2019-09-17 - Of Parks and the Porkchop Express


Chance meetings between Gwen, Avery and Carin and Damian - then later Avery and Carin meet up for a movie!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Sep 17 07:10:33 2019
Location: Central Park

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It is a little after the dinner hour and most people are probably settling in for a night of TV and relaxation. NOT so with Avery, nope. The girl is recovering from a gunshot and is determined to get back into top form once again! Dressed in a dark blue sports top and and stretch shorts, she's running full out along one of the trails in Central park. Long hair is gathered at the back, tied in a taut braid. She's very slender, very fit as well and seems determined as she runs, expression very serious.

Gwen is out and about, because why wouldn't she be? It's a perfectly reasonable place to be at this time of night, especially if you're walking on your way to work at some dreaded night time shift. Seriously, who schedules a college student to work a graveyard shift at a fastfood place on a school night? Gwen's boss, that's who. Oh well, nothing but coffee and corndogs for the next sixteen hours, Gwen, you can do this. …She might not be paying attention, though; Well, she's not entirely oblivious, but receiving a sudden flurry of texts has her divert her attention to her phone when Avery is coming around the corner.

Damian usually doesn't jog at night. Usually he's out patrolling as Robin, doing his part to make sure that the city stays safe from evil. But right now? Right now he?s just walking. Black shirt, dark jeans, black shoes. Emerald eyes looking ever forward. He notices Avery as she runs. He keeps an eye on her just in case someone feels like mugging. When Gwen is distracted by Avery though?

That is when things get interesting. Damian tunsdurectly into Gwen, But not hard enough to knock her over. "Oh, sorry about that." Damian says with a straight face. "You okay, miss?"

The running Avery is very intent on her jog, so when she rounds the corner there is only a tiny window to avoid absolute disaster. Of course that's when Damian enters the picture! Keen as Avery's senses are - she can only override momentum so much. She twists to avoid Gwen, but then there's a Damian to contend with, and she ends up twisting her ankle a bit on some gravel and if they're not careful all three of them are going to end up in a tangled mess on the ground. "Oh blast and bother! My most sincere apologies!" She tried, she really did! Hopefully nobody else gets tumbled.

Carin..is running.

Not jogging, which is what most do, or running in the normal sense. But actually letting herself go a bit. The park is large enough, and deserted enough at night, that she can actually cut loose a bit more, running down the paths as she lets herself go to full speed.

So. for about an hour now, people in the park have been perhaps a bit unnerved by sudden, unexplained gusts of wind, breezes and the like as the little redhead blurs past them. She's even actually in 'uniform', such as it is, in her signature gold and green outfit.

Granted, that's mostly because she doesn't want to wreck what few clothes she has, and also because she likes not giving people a show when her clothes inevitable verge on violating comic code from the air friction ripping them up.

But she has new shoes! Provided by Dr. McCoy, and she's gonna try them out, darn it! She hasn't gotten to really run in a while, she tends to melt sneakers if she's not careful.

The sudden pileup is easy for her to see coming and miss, of course…though there's a sudden swirl of air as she zooms around the group just to spot check everyone's okay!

well, it really wasn't Avery's fault, and it really wasn't Damian's either, but unfortunately Gwen has, in the tumultuous meeting of three variously inattentive bodies, gotten knocked over. The blond lets out a 'HwaaaAUGH!' as her feet go out from under her, and she finds herself on her way to sitting on her butt in the gravel.

The real dram is when her phone goes pretty much straight up in the air. There it, tumbling end over end. Another message flashes on the screen, accompanied by a picture of a kitten; a really, really cute kitten, followed by a bit of text that says 'See? TOTES ADORBS!'

Gwen can do nothing but watch as her phone goes up, practically in slow motion, and then starts coming back down; she lifts her hands up to save it, but that's not going to happen, not at all. She's going to miss it by inches.

Thankfully, Damian has fast reflexes. He reaches out to catch Gwen by the wrist, saving her from a meeting with the pavement, while his offhand snaps forward and catches her cellphone, totes adorbs and everything. He looks at Gwen, and pulls her up to her feet before offering her phone to her.

"Sorry about that. I sometimes get lost in my own head and forget where I'm going." he says apologetically before offering her device back. Meantime, he turns his head to see Carin just get out of super speed and suddenly he's wary. "Who are you?" Then there's Avery, who is temporarily ignored by Damian because SPEEDSTER.

