2019-09-16 - Did You Try Clapping Your Hands


Who else would you ask to forge a cold iron blade?

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Storyteller: None
Date: Mon Sep 16 18:01:25 2019
Location: Carpenter Studios

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So, Tommy is what you call sorcerer. He was no fledgling, but one of actual potent skill and honed mastery of his craft. But that doesn't mean he can't get stuck in an alternate dimension or needs a relic that hurts a certain kind of creature. In short, he's looking for an iron sword, because certain dark faeries are tormenting some minds.

So, having heard fairly good things about Carpenter Studios, Tommy knocks on her door before attempting to open it. "Hello? Anybody home?" His voice has an accent, though its hard to pin down. Maybe…Tibetan?

A clear clarion voice answers, in perfectly fluent Tibetan, "Come in! We're open!" Standing in front of one of the suits of armor is a rather average looking young woman, seeming to be in her mid-20s. A pair of sticks keep her red hair bound back behind her head, as she wears jeans and a loose fitting silk blouse.

Turning, she looks at Tommy with curiosity in her amber eyes, "Something I can help you with?" She doesn't look Tibetan, more Irish than anything… but then, you wouldn't know it from how she's speaking.

Imagine Tommy's surprise when he notices she's speaking Tibetan at him. She can see that look in his eyes, the irises so amber that they almost glow, apparently matching the amber of the woman across from him. "You…know Tibetan?" I mean, she looked like someone who was IMPOSSIBLE to know Tibetan, but…looks are deceiving.

And she was cute. NICE.

"Uhm…just uh, inquiring about a possible creation by your hands. Do you have any iron blades, perhaps?"

If she can sense magic, she can sense it strongly from him.

Angela arches a brow at that, "Oh, Tibetan… yes, I know it." She quirks a faint smile, then ponders the question, walking towards the counter, "Iron blades? That's a bit of an unusual request. I'm guessing this is for something rather specific." She glances over her shoulder, regarding Tommy again with that curious glance. "Most of the weapons in the front here are display models only, or for cosplayers. They don't have edges that would make them really usable in a fight."

"Well, its a beautiful language." When she tells him that most of the gear here is for cosplayers and the like, Tommy seems to hum. "Well, the iron itself should suffice. But…something tells me you are much different than others. Very…unique." That last word is said with a flirtatious wink.

"So uh..how much for a simple one? Not too fancy, not sharp." After all, the simple contact of iron with the mythological creature in question is sure to cause agonizing pain.

Angela snickers, "Well, that's good, a pure iron weapon isn't going to keep much of an edge. I can make one for you, shouldn't be too expensive." She gives Tommy another look, not seeming too fazed by the flirty wink as she considers, "Five hundred, and I can have it ready tomorrow. If you want anything decorative about it, that'll be more of course… but it seems like you want this for a specific kind of business." Since, well, there's only a very few reasons someone would ask for a pure iron weapon.

Tommy seems to ponder the price point. "Five hundred dollars? Hm." Tommy looks her in the eyes for a moment. "three-hundred." Yes, he's trying to barter. "AND, I'll take you out to dinner." Yes, he's going to flirt while he barters, because he's taking his chances.

Of course, he has no idea that she's a battle-hardened angel of vengeance that could make this extremely difficult for him when she had the mind. But he smiles, like he just made her a fantastic offer.

Angela just arches a brow at that, her expression impassive for just one beat too long, before she responds, "Four hundred, and I pick the restaurant." Which, well, that's definitely better than five hundred, at least!

Of course, New York can be a little spendy in restaurants…

Ugggh but those restaurants can be so expensive! But its clear that Tommy is thinking about it, rubbing the light amount of facial hair on his face. "Hm. You drive a hard bargain. Expensive restaurant or cheap restaurant?"

He has a feeling she won't tell him, so he just smirks at her, extending his hand.


Angela grins, "I'm not that cruel. There's a small Tibetan restaurant on the edge of SoHo, family run, it's nice. If that's agreeable to you, anyway." She takes the offered hand, "Deal. I'm Angela Carpenter, but you probably knew that." Since, well, it is her name on the storefront.

Tommy smiles. "Solid deal to me." and he shakes her hand firmly, except if she allows, he'll bring her knuckles up to his lips for a flirty kiss to them, unless she rips her hand away. "Tommy. Tommy Wisdom."

He releases her hand then. "Its nice to meet you, Angela Carpenter. Besides, Tibetan food is quite literally to die for, you know. So, should we go now, or later?" He asks the important question: When.

Becuase he definitely doesn't want to go to the restaurant alone and be like…wha?

Angela hrms, "Well, it is about time to close up shop I suppose…" She grins, "So sure, we can go now. Just need to take a few minutes to lock up everything." She looks slightly amused at the kiss on her fingers, but doesn't stop him from doing that, one brow arching as she asides, "Well, aren't you a charmer."

