, rather than sitting, as Emma arrives. "Miss Frost, call me Mari, please." They are in public and Mari, despite the way she dresses is rather informal, in general. After shaking the womans hand, the ex-model then sits beside T'Challa, giving the blonde a friendly smile.

If Emma is scanning surface thoughts, all she'll get from Mari is a contentment that Emma has agreed to meet with them and … gratitude.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Emma sits, allowing T'Challa to be the gentleman, after all, she's a lady, right? She even smiles very faintly as she does so.

"My apologies, I had a last minute problem with a shipment going out to Bangladesh…" A sigh, and she rubs at the bridge of her nose with two fingers. "…suffice to say it delayed me, and the Bangladesh office is looking for a replacement shipping manager since the error could have been disastrous."

Emma also has a reputation as a rather stern task mistress, which that last sentence would seem to support.

At Mari's request to be called Mari, she seems a little surprised, and yes, she is in fact reading surface thoughts. That is almost impossible for non-tepes to sense, the most passive of abilities, the lightest and most tenuous of touches. "I…very well, then you simply must call me Emma, agreed?"

She turns her sapphire gaze back to T'Challa. "Things have been well, but busy also, as you've stated. At this level 'free time' is not really a thing anymore, Prince T'Challa."

"I often am, Mari but you are often worth it." T'Challa gives the fashionista a bright grin and then settles. He miiiight be something of a 'lad' sometimes.

"Not as such, but free time is what you make of it, I have found. And please, T'Challa." The dark skinned man smiles as they sit. The waiter comes to deliver water and take orders and then departs. They're very, very good here.

Once he's gone T'Challa gets out a small device that turns out to be a tablet, but made of thick, semi rigid cloth. Mari's handiwork, with the design being his. He slides it over toward Emma and brings up a document. "We wanted to discuss a formal joint venture. You saw some of what Mari and I were developing several weeks ago and mentioned that you might have some interest?" And also something to offer. The tablet itself could very well be an ipad. Except it can be folded in half. Or rolled up like a newspaper. Or used to swat a dog on the nose.

Probably best not to use it to clean up spills but if it's cloth surely some thought has been given to it functioning when wet.

Mari's certain that T'Challa could be a player if he wants, that he hasn't been that way around her is appreciated. "Flatterer."

With the orders given, Mari nods to Emma "Emma, of course." The ex-model sits back, letting T'Challa 'present' what they've created.

"That is the prototype of what we've been working on. The idea is that I can integrate into my designs and the result be unobtrusive. I'm sure you can think of some applications that aren't fashion related." What they've got here, is simply amazing.

"I sometimes wish I could bottle it." Time. Yes, apparently Emma's a Jim Croce fan and didn't even know it! Another of those patented half-smiles, and a dip of her head. "T'Challa." She accepts that gracious offer. When he takes out the cloth tablet, her interest is very definitely captured. "Oh, that's remarkable." Emma actually has a faint purr to her voice.

Long fingers probe the material, and she turns it over to test the feel and malleability. "I am definitely interested, and can think of a myriad applications for this. I'd love to see the specs and materials costs."

"A prototype? Nice, it is very polished for a prototype." A brighter smile then. "As it happens I have something to bring to the table as well, but it is for your personal use, not anything to be marketed." He takes out a small thumb drive and if there's a port, hooks it into the tablet, opening up a file with a very complex looking schematic.

When Mari & T'Challa study it — it creates a sort of EM shield, about head sized…

"We can send them over. There is a small supply issue in that we need an exotic metal woven into the fabric but I do happen to be an expert on that family of metals and with some help I do believe we are not far from a breakthrough on that front." He doesn't say that SHIELD is involved because naturally… SHIELD won't be marketing it. It's really nice that they're not competition actually.

Being the Engineer T'Challa takes a closer look at the specs. "This creates an electromagnetic interference around the head. Curious. And very specifically attenuated. I wonder…" He looks up and smiles, first at Emma and then at Mari.

"What do you want to bet, Mari, that this has something to do with Emma's… personal specialty?"

No not getting shipping managers fired. The OTHER personal specialty.

"Of course. We have a NDA in place and that's why we were working so diligently on getting the details hashed out. So we could share this information." Mari smiles. They'll be transferred to Emma via secure download, not email!, so she can review the specs at her leisure.

"The exotic material is indeed the sticking point but T'Challa assures me that's a temporary issue. We'll want to get a licence on that and patents on what we're creating to protect our interest, but if I was to say I'm excited about this, it would be understatement."

The specs are basically gobbledegook to Mari, who's eyes might glaze slightly as she reads them. She knows enough to get the gist though and she cants her head. "This is the parapsych tech you were referring to? It … does what you did, the other night at a personal level?"

"Excellent. I'm a /fair/ engineer, but only in a very specific field." Emma admits. "However, in that field there's very few with my particular set of skills." It would seems she's quite Taken with the idea, very much so. "This must be some rather unique material. Once the NDA is hammered out, I'll gladly sign."

Emma's smile turns all kinds of feral. "I'll have my legal department contact your people. if you'd like I'm sure they could put together a team that I'd happily place at your complete disposal." Um, yeah. Emma's got just a FEW sharks on retainer, that's a pretty nice offer.

At T'Challa's wager to Mari and Mari's statement, Emma nods. "Both correct." She confirms. "Well, /mostly/. I have not yet managed a device that can mimic my own ability precisely, but it is quite an effective defense in most cases. Even I would have some small trouble get through the interference, which would give you significant time to act." Emma looks to both Mari and T'Challa. "You can understand, I'm sure, why I don't want this marketed, or honestly - even discussed other than with us three, can we agree on that?"

