2019-09-22 - Just Another Day In The Zone


More assistance given in the Zone has a reporter looking into things

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 22 06:16:32 2019
Location: Greenwich Village

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Betty Brant has a scoop. Someone has been pressuring City Hall on the download to let charitable aid into the Disaster Zone to help people who are living there, often stuck by having lost everything including their identification. There was a convoy going in today and her boss wants to know WHO is behind it - and if they have any sinister motives.

And possibly if they're connected to the paper's favorite punching bag.

Prince - formerly King - T'Challa of Wakanda is watching the largest and most organized aid package come in and the aid workers set up to hand out food, clothing, give haircuts, flu shots and similar things. He'd invited Pepper Potts over along with his usual business partner, Mari McCabe. Partly to participate and partly to talk business. It's still morning and the sun hasn't made things miserable yet. The smell of breakfast being cooked on portable burners fills the air. Not a smell that one often has down here in the Zone.

The smell of breakfast, or the commotion might draw other eyes too. As might something zipping VERY quickly along the perimeter of the gathering. Something that no one has yet seen because, well, it's moving that fast.

Celerity Carter is here on the sidelines; she has a research project on the ecological effects of such urban, superhuman 'disasters' as what created the DZ to begin with. All part of environmental science in a world of such marvels. And while she's here… well, she can help out a little, right? Volunteering is a habit, from when she'd put together hours of it to qualify for certain scholarships. She works on handing out the clothing, in particular.

Then there's the first glimpse of that zipping thing. She blinks and looks up; she'd missed it the first time, but now she focuses, trying to catch a better view the next time it passes by.

Mari McCabe arrived with T'Challa, there's been a lot made in the media recently about the fact these two have been seen together a lot lately. Business Partners definitely but they've had their fair share of dinners together - the gossip mongers are speculating on exactly the nature of the relationship.

When asked, Mari just smiles and says "No Comment."

Dressed a lot more casually than she usually she is, the ex-model is in jeans and a shirt and watching the aid package arrive as well. "It's going well, T'Challa…" she smiles a little. "Miss Potts should be here soon, if she's not already." Knowing Pepper, she might be organising someone or something.

Betty Brant agrees to cover the area even if she leaves the Bugle with a knowing smile on her face. She had yet to return to her trusty pumps, instead wearing comfortable flat and some protection for the bottoms of her feet. In a sun dress of pale gold, the dirty-blonde reporter with runed beads and braids in her hair ventures toward the DZ. In truth, it was a curious thing. She knew she had been pushing buttons to have aid arrive here…but who else was out there bullying for the same?

Pausing, taking a few pictures with her phone, she looks them over and squints out, a skip of light hitting her eyes. Perhaps it was only the sun. A blink of her eyes, a rub at her smokey hued lids, she keeps walking forward, offering anyone who looks her way a smile and wave.

Pepper wouldn't have missed this for anything. She'd have been here even without TChalla's invitation, but that certainly makes it easier. The trucks, the aid supplies, the food, and even most of the volunteers have been organized through Stark Industries, though nothing is blatantly labeled to reveal this. Perhaps the mobile legal aid truck might reveal some clues, but even that's rather on the 'here to help not advertise' side.

Dressed just as casually as Mari, Pepper finally arrives and approaches the pair with a smile and a wave hello. "Hello, sorry I'm late. I got waylaid to check on something on my way here."

Her t-shirt, clearly well-loved and faded from lurid green, has cracked screen-printing on it that says in big, friendly letters, 'Don't Panic'.

It's… a person. A slender person with sharp angular features and wings. They're zipping back and forth between cover at the very edge of the gathering not entirely unlike a humming bird, which is indeed very much what they look like. If a humming bird were a person, that is. So far they've not been spotted but they're sloooowly working their way closer to the truck where the blankets and clothes are.

"It IS going rather well, Mari. The people are responding much better than the last time. They probably are starting to trust our intentions and- Ah. There she is."

T'Challa steps out and offers his hand to Pepper. "No need to apologize Miss Potts. We're thankful for your help and glad you could make it. This is going to make a difference to these people. The breakfast truck was an inspired choice. It's quite popular."

And it is. There's a line. As there has been for an hour or so.

