2019-09-21 - Wanton for Wontons


Darcy brings some Chinese to Jimmy's bedside. Confessions ensue.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Sep 21 00:00:00 2019
Location: Triskelion - Medical Bay

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As of the Saturday after that big fight, Jimmy was still in SHIELD's medbay, still in that bed and that gown. Yet, there are significant differences. To start with, he has his hands back. His arms don't have the baby softness of new growth, but look just as strong and ready as the old ones. And right now, he uses them to read a book, while he's sat up in bed. They say he should rest, sure, but there's only so much resting he can usefully do.

And that's what girlfriends are for.

Darcy slips in, visitor's badge clipped to the lapel of her light coat. WInter is coming and the temperatures are starting to drop. She's got a bag of food, with the documentation of YES I GOT THIS CHECKED AT THE DOOR YOU FUCKERS stapled to the outside.

"Hey, handsome. You up for me bugging you?" she asks as she peeks her head in, body following shortly thereafter.

Jimmy lifts his head, hearing an approach — whether with ears or with those strange not-connected-to-any-known-organs senses. He turns towards the door, already smiling before she's in there. "I'm always up for you spending time with me, though I take issue with you calling it 'bugging'." He wiggles his fingers. "Look ma, new hands. What'cha got there?"

"Ooooooh… Are those fingers on your hands for me?" Darcy coos, making her way over and setting the bag down for him to reach for. Having no idea what he might need for physical therapy to get fine motor control back on regrowing lost limbs - and boy was THAT ever an odd odd line in her search history - Darcy figured that if he needed help, she'll give it but that either wise she should just let him do it on his own.

"…I do love spenidng time with you," she adds as she drags over Her Chair, and settles at his bedside.

"They most certainly are." Jimmy reaches not for the bag, but for her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders to tug her in closer. Well, there don't seem to be any motor issues yet — or at least, he didn't poke her in the eye by accident.

…and then he belatedly realises just how that could have been taken, and his face immediately flushes. "E-Er, that is, they're there to touch you — I mean, to hug you, not necessarily—" And he's spiralling.

Leaning into the hug, Darcy just waits out the spiral, losing hte fight with suppressing giggles until he's floundering. Food bag moved to the side a bit, Darcy puts a knee up onto his bed to lean further into him, tucking her head under his chin.

"At least, not here and not now. You can finger me later. Wouldn't want to make all these shield-people jealous of how lucky I am," she says with a note of pride in her voice.

That stops his spiral, by making him choke up so that it's impossible to speak. He's just barely on this side of transforming; the blush is metaphorically glowing, but not literally. Not yet. He gives her a hard stare. "C'mon. Gorgeous, curvy brunette like you? They'd be envious of me." He kisses her forehead, sighing. "How've things been out there in the not-the-med-bay world?"

At the stare, Darcy laughs brightly, returning his kiss on her forehead with a kiss of her own on his cheek before she settles back. The bag is pulled over between them again and she digs in to give him some REAL food and not whatever passes as food in a government place ike this. (It's government, right? Stupid Big Brother.)

"Things are going. Been quiet. Just getting the office all done up for Yule. Having to research what that even IS and then sort out how Asgardian Yule differs from like 9th century Earth Yule and how THAT differs from 21st century Yule and yeah. It's been so much reading."

|ROLL| Jimmy Baxter +rolls 1d100 for: 71

The laughter makes Jimmy huff and pout, though just in good-natured ways. He's not actually upset; just embarrassed. "Ah, they're doing the pagan traditions, right? I think that had to do with the Wild Hunt." His nearer arm stays around her, running along her shoulder and upper arm, while his free one looks through the bag. "Ooh, wonton soup. I have been craving."

"THe WIld Hunt is a bad, bad idea for Asgardians to do On Earth. I'm having to be creative, and I'm not sure exactly what it's goingto end up as, but I've got two months to pull it together so.. I'll figure a thing. And if allowed, you'll be my plus one," Darcy says, pleased to have his arm on her as she helps him unpack.

"Yup. Psychic memo received," she boasts, even though she didn't REALLY get a psychic memo about what he was craving. She just says she did with the confidence of it having actually happened.

Jimmy places a kiss on her mouth. "You absolutely will, and I'll be there. I mean, unless it's a 'no freaky formerly-robotic demi-angels allowed' kind of thing, but I kind of doubt that." He blinks at the mention of psychic memos, and gives her a long, peering look. Because hey, for all he knows, it absolutely is a thing. He's not one to judge.

