2019-09-16 - Remote Control


Another day in the lab. Hank learns a bit about Jeriahs enhancements as he and Jemma work on the next variation of his serum.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Sep 16 22:54:06 2019
Location: Lab

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"Jeriah … would you please just sit down?" Jemma's voice floats out from her lab as Hank is escorted towards it.

When the blue, furry, mutant who is still blue and furry, enters the lab he'll be confronted by Jemma holding sensors in her hands and a shirtless Jeriah.

"You said I could do these tests…"

That's almost accusing.

"I didn't think there would be quite as much stabbing!" Jeriah retorts. When Hank arrives the hacker-soldier is shirtless and just sitting back down on one of Jemma's bio-beds. He hasn't been overly prodded but there has clearly been at least one needle or cold metal instrument too much. One might almost think Jemma was getting revenge for all the teasing.

She wouldn't do that, would she?

As has come to be his custom, Hank comes bearing gifts…well…gift. He grins. "Thank you, Agent Weber for the escort. Do let me know if your husband enjoys the brownies, an old McCoy family recipe." He enters then, and smiles. "Hello Jemma…" He pauses when he sees the tableau of tabled shirtless Jeriah. "…and hello to you as well, Jeriah."

Entering more fully he pauses just out of line of sight to the readouts. "I can come back if it is a bad time…" Of course his eyes are nearly aglow with curiousity.

"Either way, I brought a small bit of home with me, Granny McCoy's brownies, the recipe handed down for five generations of McCoys." And he holds up a decent sized white bakery box bound by string.

"Don't be such a baby." Jemma says as Hank enters. "You're just complaining because the sensors are cold." Hank can see the small smile that pulls at the corners of Jemma's lips. Oh, she's enjoying this, she really is.

"Oh, Hank. Come on. No. I was just running some tests on Jeriah in my down time. You're here to check your coding with him, aren't you?"

The coding they've done on Jemma's system to deliver a 'flu' to an intruder. It's nearly complete and they need to see if she's been 'accessed' again.

"Brownies? Home made?" Jeriah is left there for the moment. Shirtless and with a cold sensor attached to his back. "Oh, thank you."

"Hello Hank. Here to rescue me from my impending vivisection? Or are you perhaps here to assist with it?"

The hacker stiffens and arches slightly when the sensor is pressed on his back. "I swear your next minecraft run is going to have a hundred creepers." He mutters almost murderously.

"You wanted to check the code? Now? I sort of need my coding shirt for that." Conveniently that's the shirt he brought with him. Also conveniently it would save him from more probing.

Hank is no dummy, not even a little, that wicked little smile is all he needs - she is TOTALLY doing the cold sensor trick on purpose. "Indeed, Jeriah, big boys don't squirm." He's having a big of trouble keeping from grinning. Okay, he's not entirely successful, but he does manage to SOMEwhat stifle the grin. Turning to Jemma, he nods. "Actually…that, yes, and I wanted to run a sim and cell test with you of the revised reversion serum."

A grin the to Jeriah. "Can't I do both? Vivisection is sort of a specialty, and it sounds like hacking should be part of it, don't you think?"

He hands over the rather heavy box as Jemma is summoned by the promise of chocolatey goodness. "I think you'll find them utterly sinful, you don't either of you have any nut allergies? There's nuts, chocolate chunks and salted caramel in them…"

"You did the last minecraft run, REMEMBER…" Jemma says sweetly. "And a witch and burning roof." That might explain why she's exacting revenge on the hacker soldier. "I don't think you need your shirt, Hank will be interested in your examination as well. Can't we do both?"

Jeriah's shirt is within reach and Jemma will be … begrudgingly … let him put it back on.

"If you don't mind me multitasking, you two can poke at my brain while I start the sim test …" Is Jeriah aware of what Hank is trying? Perhaps not!

"Nuts? Only idiots, Hank, not the type you're referring to." She's definitely going to help herself to a brownie though, FIRST and then hand box to Jeriah.

"I can do something like that I'm sure." Jemma may rue giving Jeriah access to her brain meats at this point. He still wants his shirt though. She's taking the saying that revenge is a dish best served cold a bit… literally.

