2019-09-20 - Kid Omega is unphased


What starts as a surprise return to the school for Kurt, turns into a desperate bid to rescue Kid Omega from her isolation in some sort of Astral pocket.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Sep 20 23:35:45 2019
Location: Xavier Institute - Grounds, Kitchen, and Hank's Labs

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It is just before dinner time and a certain dark blue 1978 Ford Grenada arrives at the grounds. In the car are a man unknown to anyone, and one incontrovertibly Hank McCoy. The passenger seems to be a human, male, that's about all that can be seen at the moment. What is much more important is what's on the back seat - Pizzas, Chicago Style Deep Dish (four large) and New York Style Thin (four large), there's also a bag with…who knows what else inside.

As they pull up, the first sign that the car has been heavily modified under the hood is that when Hank's bulk leaves, the car's suspension changes…not one darn bit.

"So…grab the thins, I'll get the rest, mein freund." Hank says over the roof of the old, but very well cared for car.

Stepping out of the car, the stranger stretches his arm and body as he reaches over his head and he lets out a little sigh of pleasure. He is relatively unremarkable in appearance sporting brown hair, brown eyes, and standing at an average height. Even his clothes are plain with nothing to make them stand out among a crowd.

"JA, Kein Problem, Hank." the man says speaking with a unmistakable Germanic accent as he opens the back door of the car and retrieves the pizza. "Who did you tell I was coming?"

Hopefully everyone! Probably no one.

Or maybe he did! Who cares. Quinn very much didn't, but for the fact that she was practically riding Hank's coattails since he had gotten into the car to pick the young man up could be telling. It could be quite possible that the two in attendence couldn't feel that dark spirit, (if annoyed, bothered, and sober were considered evil), but she was there from the time Hank left, and up until the time they've arrived at the mansion.

Her view would be such; everything out of eyes that were no longer there would seem magnified, something in a bubble surrounded by a pink mist cause that is 'her' color, magnified and warped which could make another looker sick to their stomach. But.. pizza? Ugh.

And that disgust would be shown as much, for Quinn thinks it, and it probably happened! As soon as the young man reaches for the pizza, it would be promptly knocked right out of his hand if he wasn't sharp enough.

"In truth…nobody. I wanted it to be a surprise, if nothing else worst case scenario the students get a free pizza party, and wings." Oh, the bag has WINGS! The looks of it probably several varieties too. Yum. Hopefully Nazgul Quinn won't hate on the wingage! Hank looks a little surprised as the thins polter about, Kurt's usually a lot more dexterous than he is! "You okay there?" There's no hiding his concern as he sets his stuff on the roof, and then opens the trunk to take out Kurt's bags, and shoulder them, before he moves back for the food.

"I hope you do not mind the 'secrecy'."

"Mein Gott!" exclaims Kurt as the pizzas attempt to leap from his hand of their own accord. Kurt maneuvers around to re-steady the pizzas in his hands, save for one that ends up hovering in the air next to him, balanced on an unseen tail hidden by the image inducer. The floating pizza finds its way slowly back to the top of the pile, where it joins its brethren.

"Ja, fine. Jet lag maybe." The German shrugs a shoulder, "Nein, I don't mind the secrecy. It will be good to seem them again."


Though the tiny bit of mayhem was a little satisfying, for if anyone could see Quinn, they'd see a smug smile upon her face. But there was another fate here at play, the pizzas. Which were -going- to see their way to the mouths of babes regardless of the harm she attempts to inact upon them. But why not do more? For the incorporeal Quinn hovers behind Kurt, and attempts to randomly flick at his ears, just to be a pain.

"I have never in my life encountered jet lag quite so…surly." Hank comments with a grin. Alas, Hank can't see her but possibly he might sense a chill - he's VERY good at sensing tactile things, and temperature and wind currents might just qualify. Eyes bright he takes up his many burdens. "We will get you settled in your room, I took the liberty of cleaning out the dust and freshening it up, Kurt."

