2019-09-19 - Texting With Friends


Mera calls in the aid of two friends.

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: September 19th, 2019
Location: Jone's Beach, NYC

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Thursday morning and the sun will soon be rising on another lovely day in New York City. Assuming it makes it to dawn. Eve and Lena received disgustingly early messages via their primitive phones to meet Mera on Jones Beach. The rendezvous is away from the boardwalk area and any prying eyes. A deserted area of white sand where Mera waits, clad in her green armor, staring out at the ocean.

Lena Snart woke up to the annoyed noises of a fire-loving bruiser by her side. There was muttering, grumbling, pawing of massive mits and then a roll over with a pillow covering his ears. The phase 'turn that shit off' was lost in there somewhere. Leaving the firebug to sleep, Lena looks over the message and quirks a fine brow. Shrugging, she moves about the hide-out and gets dressed. Getting dressed was a reminder that she hated this city during the summer.

Short-short, Chucks, a red tanktop with a circle and lightning bolt down its middle - She was ready. In truth, it took away from her natural more dark hued, gothic attire, but today, she couldn't committ to how choking the heat would be. Even her hair is up - and the scar around her throat is on display. Pulling her hair up into a tail, Snart makes her way to the patch of sand.

"Princess." She greets kindly enough. "You're buying me so much coffee…"

On the beach, there is a Goth.

She's moseying her way down towards the pair. She can't possibly recognize Lena from this distance, but well, she stands out with the attire and the blue hair. She's padding her way along the beach, though, enjoying the feeling of sand beneath her toes becaue of course she does. Why not?

Mera does not look back at Lena when she arrives, still concentrating on the oceam. "Coffee? Ah, yes, your drug. I will buy you coffee if you wish. If we survive." She finally turns her head to offer a smile. "Thank you for coming. I hope it was not too early." And there is a Goth. "Oh, good, Eve was able to come as well. And I am not a princess." Turning back to the ocean she waves a hand at the dark grey waters. "They will be here soon. Prepare yourself for battle." A beat. "I did mention that there would be fighting in my message, did I not?" She didn't.

"One of many." Lena muses, rolling her frosty eyes. "Eve?" She questions, quirking a brow and looking around at whomever the red-head was talking about. Then, she sees her and the look that crosses her features is pure, hateful enjoyment. A scoff, her voice shifts, becoming more flat and apathetic. "Oh, you'll always be a princess to me. Someday, you'll get the joke." Battle? "No," she corrects. "You didn't…however…" Reaching up and against her back, there's the ripping noise of something as she pulls her gun from her hiding place. "Who we icing?"

"Yeah, hey Mera I — YOU," A finger is pointed at Lena. She recognizes her. That voice. Eve is just /staring/ at Lena right up until Mera speaks about battle and waht's more and she jerks her attention to her, "What? No, you kind of left the IMPORTANT PARTS OUT, MERA." She sighs. "… I'm going to have get my clothes ruined /again/," she groans.

"You know each other? That will save time" Mera notes flatly before shrugging at leaving the important bits out of her message. "No matter, you are both here and able to fight." Mera has a feeling there is a pun in what Lena said about 'icing' but her knowledge of idioms or slang is not advanced enough. "Some rebels have decided to take matters into their own hands and disobey their king. Their impatience could start a war that does not need to be fought. They will make landfall here before progressing inland to destroy the city. We shall stop them here. Is this acceptable?" She looks between the other two women. "Unless you wish New York destroyed."

"Me." Lena answers to Eve, a look given to the girl passively, briefly. Turning to face Mera directly, she holds her gun at the ready, relaxing and shifting her stance. Eyeing the waves, she nods, glancing toward her gun and considering it for a moment. "Fish folk? Like yourself?" She inquires, her black painted finger tips moving toward what appears to be a dial of sorts on the smaller looking version of her beloved Jadis.

Then she scoffs, "Well, it is a shit hole, but…no. Can't let it get destroyed just yet." A few strides, she moves closer to Mera and eyes her pointedly. "Besides doing this for you - what's in it for me?"