"So what am I going to be looking at exactly?" He's already connecting up to the systems that will enable him to link to both Jemma and whatever device Hank has. He could try linking to Hank's devices directly but that seems a bit rude, really.

Now, Jemma, well, linking directly to her just means that he can get revenge for the chill on his back a bit better.

"Oh, my Serum? It is something Jemma and I have been collaborating on, she's been kind enough to work with me on a reverbium enhanced mutagenic serum to help me revert some induced mutations I caused myself some years ago - ergo - I want to get my old face back." Hank smiles. "Or were you asking about poking around in Jemma's brain? I would have thought you had permanent accommodations by this point." Yes, Hank's teasing.

The device in question is just a thumb-drive, well, it is a very advanced high-capacity drive with hardware and software protections, but still a thumb drive. No doubt Jer could easily interface with it. "Jemma's imaging suite is very good, and since I can't normally invite her to my lab, we work together here."

He then takes out a small case. "Especially when a big part of the testing is going to be live sampling of my blood with the current serum iteration."

Jemma eyes Jeriah at the look he gives her. She knows the Minecraft stunt was just the beginning. "You two can check my system out and see if someone has tried to access it. I didn't appreciate being shut down a week ago in the field. Finding myself in Agent Rogers arms …." The blush this time is real.

"You did set up some form of trojan, yes?" That's to her own unique problem. As to Jeriahs residency in her brain, she's thankful he's not … that line of thinking gets shut down fairly quickly - not before Jeriah gets flashes of those thoughts though.

"I'll need a blood draw, Hank and we can run your sim. Jeriah, not exactly up your alley except for the reverbium." It takes a few moments for Jemma to get that going. "Hank's interested in your own enhancements, Jeriah. Would you mind if we looked at them as well?"

"I'm so deep in the Doc's head that I'm repainting the inside of her skull." Jeriah smirks. That isn't true but he likes the line, so he says it.

"Ah the imaging system. Yes I understand yours is quite good as well. I've seen the after effects. Someone looks good in a blue jumpsuit." That gets a second smirk before Jemma asks if Hank can look at his implants. Scientists. Still, they're being helpful so he supposes.

"Yeah so long as HE doesn't have anything cold to press into my back." Because otherwise there might be… further escalation. Jeriah can be very, very inventive.

Either way he starts to interface with the thumb drive.

Hank dishes up a brownie for Jeriah too, if he wants one, there's even little paper plates in the box. So handy!

A brow quirks up. "Well, one could argue that waking in Captain America's arms is far preferable to a lot of other wake up scenarios." He grins then. "Apparently he left an impression, isn't he married?" Not like they hide it!

"We did indeed come up with a trojan." A predatory grin at Jeriah. "Quite an inventive one, if I do say so myself." Hackers of the world Unite! Go team Jer-Bea! He looks to the man, "We'll need to run a backtrace assuming we got hits, yeah?"

He grins. "Imaging yes, hers is better for modeling, especially with live monitoring of cellular mutations on a nano-scale. I mean, I suppose we could do it virtually in my Lab too, but…I confess I enjoy visiting."

He beams when Jeriah grants permission. "Nothing cold, I assure you."

"He is … but still …" Jemma pushes her hair out of her face, trying not to blush any harder than she is. With Jeriahs comments and now Hanks, she might be permanently beetroot colour. "I'm not *complaining* about that, just … it was a little disconcerting. For a moment, I thought he wa——" No, she's not finishing that "… It was certainly better than being hit by an explosion though, you're right." She would have been far worse off then.

"You'll both have to look to see if you got hits." Jemma answers. According to her system log, she'd 'frozen' for no more than two minutes, and yes, there's certainly hits on their program.

"I think you're going to have to take your shirt off again, Jeriah." Jemma murmurs as the modelling system springs to life. Two 'window' appear. "The left image is the base, Hanks blood as I've just drawn it. The right, Hanks blood and I'm adding the serum now … " It starts to morph, but as with most things, it's not quick.