Really? His OLD room is essentially untouched? That might be a little surprising for the fuzzy elf in imaged inducer clothing.

Does appear to be a little shocked by that revelation, "My room? I still have a room? I would have figured that would have been given away long ago to someone else." He smiles, "Vielen dank, Hank….ow!"

Kurt reaches up to his ear and rubs at it, "I think I just got stung by a b…ow!" Kurt reaches up and rubs at the other one, his eyes narrow and his brow furrows as he looks around. "Jean?! Is that you? I thought I was the prankster."

It was all fun and games until that name was said.

The pressure in the air nearly thickens almost instantly as phantom fingers try to press down upon Kurt's shoulders. If there were a mouth, there would probably be a growl. Even though Quinn doesn't hold back from the sound due to pure anger and rage.

"If you compare me to that talentless, hack-job of a fire-crotch again, I will rip your tail off and beat the shit out of you with it!"

Wonder.. did they hear her? Who cares! Quinn was angry! But she does release him, moving past Hank and Kurt at a speed that takes that physical pressure with her to blast open the doors of the mansion which leaves them open.

"Okay, that's…different." Hank says, he can't help but feel a bit of the air distortion when the hands are thumped into the fuzzy elf's shoulders, and the doors being blown open…yeah.

Bright blue eyes look that way, and then to Kurt. "Oh, um, yes…I had your things moved out of storage too, and then arranged things, and so forth." And being Hank, he even remembered exactly how the room was laid out and what was where. In point of fact it amused him to make it match /perfectly/ to his memory for so long ago.

He's hoping for a deja vu moment for Kurt!

Still, there's strange things afoot, and he beelines for the cafeteria. "Come on, we'll get to the bottom of this once the food is put somewhere." After that, up to Kurt's room to drop off his bags, and then down to Hank's lab in jig time where he ties his portable mini-cerebro into the X-Net, and gets a fix on every mutant in the place for starters.

Letting out a bit of a grunt, Kurt is pushed down to one knee, the pizzas being dropped from his hands as he uses them to brace himself from being pushed any further. "Uh…Hank?!"

But the pressure forcing him down vanishes no sooner than it appeared. Kurt stands with a sigh, as he checks the pizzas as he picks them up to see which may be salvageable, "What was that?" Kurt asks curiously as he balances the pizzas in one hand while brushing the dirt from his knees with the other. "Felt like something was pushing me down."

Standing, he look to Hank and says, "I'll meet you in the kitchen." *BAMF*

It seems that Quinn's unearthly departure caused the two to disperse. With Kurt in the kitchen to put away the pizzas (hopefully only the cheese got messed up and moved around), and Hank headed towards the lab, that leaves the disentangled Quinn to cause a little bit of hell at the heels of Hank. To be honest, she couldn't even follow Kurt if she tried, but this hunk of a mass of Hank.. easy.

The corridor turned into a full haunt; papers dusted up into the air to float as if there were to fall into an erratic pattern, which were soon placed back into the way that they were. The walls seemingly bending to produce cracks and back again. Tables and oddly placed chairs rattling, pressure soon induced to create the sound of cracking and then not.

As far as the damage to Hank? MINIMAL! It doesn't stop the Quinn from plucking at his earlobes and messing up his hair if she could!

Kurt decided to go to the Kitchen, where Scott is currently making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. He wears a plain longsleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, his ruby-quartz sunglasses, some blue jeans, and of course, some nice shoes. Did he get finished teaching his class early or something?

Either way, when Kurt shows up, Scott turns his head at the familiar smell of brimstone and of course, the audible *BAMF*. "Hey Kurt." Scott greets rather casually. "Everything alright?" He asks the rather demonic-looking mutant.

But Scott is smiling, which means its probably not too much trouble on his end.

Mikhail is just passing the kitchen door when he stops and sniffs the air. Gas leak? Heading into the kitchen, he looks around, nodding to Scott and the man with him but then moving over to the stove to make sure all none of the burners went out while turned on.