'Good reflexes…' Avery has time to think as she hits the ground. Luckily she has trained how to fall, UNluckily however, she hits the ground on her recently injured shoulder, and hisses in pain before she regains her feet. Velocity would no doubt recognize Avery, they've met before. As for Avery, she doesn't know the costumed version of her friend, at least not immediately. She DOES seem able to track her movements, in and out of superspeed.

Standing, she winces a bit and grips her shoulder, and there's a fresh looking scar there, distinctive to anyone with Damian's training, and possibly Carin's - a bullet wound. Recently healed.

Seeing that Damian and Gwen and all important phone are not hurt, she looks to the speedster. And then she sees a familiar face. "Ah! Carin, it is good to see you again, dear friend."

Avery's accent is a bit…off. It sounds mostly British, but not quite right, like an American actor's version of such.

Carin is nearly reaching for the phone when Damien gets to it first, looking a bit relieved. "Oh, nice catch!" she says enthusiastically.

Then realizes she's sort of in a costume, in front of strangers…well, except for Avery!…and isn't quite sure what to do about that. Then Avery enthusiastically outs her and she just inwardly sighs. Well, she's got the costume on. "Y-yeah, that's me, Carin." she says sheepishly, looking a bit shy now. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, I just saw you all pile over and wanted to make sure you were okay?" She's a bit oblivious to the bullet wound at first, being distracted by, well, being social and such!

Gwen is all too happy to have her phone back in her possession; she cradles it like something precious (it has her whole life in it afterall) before clicking the screen off, adorbs kitteh and all, and tucks it safely in a pocket. "Thanks," she breathes, her face flush with relief. "That was awkward for a moment there, but great catch!"

The blond looks Damian up and down for a moment, an furrows her brow, "Have we met? You seem familiar somehow. …Might just be New York, you never know." She flashes a grin. Avery and Carin she definitely hasn't met, though, and she nods to both of them as well. "Not a bad way to meet new people, I guess, and— Oh, hey, are you a super hero?" She gawks a bit more than she maybe would've liked at Carin, "I met three other super heros the other day, it's been a busy week for me!"

The wince from Avery she definitely catches; and that brings her gaze back to the wounded woman. "You okay?" she asks, her tone much more serious. "You don't need to sit down or anything?"

"You would be surprised how often people believe me familiar. My name is Damian and you we welcome." Damian answers Gwen in a rather straightforward fashion, but his smile is soft and inviting, at least for the moment.

He looks at Carin and narrows his eyes for a second but seems to relax. "Nice to meet you. And thanks." Damian nods ever so softly." Now his sight settles on Avery. He knows the wound and the signs that she has it.

"You arewounded. You should be resting, not running."

"Oh, my apologies again, I should have called you by your codename, yes?" Avery is very contrite, though still holding her shoulder. A pause. "Though…I do not /know/ your codename, ah, I be an utter berk, friend." A sigh, she realizes she should have waited. Now. Batgirl is right, she needs to learn to /think/ first, and THEN act.

When Addressed by both Gwen and then Damian, she smiles brightly enough. "Oh! I will be well, miss. Thank you for asking, tis most kind indeed." She uncovers the shoulder, and rolls it a few times, managing not to wince…barely.

To Damian. "Oh, I have had enow o'that, sir. I need to get /back in fighting trim/, mm?"

Carin rubs the back of her neck a bit, smiling at Gwen and then AVery as she apologizes. "Um, n-no? I mean, I'm a mutant, but I'm not a superhero, really, I'm just learnin' to use my powers. And I need to wear this suit or I wreck my clothing and sneakers from friction." Her tones are definitely not that of New York, having a distinctly Chicagoland Midwest lilt to them. "So if I wanna go out runnin' full speed, I have to wear it." She nods to Damien. "Pleased ta meetcha both."

She pauses a bit. "Uh, if it helps, um…people…they used to call me Velocity?"

Then totally distracted again as Damien points out the wound. "Oh my god, Avery, you're hurt?!?" There's a blur and she's next to the other girl. "What happened? Did you get medical attention? Do you need a doctor? I know a doctor!" she says rapidly.

"Well, 'Velocity' is a pretty slick codename," Gwen offers, eyes full of hope that it will help smooth something over. Something obviously has unsettled the situation beyond people just bumping into each other. "Well, just because you've got cool super powers, doesn't mean you *have* to be a hero," she points out. "Just… I mean it's an option, kinda like how if you're a really tall person you could be a basketball player, I guess?" She shrugs, and chuckles softly. "Anyway, my Dad would probably say something really wise at the moment, like being a hero and sticking yourself in the line of fire are two different things."