"Not losing the city where you keep your stuff?" remarks Eve, dryly, at Lena's comment. She glowers for a moment at Mera and Lena, not exactly thrilled with being dragged into something out of nowhere yet again for the tmoment, but then she relents and sighs.

"Right, then. What can you tell us about these folks? How many are there? I'm assuming 'not so many' or else oyu'd have, you know, called the Avengers or something."

"You are not doing this for me. You are doing it for them…" Mera waves her hand at New York. "And for your lover who is probably asleep and will never wake if we let the attack succeed. But, if the coffee is not enough, then I shall show you a sunken treasure ship that has never been found by your people. You can do with its contents what you wish." A shrug and a purse of her lips about whether the attackers will be like her. "They are rebels, so, no, not like me. And they will be blue skinned and wearing protective suits against the atmosphere. Not all Atlanteans can enjoy the surface air. With all the smog, I can't believe any of you enjoy it."

"The Avengers would not be able to leave it alone. They would want to take the fight to Atlantis with their ignorance. I know that you two are intelligent and will listen" Mera explains. "It will probably be an Assault Squad. About a dozen, well-armed, and with a fusion weapon to destroy the city." Out at sea the water bubbles as the sea begins to rise. "Ah, here they come." A smile forms that suggests she will enjoy this. "It should not take us long." Famous last words?

"Here I thought you understood me, Princess. You don't just yet." Snart murmurs, the smallest hint of disappointment in her voice. When the run down of their enemies starts, she turns and looks toward the sea. The dial turns and she nods. Rolling her shoulders she levels the gun, feet set apart in a stance as she waits.

"Oh brother," says Eve of Lena's 'negotiating', such as it is, for pay. She pinches the bridge of her nose, about to make a comment, but then there are bubbles and the seas begin to rise. She takes a moment to center herself, biology adapting to the necessities of combat. It's not /visible/, mind you, but she certainly seems more than ready to engage a dozen people in an assault team.

… not like she has a choice. Then:

"Did… you say fusion weapon?"

"I apologise if I have offended you again, Lena. We shall discuss your reward afterwards if you wish" Mera offers with what proves to be a sincere smile. She must be getting soft after all this human interaction. A nod to Eve. "Yes, a fusion weapon. It will not be activated yet, there is nothing to worry about." A beat before she adds, "Though try not to hit it with a weapon."

Rising out of the dark water is a line of six armored humanoids carrying long 'rifles' that glow with power. They advance confidently on the beach, not expecting anyone to be there, much less any resistance. When they spot the three women they raise their weapons while still advancing. They can't help but recognise the redhead so it is Mera who is the target of the first volley. Energy blasts that would probably kill a human hitting her with a force that sends her flying through the air and slamming into beach wall some twenty feet behind.

"Not offended, you just don't get me yet." Now was not the time to speak, however. Regroup after the fight - Baddies showing, guns up, her own weapon hums and starts to glow. Then she notices that first round showering out toward Mera directly. Guns = Run. Growling, Lena starts moving, oddly dextrous for her somewhat lanky form. It's not long until she sizes up where to shoot. "Don't shoot the weapons?!" She clarifies with Mera, only to press her finger on the trigger of her finger, a stark chill frying out in a ray of frost and soul shattering ice, aiming for their helmets.

"SHE MEANS THE FUSION WEAPON," yells Eve at Lena. She stares in horror at the lot of them for a moment, yes, before that and then starts running herself… towards them.

And probably to the surprise of one person present, that girl in the bare feet can /book/ it. She's throwing herself directly towards them while doing her level best to stay off to the side, out of the field of fire. She doesn't even glance back.

Mera growls in annoyance as she stares up at the lightening sky, smoke rising from her armor; that did not tickle. She sits up, stretching her neck from side to side. "They are not carrying the fusion weapon!" she calls back to Lena, "You will know it when you see it." Then she bounces to her feet and glares at the still advancing soldiers. "You will surrender immediately and submit to the king's justice!" For some reason, that gets another volley of energy beams in her direction, though this time she manages to dive out of the way.

