2019-09-17 - Someday I'll Dance


Robbie visits Priscilla at her work. They grow closer.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Sep 17 15:42:40 2019
Location: Brooklyn

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The Obsidian Club is a pretty popular place, and not nearly the scumhole many expect of a strip club. Another note some find interesting is that the clientele is far closer to 50/50 male/female than most such establishments manage, especially given that the Obsidian doesn't make any point in their advertising that they have male dancers.

The bouncers are polite and professional, and include those who present as male and those who present as female. When someone arrives at one of the bouncers whose name is on the guest list, their ID is checked, and then they are stamped accordingly and led inside without paying the cover charge. Their guide will mention that the two-drink minimum still applies, and then hand them off directly into the hands of a waiting waitress, who guides them to a table, asking along the way if they would prefer something close to the main stage, back a bit, around one of the small stages, or in the buffet area. A guest has to ask if they would instead prefer to go sit at the bar.

Once seated, the guest becomes very much a low-key VIP. All of the serving staff make a point of checking with them to see if they want or need anything, and they are quite happy to carry messages for guests to the staff member who put them on the list. It's all quite warm and welcoming, above and beyond the fact that this place seems to studiously avoid all of the worst stereotypes of adult entertainment venues.

Robbie decided to accept Priscilla's offer of coming down to the Oblivion Bar, though he had no idea he would be put on any kind of VIP service list or anything of the sort. So when he arrives, he shows his ID and he's allowed inside. He's sat down and he's immediately starting to be treated like a king. He's not even dressed for the occasion! Just his leather jacket, some regular gray pants, some cool boots, and he even manscaped himself because most of all? He wanted to see Pris again.

He managed to get her cell after all, but texting (which he was likely to do pretty often, since they seemed to hit it off extremely well) is pale in front of meeting face to face. So, Robbie just orders himself some wine, no food, and the waitress/waiter seems rather happy to do so.

But Priscilla will receive a message from a passing staffperson, namely that Robbie says hello and he'll be saving a drink for her, even though she's probably performing tonight as the main-event.

He doesn't frequent strip clubs very often, but he's not even looking at the other dancers. He takes a breath, nervous.

When she is informed that Robbie has shown up, Priscilla smiles and nods to Jenny. "Thanks, Sunshine. You all just keep him happy, and I'll see him after my set." She embraces the cute dyed-blonde and lets her head out, while the mocha-skinned curvaceous dancer helps another new dancer get ready for her set on one of the mini-stages.

"Dana, don't worry about it. OK? You're going to be fine. You're safe here. Just feel the music. Sink into it, just like you do in practice. Let yourself feel the sexy, and then just show it off. That's all it takes, I promise." Pris offers as advice, while she helps the other woman perfect her makeup. It's all an art, and Pris has a lot of experience at it; far more than her apparent youth explains. At least she hasn't reached the point where she looks improbably young for her chronological age; not yet.

At about that point, the dancer on stage currently is congratulated by the announcer, who asks for a big round of applause for the tall redhead 'Strawberry'. Two of the serving girls - one of them Sunshine - head up with push-brooms and sweep up the money left behind on the main stage, then gather it off-stage into a bowl which they will take to Strawberry in the dressing room.

The musical track ends, and then another begins: Santana's Black Magic Woman. Then the announcer's voice comes back: "Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the mystical, the magical, Voodoo!" And as his voice calls out her name the curtains part, and out comes Priscilla, strutting her stuff in a sexy, slinky robe bedecked with symbols and shining with gold accents against its purple color.

Given his mystical nature, Robbie will keep enough of himself as this unfolds to become keenly aware of the circumstances: Priscilla is incredibly strong, agile, experienced and skilled as a dancer. But there is definitely something more to her performance; it's like a wave of desire. There are honestly less than a handful of people in the entire club who are able to ignore the pull of her sensual presence; only those who truly have no attraction whatsoever for women find themselves unaffected. Others with more experience can feel it and still function, look past it. But it is a mighty force.

Even more impressive, on some level, is the fact that 'Voodoo' seems able to know exactly what each and every patron wants, to read them like books, and give it to them. And she turns it all into a powerfully athletic and artistic dance.