The young blond thrusts her hands in her pocketes, and takes a step back, just so she's got a bit more space. "Thinking before acting is pretty overrated sometimes," she adds. "Not… very often, admittedly, but sometimes. …I'm Gwen, by the way, since we're giving out names."

Damian feels almost ashamed of himself since he had no idea who Velocity is or was, especially since she's enhanced. He'll check the Bat computer when he goes home for the night. Though he clearly is very much so against Avery trying to be tough. "If you train and fight through it, more than likely you will aggravate the injury." There is concern in Damian's voice, despite his clear disapproval. But then he looks at Gwen. "Nice to meet you, Gwen."

He looks st everyone. "I need to be going. Try not to all stay out here too long. After all you could run into trouble. Good night.? And with that, Damian leaves.

"Velocity?" Avery grins. "That b/is/ a very apt name." She's trying so hard to talk like a normal person! "Oh, do not fash yourself, it is healed." Mostly. "I was shot well over a week ago, tis but a bitstretchy, at the moment." Sadly, Avery wouldn't know a Chicago accent from a Barsoomian one!

"I was in altercation, here in fact." She explains when asked for the details. "It got unpleasant and the malefactors ended up in police custody, and myself in the hospital." There, that explains everything just fine, right?

A nod when Gwen supports her assessment. "Slick, that is a good term." And then she laughs at the girl's rambling on, my goodness, this Gwen might just be as energetic as herself!

"Gwen, a pleasure, I am Avery Aaronson."

Gold-flecked hazel eyes look to Damian. "Oh, I will take better care, that you can count on, sir." And then the young man, who's name never came up, departs.

Avery smiles to the other two girls. "So…it is a lovely night, is it not?"

Carin watches Damien go, biting he rlower lip, before turning her attentionb ack to AVery and Gwen. "Um, thanks…the, um people I was with thought it was too…wussy, you know?" She shrugs her shoudlers a little bit, then frown slightly at Avery. "You shouldn't be running around with a gun shot if it was that recent! You need to heal up first…" she scolds a bit then smiles at Gwen. "Nice ta meetcha. Yeah, well, I'm…I'm not sure about being a cape or stuff. I'm not exactly a big fighter."

"Yeah? Who cares what other people think?" Gwen shrugs her shoulders. "Only thing that matters is if you like it or not. Everyone's got an opinion and most people are quick to share it when they're dead wrong."

The young blond looks at Avery with a seriously raised eyebrow. "Gunshot wound?! And you're running around?" She ahems softly. "Pleased to mee you too, Avery, and this is not opinion, this is fact; you should be taking it easy for longer than a week." She pulls her phone out of her pocket, banishes the totes adorbs picture, and within a moment is looking up the side effects to torn muscles. "Mmmmhmmm…. yes… you want to lie down, trust me."

"No, what is this 'wussy'?" Avery asks, honestly perplexed. "It sounds like an ill-aspected term."

And then as both Gwen and Carin pile on about the healing thing, Avery pulls a face. "Bed be /boring/." She wails. "I cannot work, so…I run." Get the feeling she's used to being super active? She even stamped a foot right there, like twelve year old.

A sigh. "Forgive me, aye, rest be the proper thing…but it was driving me to distraction, even Gibbs was growing wroth with me!"

Her cat.

"Um, that it wasn't cool? It wasn't a neat name." Carin tries to explain, shrugging. "They were kinda assholes though, so I try not to pay attention to it. I like it, it's why I picked it when I needed a codename thing." She nods to Gwen and smiles shyly. "Yeah, that's what I thought too. I mean, I had to get a bit of, um, distance from things to really think about it clearly."

She puts her hands on her hips, frowning faintly at Avery. "Okay, I totally get the cooped up and bored thing, but it won't heal well if you strain it either."

"Yeah, better cooped up and restless for a couple of weeks, than tearing something and winding up cooped up and restless for several months." Gwen nods her agreement with Carin. "Besides, being cooped up and bored isn't all that bad. You get to listen to whatever music you want and you can stay up late watching really awful kung fu movies. What's not to like?" She ohs, "And popcorn. Lots and lots of popcorn."

And as ideal as that sounds, Gwen takes another quick look at her phone, and just about jumps. "I'm going to be late," she declares, "I gotta go, sorry! Nice meeting you both!" And without another word, she turns and sprints off — at a perfectly normal speed — down the direction she was going when all this started.