"Yeah I would not think that waking up in Steve Rogers arms would be a cause for complaint…" Jeriah says as he looks at the code. "Mmmm. Yep. Our phisher is still phishing. Got some hits. We can run a back trace on that. Orrrrrrrr…"

Jeriah looks up at Hank even as the serum modeling starts. "We can check reddit. Back tracing can itself be traced and I don't want to give the game away. So I included one of my favorite methods in that trojan. A hidden reddit post on an obscure subforum. All we have to do is take a look at Reddit to figure out what IP it posted from. We can let the forum do all the work for us."

Sighing the hacker takes off his shirt again. He's actually pretty fit. Special forces and all that. Apparently he kept up the workout routine.

Hank's expression loses a lot of the teasing, but he still smiles, and rests a hand briefly on Jemma's shoulder if she allows it. "Jemma, we tease because we share your concerns. I hope you know that. At the end of the day we will find whomever is doing this and they'll be brought to justice." And then his expression hardens, eyes taking on a bit of a yellow cast. "If we're VERY fortunate the parties presently unknown will resist and we'll get to punch them in the face a few times." Which, as Jemma has a good idea just how strong Hank is, would likely be a fairly painful experience for most people! A sigh then as he shakes his head. "Sorry, but, well…no, not sorry. They'll be brought to justice." He says, unrepentant. Hank is VERY keen on protecting his friends.

The initial dosing of Hank's blood is indeed fairly bland, though with molecular models still pretty neat to see! The reverbium is such a good binding agent too, the process of cellular modification does start almost immediately but it will take some time. Initial indications are that it is working, so far.

Hank laughs, the yellow fading from his eyes as Jer mentions his Reddit solution. "Oh, that's lovely. Mind if I steal that technique? I'll use a different forum, of course, perhaps MySpace…"

Hank takes Jer's shirt, folding it absently, and setting it aside as he starts his own examination of the other man, and especially the cyber-enhancements. "So, Mister London, how much of you has been augmented?"

Jemma touches Hanks hand when it lands on her shoulder. "I know that, Hank … and I really appreciate that I have you and …" she glances at Jeriah with a pause "… Jeriah." She doesn't doubt that Hank would enjoy punching whoever is doing this. She suspects Jeriah might slip lose the robo-dogs of war as well.

"Just as long as I get to kick them or something."

Leaving the serum to take effect and her system to record it, Jemma turns back to the other two. "Reddit? I suppose that's one way of doing it. You get to deal with the trolls though, Jeriah. Does MySpace even exist anymore?" Jemma would think that place was like an ancient religions underworld.

They can certainly trace the IP address. It bounces about the world - USA, China, Hungary, Russia, Australia even, but ends up back in the US eventually. They just need to find out where.

"He tells me it's his brain. I don't think it's his wit that's been augmented."

Did we mention that Jeriah is a troll? Because seriously, Jeriah is a troll. A massive, unrepentant troll. He'd promised Jemma some retribution for the cold and that wasn't just going to be a bid of snark on his part.

"Not much in a 'by volume' sense. I have a series of sub-dermal implants that connect to a power core in my spine. Also my blood has been slightly altered to carry the energy charge." So not much in a physical sense, but also at the same time, quite a lot.

"Oh right, and also the computational and signals implants in my skull and at the base of my cortex." Let's not forget those.

Jemma miiiiight be distracted enough that she doesn't notice when her metal hand - the one Jeriah can manipulate - starts to stroke Hank's fur as if he were, say, a dog or a cat.

Revenge is a dish best served while you're distracted with other things.

"There is a slight, albeit quantifiable non-zero probability that I /may/ be a tad protective of friends." Hank says with his customary good cheer. "And yes, you definitely get to help with ass-kickery, in fact…" He looks to Jeriah. "…with her systems and yours, could we return the favor? Use Jemma as a conduit to slice /their/ system?" After all, a door opens both ways.

One can almost SEE the man's brain go into high gear planning that, weighing options, considering permutations. No, not a computer, just a brain - but one of the finest in the world.