Seems that Robbie will continue to be treated very well. Both visually and with anything else he might need. Though its not like he's asking other dancers for lapdances or something. If he gets one, that is something he would specifically rather ask Pris, because he knows her and feels that it would maybe increase his chances to start knowing her.

He doesn't know that Pris is helping a fellow, younger, fresh dancer with some pointers in how to perform. But suddenly all thought on what she might be doing quickly fades when Voodoo arrives on stage proper. He senses her mystical nature, and even Eli is perhaps warning him in his mental subconscious that Voodoo was a dangerous woman whose capabilities they outright didn't know.

But Robbie locked eyes with her, if she intended to look out into the crowd to see him. When someone asks him if there's anything he needs, he smiles. "Oh no, I'm okay, but thank you. I uh…don't suppose Voodoo will be available for a private moment, would she?" Of course, he's unfamiliar with her after-dance policies (or the club's policies in general), but he's hoping to maybe 'reserve' Voodoo for after her dance.

Fortunately for Robbie, he is strongly attracted to Voodoo, but its romantic affection, not lustful affection. (though that was oftne a nice bonus). But he's affected by her dance nonetheless.

When Robbie asks, the server helping him with another drink is happy to explain - without getting in the way of the view of Voodoo up on the stage. "Sure, honey. All the dancers come back out of the dressing room after their sets and take a stroll around the floor. Anyone who wants a lapdance, or a private dance in the VIP Room, can ask then." Sunshine gives Robbie a little saucy wink. "And since you're her guest, I'm guessing she'll make sure you get a chance. Enjoy, sweetie." And then she's off.

As a headliner during the best part of the night, Voodoo peforms through a good twenty minutes and five songs. All of them are thriving and energetic songs that fit a theme about magic, hot women, and voduon. And Pris makes very sure to connect with Robbie, even from the stage, though she doesn't give him too much more attention than she does anyone else while she's up there; fair is fair, after all.

After her set is over, as the last song is winding down the announcer again calls for everyone to give a final round of applause, and not a single hand in the room doesn't join in. Then two of the girls climb up on stage with the push brooms and sweep up all of the money left; the pile from Pris overflows the bowl, but the girls are used to this and know how to pack it down to fit. Then the announcer calls out the next dancer: "The flirtacious and scintiliating Kori!" as a towering, well over six foot tall woman with improbably long red hair and a strikingly golden tan - it's actually a shade of orange, but that is modified by a shift in the lighting filters - takes the stage.

Maybe six minutes later, Priscilla emerges from the curtains to step out not onto the stage, but down onto floor level. Instead of her earlier costume she is wearing only a glittering purple g-string, those towering transparent platform heels, and a mid-thigh length - if that - translucent purple peignoir. And though she does stop by a few tables to say hello to folks, it seems as if she quite juduciously picks the perfect tables, where folks want to say hi, or gush happily, maybe ask for an autograph, but no one will be brave enough to ask for a lapdance or a private dance in the VIP section.

And then Priscilla arrives at Robbie's table, smiling as she leans over to give him a hug and brush her lips against his temple. "Hi, Robbie. Glad you could make it. I hope you enjoyed the show?"

"Thank you very much." Robbie says to Sunshine before suddenly she's giving him a rather saucy and sensual wink before she walks off. Well then. But then his eyes are plastered all over every divine curve and aspect of Priscilla, the smile on his face not leaving for even a moment. She connects with him alright. But then her performance is over, and Robbie's mind is given a very light repreive.

Since he was definitely thinking some impure thoughts to follow with his more innocent ones…

Then it seems there is someone named Kory as she comes out and seems to be rocking the house, but not quite to the level that Priscilla was. Either way, when he sees her wearing practically nothing, he starts to have a sweat and feels like he needs to take a seriously cold shower to calm himself.

Then she's there. With him. Her lips touch his temple and he smiles at her warm touch. If she allows, perhaps he'll turn his head and return her kiss, though its to her cheek, maybe closer to the corner of her lips. "I enjoyed it a lot, Pris. I loved your dance. I talked to one of the staff members around the place and she said something about a…private dance?" He says flirtatiously to her, a smile on his face.