Avery ooOOoOOOhs. "Of course! Wussy is not cool, I will remember." The girl replies when Carin explains. "There is an old saying, everyone be possessed of such, and all smell foul." Okay, not the usual wording, but that's pretty close. She smiles at Gwen too, and then sighs as both Carin and she point out that she's being rash.

A wave to Gwen as she departs. "Be thee well!"

And then she looks to Carin. "So…perhaps I should cut the run short tonight, I am a bit whiff and dirty now anyway. If you would like to keep me company, we could repair to my home and watch some movies or something?"

Carin looks unsure. "So…everyone smells?" she says after a moment, then waves to Gwen. "Nice meetin' you!" She turns her attention back to Avery. "Ah…well, sure, that sounds cool?" she says, smiling a bit. "What kind of movies do you like? And why are we repairing your house?" she says, her brow furrowing.

Avery actually giggles. "Nay, nay…everyone has an asshole, and /those/ do."

Avery smiles brightly. "I am most fond of action and adventure films, my favorite TV series is NCIS." Which explains the cat's name. "And the apartment, though it do be in need o'some repairs, is not to be repaired. Forgive me, my word choices are oft unusual - I think the proper modern vernacular is 'Shall we zip to my crib?'"

"Oh! That makes sense." Carin says, flushing a bit. "The police show?" she says, a bit uncertain now as she follows along. "And it's fine." Considering the crappy places she grew up in, she's got a pretty low bar for 'tolerable' when it comes to places. "Heh, sure…want me to carry you?" she offers, after a slight hesistation. "I mean, it'll be faster…."

"I'm all stinky!" Avery says with a crinkled up nose. "Better if we Walk the Space Between Breathes." Her grin is absolutely impish. "If you trust me, of course, I can get us to my 'crib' very swiftly indeed." She offers a hand, palm up. As Carin accepts it she'll definitely feel, if she doesn't see, the scar on the palm — also fairly recent, about as old as the one in her shoulder. And when she takes the hand - Avery smiles, and draws in a breath…

…they are briefly in a vast infinity of light and sound and warmth and chill that to a speedster's senses is actually a little parse-able, she can feel the single step taken, and then the exhale…

…and they both appear in a fairly rundown but very clean and neatly kept studio apartment. Curled up by the window is a grey tabby, who looks up as you both appear, and then /yawns/.

Avery smiles. "And here we are."

Carin wobbles a bit, her eyes slightly wide. "W-whoa…that's…ooh, I feel dizzy…" she says, blinking a bit as her implant tries to process suddenly being in a different place than it was before. "Um…wow…that's handy…" She reaches over to the cat, promptly giving it a little scritch. "Um, so, I can set things up if you wanna wash up, I guess? Got popcorn or anything?"

"Oh, yes! The popping corn is in the cabinet above the microwave, the serving bowl in the cabinet below." Everything in the place is mismatched, but in decent shape for used furniture. The bowl under the small microwave is blue knock-off Tupperware, could probably hold two or three packages. "When I walk between I normally needs must see where I wish to travel, I do have a few places I have committed to memory, however, such as here and work."

A bright smile. "I will be back ere I have changed! Won't be long."

In truth she takes about ten minutes in the shower, emerging as she towels her hair dry and dressed in a knee length t-shirt that hangs off one shoulder, it's a little oversize. Cute though, pink, with a Hello Kitty face on the chest. "Do you like tea? I can make us some iced tea, or lemonade if you prefer?"

Gibbs permits the scritch, and then ambles over to check out the new person, he's not shy. He's a bit beat up though, obviously been out in the wild, notched ear, and a few old scars on the fur.

By the time Avery returns the scent of fresh popped popcorn is wafting through the place as Carin is in the process of setting down the bowl on the couch. it looks like she did at least two packages from how much is in it. "Um…lemonade is cool?" the redhead says after a bit of thought. "I can do it though if you want to rest your arm?"

"I am able, but if you wish to, there be mix in the cabinet next to the icebox, and a pitcher under the sink. It is pre-sweetened." Avery smiles and plops down on the couch, it is old, and green, and SUPER soft and comfy. "Thank you, Carin." She leans back a bit, and yeah, does look a little tired. Of course the cat promptly curls up in her lap, and demands his quota of pets!

"I have cable, HBO and Cinemax, and a few DVDs…" Her DVD titles are all in the same vein: Action! And all clearly bought used from Blockbuster's discount bins.

The pale speedster disappears back into the kitchen and there's the sounds of water and such and pouring and stirring! Really fast! She walks out a minute later or so with glasses and the pitcher, with some ice in it. "Hmmm…you like Action stuff? I haven't watched any in a long time…" she admits, taking a seat. "I mean, I don't remember if i watch any of the, acutally…."