Okay, Hank is many things, but unperceptive is not one of them, so…scratch the mini-cerebro scan, he aborts that and then starts fiddling with the imaging systems in the lab until he can scan the room with the sort of imaging gear used in kirilian photography. Hey, he's not parapsychologist but he IS smart, well read, and inventive.

Over the X-Coms. "Anyone on channel, there appears to be some sort of intangible or out of phase entity loose on the grounds, specifically in my lab…I am trying to locate it."

And then he looks to see what he can see…if anything.

*BAMF*inf in, Kurt sets the armload of pizzas he is carrying down on the kitchen counter he just teleported in front of. "AH Hallo, Scott. So much for Henry's surprise." Kurt says with a chuckle as he switches off the image inducer to reveal his normal blue demonic looking self. "I think my arrival back from Germany was supposed to be a secret, so when you seem him….pretend you were surprised."

Kurt starts to rummage through the boxes to check and make sure that the pizza survived the drop before he grabs a slice, taking a bite. "It's good to see you. I think you have a ghost. Hank may need assistance."

The ruckuss at least dies down in Hank's Lab. No one respects the lab like Quinn does, even though often times she picks upon the owner.

But there was little to nothing for Hank to see…

..save for the outline of Quinn Quire giving the ol' Beast a middle finger, along with a gesture of hurry up.

Scott looks at Mikhail when he shows up, and he gives the other mutant an upnod. "Mikhail." He greets the fellow pleasantly enough. But then Beast is apparently having trouble in his lab. As a result, after he warns other X-Men and senior staff, Scott touches two fingers to his ear when Hank calls in. "I'm sorry Hank, What was that? I'm on my way." Scott stops making his sandwich.

Instead, now, he's walking with purpose towards the Lab while being quite hungry.

Okay…the bird…the outline, the ill behavior…

"Quintavia Quire, what the devil did you do to yourself?"

Over the Comms. "I think I've isolated the spectre, it appears to be Kid Omega, I think we can stand down the alert status." Though he fully expects that Scooter and others will converge all the same.

Okay, so Kirilian worked a bit, she seems to be out of phase…so…he'll start looking for any kind of spatial distortions, any sort of gravity anomalies. it isn't like they don't deal with such things fairly often!

Well, it wasn't like she could outright explain as she was currently. Hank, in layman terms, was a practical birdbrain. Someone like Emma would possibly understand the complexities of her erratic second mutation as it does link to the telepathic, psychic, and astral world of things. In other words..

Quinn fucked up!

Still, the outline remained in the middle of the room, bouncing, arms flailing and frustration showing out the only way it knows how. Beakers begin to crack and break and a chair is slid across the room against the wall. Minimal damage!

And in comes Scott Summers.

He sees the lovable furball, buth e also sees something of an outline that apparently looks extremely frustrated and is breaking things. "Hank, could you kindly inform me about what the hell is going on here?" Scott crosses his arms and looks questioningly at Hank.

"And what did you go and do to yourself, Quinn? You didn't drink any of Hank's chemicals, did you?"

"I honestly don't know for sure, Scott. Apparently Quinn is somehow out of phase with our reality. I can find no signs of gravitic or EM distortion, which means she most likely has been the victim of a magical or psionic phase-state change. Ergo - she's either cursed out of phase, or…"

Blue eyes narrows. "OR she's done something with her esper gifts, and locked herself into a mental realm." He looks to the Quinn outline and the broken things. "We need a psychic, or else I have to figure out some way to disrupt the /mental/ plane enough to open a rift…"

Ye GODS that's some scary stuff right there!

Catseye enters the lab, and gives a quick glance to make sure the specimens that she and Hank have been working on are undamaged. Once she's reassured of that, she ponders the issue of Quinn, staying off to the side and out of the way for now. Her tail curls around her leg, but the tip of it is twitching furiously. Worse than during her last calc exam.

