2019-09-19 - Visit, Visiting, Visited


Darcy visits Jimmy while he's recovering.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Sep 19 00:00:00 2019
Location: Triskelion Medbay

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Jimmy hadn't been able to contact Darcy himself yet, not directly. His current state would have some trouble holding a phone, for one thing. But Priscilla was right there at the time, and let her know, as soon as possible: Jimmy is back, and he's recovering in the Triskelion's med bay. Now that the doctors (particularly Agent Simmons) have had a good look at him, he's permitted visitors.

That's where Darcy would find him: sitting up in a medical bed, dressed in a gown… and with his arms gone from the elbow down.

With the okay to see him received, Darcy got the address, the afternoon off work, and took the subway followed by a ferry over to Governer's Island. She'd never been in the Triskleion before. It was… kinda corporate, actually. A light security check confirmed her identity and when she got her visitor's badge, she made her way into Jimmy's 'hospital room'. Darcy poked her head in first to find him before sliding in the rest of the way.

"Hey, handsome," she called out as she moved toward his bed. She's wary only because she's worried about him, and while she believed Pris there's still that tiny nugget of wanting to see for herself.

Jimmy looks up before she's even in audible range; he has other senses to see her coming. He can't quite be certain of recognising her by heart alone, but it's still enough that he has a tentative smile aimed in that direction, just before she enters the room — and then relief when he sees that his guess was right. "Hey beautiful. Sorry I scared you. And about…" He sighs. "You know. Everything." He shuffles along the bed, moving closer to the edge. "C'mere?"

The soft tentative smile, the relief in his eyes, the gentle swell of his words… Darcy relaxes, all wariness gone. Moving with much more assurance, she heads to his bedside where the stress of knwoing he was in danger and not being able to do a damn thing about it plays just under her joy at seeing him again.

"I accept the apology for scaring me, but not for anything else, cause that's not anything YOU have to apologize for, ever," Darcy says, stepping against the edge of hte bed and wrapping her arms about his shoulders to cradle his head to her chest.

When Darcy relaxes, so does Jimmy, feeling and echoing her relief. His smile gains a bit more confidence, and he leans towards her.

Wait, coming in at that height—

He mmphs into her chest, his blush rising. "H-Hello to you too," he murmurs, lifting his arms — such as they are. "There are some, er, other new things, too." He glows, and with it comes the wings… and a pair of ghost arms extending from the stumps. Wings and arms alike wrap around her, but they're just intangible warmth, not anything solid. "Thank You."

The stutter makes it sink home that this is indeed HER Jimmy. Darcy sighs, eyes closing for a moment before she pulls back to smile at him. Oh, the glow. WAIT! Glow? He's in a hospital! For a moment she worries, but it fades when it occurs to her that he's comfortable with it. Maybe he did that 'you can't see me thing' again. Darcy smiles into her realizing he has no arms and a single thought crystalizes: The drummer from Def Lepard only has one arm.

"You're Welcome. What happened to your arms? Are you in pain and what are the new things? I like new things. Tell me the things."

It's not any hospital; it's the med bay of the Triskelion, SHIELD headquarters. They know all about Jimmy's weirdness — probably in more detail than Jimmy himself — so there's no need for him to keep things hidden.

Jimmy sits back slightly from her, enough that she can see the phantom limbs. He wiggles the semi-transparent fingers. "These. And… Jemma Said I'm Regenerating More Than I Used To. And When It First Happened, It Was Up To My Shoulder. I Don't Know How Long It'll Take, But They're Growing Back." He smiles, wistful. He's looking forward to that. For now, he just lays the warm hand against her cheek. "It Doesn't Hurt Anymore. Feels Warm, But It Doesn't Hurt."

Something else crosses his mind, and he starts to blush. "…And… Th-There's Something I Should Confess."

"Oh. Well. If -Jemma- said so," Darcy retorts, a half grin on her still red painted lips. Still in her professional office attire, she leans her cheek into the warmth, eyes fluttering. It's a sensual feeling, like he's holding his hand just above her skin, ghosting over the touch, teasing at touching.

"I'm glad it doesn't hurt anymore," she says before her eyes open to his transition into confessing something. She peers at his blushing cheeks, and her brows lift.

"Something that makes you blush?" she asks, lips smirking and eyes dancing lightly. "You have my attention."

Jimmy nods. "Doctor Jemma Simmons. One Of SHIELD's Foremost Experts In Strange Biology."