"Yes, MySpace still exists. And it has a horrible rep, I mean, it isn't any of number-CHANs, but still very much unsexy."

A snort of amusement at the wit comment. And then he pays strict attention to Jer, which is when the petting from Jemma is noticed.

Hank goes very still, Jer is sure to find the sight hilarious, especially his expression, which is priceless. After all, Jemma's never done that before! Smart as Hank is, it doesn't even occur to him that Jer would do such a thing. Fortunately, he's NOT feline…so no purring, thank you. There might be a brief rumbling. But NOT a purr. "Um…yes…so…with your blood being changed, that's a remarkable bit of engineering. We should take samples of your bone marrow…"

The IP address that they finally trace comes back to an ISP in New York. For the moment, that's as far as they can go without … you know … hacking the ISP's client database. Or requesting the data.

"If MySpace has that reputation, using for those purposes is probably a good idea." Jemma doesn't notice as her hand moves, nor does she notice when Hank stills or Jeriah starts smirking. She's focussed on the sample and the test they are running.

So her hand keeps moving.

"Is everything alright, Hank?" She's noticed the rumble but doesn't look at the moment. The serum is mutating in *interesting* ways, after all. "He's got this amazing power source that's embedded in his spinal cortex. If you use the imaging system there, you'll see it. But we could do a bone marrow sample …" She's trolling now.

Since Jemma is being so obligingly oblivious Jeriah ups the ante. He makes the petting more… personal. Not untoward mind. Nothing shocking. Just a bit slower and a tad more pressure. Now not the light petting of a cat but a certain implied enjoyment of the touch. Still something that people do with animals all the time.

Just, you know, slightly more uncomfortable for Hank (sorry Hank) and slightly more embarrassing for Jemma when she realizes it.

"You can have a bone marrow sample from one of my dogs." Jeriah snorts. His dogs, of course, do not have bone marrow.

"Well okay there's a dead end. Let's see what Comcast has." ISPs are very secure. They have to be, they're in the business of handling people's data and they need to retain confidence. But Jeriah is used to hacking systems that people will kill to defend. This? Well, this might take some time but he has no doubt that he CAN get what he wants eventually.

The power core in his spine is an engineering marvel. An reactor based around a thin reverbium rod, vibrating at specific frequencies so that the energy is MOSTLY contained by it's own sonic shell and then cunningly distributed throughout the body by hijacking the circulatory system and…

Oh. Hank can see Jeriah has power ports in his hands. And IF he can channel power through those - likely that's what they're for - then he can probably deliver a hell of a punch.

Which Jemma can confirm that he can.

"The implants near my skin produce sonic disruption fields used to deflect small, fast moving objects. Like, you know, bullets."

"Definitely need to get the data, yes." Hank's a hacker! He's also a super-powered vigilante on an unlicensed super team of mutants without any official legal status, scruple about getting this info? Not too much, no.

"If anything I understated it, Jemma." MySpace. At her question, especially with Jer's upping the ante, he actually flushes a bit, fur almost black now from the blush under it. "I…well, I confess I'm a little startled by how…mm…well, you're petting me."

He is SO blushing. Jer is going to get smacked when the truth comes out!

Wrenching his attention back on track. "Well, it would be very useful in understanding your bio-mods, Jeriah. The marrow would be where they'd have had to insert some means to modify your blood or it would simply stop working as your cells died and were replaced."

Once he sees the imaging of the spinal mod, his attention is wholly engaged! Embarrasment? What blush? "Oh, my goodness…that's remarkable work. The deflection of bullets too? Probably directed energy attacks as well…"

Hacking Comcast takes some of Jeriah's skill but not a lot. Don't tell anyone that once he's past the front end systems, the admin password to the customer database is … password. He gets a hit on the IP address. An apartment in central New York, the account name is Godfrey Winifred.

Unfortunate that.

It might pay to crosscheck who owns and/or rents that apartment but they've got somewhere to look now and a name.

"Your dogs don't have marrow, Jeriah and when are you giving me one as pet?" Jemma asks, still not realising what that evil hacker soldier is doing.