Tommy smiles. "Fine by me. Been awhile since I was out on a date." Oh yes, he assumes this is indeed a romantic outing, which he hopes that Angela doesn't quite have a problem with, but when she tells him that he's a charmer for kissing her hands, he winks.

"Few more places I could lay lips on, if you like."

Oh my.

"Sure, take your time to close up. I'll be outside?"

That comment gets him a rather solid eyeroll from Angela, "Alright, outside you go, I'll be there in a few minutes." She chuckles, shaking her head a bit as she locks up the register and takes care of the mundane tasks of closing up a shop for the evening.

Tommy knows he perhaps crossed the comfort line a little bit, but considering that she didn't throw something at him, she must've liked or tolerated it enough since he was probably going to be buying the meal anyway as punishment and part of the deal.

But, he smirks at her and he starts his stroll outside of the shop, hearing her chuckle just making him smile just a little wider as he walks out proper and waits outside for her to lock up shop. He whistles a tune, but its not exactly a catchy one. Namely because its not actually from any song that actually exists. Yes, he was just finding things to do while he waited.

Angela emerges from the shop, locking the front door with her key as she smiles wryly over at Tommy, "Alright then, it's just down this way a few blocks." With that, she falls into step alongside Tommy, finally asking the four hundred dollar question, "So why do you want a cold iron blade anyway?" Because that is a pretty specific request.

Smiling when Angela finally comes out after closing down shop, He offers her his arm/hand, letting her take either because he's a gentleman, even if he is checking her out like she's the best thing he's seen today. Plus its a short walk, so she shouldn't have to suffer too badly without his attention.

"Well…Lets just say there's some winged devils who have taken to messing with some people of late that I have been hired to take care of." Of course, now he's just waiting for her to mock him over it. Mundane mortals think its just fairy tails after all. Though..Tommy is looking at her.

"My turn…I wonder why it is you glow and I feel…rather warm around you. Not in the weird way, of course."

Angela does take the offered arm, her fingers resting very comfortably on Tommy's bicep as she hmms, "Well, that's a bit strange. I mean, winged devils and not something like the faerie folk, anyway." She arches a brow, "Probably for the same reason I'm speaking fluent… Tibetan, right? It's pretty easy for me to lose track of those things." Her lips quirk in a wry grin.

Tommy has a pretty good bicep, actually. Its not quite Captain America-level per-se, but he at least works out a little bit. But as she talks about faeries and the like, while also giving him a reason as to why she suddenly speaks Tibetan, Tommy gives an 'ah' as he puts together the pieces of a puzzle.

"You know, when I saw you, I thought you looked like an angel, but I didn't think I was actually right. So…guess you could say you're giving me divine providence?" he flirts some more. But at least he's in the know that she's an angel.

Angela snickers at that, "Not right now, I'm off shift." She gives Tommy a wry smile, "Though, if you want some advice? The flirting is cute, but just be honest. Trust me, after a few millennia that's far more interesting than pick up lines, as I have literally heard them all before."

Tommy laughs just a little bit when she tells him to just be honest with her if he's interested. "Oh, I get to be honest? Usually women don't want me to be honest." he admits to her. He smiles to her. "In that case, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and I'm really nervous right now."

Okay, maybe he's being a little -too- honest, but hey.

Angela laughs, "Oh, you are adorable. So, what exactly do you do, then? I mean, when not flirting with angels or commissioning exotic weapons, that is." She looks a bit curious, head tilted a bit as well… they are speaking in Tibetan, so the odds of someone overhearing and understanding their conversation isn't the greatest.

Tommy looks at Angela. "In the good way or the bad way?" Tommy asks her curiously with a warm smile touching his face. "Well, I'm a sorcerer." He replies to her in Tibetan so nobody even hears them properly. "I deal with supernatural problems, as it were. That doesn't ah…worry you, does it? Are you trouble?"

Angela shakes her head, "Nah, I haven't turned a city into salt for… at least four thousand years, I think." She grins, "But no, I'm not trouble, at least compared to faeries or devils or the like, anyway. I do tend to smite the latter when I can catch them, but they normally stay pretty far away from me." For good reason, it sounds like!

"Good thing I'm not a demon then, huh?" Tommy says with a bit of a grin towards her. "Good thing you're not trouble, otherwise I'd have to fight you and I'm pretty sure I would lose." Tommy has no problem identifying Angela as definitely a 'alpha-female'. "Should be just around that corner, yeah?" He asks her curiously.

She was the one who knew where she was going, after all.