Scott keeps his arms crossed as Hank apparently tries to explain. "I'm more along the lines that she did something with her powers that was very sudden. Do you think you can figure it out?" Yes, okay, Scott didn't want to drag Jean out of bed nor did he want to go and ask Emma for help and the Professor was busy elsewhere. UGH.

But then Catseye enters and Scott turns to look at her. "Hi." Then back to Hank.

"…can you even do that?" thats mad science even for Scott.

The outline of Quinn gives a very, slow.. sarcastic clap. Not only at the entrance of Scott, but the deductions of Hank. Where was he two years ago when she was stuck in this state? Geez!

*BAMF* The smell of brimstone permeates the air as Kurt teleports into the lab, hanging form the ceiling in all his blue-fured demonic glory, a piece of half-eaten pizza in his hand. "So…" he says non-nonchalantly as he drops down to the floor in a crouch, balancing on his tail, "have we figured out what the situation is yet? I am going to assume it was this 'Kid Omega' that was causing the issues outside, ja?"

Kurt glances over at Catseye and nods, giving her a flash of pointy canines as he smiles, "Hallo, fraulein."

"I…am not absolutely certain, Scott. It /might/ be possible to use sound to find a harmonic once I find which frequency she resonates to. She can obvious SOMEwhat interact with this reality, and sonic manipulation of mental states /is/ proven science, further, she can hear us." Hank nods thoughtfully. "…and if sound goes one way, it MIGHT got two-ways." A shrug and a sigh. "It is pretty well the best chance I can think of, and this is something I'm betting Quintavia probably never thought she'd hear me say - Quinn, I need you to break some stuff, limit yourself to beakers and other glass wares." A smile for Cat. "Catseye…can you help me isolate the pitches, between my ears, your ears and my audio sampling gear, we just might be able to trangulate a harmonic…"

Hank grins as Kurt appears. "Ja, mein freund, it was Quinn, she's was making a desperate plea for help in true Kid Omega style…by snark."

"I…am not absolutely certain, Scott. It /might/ be possible to use sound to find a harmonic once I find which frequency she resonates to. She can obviously SOMEwhat interact with this reality, and sonic manipulation of mental states /is/ proven science, further, she can hear us." Hank nods thoughtfully. "…and if sound goes one way, it MIGHT got two-ways."

A shrug and a sigh. "It is pretty well the best chance I can think of, and this is something I'm betting Quintavia probably never thought she'd hear me say - Quinn, I need you to break some stuff, limit yourself to beakers and other glass wares, please."

A smile for Cat. "Catseye…can you help me isolate the pitches, between my ears, your ears and my audio sampling gear, we just might be able to trangulate a harmonic…"

Hank grins as Kurt appears. "Ja, mein freund, it was Quinn, she's was making a desperate plea for help in true Kid Omega style…by snark." And Hank's lab is plentifully equipped with handholds at all sorts of weird levels and angles for Kurt, even the ceiling.

Catseye gives Kurt a small smile, "Hihi." She then turns back to the haze of Quinn, and suddenly relaxes, her tail untwining from around her leg, perking up. "Can help with frequencies, yes. Please do -not- break Catseye's research?" She then steps towards the haze, and holds out a hand. "Catseye is offering, Quinn…." Though what exactly she is offering may not be apparent at first to those observing, the lavender haired lass seems remarkably relaxed about it.

Scott seems to rub at his temples. Was he good at leading? Absolutely. Was he good at geometry and was he smart? Oh yes. Wsa he Hank's level of smart? Absolutely not. "I won't be of much, if any help so I'm just gonna let you and Catseye handle this one." Scott stands back before Kurt BAMFS right back in.

"Hey Kurt. If you want to science, feel free, but its pretty much about Quinn breaking things and Hank and Catseye apparently trying to find a proper frequency to let Quinn back into this reality."

He looks at Hank. "Did I sum that up right?"