Priscilla turns her cheek to Robbie gladly to accept that kiss, and then settles down in the seat beside him, quite openly flirting. Then again, can a woman that beautiful, that undressed, really manage not to flirt, or be taken as flirting? It's an open question to the eyes that behold. "Oooh. A private dance, is it, Robbie? Well, certainly. That can be arranged. It's not cheap, though; you're my guest, and I'm not here to break your piggy bank, hon." That syrupy melange of accents continues enticingly. "You don't have to pay for my company, just for the record." But a private dance is another matter.

Kiss given, it seems they have broken the oral affection barrier, at least where something small like a kiss to the cheek is concerned, but Robbie kept his eyes on her. Whether or not she is fully intending to show herself off and/or flirt with Robbie is completely tossed aside in favor of the thought that he's there with her and most likely, someone wasn't going to try and interrupt.

But when he chuckles at the answer to the private dance, Robbie shakes his head. "Well, so long as I can be selfish with you, even if its just for a second, I'll pass on the dance. You just being yourself is a much better gift." Robbie looks her right in the eyes then, his bare hand perhaps going to rest on her knee if she allows, near her hand.

"Having a good work night?" He then asks her, just enjoying a conversation with his half-naked lady love.

Pris doesn't slap away Robbie's hand on her knee, but she does, after a little bit, gently pick it up and put it on the table between them. There, she holds his hand, almost as if she's making up for taking away his hand on her knee. "Sorry. Rules." she offers, a twinkle of merriment in her eyes.

"My evening is doing just fine. Not the biggest night, of course. That's Friday and Saturday. But good enough. And my proteges seem to be doing well." Pris pauses to glance up at Kory, watching her avidly for a bit, clearly critiquing her performance audience involvement. Then she refocuses on Robbie.

"How was your day?" Pris inquires; this evening is frankly not even yet her relative lunchtime, but she knows its past the end of his work day, and she's sure he has his days' experiences to go through. Why not share? "My bike is still running like a dream, by the way. Thanks again for your help."

Robbie's hand is moved, and for a second his heart stops. Did she not want his affection? Did he misunderstand her intentions? Did he- But then she puts all of his fears to rest when she just holds his hand as it rests on the table between them, his eyes remaining on hers and he lets his fingers intertwine between her own, affection there.

"I understand." Because this tells him that his touch is welcome, but right now and here in this establishment? Unwise. Must be a 'don't touch the ladies' rule or some such. "Thats really good to hear though. No rough housers or anything out of the ordinary?" he asks her with a curiosity touching his tone, but then he shifts his eyes to Kory when she dances, but his attention quickly falls back onto Priscilla.

"Oh, my day was just alright. Fixed up a car or two that just needed a simple battery change. Nothing that was challenging, but honestly? Its nice to have a day where I'm not challenged and I can be lazy a bit." When she thanks him for his help with her bike, he gives her hand a squeeze.

"Hey, anytime. Oh uh…My little brother says hi, by the way. I told him I'd be going out with ya, so he told me to say that." Though something in Robbie's tone suggests that Gabe has no idea what Pris does for a living, but rather his brother being adorable. He lets his thumb rub at her hand with affection.

Priscilla lets their fingers entwine and smiles, shaking her head. "Rough housers? No, not here. We don't generally got that sort of thing here." But she has certainly known the like elsewhere, and not that long ago. "Folks here at the Obsidian are usually pretty well behaved. It's why I agreed to extend my contract and stay here a while. Usually, I only stay a few weeks, maybe a month at a place." She's a headlining dancer, after all.

"I look forward to meeting Gabriel" Pris offers with a smile. She tends to like most people, and if Gabe thought of sending along a greeting, she's only too happy to return it in kind. "Sounds like he's a really good kid."

Robbie smirks just a little bit. "Do you have your own place?" Robbie asks her out of curiosity. It was a little worrying when she tells him that she often moves from place to place. "Becuase, you know, if you need someplace to stay, I can offer my place. I'll just sleep on the couch until you figure your stuff out." Robbie was selfless. He's not saying this because she's pretty or because he's romantically attracted to her, but because she's his friend and Robbie would throw himself in front of a train for his friends.

