2019-09-15 - Staten Island - Ninja Free Since 2017


Sometimes people meet and they aren't fighting ninjas!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 15 20:58:21 2019
Location: Staten Island

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Staten Island. The area was just a good ways away from Wayne Manor, but the area is certainly quite the parkland. Few houses here and there, clearly for perhaps the more financially affluent. Just so, walking out along the sidewalk is Damian Wayne, son of the billionaire himself.

He seems to be in relatively deep thought, to the point where he doesn't quite know where he's going because he has nowhere he needs to be. But that also means he's not quite watching where he's going. He wears all black, like he usually does, though thanks to that vaguely remaining summertime heat, Damian wears a black t-shirt with black jeans and some regular shoes. Certainly doesn't look like a rich kid, which is nice. He easily grows tired of people trying to converse with him because they know he's rich.

Dani, on the other hand, does not wear all black. She's actually wearing a bright tie-dyed T-shirt at the moment, along with a pair of blue jeans and sneakers. Even without the armor, she cuts a pretty distinct figure, though her winged horse is nowhere to be seen. But then, considering their bond, he's probably somewhere nearby. Right now, she's just currently lounging on a park bench, watching birds at the fountain with a slight grin as she seems to be unwinding at the moment.

Damian kept walking. Yep, nothing to see here. Nothing to notice, nothing out of-

Damian sees Dani as she sits there on the bench apparently enjoying the nature surrounding her. If by a distinct figure, she has a very noticeable form, Damian definitely notices it. So, he turns on his heel and makes his way towards her. "Hello. Would you like company? The birds should be out in mass any moment now." he says to her with a small smirk on his face, perhaps attempting to apply that charm that he learned from his father?

He might still have a ways to go…

Dani blinks, then focuses her attention on Damian, tilting her head, "Well, sure, have a seat." She smiles a little, studying Damian curiously for a moment, "You're familiar with the birds around here? I admit, this is my first time coming to Staten Island." She looks perfectly at ease, nodding to the spot next to her on the bench

Damian looks at Dani when she seems to smile a bit at him, and sure enough, he sits down in a disciplined fashion beside her. "I am. At times, when it is quiet, I'll start watching for them. Their patterns are interesting to look upon." He looks at her eyes then.

Not from around here at all.

"First time? And where would you happen to be from, miss..?" perhaps leading on to maybe try and get Dani's name from her.

Dani chuckles, "Oh, I'm here with work. My name's Dani, fresh from Boulder, Colorado." No mention of Asgard, because… well, why freak out the mundanes, right? And sometimes it's nice to just talk like a normal person.

If she only knew…

Anyway, she continues, "And what's your name, mister…?" She grins at him wryly, one brow arching just a bit as she doesn't shy from eye contact.

If only she knew indeed.

Damian though hears her name and he seems to give a little nod to her in acknowledgement. "Dani. Nice name." When she pulls the same kind of question on him, he just couldn't help but smile. "Damian. Damian Wayne." He even gives his last name for her as he reaches out to offer her a handshake.

"So then, whats a girl from Boulder, Colorado doing all the way this far northeast?"

Dani grins, "Well, work, and I'm probably going to do pre-vet in a few months, once I get my schedule sorted out a bit more." She pauses, and blinks, then smiles, "Wait, Damian Wayne? I'm not that out of touch… what brings you out here?" She doesn't sound judgmental about it, more surprised than anything else. On the bright side, she takes the offered hand, giving Damian a firm handshake. "Pleased to meet you."

Yep, its -the- Damian Wayne.

The young man smiles to her softly as she gives him a firm handshake. He even lifts her knuckles to his lips to kiss gently if she allows him to. Charmer, he is! But of course, it'd be easy for her to wrangle her grip free from his, since he'll release her either way.

"Just exploring. I don't like being cooped up in one place for too long, you know? Its boring, really. But I understand. City of oppurtunity, right?"

Dani does blink at the kiss to her knuckles, but allows it, though she gives him a wry look at that as it seemed to take her by surprise more than anything else. "Well, exploring is good, I've been doing a lot of that over the past couple years." She grins brightly at that, "And there definitely seems to be a lot of opportunity around here, just really a question of which one to take, you know?"

Releasing her hand, Damian rests his hands on his knees and gives her a gentle smile all the same. He catches that wry smile all too easily, perhaps raising a brow at her in return for such a smile being given. "Backpacking? Or just exploring out of the curiosity of your heart?" Damian asks.

There are many reasons why one elects to travel. Damian just hopes she didn't bring trouble with her.

Dani hrms, "A little more… complicated, than that. But most people don't believe me when I tell them." She gives Damian a wry expression, "Though I do like exploring, this was a bit more involuntary than I expected."