"Do what, Hank?" It takes a moment for Hanks words to sink in and Jemma looks in horror at her hand, the blush sending her nearly purple it's so deep and quick. "JERIAH!!!"

Jeriah just glances back and smirks. He doesn't move too much because he's still being scanned. At least he stops puppeting her arm. Which means she can stop now if she's not already on autopilot. Which… she might be.

"Yes, Jemma?" He asks mildly. No his dogs don't have marrow. But he knows what a marrow needle looks like.

"Depends on the energy type but yes. Light based attacks can be diffused. EM energy that doesn't interact with our atmosphere isn't much affected by sonic disruption, though." So, if someone tries to shoot him with a ELF radio, he's in trouble. So are they, because they're using an ELF radio as a weapon, but still.

"Oh, hey. I've got a name. Godfrey Winifred. Address too." He flips that info over to Hank to possibly avoid getting smacked. By Hank. Jemma might smack him.

"Should probably cross check that in other databases, but still.

When Jemma purple-blushes, and yells at Jeriah, Hank's gaze narrows as his quite spicy brainmeats make the connection, hell, in past conversations Jemma's even mentioned to him that Jeriak could ghost her limbs like this. His hackles actually raise, if there's any sort of scent systems on the drones and they're present, they'd certainly register the flash of ANGER in the Beast, and Jer would see the lips curl back and oh my yes, the mouth is indeed equipped with some fangs. Not particularly large, but…definitely there.

Might be a tad concerning.

Fortunately there's info to verify…and Jemma to help. Hank literally shudders as he shuts down the rage response by sheer willpower, and nods. "Right. Definitely need to verify the veracity of the info." If there's a bit of growl lingering, well, it is fading.

It takes a force of will for Jemma to stop petting Hank. Hey, the fur is nice and soft after all. "Uh. Sorry Hank, I didn't realise. He's just getting me back for using cold implements." Jemma's eyes narrow and it's lucky that Hanks between her and Jeriah.

Because Jeriah might get smacked, if she could reach.

Sniffing at Jeriah Jemma adds "We have an address of where I'm being … accessed from? Are we going to visit them?"

Then back to Jeriah, more to focus Hank from his anger. "I could give you a demonstration of his fields if you like, Hank. With my arm, it won't even hurt me."

"If I can confirm that the name isn't a plant of some kind, yes." Which it might be. Jeriah would use a fake name if he were doing this. Still, it's a good place to start and if they don't find WHO they're looking for they might very well find something to point them in the right direction.

"Hrm. DMV and New York DFT both confirm the name and address. That COULD just mean it's a very good fake though."

Yes, Jeriah did see that growl which is why he's strictly business right now. He's good at fighting and his punches are augmented, but he's not actually stronger or tougher than a regular human being, which means that one must be very, very careful when upsetting people like Hank.

Or Jemma but honestly Jeriah isn't worried about her. She'll only land a blow if he's too busy laughing.

Speaking of, she WAS talking about a demonstration.

Hank does clearly take some pains with keeping his fur! It is clean, and definitely soft. Truth be told he didn't /mind/ the petting, it was just a surprise. And then to learn it was a JOKE? Yeah, that got him a little on the miffed side. A tad.

"If he was a very clever hacker type, might the Router be just another hop? I mean, plant a router at one address, run a hard line to somewhere else…we MUST check it out to be sure that's not the situation."

Yeah, that's not a good scenario!

Fortunately Hank is not prone to allowing his berserker side to come to the fore, in fact he tends to quash those urges unless there's a real fight in the offing. And Jeriah /is/ a friend, he's a jerk too, but that's part of the price of admission with friends - you take 'em as they are, or you don't have them. Either or.

He perks a little at the offer of a demonstration. "I would like to see that, actually." Not like the mutation won't take a while longer to analyze and complete!

Jemma feels bad. She would never hurt Hank like that. And to touch someone in such a… personal… way. She's mortified. She had warned him though that Jeriah liked to tease her and in a way, he's been admitted to that show.