And that's when Betty Brant comes into view. Well. THAT's certainly a gathering of newsworthy people she can see. Two high powered business types and royalty. It's likely that no one particularly notices Celerity quite yet…

Though, you know, that may change in a moment.

Either way T'Challa does spot Betty and give her a friendly wave. "Is it my imagination or is that young lady headed our way?"

Hopefully, people will continue not to notice Celerity. She's just an ordinary girl, just a student with a project to research for. Why would anyone notice her when there are people like T'Challa, Mari McCabe, and Betty Brant here? She just keeps her head down and does her part.

Such as bringing some of the clothing and blankets onto a trestle table at the edge of the gathering. And at the edge of the table, at that, perfectly positioned for someone to zoom past and grab. And she goes back to the truck proper, to chip in as she had been before.

"Hello Pepper." Mari smiles, holding her hand out to the woman. "It's good you could make it. I was just noting to T'Challa how well things are going. I don't know *how* you did it, but you did …"

This is a big breakthrough for the disaster zone.

"Yes, indeed she is, T'Challa and I'm not sure she's from around here. Hello there, have you come to help or do you need supplies?" Mari asks, glancing at the *other* redhead that's working at the trestle table near them. "Thank you so much for helping …" Mari says to Celerity.

Oh yes, she's been noticed.

Betty Brant had wandered her way in their direction, professionlism written over her face along with a hint of wonder and awe. She's careful about her placement, not moving to get in anyone's way that's moving supplies or aid about to their rightful positions. "Oh, good morning. Betty Brant, Daily Bugle." She greets, offering out a hand with dark tipped fingers and the light jingling of brass and gold bangles. "It's nice to meet you all, I've read a number of your exploits and contributions. I was actually here to follow up on a story if I may? I understand if you don't want to answer any questions, but if you'd like to, I'd be very appreciative."

Pepper shakes hands with TChalla and Mari then turns to look at the breakfast truck as well as the other aid stations and the volunteers pitching in to help. The redhead helping with the clothing is not someone she knows, and thus is a true volunteer and even more appreciated.

TChalla pointing out the blonde woman approaching has her turn to look and … she smiles and waves to Betty. "Ms. Brant. Hello. Good to see you here. Have you met TChalla of Wakanda and Mari of McCabe Industries? TChalla, Mari, this is Betty Brant, of the Daily Bugle. She's one of the most scrupulous journalists I've met thus far."

The hummingbird-like person has yet to catch Pepper's attention.

Zoom! There goes one of the blankets. Zoom. There goes some of the clothes. Zo-CLUNK! "OW!"

Well that's embarrassing. That's a wing caught on something on the truck RIGHT in plain view of Betty, Pepper, Mari and T'Challa.

T'Challa for his part smiles at Pepper and Mari when Betty asks about covering it as a news story. Well they were expecting press at some point yes? "We'd be happy to talk to you about what's going on here on record, Miss Brant." Clang.

"In fact it looks like the story just got more interesting." He says unfolding his arms. "Are you okay?"

Crap. Caught. The hummingbird man looks subtly at Celerity as if to say 'what do I do?!' before looking back at to Pepper and Mari and…

"Oh wow. Uh. Hi. I'm, um… big fan. Also are these clothes for us?"

"Wait. Are you Betty from Ask Betty? I'm a big fan of yours too…"

Oh god. She didn't do it. It's not her fault. Celerity stands bolt-upright, tense while Mari is paying attention to her. "It's nothing," she squeaks. "I just, I'm here in the area for some research, a-and this is important data, so it just makes sense to involve myself, you know? To s-see it close up." She manages to keep herself from really motor-mouthing. People can still actually understand her. Mostly.

Then she's saved by the bell. Or by the high-speed impact which catches the hummingbird man in place. She winces at that; momentum can be such a pain, literally. When he looks her way, her face flushes. Don't ask her! She's not even supposed to have seen you!

But she does cough, and come over — at normal walking speed, mind you — to offer him a hand. "Hi. Yes, these are all for the people of the Disaster Zone. If you need them, you're welcome to them." That had been the point of leaving them on the table's corner; an invitation, specifically for him, to come and get them.

"And it doesn't harm to thank people." Mari smiles at Celerity, watching as the woman unhooks the man.