"I am very fond of the Jackie Chan, do you know of him? He is quite an able fighter, and very funny." Avery grins at the speed of the prep, and accepts her glass with a smile. "If you like we can watch one of his, I rather enjoyed Rumble in the Bronx, though there be parts that were a bit confusing, and The Forbidden Kingdom - that one is super Fun, and has another great fighter, the Jet Li."

Whichever she picks, Avery will make room on the couch for Carin.

"Thank you for coming by, I have seldom had guests, it is nice to have someone to talk to besides Gibbs!"

"Oh yeah! Have ya ever seen one of his old ones, Meals on Wheels?" Carin says, perking up. "it's really good! It's got, um, Sammo Hung, who's this big guy wh's just awesome with double swords an' stuff. They've got it on Amazon, do ya got that? We can use mine if you'v egot like an internet connection…or there's Chocolate, there's this girl who's kinda autistic but she's got, like, a superpower where she can memorize any martial arts she sees and perform it automatically, so she watches a bunch of old Bruce Lee stuff…OH! Have you seen Enter the Dragon? Bruce Lee? That's a clasic!"

"I do not have the Amazon, no, but I have internet, yes. I have Comcast, I get a discount through work." Of course…she doesn't have a computer. "My phone is very smart, I can watch things on it too, I have 'WiFi' on the 'Cable Modem'." Gee, get the impression she's a tech savant? She's CLEARLY wired in! At the description of the other movies. "Oh! Those sound lovely, I like Chocolate!" She's probably referring to the /food/, but hey. "And Meals on Wheels…that sounds most fun! If you can wire up to the Amazon, that would be nice."

Carin hops up and walks over t the TV, seeing if it's wired up, and will adjust as needed to plug into the TV. Once she's got it set up, she goes and fiddles with the remote until she can pull up the streaming channels, then finds Amazon and logs herself, plops back down on the couch. "You can use my account…see, this is where you can stream all sorts of old movies and stuff for free, since I got Prime, which is like a service. So I can just type in Jackie Chan like this…annnnnd look, see? All sorts of old stuff! I mean, a lot of it is subtitled instead of dubbed, but still pretty good."

Avery watches very intently what Carin does, noting every detail, and with the way her perceptions work she'd see everything like a speedster might, which gives her a lot of details to work from. Girl's not dumb, she's just ignorant of tech stuff - but she can definitely learn. In fact considering how intent her gaze is? She's EAGER to learn. A sweet smile as Carin shows her how to get to the Amazon stuff, and she just /boggles/ at the sheer number of movies available. Eyes wide. "I…had no idea." Avery's eyes narrow back to normal, her smile grows proportionately. "So…what do the stars next to the names, mean?"

"Oh, well, that's an idea of what other people who watched it thought of the movie; one star or less means it was terrible, five stars means it was terrific, basically." Carin explains. "I mean, you can't always trust it, because some people will give bogus reviews, but for movies like this it's generally a good read on what people in general thought of it."

"So how do I know good ratings from bad? I mean, whether they be honest of false?" Avery asks. "Or is that a try and judge and learn by doing sort of process?" Avery smiles. "This movie got four stars, so that is good. I would have expected more, though, from your description." Which was pretty darn glowing!

"That's why it's a average of all of the ratings, so hopefully it averages out to something like an honest rating. Ya just gotta be a little suspicious of it, an' sometimes it won't matter if it's a movie type that you'd really like that just doesn't appeal to most people, you know?" Carin nods. "But four stars is a good rating, yeah. It's kind of a long movie though, is that okay? It's like three hours…they didn't believe in cutting down movies to under two hours in the 80s, I guess."

"So, an average. I see." And she does, Avery's got a decent education - a good one even - for her 'world' of origin. "So treat it like a chance encounter in a dangerous area - carefully, not too trusting, but no need to assume the worst until proven so." Tactical Movie Viewing: GO Go!

Avery grins at the mention of the movie being long. "Oh, that's fine, if you've not got anywhere to be, in sooth should you wish to you're most welcome to stay the night."

"Well, I don't mind staying over, I guess?" Carin says, flushing faintly. "I mean, I got nothing to do tomorrow. Um. maybe we can figure out what movies to watch? I mean, it sounds like yer catching up too on 'em, and I don't remember pretty much any movie I haven't seen in the last couple months, so it's mostly new ta me too."