Looking around the starting-to-be overcrowded lab, Kurt looks towards Catseye and then nods to Hank. "All good then, Ja? I agree, Scott. It doesn't appear that there is anything I am going to be able to do other than be in the way."

Kurt takes another bite from the slice of pizza and chews slowly before he looks over to Scott, "Should I go get Jean? I'll think I will go see if I can find Jean. Won't she be surprised to see me." *BAMF*

While everyone continued to chatter and more than likely complain (read: Scott), Quinn remains as said outline, arms folded and metaphyiscal outlined foot tapping against the ground. It wasn't until Catseye made her offer, hand outstretched, is when she moves. The sentence quite possibly hadn't came out of her mouth before Quinn leaps for the chance, her hand striking out to touch fingers with the young woman, which causes the outline to invert, curl into itself, and disappear.

Catseye could probably be the only person who could feel it; the ground beneath her feet becomes cold enough to develope ice crystals along the bottom, which is a true product of why she is the way she is. Thankfully, the combat boots that Catseye wears is a good deterernt from that.

And then, Quinn speaks.. more or less, Catseye speaks.

"You keep that goddamned hack out of my fucki-.." And Kurt was gone. She couldn't outright control Catseye's movements, but if anyone could see in the astral plane (which she and Catseye are connected by the feet), they would see her stomping and flailing again. "Stop talking and hurry the -fuck- up! Bobby's down in the Danger Room and he's probably dead!"

Which.. happened weeks ago.

"Well, bother." Hank says. "Quinn…I can't get any readings while you're possessing Catseye, you know. So…Bobby is also in this sort of state?" Yes, Hank IS concerned about Bobby, but they have to find a solution /now/ if not sooner. He takes what readings he can from the possession, he's not going to waste that opportunity!

And then he digs out Cat's favorite toy of his - his 4D theremin, say what you like, it DOES have the ability to do a lot with sound and can be VERY tightly tuned, especially when he wires it into a computer, and starts programming a custom UI to control it with. Because…everyone just writes code like that on the fly, right?

Catseye moves to the computer, but slowly, making sure Quinn stays with her. She checks the occupancy of the Danger Room, "Quinn, Bobby was brought to infirmary from Danger Room a week ago. IS fine now. Lost time, yes?" She then takes the time to work and adjust the sensor readings, subtracting her readings from Quinn's, not great, but better than nothing. "DoctorHank, PinkQuinn needs to talk, yes? Hurts, but Catseye been hurt worse, and volunteered. Not bother Catseye like bother other people."

Jean Grey sensed a disturbance in the force. Or something like that. While she may still have the training wheels on her telepathy so to speak, she tends to pick up on ambient moods, especially around the school. Things are just too familiar not to notice when something is up. She's traced it to Hank's lab (not really a surprise there), which explains the faint line across her brow and the frown as she steps up to the door.

"Hey guys," she says slowly, looking around the room for the source of the disturbance. "Everything…okay here?"

Scott looks alarmed when, suddenly, Quinn possesses Catseye! "Quinn, could you not." Scott says with a look of sternness and a look of annoyance on his face. But then he seems to tilt his head. "What? Bobby's hurt?" Even if it happened weeks ago, she didn't say it happened awhile ago, so Scott looks a little alarmed there too.

But then Jean arrives! and its like Scott found his sanctuary. "Hey Jean." he smiles warmly to her, like the hidden softie that he is, before he looks over at Catseye-Quinn. "Quinn seems to have trapped herself in some kind of mental plane. Do you think you could use your telepathy to help?"

The slow movements of Catseye reflect the slow movements of Quinn. They moved at unison, even though one was seemingly upside down, to the computer. Quinn felt like a right fool, or maybe Catseye did. They were linked to the point where Quinn felt they were starting to blend together, even though she hasn't scratched the deepest parts just yet. But Cats can see it. A.. "..Helmet made to boost powers, not Cerebro, but all." Quinn would say through Catseye, who only thought it, but did not say it.