"Miss Brant, a pleasure." Mari shakes the woman hand, her smile large. "We would be happy to answer some questions, of course. Anything to help get the right sort attention to ease the plight of the people here." Interesting, isn't it, that the focus is getting aid for these people, not the ones doing it.

"Ask Betty, is it? I confess it's a guilty pleasure of mine to read your column when I get the time to."

"And you know Miss Potts. How can we help you?"

Betty Brant scoffs a bit and rolls her eyes. "Guilty pleasure? Dang, I didn't know it was that bad." Making a playful face, the dirty-blonde giggles only to jump as something crashes. A jump later, she's quick to turn and aid the humming-bird man as well, even with a light limp in her step. "Are you alright, dear?" She questions, adjusting the strap of her messenger back across her chest. It seems that things are under control - Celerity is fine where she is and the Humming Bird is, well, being take care of.

At length, she smiles and sighs, taking a step back and looking at the gathering. "Really, I'm glad it's getting attention as it should. If I can offer more help, I will. My boss wanted me to follow a lead here, seeing who else was pushing the buttons of City Hall for the DZ. I…didn't have the heart to tell him part of that was me. He can only forgive me for so much, right?" Smirking her ruby lips, she looks at the gathering and digs into her side bag. Pulling out a well loved, often used notebook, she flips to a clean page and starts writing. "Oh! I'm sorry, actually no. Sorry, I'm being rude. It's a pleasure to meet you, your highness." She even bows her head in his direction. "Help me? Oh, no, well. If there's anything you want to say about the work here, please do so. If there's anything you want attention drawn to or specific areas of aid, I can get it out there." A scribble.

"So…is it safe to assume that Stark Industries, McCabe Industries and Wakanda are all helping out?"

Pepper similarly startles at the sound of the hummingbird like man running into something, and she's just about to step over to help as well, but Betty and Celerity are clearly already there and helping so she doesn't join in and risk crowding the man.

"I'm also really glad that this is going so well. It's a travesty that aid hasn't come in to help these people sooner, and the politest thing I can say about the officials that caused the delay is I'm glad they finally started seeing reason." She's already got a plan in mind, and the go-ahead from Tony. This will become the genesis of a Foundation whose entire purpose is to make sure that people in the New York devastated like this aren't ignored for so long again. Ever.

At Betty's question about whether SI is here helping in an official capacity, Pepper hedges a bit. "Well… I do know that any SI employee volunteering with the aid trucks isn't losing any personal time or pay to be here."

T'Challa laughs. "Pleased to meet you as well, and no no offense taken. My help is not in a political capacity, though as a member of the royal family I of course always strive to reflect well on my nation." Is T'Challa's honest but very practiced answer.

"In truth I think the thing that needs reporting on is something you yourself know. If you were pressing the city to let more aid in, then you know how much the well intentioned but distant are getting in the way. I understand the need for some sort of controls to make sure that people don't get hurt in here. But there are people hurting in here right now. And we can help them. And we WANT to help them. But they need to let us."

Pepper's sorted some of that. She's good at applying pressure. But they could always get out of the way MORE.

The hummingbird person tries to free their wing and… that's not working out well. "Um, help?" Yes Celerity isn't supposed to have seen him but, she's right there so… help, please?

"Oh no, Betty your writing is so insightful. And witty. And um…" Okay. Hummingbird guy is babbling. He blushes, looks down and coughs. "Sorry. It's… it's not just me. There's a bunch of us further back. I came to look because I'm fast. I figured I'd be safe. It's not always… I mean sometimes when folks with suits come in here it gets bad." THAT's probably also news. That should NOT be the case.

"Um. What kind of project again?" That's to Anon. By the mutant. Well, probably a mutant. Likely a mutant.

Wait… there's a flash of silvery metal at the base of his wing. Under his shirt. Attached to him.

Celerity gives Betty and Pepper each a flash of a smile. Thankfulness for helping to get the man unhooked — she can see that Pepper was going to, even if she ultimately decided she'd probably spoil the broth rather than make lighter work. She frowns, still having some trouble taking the wing out of the trap. "Oh, it's just something for school. Environmental impact of urban devastation, I think was the wording Professor Weisser used. What's your name?"