"You are my friend, you are always welcome, be it night or day, my home is always open to you in all its 'splendor'." Avery grins at the last, then shifts to face Carin on the couch. "In truth I am not sure I could last three hours, perhaps we should just converse and share popcorn and such?"

She is a little curious about the blush. "Are you quite well, Carin?" She's concerned. "Should I turn on the air, I know it can be a tad close, or I could open the window..?"

"Oh, uh, n-no, just I've never really slept over like that before." Carin says after a moment. "Well, okay. So you like kung fu movies. There are action movies that are more guns and stuff too, that are silly in their own way. Arnold Schwarzenegger was big for that, or, uh, Sylvester Stallone. Kurt Russel."

"Oh, tis no inconvenience, friend. Do not concern yourself, this home is yours as well, mm? Even Gibbs has accepted you, and his imprimatur be not -easy- to earn." Avery's nod is very serious, and the cat in her lap of course chooses that moment to get up and flop between the two girls. He stretches in the particularly boneless way cats do, and then goes limp when he's got one of his front paws touching Carin, and both rear paws Avery.

And Avery just laughs. "Apparently he was listening!"

She nods then at the kung fu movies thing. "Oh yes, and I have seen one movie with the Kurt Russel actor, but he did not speak much, it was called 'Soldier', do you know it? A rousing tale, and a sad one."

Carin tentatively reaches out to start petting said cat, a pleased if shy little smile on her lips. "Yes. Um, okay. So maybe we should make a list? I mean…you haven't seen Bruce Lee yet. He was awesome, he was like a totally for real martial artist who founded his own school of martial arts that's still practiced today, and was a great actor too. He was in a move called Enter the Dragon, I think that was his famous one. I saw som eyoutube of bits from it, it was pretty awesome. Kurt Russell was, like, known for something called Escape from New York? Or L.A., I forget. And something called Tron, which was like…living in a computer or something like that?

Score! The cat /purrs/, especially when Avery pets the other end of him, which earns a brief laugh. "Oh, I like lists! It is a good way to learn, better to plan one's training." A grin. "I am not so good at tactical planning, but training? Definitely." She hops up a moment to get a notepad, then settles again and starts writing.

Gibbs doth not approve of the loss of half the petters! And even less of one not resuming when it returns.

He shifts to climb into Carin's lap then, curling around a couple times before /flopping/, head resting on her knee. "So…Bruce Lee - Enter the Dragon, Kurt Russell - Escape from New York, or LA, and Tron?"

Carin nods. "Uh huh! Um, Swartzenheger it's something called Running Man and Predator? Oh, and Terminator, but I think he's the bad guy in that one. Like a robot coming from the future to kill people or something.

The redhead considers as she continues to pet away. "Um, also there was a good with one with a female heroine called….Alien? Or Aliens. Or they might be different onces, which is all sci fi with people trying to survive an alien thing hunting them, it's supposed to be creepy."

Gibbs is okay with this, the purr actually super soothing.

Avery nods and keeps writing. "Shwartsneggar - The Running Man, Predator." She looks intrigued. "There are not many movies with female stars, I would like these - Alien, Aliens…"

"Um, let's see…" Carin uses one hand to pull out her phone and types carefully in it as she pulls up a web browser. "There is…something called Buffy the Vampire Slayer? That sounds fun. The Princess Bride….Tank Girl? She…has a tank…I guess?" Carin says, shrugging a little. "Let's see…um, Crouching Tigger Hidden Dragon, that sounds like a neat title. Mad Max Fury Road has someone named Furiosa who's a female lead?" She wrinkles hr nose in thought. "There's one called the Long Kiss Goodnight…and one that's a sci fi that's called THe Fifth Element that has someone named Leeloo?"

Avery just listens to all the great options, and then picks one at random. "Oh, yes, lets do the Vampire slayer film, I have never much liked fighting vampires, the undead are truly vile foes!" Wait, really? She's fought vampires?

In truth she hasn't, not in the real world, anyway. Eyes bright with excitement, Avery tucks her legs up to sit on the couch Indian style and face the TV and clearly excited - the little bounce is hard to miss!

Carin meanwhile is paging through, then stops, her eyes widening. "WAIT! Wait, this one!" She turns it around to show it to Avery. "Look! Kurt Russel, in Big Trouble in Little China! It's like, American action movie AND kung fu action movie!" she insists excitedly, leaning up on her knees to show off the poster picture. "This has to be great!"

And Avery just -beams-. "I did rather like Soldier, very well. Big Trouble in Little China sounds splendid. I like action, I like Kung-Fu." She grabs the bowl of popcorn and sets it between them. "You have not seen it either?" She asks quizzically. "You seem to have had a passing acquaintance with many of the movies you listed before."