"Given that the Boss is an Asgardian Prince, he absolutely will allowed a formerly body-snatched angel to be my arm candy. Otherwise, I get the event going, then vanish and let the staff clean shit up themselves," Darcy quips after the chaste kiss to her lips that really wasn't as chaste as Jimmy might have thought. This is Darcy, after all. The kiss had a bit of tongue and soem promise for later when he's out of medbay. And then she's back to the business of gettnig him food.

Several seconds pass. Darcy finally looks over at Jimmy's long peer.


Jimmy squints in answer. "Trying to send another psychic memo," he says. "I'm guessing this one isn't going through." He breaks apart the disposable chopsticks and holds them carefully, settled into his right hand while the left stays on her. "Mmn. I hope, if I meet your boss again, it goes a bit better than last time. I wasn't expecting him to be so… sensitive."

Darcy regards Jimmy for a moment as he squints, before she leans forward and with the utmost serious deadpan says: "We're sorry. The number you are trying to reach is no longer in order. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, hand up and try your call again. BEEEEP." She settles with him, her own bowl of General Tso Chicken being nommed with ehr own chopsticks. She leans into his left hand as they eat.

"Hmm. Right? Fuck. Some days, it's like he's a whiney ass bitch. You'd think that from all the stories, with all the shit he's supposedly seen, he'd be a hoodlum…. But… he's like… butterfly wings, man…"

Jimmy huffs at that response. He holds his chopsticks to the side, getting them out of the way while he pokes her in the middle of the forehead. Okay yeah, his dexterity is still fine. "Hey, for all I know, you did start manifesting psychic powers. I don't know. It's late blooming for mutants, sure, but maybe you'd been in some kind of lab accident, or got hit with a curse, or who knows what else." He kisses her cheek. "And even if you had — even if something changed you like that, so you're as strange as I am — I'd still love you." Yes, he said it. He loves her, and he would even if strange things happened.

And then he's right back to eating, as if it weren't a bomb to drop. They've talked about saying it before, but they haven't actually done so before. But… he does still peek towards her face, a little hint of nervousness as he waits for her reaction. Talking about Loki can wait.

Poked, Darcy giggles. She brings a hand up to rub at the poked spot before diving back into her chicken.

"Me? With psychic powers? Oh, the world would be SO fucked," she cackles, glancing up as he drops an L-Bomb on her lap. Her cheeks dust ever so faintly.

"Yeah? Well… hate to break it to ya, but I'm so super strange… don't need to be a mutant or an alien or whatever. Still…. glad to know that you'd love me even if I was a cracked out super powered fuck monkey. I still love you even when you have no arms."

How's that for a reaction?

Jimmy breathes easier when she gives that reaction, and his smile spreads wider as he processes it. At first, there are no words; he just dips in for another kiss. Slow and careful, mindful that they're not private, but still showing the depth of that affection. "Well. Good. Though I'm glad that turned out to be temporary. Learning, for sure, that you can regenerate… that's a tough situation." He wraps his arm tighter around her, pulling her in against his chest. "And… yeah. I thought for sure that Loki would have a bit of troll-resistance of his own, and probably actually like jabbing back and forth. Repartee, like you."

"Right? It's like Loki lost all his chill," Darcy quips, shuffling a bit to readjust so she's sitting on the edge o fhis bed and leaning into his chest while they eat.

"Don't drop food into my hair, okay?" she asks after a moment, leaving aside the leanring you can regenrate part. Becuase it's a bit odd to think about, probably odder for him than for her.

Jimmy laughs at the question, nodding his head. After wiping his mouth clean of soup, he kisses the top of her head. "Alright… love." He squirms a little after using the endearment. It's new, but it's nice. It feels kind of like a level-up.


He squirms. Darcy giggles, wiggling into his chest.

"Love, huh? Alright. You've done it now. Let the pet name war begin," she threatens without any hint of acutal malice. Amusement is was rides high. Amusement and deep seated affection.

Jimmy giggles at that 'threat', his arm tightening. "Love. Dear. Darling. Sweetness. Spectacle — both for the glasses and because you love to make a scene. Ti—" No. No he still can't bring himself to call her by her *ahem* roller-derby nickname. He tries, and then just turns away, fuming.

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