As close as she is, she sees the silvery metal, but… she doesn't know the significance. Sure, it looks strange, but that's no guarantee it's not just part of his mutation. Still, seeing a metal part on a person is enough to bring some curiosity. "Er, is your wing supposed to be like that? With the… metal bit?"

"Come now Miss Brant, it's more that I rarely get time to sit and relax and when I do, your column tops it all off." T'Challa has noted that Mari is rarely still. "Miss Potts has been very helpful in dealing with red tape." Mari comfirms "And it was T'Challa that suggested we could do something together, given our new venture. We don't really want the publicity for ourselves, Miss Brant. What we need is a way to help these people."

Mari brushes her hair back and glances at Celerity and the man, they don't seem to need help but she notices the metal. Hmmmmm.

"Many of these people lost everything when the attack came. They've no papers, no way of proving who they were. Some are worried that they'll be treated … as they were … during registration and frankly, there's nowhere for them to go in this city that they could afford."

"We want to help with that. Raise the profile and the attention. Help these people make a better life for themself."

"Well, I plan to, or I've been trying to. Putting the squeeze on connections can only get things so far." She scribbles a note down and the notices that snag. Smiling, she slips the notebook away and then inches closer. "Here, I'll help, honey." Brant tells Celerity. "Easy, ok?" She tells the Hummingbird Boy before holding to his wing with her fingers. "Ok, easy now, gentle." There's a small wiggle and shift, her hazel-gaze, tired as it is, attentive on the youth's face. "Almost," she promises. And with Celerity's help, the wing comes free.

"There we go, now, be careful not to crash, hmm?" She smiles and steps back, facing the others now. "I, there was a center built in Mutant Town recently. The project was lead by Mr. Lehnsherr. Thankfully, more progress is being made there as well to aid in the lives of all mutant kind. As for here, well, I guess it's just another try? Another push? Slow by steady," she frowns, "but not fast enough. Perhaps…hmm." A hand up, she motions to the figures present. "Is there a way or pressing construction companies with the rebuilding process? Set up housing units through the zone as a first step toward normality?"

Unable to avoid overhearing the winged man's words, Pepper once again refrains from stepping over to help as Betty beat her to it. She does watch a bit concernedly, though, remembering what she's read about how delicate birds' bones can be. "You said there are people further back? What are they needing the most? Perhaps I can ask a few volunteers to help carry things to them." She's already mentally planning, and doesn't notice the metal bit until Celerity mentions it.

"I've been talking with various people about the construction issues, and one thing kept coming up: the removal of rubble to make way for relief efforts and rebuilding. It's something I want to talk with more knowledgeable people about." Like, say, Tony. If SI could put together a fast response team for that, or maybe robots to collect, sort, and maybe even recycle building debris…

"It's not just the rubble. There's a lot of bombs and shells and nasty robot parts under that rubble. When we move things sometimes…" Sometimes bad stuff happens. That's one of the BIG problems with the clear away. But Stark? Stark might be able to engineer around that.

The wing clear, Hummingbird guy… "Oh, my name is Mark." Mark settles down, flexes the wings a couple of times and finds a place to sit. He glances back at his shoulder blade. "Oh uh… that was an… aftermarket add on. It's… it's part of the reason why people are scared. Why we didn't want to come out until we knew it was safe. They've… used food as a lure before."

AND there hadn't been serious relief efforts before.

T'Challa nods to what Mari is saying. "People here are trapped and frightened. They're stuck. And… clearly, someone is taking advantage of that. We can't help unless we're allowed to. And we will but…"

But someone needs to make people in city hall see.

"So oh, do you work for the Price or Miss McCabe or Miss Stark?" That's to Celerity. "Oh wait! No. You're writing. Are you Miss Betty's assistant?!"

That seems to excite him.


"Easy, easy there…" Celerity works alongside Betty, and… there we go. She flashes a smile. "Thanks." She breathes a breath of relief once Hummingbird Mark is definitely free. "Mark. Okay, good." She starts heading back to the trestle table where she'd been sorting out clothing and blankets. "Uh, n-no, nothing like that." She gives Betty a bashful smile. "Never even met her 'til today. Um, hi, thanks for helping organise this. I'm just a student." Just an ordinary student. Totally normal.