"I think you'd like him. Maybe after your done with your shift here, I can take you to meet him? Just ah…I warn you ahead of time that he's special." He's trying to say really kindly that Gabe may be on the spectrum or he's just mentally different. But he elaborates. He also hopes that she doesn't feel awkward or weirded out by that.

"But I'm glad you like it here. I can tell you probably get paid very well." he says with a light chuckle, knowing that she attracts all sorts of attention through her line of work. So how in the hell did she find herself looking at him?

Priscilla chuckles softly and rubs her thumb over Robbie's hand. "It's OK, Robbie. I have a place. That's what rent is for." All true, but it leads one to the conclusion that Pris is paying rent on a place. That's misleading, because she is not. The safehouse isn't exactly a lease, but she doesn't legally own it. Some S-corp does, whatever that is. "But thank you kindly for the offer. That's really sweet of you."

Pris listens about Gabe, and considers. "Probably better, I'd think, if we arrange for me to drop by and meet him some day before work, or a day I don't work. So we don't keep him up too late, or wake him. I don't get off until an hour or so after midnight, most nights." But she shows no concern about Gabe being special, be it spectrum or even plain retardation. What would weird her out more is if he were a genius.

"I do make a pretty good row here." And at most clubs, to be honest, and some even better than this one. But none have felt closer to being a home base. "Keeps me rolling in chips and g-strings." she teases with a wink.

Robbie looks at Priscilla when she rubs her thumb over his hand, a smile happily presented for her. "Cool, cool. Just wanted to make sure you're taken care of, at least. I have first hand experience that it can be really hard on the streets." Robbie squeezes her hand.

"Yeah, thats probably smart. He tends to stay up late with me because he wants me to play videogames with him and stuff, which I don't mind." Robbie might not be a gamer guy. Which would make a little sense, since he's full-auto on the mechanic stuff. "But before work? No problem. We can definitely work something out there. He'd like you, I think." Robbie tells her, but then she makes a comment about g-strings and chips and he couldn't help but laugh.

"Hey, I mean…you do look pretty good in a g-string, let me tell you for certain." Yes, he was flirting with her and flattering her, but he looks her in the eyes. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. "I'm really happy I was able to see you tonight, Priscilla. Maybe one of these days you'll teach me how to dance. Not like that but you know…how to dance." He chuckles.

Priscilla nods. "I remember what it was like, even if it was more than a few years ago." It's hard, maybe, to imagine Priscilla as a homeless woman. Harder still as just a homeles orphan girl. But it happened, and she'll never forget it.

"So, we'll find a good day, and I cam come by to meet Gabe. I'm not so great at those game things, but I can give it a try. Whatever works." She knows there are kids who can only relate to others through those games, so she'll do what she can to help.

Priscilla's purple eyes meet Robbie's dark and she smiles. "I'm glad you like it." she offers. "You look pretty handsome yourself, you know." Even more, to her, is his honestly. He may have something else about him, but so does she. So far, she likes what she knows. "Maybe we can check calendars? My next days off would be next week, Monday and Tuesday. Not sure if a good dance club is open those nights. But we can work something out if we try." And they can go daning. Together. With her clothes on.

Robbie nods to her a little bit. It was a sympathetic look in his eyes. He knows what its like to literally be at the bottom of humanity with nothing to your name. Nothing that you would think to be of worth, anyway. Robbie became a mechanic, Priscilla became an exotic dancer. Sometimes you just have to deal with the cards you're dealt.

When she tells him she'll make an effort to play video games if Gabe asks her too, Robbie smiles. "I appreciate it. You'd certainly make his day, I'm sure of it."

Then she's flirting with him a little bit. "Thank you." He locks eyes with her and his smile is as much kind as it is lustful. Some extra spice on an already full chicken.

"I can take a day off on one of those days. We'll both be fully clothed, but thats not a bad thing. Besides, then we won't have to stand five feet apart." He teases her, but he knows the rules of the place and he wasn't about to break them. "I have a little bit of time left, just so you know. But…really, thank you for spending time with me. I think I'm lucky just seeing you again." Aww.

The room shakes and begins to crumble.


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