"Of course. You have my word as a Wakandan." At least T'Challa never hears 'no good. I've known too many Wakandans.' Though if someone said that it'd probably amuse him. "However this would be quite helpful in dealing with present problems. I do not much like being emotionally manipulated and I am sure that Mari does not either. It is fortunate that you were present the other night." Which it definitely is.

"As to your offer of legal assistance…" T'Challa smiles. He'll let Mari answer that but it's a very nice offer.

"There is another matter I'd like to discuss with you. Mari, Myself and Pepper Potts are currently engaged in philanthropic aid and reconstruction efforts in the disaster zone. We are not doing it FOR PR per se but it is inevitable that any such large scale effort will get found out and reported on and indeed that is starting to happen. It appears that some seedier elements have taken hold in the Disaster Zone and are abusing the people there. The more quickly we get these people help, the more quickly we put a stop to that. And it could lead to some opportunities to test out some of the things we are developing as well. Imagine people whose shirts can monitor their vitals and summon emergency services, for example?"

"If things go as well as I hope they do, we'll all be needing a dedicated legal team." Mari smiles. "Make it so!" She's a closet nerd, sue her. "I'll do the same and we'll get to work on that side of things." The legalities are annoying but essential.

"And we won't mention the devices, Emma. I understand not wanting them in the public eye." That they've been offered this, is amazing and that's good enough for Mari. Better than good, even.

"The Disaster Zone is abomination." the ex-model shakes her head as T'Challa moves their business on. "I note that Miss Brant wrote a lovely piece in todays papers, calling our buearocrats out for all the red tape." It might have been a chance meeting yesterday that prompted that.

Well, he's /Wakandan/, not a Spaniard, after all. Once both of her new venture partners agree to keep the tech secret, Emma takes the thumb drive back, and removes a bit from the casing before returning it. "Thank you both, and please accept my apology for having deceived you, I think you can understand why I had to, however."

Emma has to laugh at the commentary about being manipulated like that. "Nobody likes being manipulated, or…well…granted, some people do, but most do not. As to fortune, I /did/ rather invite myself to ride along, T'Challa."

The instant Mari makes the call, Emma sends a text off. "You'll be contacted by a Jackson Daniels, he'll be the one heading up the legal team." Her phone chimes, she reads the text. "Expect his call before end of business today."

She looks thoughtful about the Disaster Zone. "Mmm, a public service and an excellent tax write off." Emma says musingly. "I think I can help out, though I'd like to focus on Mutant Town, but yes, I'll join my efforts to your for this other venture." Emma smiles. "Good PR is worth its weight in neutronium."

"I don't think that investing some time and effort into Mutant Town is a bad idea. Mari has actually taken in one of the former residents. A remarkable and somewhat unusual young woman named Gabrielle. You should meet some time." Particularly being telepathic he wonders if she might not be able to answer some questions. That's for another time though.

"Is there anything problem in particular you'd like to address in Mutant Town?" T'Challa can look into what the logistics could be. Of the three of them he has the most free time so far as they know.

Of course that's not taking into account the fact that he does still run a kingdom just not one of the living.

"Oh. And you simply must come to the 'housewarming' party that Mari is planning at my new residence. We're planning on dealing with the unwelcome guest from the other week permanently."

"Mutant Town would be good too. Anything we can do to help these people. Not do it for them but help them help themselves. Gabrielle is lovely woman with an unusual set of powers. I would love for you to meet her, Emma. In your spare time, of course." Mari grins. They'll make it happen because that's what they do.

As to the housewarming, Mari runs her hand down T'Challa's arm to cover his hand. "You know you'll be welcome, Emma. Emma is aware of the problems I've been having, T'Challa. Observant woman that she is, she'd noted some of the flow on problems."

"A mutually beneficial arrangement then, I'll assist with the disaster zone project, and we'll find ways to work on issues for Mutant Town. Further, I'll meet your young mutant and see what I can do to help her." And Emma is in fact a properly licensed educator, she's /trained/ in teaching.

"First and foremost they need reliable infrastructure - water, gas, electric, sewers. Once those are in place everything else can follow, but they hinge on those four first."

Yes. They should brand their consortium the 'All The Time In The World Crew'.

"I have taught mutants before." She admits, though she doesn't mention where.

And at the double invites to the housewarming she smiles and then rises. "I would be delighted, but…I have another meeting, I apologize I didn't book more time for this one, more sorry than you'll ever know, the man I'm about to meet is a vile waste of life and a tragic waste of carbon molecules." You know, like one of the most abundant elements in the UNIVERSE? "Still, needs must." She will press cheeks with Mari, not quite a hug, but a friendly gesture, and with a quirky half grin she takes one of T'Challa's hands, if he permits, and kisses it in truly gallant fashion and nary a HINT of serious.

"Then it shall be so. In fact, Pepper Potts - the other member of our little alliance - may be just the person to bring in on the infrastructure discussion." And Mari just the person to make and facilitite those introductions.

It's not clear to T'Challa that Gabrielle IS a mutant though that's definitely a possibility. Emma might be able to tell once she's in close proximity.

"Do try not to break him too much when you're done with him." T'Challa laughs as Emma kisses his hand. He rises when she does, politely and gives her a rather regal bow when she departs.

"Well." He says to Mari, turning back and sitting down. "That was rather more pleasant and productive than most meetings I daresay. Shall we have lunch then?"

"It's never long enough, Emma." Mari accepts the cheek presses, she might hug but is good at reading people. She also seems genuine in that statement. "Enjoy torturing your next meeting and I'll arrange the meeting with Miss Potts."

Gabrielle. Mari's not sure either. What she knows is the young woman needs help and she's prepared to give it.

Taking her seat again, the ex-model nods "Lunch sounds wonderful before we both have to head off to our relatively busy afternoons."

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