She chews her lip, hearing about Mark's friends. "Well… I think it's safe. Would—" She nods to Pepper's suggestion. "Would it help if someone comes out to them? Or would that be too much like… you know, they're being chased? S-Sometimes you have to let people come at their own pace, right?"

Mari nods to Betty's questions and inclines her head in T'Challa's direction. "We've found … ordinance … in the rubble when we've helped a few clear places. Construction crews aren't keen to come in here, the work isn't easy and it's paid for by the Government - which means payment is slow and usually the lowest bid is taken."

"As T'Challa says, we're helping as we can but even our hands are tied by the red tape at times. A nudge would be helpful but … that's also where Miss Potts comes in." Because Stark might have a solution that the fashion designer just can't.

The mention of the aftermarket addon has Mari frowning. "May … I see it, please?" That people are scared because they've been tricked doesn't surprise her.

"I see." Betty murmurs, stepping back and allowing everyone to move as they need to. She's well and out of the way of Mari as she heads for Mark. To Celerity, she smiles. "If you do have an interest in writing someday, call me. I'll pass along a sample to Jonah. We need a bit more spirit in the Bugle, and in the right direction, too."

Then to the others, eyeing Pepper and T'Challa in kind. "I, hmm…I can see that. There has to be ways around it. Perhaps even raising money toward the effort. Renting other buildings out for the time being? Anything to help provide shelter until this place is put back into place." The idea that someone was tricking those like Mark, causes Brant's face to twist up in anger. "Who's doing that?" She asks him directly. "Names? Markers? Anything coming to mind?"

As information is being offered from different people, Pepper starts mentally compiling an idea of what will be needed. Clearly, the dangerous items still hidden in the rubble take priority, but so does getting the RIGHT people to do the clearing and aid. She can already see two new directions this can go: trained crews with Stark-robots to check, secure, and clear rubble, and a relief aid group to help the people while the stuff is being handled.

But, ruminations can wait. She needs to get her attention back to those here and now. She looks to Mark and Celerity and offers, "If you have a list of things the people you know really need, we can gather them up for you and someone you know they'll trust to bring them out." And then she catches up with what has sparked Betty's ire, and seconds the blonde's queries more calmly. "If you're being threatened, any information you have that can help us protect you and everyone in this area will not be ignored." She'll send out SI security if she has to.

Mark shows his wing to Mari. There is indeed a metal understructure on his back and shoulder and it branches out to reinforce some of the wing base as well. At a guess, it was probably put there to enable him to withstand faster flight speeds. He was augmented to be as fast as he was. And from the scarring, someone didn't care how much it hut.

"It um… it isn't pretty Miss McCabe, sorry."

T'Challa's phone rings and he makes a 'one moment' signal as he steps to the side to take the call.

"I think…" Mark continues. "That as long as I told them who was coming it'd be find for someone to come out to them. As long as they're voched for. Strangers without that will have a hard time getting them to come out. But if you were with me, or I'd told them already…" It would work.

"Are you sure, Miss Potts? The police don't seem to be able to help us. Mostly they're not even here. Can Stark really help us?"

The question of who is doing it gets a shake of the head. "I don't know. Guys in suits and lab coats. Never anything identifying. But they've got muscle and they're not afraid to use it…"

Celerity's face turns almost as red as her hair, backlighting her freckles. "I-I. Thank you. I d-did look at majoring in communications, but there were just more scholarships if I went for ecology, you know? But it's, like… I'm not locked into it or anything."

Her eyebrows lift at Mari and Betty. For the former, she peers towards the silver at Mark's back, but just doesn't know the significance. For the latter, it's like she's surprised by Betty's surprise; that kind of trickery is news to her? She chews her lip at Pepper's response, and steps back to stand by the table. She listens to what Mark has to say, but shakes her head. "Sounds like that's all, um, a bit beyond me." She fidgets.

"It's not just about money, Miss Brant." Mari murmurs as she inspects that wing. "McCabe Industries has made sizeable donations to the city to aid with this. It's the *redtape* we're coming up against that's slowing things down. I don't even think it's deliberate, it's the fact that the wheels of Government churn slowly."