Just the smirk on her face, the gleam in her eyes, is enough to bring a quiet whine from the back of his throat. And he still senses her amusement on top of it all. He ducks his chin, his face growing hotter. "Wh-When I Came Back To Myself, Priscilla Was There. She Comforted Me, Supported Me, Helped Me Keep It Together. And…" His fingers fidget, without actually touching antyhing. "…I Almost Kissed Her. Or Almost T-Tried To. I Don't Think She'd Have Let Me, If I Had. I'm S-Sorry."

A quiet whine? The blush takes on a whole new meaning, one that solidifies the moment Jimmy ducks down. Darcy's amusement vanishes, replaced with worry and concern… for HIM. Not worry over whatever he might have done, but for the embarassment he feels. She stays quiet while he confesses nearly kissing Pris, and then silent still as he apologizes for it.

She had that conversation with Pris. Sort of. She knew that Pris wouldn't even entertain the notion of any sort of involvement with Jimmy. 'I don't poach', Darcy thinks were teh word Pris used. Without saying anything, Darcy pushes her way onto the bed with Jimmy, straddling him a bit if she must, and being careful of any IVs he might have in places not his arms because he doesn't have those right not.

"Jimmy? You have nothing to apologize for," Darcy says, hands coming to rest on his shoulders as she leans forward to tap the tip of her nose ot his.

"If you had or if you hadn't. Thank you for telling me, but just so where clear, if there's ever someone you want to share with, let me know. I'd like to met him or her, have a chance to get to know them too and if I'm comfortable with them, then have at. If you want them more than you want me, then… I'll understand. I'll be shook, but I've had break ups before. I'm a big girl. I'm survive," Darcy says, knowing logically that Jimmy'll still sense just how much it hurts to even remember those break ups, and yet still she gives him the freedom and the right and the respect to make that decision. All of it, for the low low price of just telling her instead of running around behind her back and lying to her about it.

Jimmy looks up when he feels her approaching. There's room on the bed for her to sit beside him, but… let's be real. It's Darcy; she's going to sit on his lap. His face warms further, radiating even behind the glow, but a smile tugs at the corners of his lips, too. It's just so very Darcy, and it warms his heart.

His eyebrows lift, his eyes widening at the first part of what she has to say. But, as he hears the hurt coming out of her heart, both hands come up to her cheeks and hold her face. He looks deeply into her eyes, and shifts back to normal so he can look at her just with his blue eyes, and not the uncomfortable glare. So he can share that close look and let his earnestness sing, even as the not-hands vanish.

"I adore you, Darcy." He kisses her full on the mouth, holding it for several seconds. "And I'm not going to let you go any time soon. I still have no idea how I got so lucky as to have someone so understanding." In the absence of hands, he bumps her with his forehead, nudging hers. "And… s-same to you, alright? I don't own you. I don't restrict you. If something like that happens, there's someone you want to go with? Then I'd want to hear about it after, but I absolutely trust you." Wicked, though blushing, smile. "And I do mean I'd want to hear about it. It'll make for some hot mental images."

"I adore you too. I may be even love-love you, but damn straight you don't own me," Darcy says with a smile, nudging back into his forehead. "And if I find someone I want, I'll let you know before hand so tht you don't have to jus thear abou tit, but you can join in or run the camera."

Jimmy smiles back at her, letting out a warm sigh. Man, this open, honest communication thing is great. "I maybe love-love you, too. H-Haven't had much bandwidth to think about it for the past couple weeks." He's been kind of a robot. He manages a grin. "More like damn pan, isn't it?" He can joke with her… but he absolutely cannot keep up. When she suggests a camera, he's left choking and spluttering, staring with red-faced mortification. "Darcy!"

Open honest communication is the best, isn't it? Darcy grins at this, leaning up to kiss Jimmy's forehead.

"I totally get it, hot stuff. Nothing you have to apologize for at all," she reminds him, smirking as he tries - bless his heart - to keep up. When she embarasses him throughly, Darcy laughs brightly.

"Jimmy!" she coos back on a snickers, leaning back a but to wink at him.

It confirms, beyond a shadow of a doubt: yes, that's Jimmy, alright. He's had some harsh experiences, but he's come back out the other side with his core more-or-less intact. He's still her blushing, squirming, awkward cinnamon roll. He pouts at her return coo, and lights up again just so he can have a ghost-hand to waggle at her.

No better confirmation could Darcy have received than this. Ghost-hand waggle blushing flail is pergect and Darcy giggles at her cinnamon roll. She leans into his glow, seeking his lips, seeking to share the relief of the confirmation and the warmth his blushing always causes her.

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