"I like exploring too." Damian says a little flirtatiously to her, before he shakes his head lightly. "No one believes you, hm? Well, I have a knack for hearing the unbelievable and finding it to be, well, undeniably true. Since you don't have a reason to lie to me."

Seems Damian is pulling out the deductive reasoning. After all, this too is just basic conversation as well.

Dani grins, "Well, you did say who you are…" She hmms, and says, "When I was fourteen, I wound up in Asgard. It was… interesting, but I was stuck back there for five years, before I managed to get back home." She pauses, and shrugs a little, "It was definitely an interesting experience, growing up there." Her lips quirk as she gives Damian a wry expression in response to the flirting, "Where's that rank on the unbelievability scale?"

Damian seems to smirk at her a little bit when she mentions Asgard. He KNEW it. She HAD to be the mysterious woman he had met just those few nights ago during his patrol as Robin. His smile is knowing, apparently unsurprised or unwilling to fake being surprised.

"So, you grew up in Asgard? Same place as Thor, Loki, and all them? Impressive, Dani." he smirks at her. Apparently he believes her.

When asked about the rank, he shrugs. "about a eight." he says with a small lift of his shoulders.

Dani looks actually a bit affronted at that, "An eight? What would actually make a ten?!?" She then grins, clearly not that upset, "But yeah, though I didn't really meet Thor or Loki, since they're the royal family and I'm just a girl from Boulder." She shrugs a bit, though she does notice the slight change in Damian, "We haven't met before, have we? You seem pretty familiar."

"Yes, yes, an eight. I'veh eard some pretty ridiculous stories, mind you. The fact that its actually true just makes it less on the scale." Damian smirks at her just a little bit when she tells him that she has never actually met the sons of Odin. "Understandable."

But now the moment of truth.

"I feel like we have met before. Can you put my face to anything else?" He doesn't give her any kind of hints, but rather testing her intelligence.

"Yes, yes, an eight. I'veh eard some pretty ridiculous stories, mind you. The fact that its actually true just makes it less on the scale." Damian smirks at her just a little bit when she tells him that she has never actually met the sons of Odin. "Understandable."

But now the moment of truth.

"I feel like we have met before. Can you put my face to anything else?" He doesn't give her any kind of hints, but rather testing her intelligence.

Dani arches a brow, "Okay, let's see…" She hmms, leaning back a bit to get a better look at Damian's face, build, general demeanor, considering things, then she smiles a little, "A nighttime encounter, with a bunch of ninjas, I'm thinking." She doesn't just come out and say it, if only because people are so touchy about secret identities.

Damian watches onwards as Dani seems to try and put together the pieces of the puzzle. But imagine his tentative surprise when Dani manages to fallback to that one night where they worked together against a bunch of ninjas. Seems by his light smirk, she's right.

He's Robin.

"My my, seems your memory works pretty well, Dani. Its good to see you again. Though I did like the horse."

Dani smiles, "Oh, Brightwind's nearby. Sometimes I like to keep a low profile, just makes it a bit easier." She shrugs a little bit, "I don't exactly have a secret identity, so it sometimes gets a little complicated." A wry expression at that, "I'm sure you can relate."

"Just a little bit in understanding." Damian admits just a tad when she gives him yet another wry expression. Now that they've met each other as they are, Damian gives Dani perhaps a more confident smile. "So then…should I expect to see you again in the very near future?' He asks her curiously. After all, whats stopping her from going back to Asgard or Colorado?

Dani chuckles, "I suspect you'll be seeing a fair amount of me around, I'm not planning on going anyway. At least permanently." She grins, "I rather enjoy living in New York, though I do prefer being in the country. More room for Brightwind to get around."

"Maybe one of these days I'll take you out to the countryside, no?" Damian asks Dani with perhaps a more mischievous look in his eyes. "We can test Brightwind's speed and agility there, while also just going out to have a good time." He rises more fully to his feet then and he turns to look at her. "I should probably get going though. I have someone I should meet before the day is out." he offers Dani his cell phone though. "May I?'

as in, May I have your number

Dani blinks, then grins, "Well… sure, here." She gets a bit of a sly look, for some reason, though it passes quickly as she puts her number into Damian's phone. Though technically she spells her name as "Dani ;)" in the name field. "Would be interesting to take Brightwind out there, since there's not too many places he can roam free around here."

Damian gets his phone back and he looks at the contact. The winkie face attached to her name does make him blush just a small tad, but he chuckles, and he sends a text message to that number. "There. Now you have my number. I'll see you soon, Dani." He locks eyes with her for that brief moment then, like he was looking into her very soul, then he starts to turn on his heel and walk away.

The game is afoot!

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