"The metal looks wonderful, Mark. I bet it catches the light just right." Mari doesn't blanch at the mess that was made. "Would you mind if I got a doctor friend of mine to look you and the others over?" She's seen something like this before.

"As to temporary housing, there are many who are afraid to leave the Zone, Miss Brant. Quite rightly so, in some cases. They come back and their place is gone along with what meagre furnishings they could scrounge together. And out there, there are still those who think … mutants … are less than human. Sorry, Mark."

It wasn't surprise at the news, but more so anger. Pepper had picked up on it. A hand on her hip, the reporter shakes her head. At least in voice she's calming down. "No, no, I…I understand that. About the tape, I can ask around but like I said, contacts can only get one so far when you're not physically the one pushing the buttons and turning the gears." A breath, she settles, her expression softening. "As for housing, I was suggesting houses in a different area of the city. A different complex or the like rented out for the survivors so they have a place to stay while things are happening here. That at least will get them away from the remaining dangers in the area."

"As I said, there are newer developments in Mutant Town, too. That's not saying you should feel as if you're regulated to live only there in the city, but it will provide services you may need or want." A tap against her chin, "Perhaps we should reach out to the, well, that group of mutants heroes?" Someone should really name them sometime. "People picking on others just really pisses me off. What Miss Potts is saying is right, if we can get more information about them, we'll get someone to help."

Pepper nods her agreement with Betty's words. "I can't promise that things will instantly improve, but I can say that I'm not about to walk away and forget about what's going on here and the people having to try and survive without the assistance that the city really shouldn't be dragging their feet over."

She glances around, then waves and gestures for one of the many volunteers about to join them. "Dmitri, Mark says he knows of a group of people hesitant to approach us for the supplies they need. Will you please work with him to get everything his group needs?" She introduces the SI security guard turned aid volunteer to the winged man, and hopes that they'll be able to get aid out to where it's clearly badly needed.

T'Challa ends his call - it didn't take long - and comes back to stand next to Mari, hand on her arm all very familiar and comfortable. Perhaps interestingly so. He's listening intently to catch up to what he missed.

Mark smiles up at Mari. "I'd like that. I haven't been able to get to a doctor I could trust for anything. Out here we kind of have to make do. Got a couple of people who know a bit but…" Not real doctors and DEFINITELY not people who know anything about the stuff that happened to Mark. "No need to apologize Miss Mari. I know that's the truth." First hand.

"It isn't beyond you miss." T'Challa says to Celerity. "It may sound it, but you're helping right now just by being here and participating." It's a nice thought and it's true but her larger point - that the root problem won't be solved with outreach - is still valid. And Celerity can't do anything about that. But… it's possible that someone with less of a… name to risk… might be able to.

Mark looks up at the rather IMPOSING Dmitri and gulps. Maybe. No one heard that right? "Um yes. I can show you the way. We need food and um… probably flu shots." Beat. "I'll have to bring people back for that though won't I?" Because it's not like the medical van can go much further in. Especially with UXO all over the place.

Celerity is quiet while Mari and Betty talk about mutants. Nope, no relevance to her. She blinks at the mention of a team of heroes; she hasn't even heard that much. She's not an investigative reporter.

Oh god now a Prince has noticed her. She ducks her chin, shaking her head. "I-I can do this, sure, but I can't help with someone who kidnaps mutants. I-I'm just…" Someone with less of a name? Ha ha, where would you find someone like that? Nope, nobody like that here.

She takes a breath, nodding to Mark. "Yeah. You really need to do shots like that properly. Um…" She looks up to Dmitri. "I could help carry things, if you need another set of hands to bring the food out there?" She looks considerably less imposing.

T'Challa's touch is returned by Mari, a gentle brush of her fingers against his arm to let him know she knows he's there. "T'Challa we need to arrange more medical attention for these people." She thinks, nodding to herself as she comes to some decisions "Miss Potts, do you think we could arrange the mobile medical centres again?" Mari's certain she could entice the Doctor down, but Pepper might know other doctors who are more familiar with this type of thing.

"You don't have to, Celerity. In fact, without training it would be better if you didn't. Leave that bit to others, what you're doing here, is wonderful and marvelous. And it means a lot to those you're helping."