"Lost a lot of goddamned time." It takes effort, but Catseye's fingers begin to move. There was always a hidden, scientific frequency that the Astral Plane emits, if you program the latitude and longitude.. and a ton of hubalooo..

Scott gets a glare from Quinn, though he probably cannot see it. Especially if she can't turn Cats head. "Can you -not- piss me off while I'm quite literally on this chicks back right now? I don't want to make her fucking kill you.." And then Jean walks in, in which Catseye could be heard scoffing. "I said to keep that hack far away from my .. head.." Clench, release.. breathe. All because of the memory that Catseye thought of.

"Check read. Aim shoot. Take Can Hank."

"Allright, Catseye. Thank you for being a conduit." He's too busy to scritch his thanks, but she can surely sense the warmth, and the tone is pretty explicit of such.

Content with the UI for now, he looks up when Jean enters the room. "Ah, Jeanie, it is good to see you." His smile is friendly, warm. Hank's known the woman a long time, after all. She even played in his D&D game! AND /still/ talks to him after, that's way beyond the pale, right there.

"Mm, as Scott stated, Miss Quire is trapped in an Astral realm, I was trying to find a resonance to see if we could get her back with science…"

And then she's typing a very particular frequency pattern. "And actually that might well be it." He does frown, however. "Quinn, please. Not helpful." The insults. And then he looks about the room. "Okay…well…Jean, if you could monitor the Astral plane? If this starts to go awry let me know, I think the problem is she's /bodily/ in the plane."

He programs in the readings, tunes the Theremin, aims…"Brace yourselves, Cat and Quinn…"

And activates it.

Catseye sighs "Catseye -volunteered- MisterSummers, to help QuinnFriend." Her tail lashes once, "Sorry about memory, PinkQuinn, problem with remembering everything is that Catseye remembers EVERYTHING." Her fingers move across the keyboard, her under-mind dancing with the lovely-lovely math. Visualizing math is much happier than memories. Even with the two girls sharing one body, it is very obvious when Catseye is speaking due to the sideways-fractured grammar. Quinn is getting a first hand look at the reason behind that grammar, her mind doesn't work like a human's, the verbal layer a paper thin veneer placed over a mind that wasn't shaped by language. Then Hank warns them to brace themselves, and Catseye literally does that, hands braced against the desk, feet spread to brace herself. The hiss that comes from her throat sounds like the world's angriest teakettle, the fur on her tail and her fluffy hair bristling, tripling in volume, as a haze detaches from her and rotates through dimensions that the eye really can't see….

Jean quirks a brow as Quinn words come out of Catseye mouth, crosing her arms loosely over her chest. "Not to worry, I didn't come to interfere with anything," she drawls, stopping next to Scott and tilting her head as she looks at the pair not just with her eyes but with her mind. "I'm sure you can handle yourself. I'll just observe. For my education."

Scott takes a deep breath as he looks at Hank. "you're sure this is gonna work?" Because uh…if it failed, Quinn might be in an even more crappy situation. Though when Quinn seems to glare at him, Scott definitely doesn't see it. But the insult to his girlfriend definitely is. "She's no more a hack than you are, Quinn. And her name is Jean." Yes, Scott is defending her.

But now his attention is ultimately on the results of this hopefully good-ending experiment. "Let us know if anything feels wrong or you feel any pain." Scott tells Catseye-Quinn.

To Jean, Scott nods. She's observing, and Scott doesn't mind it. He's observing too. Actually, he's pretty useless in this situation.

"Great." Well, this was going to be a flying trip. Though the last time she was 'recovered', she was too far away from home base as it were and .. well. Not this goddamned close. "Oooh, how about you go.." Quinn starts at Scott, just at the correct time for Hank to fire his shot.

The blast itself wouldn't do -too- much damage to Cats, due to it being a sting of concussive force, but it would proceed to suck Quinn right up and out of the astral plane like a vacuum! The form of Cats shimmers as Quinn is blasted from the womans side, tucked and rolled and smashed right into the cart. She leaves a trail of water behind, due to being previously frozen by Bobby, which as soon threw up as she tries to recover from her metal heap.