Carin shakes her head. "No, I'm just readin' off the list." She frowns. "I don't really…remember much. I mean, other than the last couple months, an' a little waaaay back when I was young, an' that's about it. So I might of seen 'em, but I don't remember if I did now."

Her smile fades a bit at Carin's reminder. "Oh aye, I did not mean to make reference to painful thoughts. In sooth my own problem is similar and yet not - for in my case I remember many things, and most likely few if any before I came here were real." And this is what makes her Avery, she shrugs. "I suppose we shall simply have to average our memory problems together, we might e'en approach normalcy, yes?"

Carin points at Avery. "Okay, no one uses sooth in a sentence. That's like, only for old English play guys. But yeah, other than that, sounds good." she says simply, shrugging. "I'm kinda used ta it, I mean…all the memories I have from before a couple months ago were pretty sucky anyway. Maybe I don't wanna remember what happened." she admits.

"Yea, verily? By thy troth?" And yes, Avery -is- exaggerating her accent considerably, the huge smile is a dead giveaway. One thing Avery needs must avoid at all costs - poker. Carin's admission does serious the girl up a tad, however. "In that case let us make some -good- memories to fill up the gaps, yes?"

"I don't even /know/ what my troth is." Carin grumps. "But yeah, sure….I mean…better than nothing right?" She smiles a little. "So, uh, does the machine got that one?"

"Truth, troth be…um…troth /is/ truth." Avery explains, then uses the remote to go through the movies. "Oh! It DOES!" She frowns a bit in concentration as she gets it to start. Rather than move, she reaches her hand into…nowhere, it just vanishes, then /reappears out of thin air/ as she turns off some of the lights. And then her hand is back. "I hope there are rescues and derring do."

Carin blinks. "Well…it looked interesting from the pics they had posted…" she says, snagging some popcorn as she leans back into the couch as the movie starts. "I mean, it's kinda old, but lots of good kung fu movies are old and good too, right?"

"I fully agree, it looks very interesting indeed. Hard to stumble awry when dealing with magical martial artistry." Because…yeah…she's not magical, but Avery IS a martial artist and the only world she's really known was one rich in magic. Really, could it be any closer to her heart?

Shifting a bit closer and balancing the popcorn between them, Avery grins as the opening credits roll, and the start of the film features the interview of one Egg Shen, by a lawyer.

At the lightning, Carin sits up a bit, blinking. "Oooh..that's cool and kinda creepy…" She snags some popcorn, munching it it. "So he's in court or police or something?"

"I think so, I like the older man." She grins. "The lightning /is/…what did Anya say, oh…it is /badass/." She frowns a moment at the way the story starts, and then recognized the fade for what it is. After all she's new to this world! Tropes like the flashback are not a thing in the Hidden World. Assuming there even IS such a place anymore…or that it ever even was. Interestingly enough she recognizes the game they're gambling with, and adds. "Kurt Russel is much more talkative in this film."

"Very….wait, they used to send checks in the mail?" Carin says thoughfully. "Oh, okay, there's Chinatown….I wonder what he's supposed to be shipping there that they're letting him park the truck there. Fish?"

"I didn't know there were restrictions on such, though, perhaps I should have since I work at the UPS." She shifts a little closer, not even aware she does so. Avery ends up pressed to Carin's side, though it is just that, just companionable touch and not even anything she was aware doing. "We should search the World Wide Web and see if anyone knows! But after."

"Oooh." Carin watches the Three Storms arrive, especially Lightning. "Okay, THAT'S cool…" And then there's the escape. And the running over of the pissed off undead Chinese sorceror. "….okay, HE is creepy though..at least he just wanted to blind 'em, instead of, you know..sorcerizing them or something."

Avery bounces with excitement, eyes wide as saucers as she sees the Storms. "Ooohs…I wonder…" Maybe her liege-lady can find a way to make lightning gloves with her artifice-magic! Lo-Pan /definitely/ gets some shivers. "I bet he could have done far worse! Mayhaps he is biding his time, for some darker purpose?"

"Well, not impressive magic from him so far." Carin admits, settling back as she watches them attempt to sneak into the brothel. "…wow, did people really dress like that?" she says, wrinkling her nose, then watches as the Storms bust in and kidnap the girl. "Whoa…okay. So…wait, Lo Pan is the wizard god father of Chinatown?"