Betty Brant listens before stepping away. Now, it was time for her phone to wiggle itself silly. "I'm sorry, excuse me." Taking a few soft footed strides away, Betty answers her phone and glances back toward the collective. Something wasn't setting well with the dirty-blonde, and it was obvious. At length, she kills the call and returns, offering a fresh smile.

"Well, I'm on coffee duty again, but I would like to ask one more thing - is there anything you'd like me to do besides getting the word out? I'll write another article and I hope it will help. I'll also start digging into anyone, or at least bring attention that something is happening. Shady types hate that someone is on their tail. Either way, please, contact me if any of you need anything. Bugle email is fine. If not, I can give you a personal contact."

Dmitri — who is NOT imposing currently, what with wearing normal jeans and button down shirt — seems quite happily willing to help. He nods at Mark's immediate list of needs, then pulls a small walkie from a pocket and has a brief conversation over the hand-held radio. He then explains to Mark and the others, "Imelda from the medical truck's volunteered to carry and administer the flu shots, and help out with whatever she can on the medical side. She's also a former Army medic, so she knows her way around dangerous objects hidden in piles of stuff."

Pepper smiles and nods to the man, clearly recognizing the name he's offered, then answers Mari. "Those can definitely be arranged, though from the sounds of the level of debris still in the area, I'm not sure how far in a vehicle could get. Imelda can give us a better idea, she's the senior in Stark Tower's medical floor for a reason."

Then Betty returns from her phone call and Pepper offers, "I'll be sure to email you, Ms. Brant. If nothing else, I want to get word out that there will be a new charitable foundation being introduced very soon. I'll tell you more about it then."

"Yes actually…" T'Challa looks at Mari and gets a rather sly grin. "I wonder if your paper would agree to an exclusive interview with The Vixen. We're having something of an issue and raising her profile would be quite helpful. And if I am not too much mistaken wouldn't be bad for the paper either."

He looks at Mari to see what she thinks of that idea and nods considering her questions. "I may have some people I can talk to as well, but you're correct. I wonder if we couldn't arrange something quite close to the Disaster Zone and have people on call 24/7 there…" It's possible. He and Mari will have to look into it. And if anyone knows people for this kind of thing, it's Pepper.

"Celerity!" One of the volunteer leaders calls out. "Could you help us bring up the food for the next round of breakfast burritos? The people here are hungry!"

As well they might be. T'Challa chuckles. "Well, Mari and I should see to the disposition of the people who are coming here in an hour or so. Don't be a stranger now. Any of you."

Celerity fidgets, hands in front of her as she considers Mari's answer. "A-Alright. If you're sure. I just thought it'd help to have someone who looks all… non-threatening, you know? But—" Ah, and she's being called. She ducks her chin. "Sorry! I'll be right there!" She flashes a smile to Betty. "I'll email you with anything I hear about. The address is just on the Bugle website, right?" She waves to them, and to Pepper, before hurrying back to the food truck.

Well, it looks like she's hurrying, at human scales. She leaves the sound barrier emphatically intact. Having an extra pair of hands helps even when they're not going at super-speed.

"I knew I kept you around for a reason, T'Challa." Mari returns his smile, not as slyly though. "That's a wonderful idea to help with that issue." Mari is public about being Vixen. She doesn't hide it, much to the concern of her Board.

"We should, T'Challa. And Miss Potts, that wonderful. Thank you again, for everything."

"Celerity if you want to help, you're most certainly welcome to. But don't think for a moment, that we want you endangering yourself." Mari's a thrill seeker but that doesn't mean she expects in others. "Don't be a stranger if you need anything."

Watching as Betty, then Celerity, then Dmitri with Mark in tow all go on about their day, then turns to TChalla and Mari. "Well. This seems to be off to a good start. Do either of you feel up to helping with, say, breakfast burritos? I can scramble a mean egg when I put my mind to it."

"Also, what was that about Vixen?"

"I'll let Mari explain it, Pepper." T'Challa laughs. Motioning for Pepper to follow if she likes. It's an entirely different kettle of fish. But they can talk about it while they're helping make breakfast. And maybe, just maybe, when they're done helping they can have some too.

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