Angela nods, "Right, just over here." She pauses, and gestures towards the small hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Definitely not much, and definitely not a franchise, but the smells coming from within the restaurant are mouth-watering, to put it mildly. "This shouldn't hurt your pocketbook too badly."

"Maybe I'll get a kiss for my work as the chef." Tommy teases her just a tad as he leads the way. But the food smells amazing. "It reminds me of home, to be honest." He looks at her. "Thanks for the oppurtunity, even if I might've had to twist your arm for it." Though she looks like the kind of woman who would definitely try and eat 100 dollars worth of food to force Tommy to make up the full 500.

The angel chuckles at that, "It's not a problem. Honestly, I was a little curious why someone would want a cold iron blade anyway, so I wanted to do some following up with that." She smiles, "And besides, you're paying for dinner, so win win for me."

"Well, you know…job's a job. I figured since you had a shop that sold at least steel weapons, Iron wouldn't be too hard for you to conjure up." Tommy says with a light shrug, though his attention is on her is maintained. "Yeah, I really am." He leads her to a spot in the corner when they finally make it to the restaurant, a waiter already promising to be with them in a moment.

"So, how long have you been in the city? I feel kinda blind that I haven't noticed you yet. I promise I would've asked you out sooner."

Angela snorts, "I've been here in New York since… hrm. 1912, I think? Honestly calendars change all the time so it can be a bit hard to track. Though I did take a little excursion to France during World War Two to… say hello to some Nazis." Her grin at that point gets a little vicious, as it's easy to imagine just how she 'said hello' to those folks, before she chuckles, "I tend to move around every few decades, but I really like New York so far, so I've been staying here."

"For what its worth, I'm happy that you decided to stay. Otherwise I wouldn't have met you." Yes, he tries to flirt and inch his hand closer to hers. "But, you fought nazi's? Badass. Want to tell me more about you? How long have you owned and operated?" He's asking now to just try and -know- her. TO learn about her. It was clear that his interest in her was genuine, even if this whole date was just part of a deal.

Angela smiles a little, not seeming to mind the inching hand, as she says, "Well, I was created around 10,000 BCE, more or less. Society was just forming, so a lot of us were created then to make sure things went according to Divine Plan." She hmms, "Ah, yes, they did the most amazing beer in Egypt. Did you know that's where it was first invented? Now that was a gift that is overlooked, in favor of mummies and pyramids and the like." She gets a bit of a wry expression at that.

"10,000 BCE?" Tommy decides to just whistle a little bit. He knew she was older than him, but she's bloody ancient compared to him. Like when she went to school there was no history older than him. But he chuckles. "I did not actually. I guess I'll have to take a portal run over to Egypt. Maybe you can tag along with me, eh?" He grins at her, maybe feeling out the waters a little bit with her.

Angela hmms, "Well, I'm not sure that you'd find the proper brewing now, it's been a little while." She chuckles softly, "Humanity has come a pretty long way since I've been around, and yet… not so much as you might think." She shrugs, apparently taking a longer view of such things since, well, what else does she have?

"You would be surprised at how good I am at exploring." Yes, there's perhaps that double-hinted word from Tommy to Angela, a wink accompanying it. "Heh, sorry, sorry. Couldn't help myself." He does try and move his hand closer to hers, pinkie attempting to capture her own as a start to a prelude. Then th waiter comes along and starts asking for what they might like. Tommy just orders a Tibetan rice pudding. Something small, but simple.

Angela smiles, "I'll take a momo, please." She looks at the hand inching closer to hers, and decides to allow the contact, giving the young sorcerer a wry expression, "Oh really? The fact that I've been around that long doesn't weird you out at all?" Her lips quirk in that grin again, as she studies Tommy with that curious expression.

"Not even a little bit." Tommy says as she seems to allow the contact. But now he dares further as his hand fully moves to cover her own. "Do you mind me being -considerably- younger than you to be a problem?" He says as he looks her right in the eyes. If she was toying with the idea of a relationship? He seemed…really serious about it. She was gorgeous, and she was attractive in the mind as well. Besides, maybe he'll earn some cool points with Big G right? Of course, thats not why he's looking at her like he is right now.

Angela chuckles, "The number of people that are not incredibly younger than I am is few and far between, Tommy." She grins, "And that does include most of the gods you see running around these days. And, well, we have just met. Good things do come to those who wait." So, she's not ruling it out, but she's also… well, 'hasty' is definitely not a word to describe her.

"This is totally fair. Just uh…you know, gauging interest." Tommy smiles a bit nervously to Angela. "Good thing I generally have at least decent patience, you know." He smirks at her. She was immortal. Her very being screams patience.

Angela chuckles softly, "If there was no interest at all, you wouldn't have gotten to take me out to dinner." The nice thing about angels, they do manage to give out a smidge of hope when warranted! And of course, that's when the food arrives…

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