Lena's ray hits the helmet of one of the soldiers. The ceramic cracking as it freezes over. Though they are made to resist the icy depths of the deepest ocean, this weapon is a bit more than that. The soldier drops hiw rifle, clutching at his head, but the pressure of his armored gloves causes the helmet to crack and then split open, spilling ice-filled water.

They haven't even noticed the blur that is Eve yet. What danger can a human Goth be?

"On it!" Lena changes up her tactics. The helmet worked, sure, but now for a arch of ice with weapons (and torso) in her line of sight. "Keep clear of the pretty light, ladies!" Comes Cold's warning, a gleeful grin on her features as that ice reaches out sending temperatures sub-zero.

Well, there's a sight you don't see every day. A human goth that crashes into one of the soldiers and picks him up bodily over her head and is quickly throwing him into one of the others because that's what you do in these situations, right? She has no idea what she's doing but she's sure strong.

"OI. DROP THE WEAPONS." She's relying on outright speed and strength, this time. For the moment.

That's going to change after those weapons get targetted on /her/, if they land them.

Once more Mera lifts herself from the sand, brushing it away, though it looks like her companions now have the interest of the soldiers. One of the armored assailants retreating back into the ocean with a cracked helmet. Another sailing through the air until he hits one of his squadmates and they both disappear under the waves for a moment. That still leaves three to blast away at Eve and Lena.

Possibly more as the second line arrives. Two soldiers armed as the first group open fire, blast impacts causing plumes of sand to erupt near the elusive Lean. Another four rise from the depths, carrying a palanquin upon which sits a sphere of about six feet diameter…that would be the fusion weapon.

Lena Snart runs, dodging as best she can and turning against dunes with her eyes shut tight. Sand was a hell of a thing. Sputtering grains away from her painted lips, others already hugging to her lightly sweating figure, the girl growls under her breath and flips the dial on her gun. The demo was working, for now, but it was time for a different method of attack. Pressing up and away, she starts running again, gun at the ready and firing off something different. This time, it's not actually cutting the world with cold, instead, it's slowing it down. The air chills, the water shifts and frosts, and the soldiers caught withing the brilliant beam of light would find their movement pushed back, slowed, 'frozen'.

Eve is fast.

She is not faster thawn blasters, however, and gets ripped through and left a a bloody mess on the sand for a moment from the force of the impacts. The soldiers, being soldiers, are rather pleased that they've dealt with her this way. SHe looks pretty dead, right up until she yanks their feet out from under them and starts ranting about how hard it is to find great goth attire at them.

She is Annoyed.

While bleeding mightily and not seeming even slightly concerned about it.

The soldiers are rather confused. They were told that the humans were little more than savages with clubs, but one of them has a strange weapon that is making it hard to even move, while the other…they have no idea what Eve is. But, still, they do their best to knock their enemies down.

A huge column of water rises like a whirlpool into the air behind the carried fusion weapon. It rises and rises, controlled by a blank eyed Mera, the water in the air around her agitated so much that it looks like she sparkles. And then, with a roar, the water slams down on the palanquin and the soldier-porters. Driving the fusion weapon into the sandy bottom of the sea and sending broken rebels flying through the air. Though her concentration means that another bolt of energy hits her - though it only serves to maker her angrier than wounded.

With their chief weapon incapacitated and the New York defences proving tougher than expected, discretion may be the better part of valor this morning. They start to withdraw, firing as they do so. Though those under the influence of Lena's ray are finding it difficult to be as fast as they wish.

"Supes always thinking they can have the upper hand. Aliens, other worlders…" She murmurs, a few more choice lines rolling through her noggin as she turns on the juice, keeping the power kicking off at full strength. Mera wasn't…reacting? She was busy - and that power isn't missed by the Captain of Cold. Neither was the onslaught of departing projectiles. "Mera!" Snart calls out, finally ceasing her attack on the underwater mooks to runs toward the red-head's side. The light that crackles across her flesh burns like nothing she's ever felt before, and with that hit and jolt of her body comes the downside of prototypes.