"A clever hacker might do that. Or just steal access from a nearby location." Jemma agrees as she moves around Hank, closer to Jeriah. She's going to give that demonstration. Maybe Jeriah's too busy laughing and she'll land a punch.

"Do you know how many routers aren't secured?" she starts to ask before peering at the two men and rolling her eye "I suppose you do."

Without waiting or giving any warning, hopefully!, Jemmas hand punches out at Jeriah arm. Oh. He's still connected, isn't he?

He is still connected and midswing Hank can her a harmonic hum and see a purple haze seems to surround the hacker-soldier. Jemma's punch deflects off a sonic field, less like meeting a barrier and more like pointing the like poles of a magnet together. It's not that she hits a wall it just becomes impossible to keep her fist on a trajectory that makes contact with his skin. Her arm just slides away.

The hacker looks over his shoulder as if to say 'nice try'.

"Most of them aren't secured. But that's a two edged sword. Because you can break in, but someone who wants to track you can break in as well. Either way it's worth a look. Are you going to try to hit me again?"

Hank doesn't blame Jemma at all! Not her fault that Jeriah's a prankster. And truly? Hank is not one to hold a grudge, his hackles have settled back down, and he's back to his cheerful self. Sure, hazing is a fine thing, acceptance and all that. If you survive!

Hank grins as they both accept the need for a visit. "Do we need to get a warrant or something? CAN I even be involved in such a thing? I mean, I'm not a law officer of any sort, and this is not Castle." Oh man he loves that show!

He watches and hears and yes, smells a bit of ozone, as the deflection field forms. He leans close, and then extends a finger equipped with serviceable talon and tries to poke through the barrier. If he can make contact he'll ramp up the pressure to see if he can puncture it, but he's careful to do no actual harm.

Jemma sighs as her hand slides from Jeriahs arm but she doesn't answer the hacker. Just cock her arm and tries to hit him again - after all, Hank needs a scientifically significant statistics sample. Right?

"Yes." OK. She answers after she hits.

Jeriah can tell from the way her mind is working that she's got one trick she wants to try though.

"A warrant or just a friendly look around. And you'll be able to accompany us. None of us a law officers after all. But Nathan Fillion is lovely …"

Jeriah quirks a brow as he watches Jemma try to get through is disruption fields. On smaller, faster moving objects a lot of time the forces just cause them to disintegrate. Good thing that isn't the case here.

"Well I'm not sure how much SHIELD is supposed to be conducting operations on US soil to begin with. I'm sure the local authorities would prefer that we work with and through the police, which would work with and through the legal system and so on…"

He leans over slightly, still watching Jemma wind her arm back. "But to be honest I wasn't thinking on asking permission…"

He has drones and an electro-plasma shotgun so… yeah. He wasn't.

"What's going on in that head of yours doc?"

Hank has a bit more luck and it seems to be a… Dune thing. He still encounters notable resistance and it might be quite uncomfortable but if he pokes slowly, he can touch the hacker. But anything quicker than a moderate slap causes the resistance to ramp up exponentially. It's probably something to do with the way that the air compresses. Mind, it's quite hot to KEEP one's hand in that field for any length of time.

"Ah, just so we follow proper protocols, I wouldn't want you to get in trouble." Yes, that you included Jeriah. He grins at Jemma's attempts to hit the field. "That's fascinating." When his claw seems able to get through he laughs. "The slow moving blade penetrates the shield…" He looks to Jeriah. "I assume this doesn't explode if hit with a laser, you did mention certain energies."

Once he feels the warmth, he pulls the claw back.

Another laugh. "Permission might be good though, in case there's complications, like a super fight."

He too looks curiously to Jemma as Jer asks her that question. After all, he's not jacked into her head!

"We're as much a spy agency as anything…" Jemma adds as they talk. "I agree with Jeriah though. We should just go and beg for forgiveness later, if we need to. After all, we could just be three people passing by and … wham…"

Jeriah might not see it coming. Rather than land the punch Jemma seems to be lining up for, she slows and tries to close the fingers of both hand about his waist.

To tickle him…. Slow moving and all.