The bordello scene definitely has her eyes a little wider. "I…my goodness." Nope, she doesn't really have any idea what's going on there. It is like…she totally lacks context at all. Fortunately there's chaos that ensues! Yay! Storms are good! More storms!

And then the second attempt, which is to break into the warehouse….which fails. "Huh, they kinda just…flooded the bottom floor just to get them? I guess it was always a trap?" And then there's crazy old David Lo Pan in the wheelchair. "…weird. Also creepy!" And there is fighting! "…so his superpower is…swelling up until people have to let go of them?" she says in response to Wind knocking Jack into the wheelchair.

"I don't understand…Jack Burton…he acts more like the bumbling side-kick than the hero. Isn't he the hero?" Avery does enjoy the fighting in the warehouse, she giggles like a LOON when Jack ends up rolling down the hall into the /well/. Though…really, who puts a well IN a building like this?'. "Oh, always traps. And monsters. And more traps. Then a big boss fight."

"It does seem like Wang is much more heroic..I mean, he's trying to rescue his girlfriend an' all that?" Carin says thoughtfully. She snorts at Wind again failing to do…much of anything. But everyone gets away! And they get to the door as Burton makes his plan. Then giggles wildly as Jack opens the door and all the gang members are there. "We may be trapped!" *giggle!*

Avery "Trapped!" She crows and giggles right with Carin. "I like the way the music and the bell inside work together, that is a very nice thing."

Eyes bright she waits to another quiet point, and grins at Carin. "Trapped." And then she giggles again, might have to pause a moment after that!

Carin eeks a bit as the escape goes a bit awry when Gracie is nabbed by the orange monkey beast thing. "What the heck IS that thing?!?" Carin says, perking. "Wow…geez, lady, don't scream at the to of your lungs or something when the thing grabs ya!" She mmsm. "…Lo Pan IS a snappy dresser when he's all evil bodiless wizard an' stuff."

Avery actually jumps when the uber orangutan makes its appearance! Yeah, she'll be cleaning up popcorn in a bit. "Eeew…the floaty eye thing, ick. Nasty." Avery nods at the Lo-Pan commentary. "And the outfits the girls are wearing are beautiful." Avery smiles. "Oh…you have /green/ eyes, Carin. Can YOU tame the burning blade?"

"I dunno, I never had a creepy Chinese ghost guy try to marry me before." Carin notes wryly, watching. "…okay, I'll give him points for a really cool looking evil temple for his wedding." She wrinkles her nose. "So far just about everyone magical is bullet proof, seems like…"

Carin then giggles hysterically when Jack knocks himself cold shooting the roof.

To her ever lasting Shame the self-KO gets a shriek from Avery. PURE laughter, and then she covers her mouth with both hands. The guard who gets stabbed with the boot knife? That's just… so much giggling. There's maybe some laugh tears too! "Oh oh, this..I love this movie so much!" A fierce hug to Carin. "Thank you!" And then she bounces a few more times for good measure after releasing it.

Carin giggles. "It's great! You're totally right, he's the sidekick though…" And then fighting! And video game glowing chinese warriors! And sword fighting while leaping pointlessly through the air! And Jack getting stuck under a heavily armored bad guy! And then they get upstairs where they catch up with Lo Pan…and Jack throws a knife and misses as Wang takes care of Wind. Nice knife….thunk! And all in the reflexes. "Oooooh….okay, that was cool. Worse wizard ever." Carin says amusedly.

"Oh he was. This…" Avery searches for the words. "…this was not at all what I was expecting. Thank you." Avery grins. "That was…so much FUN." She grins and is clearly wired as hell by that. "So…what next? Another movie? Or…call it a night. If you wish to stay over you may have my bed, I will sleep out here."

Carin tilts her head, giggling. "Yeah, it was a great movie, just silly enough but actiony enough to brea real fun!" She bounces a bit, looking equally wired. "Oh! Another movie? Um…I don't mind staying over if you don't midn after that too, whenever we're tired?" she offers. "But ya get to pick the movie this time."

"Sounds great! Lets watch that Meals one next, that sounded fun." Avery grins at her friend. "And of course you are most welcome to stay, any time. You're my friend. My home is always open to you, you know that, do you not?" A grin. "If you did not know, you do so now." And she's firm, and then climbs to her feet. "Sec, I need to use the restroom. Do you need more to drink? Are you hungry?"

Carin blinks a bit. "R-really? Thanks, that's…that's really cool. I'd love to stay over." She ponders. "Um, some diet cola or something woudl be cool? Or water is good too." she says, getting the remote and starting to page through to find Wheels on Meals next.

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