The shell of the gun is cracked, and from it slips out an icy fog. Lena shudders for only a moment as she space around the weapon starts to freeze instantly. "Sh-shit…" She pants, the wound's pain still laying claim to her form. "S-shit!" She yells out of annoyance more than anything else.

Her flesh starts to stiffen, grow pale and then blue before she forces herself to toss the gun away and toward the waves. On inpact, a large chunk of ice starts to form. Lena goes to her knees, trembling and shivering.

There are holes in her shirt.

More importantly, there are holes in /her/. The kind you can see the sun through. It doesn't seem to be making Eve uncomfortable. It's like pain is something that happens to other people: namely, the men she's still engaged in a fight with.

Vines and throns erupt from her skin when one goes to grab her, hardly sharp enough to make it through their armor, but sharp enough to make holding onto her harder than need be and it buys her time to stay in the melee, bloody and wrecked as she is.

Then there's that water column and broken rebels and their withdrawal.

Eve lets them go, tempted as she is to do otherwise for a brief, angry moment before she she, and her now very wrecked leg, are limping their way towards Mera and Lena.

The latter makes her pause as the icyo fog begins to show up and she chucks her weapon into the ocean.

"Jesus Christ," she says at the sight of the ice chunk that formed, shaking her head. She's /very/ glad to have not taken any friendly fire.

The fire she did take was bad enough and it shows.

Being shot at may not break Mera's concentration, but hearing the result of Lena being hit certainly does. "Lena? Are you okay?" Her tone rather nonchalant since there is a momentary assumption that the human is as tough as her. But it is soon obvious the woman is very much not okay. "Lena!" Now said with more concern as Mera drops down to hold her, checking quickly where she was hit and grimacing at the burned flesh that, perhaps ironically, is not as damaged as it could have been if the gun had not shattered and spread that cold around Lena.

"Eve! I think Lena is very hurt." What they need is another human to confirm this. Is Mera worried about Eve doing an impersonation of Swiss cheese? Nope, she's seen her in action before. A consoling tone for the ice queen as Mera tries to warm her up by holding her close. "You will be fine. We will take care of you."

Lena Snart just shivers. She works her fingers, making sure she still has feeling on them. Mera's talking, she looks her way. Then Mera is holding her. Ah, there's the pain. Her jaw tightens as she growls at the frustration of it. Mera then gives her promise and embraces her chilly body closer. She smirks and chuckles, stopping almost instantly as the ache ripples through her. "Y-y'know…Mick would l-love seeing this. What that l-lug would be thinking…" A look down, she blinks and sighs. "Shit, my shirt's ruined…"

Take care of…"What? No, I don't need…don't worry about…" Finally, it's too much. There's that burn, that ripping dig at her pale flesh that, where she was hit, is not so pale any longer. Her eyes roll back as she slumps in the Atlantean's arms. Good news? She's breathing.

Eve needs a moment. Her body is barely functional at the moment.

"I mean, she's alive. I think she's probably in shock. We'll need to keep her warm and figure out where to take her." She eyeballs Mera. "Her life signs are strong enough for the moment, anyway I… think?" Her sense isn't that finely detailed, after all, but she feels confident enough in saying that.

"…and then you and I are gonna have a talk." She gestures at Mera again. "… and you are buying me new clothes." BECAUSE THIS IS THE SECOND SET YOU HAVE RUINED, MERA.

Mera nods to Eve's advice. "I shall keep her warm." She easily picks the human up as the sun illuminates the battle-scarred beach. "I will take her to one of the establishments on the boardwalk until she recovers enough to be moved further. They may have a first aid kit." Nothing unusual about a woman in a green bodysuit carrying an injured woman down the boardwalk first thing in the morning. Right? "We shall talk, Eve. We still have the black goo to be concerned with."

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