"…your.. your.. fuckin' pillow.." Quinn manages to heave, all wet, lips blue, hair matted and horrible. It even looks as if somewhere in between being frozen, she ugly cried. Ugly cried -so- much! And with the grace of a blind bull in a china shop around screeching children toys and legos riddled the floor, she staggers up, breaks glass, and stumbles out of the lab to .. probably cry in Bobby's pillow.

Or on his desk.

Probably under his bed.

And get high.

"Thank you, Jean." Hank says just before he initiates the harmonic device. He watches closely, monitoring the broadcast on every level he can, eyes peeled for any danger signs. Fortunately he -knows- how tough Cat is. An aside to Scott. "No, I don't know if it will work. But Quinn has been in this state before, and provided the numbers, numbers my own experience could not have." A smile. "So…I have faith in her, and we try."


One good thing, from Cat's point of view: the Theremin /melts/ down, and the fire suppression system kicks in to stuff it out.

And then Quinn appears, and is a mess and flees.

A sigh.

"Probably best to give her some space…for now." Hank will check in on her soon, but yeah, she probably NEEDS some alone time.

Catseye shivers and runs her hands over her hair, trying to smooth it down. "Will bring PinkQuinn soup later, maybe… head hurt, but hurt worse before yes?" She does not comment on the theremin melting down, though it is the SECOND good thing (after Quinn's return). The instrument gives her awful headaches. "DoctorHank check on her, yes? Catseye clean up lab." Part of an assistant's job, after all!

As Quinn's physical form comes tumbling out of the astral plane, Jean's brows climb up toward her hairline. "How in the hell-" Jean's not perfect, but she's empathic enough to know that finishing that sentence isn't going to get here anywhere at the moment. So instead, she bites it back, just watching as Quinn goes rushing out of the lab.

Only once she's gone does she look around to the others. "She knows you're supposed to leave your body on the outside, right?" Like any of them know the answer either.

Scott watches as Quinn seems to literally bolt for the exit. He does look at the ground at the….erm, aftermath of the situation before he seems to put his hands on his hips. "Well…that uhm. Hm. Went horrible." He looks at Jean. "Your guess is as good as mine. I'm definitely not in the know about how any of that works aside from that it does." He teases.

But then he looks at Catseye. "If you say so. In the mean time, well, Jean…want to go out? Quinn will be okay. Hank's got her covered."

Catseye shrugs at Jean's question, getting out the dust pan and broom and starting to sweep up the mess. "Big powers, sometimes power bigger than control, yes? But telepaths not bother Catseye, so let Quinnfriend talk through me when stuck." Catseye has no need for privacy, physical or mental. She understands that other people do, and that having a telepath wandering through their thoughts bothers them, but she doesn't get /why/ it bothers them. Just another stupid smoothskin quirk to deal with, like clothes and silverware and speed limits. The melted remains of the theremin get doused with a fire-extinguisher, then pried up and thrown in the trash. The foam will have to be mopped up, but better that than the remains catching the trash can on fire.

"That I know too well," Jean sighs at Catseye's explanation, falling silent for a moment as she works everything through in her mind. "Well. All's well that ends well, I guess. That was very kind of you, Catseye," she adds with a small smile before looking back to Scott. "I don't have any plans, if there's something you want to go do."

Scott looks at Jean and he offers her his hand if she wishes to take it. "Can always go to Harry's for a few." He says with a grin to her. Always good memories there. But then he looks at Catseye. He doesn't comment on telepathy because he's not a telepath! He's a lasers-out-the-eyes-path! But he seems to nod. "Alright. I'm trusting you to keep a close eye on Quinn then. She won't talk to Hank, but she's comfortable with you. Be there for her as a friend to help her recover from this emotionally." Scott says with a grin to her. He knows she'll be able to get the job done on that front.

Then to Jean. 'Shall we?"

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