"No, thankfully it does not explode when hit by a laser. Nor do I need to be taken to Arrakis." Now it's Jeriah who is distracted. He's focused on Hank and when Jemma gets him in the ribs he actually jerks and squirms and then turns to glare at her.

"Oh it's on."

How many ways does Jeriah have to prank her? she's gonna find out isn't she?

Hey, Hank's a vigilante! Not like HE is used to having permission - he just figured the two federal agents might have to jump through more hoops. "Oh, well, that's brilliant then. Lets pop off to run down this hacker or hackers and push their faces in." Yup, he needs some outlet for that aggression from earlier, smacking the hell out of some jerks would perfectly suit him at the moment!

Hank can't help but laugh when Jemma gets through to tickle shirtless master of hounds. "Later. Focus on Jemma's problem, /then/ get revenge." Priorities!

Jemma looks so pleased with herself for getting the drop on Jeriah. SO PLEASED! Like the cat who ate the canary. "It was on to start with, I figured I'd just with the flow." She tells the hacker.

Typically they would have to jump through hoops, they're just choosing … not to.

"We can do that but you know we have a gym here, Hank, with Agents that train. If you need to work off some energy, I'm sure … " she looks meaningfully at Jeriah when he looks at her "… would offer to help."

"Now … let me look at the results of serum. It's holding at least and …. what do you think? I think you've addressed the problem from last time."

For Jeriah, Jemma's fingers flex one more time against his ribs before she steps back. "Have you got all you need out of my head now?"

Jeriah humphs at Jemma but nods to Hank. He's right. Focus on the problems at ham. Jemma can be dealt with later. And oh. Shall she be. Revenge will be terrible, if not especially swift.

"Yes, I suppose I have. Shall I disconnect? I'm rather liking the way the connection feels. Hrmmmm…"

As he says 'hrmmmm' Jemma's hand comes up to stroke her own chin. Okay. NOW he's done. She can feel him disconnect.

"I suppose taking official SHIELD transport won't do for this so, that being the case, shall we?

"Oh, I have access to a full function holodeck, basically, and excellent training facilities at the Institute, Jemma. I /wish/.." He looks thoughtful. "Actually, I /could/ route the EMJ to the Danger Room, if you'd like to see it in action." Why YES, Hank /is/ rather proud of that tech! Especially since it is largely /his/.

The serum is showing very positive results and the prior imbalance Jemma noticed is gone. "Oh, yes, I'd like to see the results, so far my sims are positive but I like having your review of the genetic samples tests." Cellular reversion seems stable, no obvious glitches.

"ANd yes, we'll take my 78 Grenada, it is much less traceable." OMG. he drives a DINOSAUR!

When Jeriah takes control of Jemma's hand again it seems kind of obvious - and Hank flicks his nails into Jer's shoulder, ack, that /stings/. "Behave." Hank warns with a toothy grin.

"Jeriah…" There's a warning growl in Jemma's voice as her hand strokes her chin. Then he's gone and it feels a little … lonely. Not that she's saying anything about that. No one can read her mind now.

"I might like that Hank but the offer is here if you want to train with soldiers who have a different experience.

"That sounds good, the Grenada, that is. And I suggest that we leave the serum to soak overnight again. Can you interest you both in lunch in the cafe? There's veal parmigian today."

Jeriah sighs. "You have a scientist's car…" He mutters. But he's right. It's much less tracable. It's just also so… OLD.

"We'll do that sometime, then." Hank says with a grin to Jemma. "And if you're sure about the training, I would like that, I have a fairly eclectic background - my hand to hand is fairly, self-taught, some more formal training and sparring could be quite valuable."

He nods about the serum. "Exactly my thought, which is why I thought we could look into the unfortunately named Mister Winifred." A laugh. "After some lunch, it seems." Hank can pretty much always eat, takes a lot to keep his furnace stoked.

To Jeriah. "Of course I do, but I didn't say it was -stock-." Hank smiles. "I've done a bit of work on it, reinforced the frame, upgraded the sound system, that sort of thing." A nod. "Ejector seats…you have shotgun, right?" No, he doesn't actually have an ejector seat!

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