2019-09-15 - Not Jimmy?


With Jimmy not acting himself, Pris and Darcy discuss possibilities.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 15 23:45:41 2019
Location: Stonewall Inn

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As soon as Priscilla knew about roboJimmy, she called Eve and Darcy to warn them to stay away, that something was wrong.

Later that day, she got a return message from Darcy: "Too late. We gotta talk. When and where?"

Priscilla's answer was to choose a place to which she has never been: the Stonewall Inn. Symbolic, it is also a place roboJimmy would never think of looking for her, or for Darcy. It is the safest place she can think of. She sets a time, and arrives half an hour early to scout the place thoroughly, including a telepathic sweep and a scouting pass. Now, ten minutes before the appointed time, she sits at a table, her purple-accented black leather jacket a clear marker as if anyone needs one to ID the mocha-skinned purple-eyed dancer. She's nervous. And she has her blaster on her, the other weapons in a case on her bike outside just in case.

Darcy took the subway and then walked the rest of the way. Calling an Uber seemed like it'd leave a trail and this had all the makings of one of those noir spy films or something. Plus, with Jimmy acting weird, it had taken everything Darcy had NOT to stay at his house the whole time to try to find out what happened and how to shake him out of it.

At then it struck her as a terrible thing to do, to want to CHANGE someone. So, Darcy had played the Work Card and left. Pris's message was cryptic and worrisome. She replied with the truth, and now that she was walking up to the meeting place her heart was hammering in her chest. Dressed in leggings and a long tennis shirt dress, Darcy swallows harshly, her eyes darting here and there.

"Oh thank god," she breathes out when she spots Priscilla. Her hastened steps carry her toward the other's table, and she drops herself down into a chair across from her.

"Alright. What the fuck?" she blurts out, eyes worried and hot, cheeks a little pale.

Feeling the other woman's emotions quite clearly, Priscilla immediately reaches out, taking her hands as she offers reassurance and strength - or at least what she has of it. "Basics? Jimmy has been replaced. He's not the only one. Another one, when discovered, tried to escape. When it couldn't, it blew itself up and devastated a couple city blocks in area. I couldn't let that happen to you, or anyone else." Which is why she's being so damned paranoid about all of this.

"I don't know why, yet, but I'm convinced our Jimmy is still alive, somewhere. I'm hoping some other contacts can help me, and we can find him." Pris continues. "For now, best to stay away from him. I'm sorry for that. If you need a safe place to stay, I can arrange it." Her place. Eve's place. Some place wil be safe and good enough for Darcy in the short term.

Hands taken, Darcy hasn't realized hers where shaking until the other woman's finger steadied her own. Darcy's fingers curl, squeezing in what would seem like comfort, but the question would be: comfort for who?

"That explains things. He was… It's like… Are you sure replaced and not …mind-fucked? Cause, he know alot and… he blushed. It just… it took alot and…" Darcy's eyes fall to the table as she replays that night when she realized just how Not Jimmy he was acting.

"Yes. I'll… take some PTO. I don't want to risk… this Jimmy saying the wrong thing and my boss folding reality into a paper airplane or something," she rambles. She's scared but, "I want to help." Determined.

Priscilla gapes a bit at Darcy; she has no idea what the woman does, but that her boss could do such a thing? That's scary. But she gets not being sure what to do here; she's not either. "I wouldn't think this … roboJimmy will say anything. They try really hard to pretend to be the real thing, following their memories of the others' thoughts, opinions, actions. But you know your boss. I don't." She's not about to tell Darcy what to do. That's what makes her different from a lot of heroes.

It's the empath thing; other's thoughts and feelings are as real to her as her own, and so equally valuable.

Pris considers Darcy for a bit, and shrugs. "I don't know yet what I'm going to do. First up, I'm going to try reaching out to some distant contacts. If they answer, they may be able to help me figure out what to do, and where. Beating up the bot isn't going to help. We need the source. We need Jimmy."

"He was shit at pretending," Darcy states firmly, shoving the fear back down behind the bravado of her derby persona, and the gives no fucks that her boss of the Norse God of Lies when she's staring him down and telling him that on Earth it is polite to tip the waiters and that saying Please and Thank You is what princes and gentlemen DO.

"But maybe that's something we can use? Maybe instead of staying away, I get myself in closer? I'll stay at his place and thinks every Not-Jimmy reaction at him that I can. He dropped trou almost the moment I thought to suggest it. I'll get him to want to introduce me to his parents, ie The Source," Darcy suggests witout a thought of her own safety or well-being in this. If it helps Priscilla find their Jimmy, it is worth doing.

Priscilla's face screws up in a twist; she's not loving this, but she is not going to tell Darcy she cannot or should not do that. "I'm not sure that's the best plan. I don't think this thing will let itself be used to lead back to its master, no matter what. I think that's why the other one exploded." And as she said before, this isn't just about the risk to Darcy, but also anyone and everyone nearby.

Darcy is not dumb enough to ignore that very real concern Priscilla gives her, and unlike the real Jimmy Darcy is just a human. She sits back in the chair, hands slipping from Priscilla's to she can push her fingers through her hair out of sheer frustration.

"I hate just sitting here not able to DO anything," she admits before folding forward again on a loud exhale.

"Okay. Can't risk that thing blowing up his apartment building. The lady across the hall is fucking adorable," she states as she lays that plan to rest in favor of: "I'm glad you called me, though. Really. I… I didn't know what was going on, and I was about to call YOU to see if maybe you knew what was up? You're his friend too. At least, I'm pretty sure he's got the hots for you too."

Priscilla smirks wryly, a little moue. "Yeah. I'm sure." There's no arrogance in her words; she just acknowledges Darcy's point as true. To be fair, he'd have to be a robot, or stone cold gay, not to find her hot. "I also know how he feels about you. And I don't poach, Darcy. Ever."

As to the rest, Pris continues. "That was why I reached out. I couldn't know who had noticed, who hadn't. And it was too important. I am Jimmy's friend, and yours. And I want to help. We just need a clue, some intel to get us started. And as soon as I have some, I promise to share, and we can work on it together." She won't keep it from Darcy, even though she's 'just a normal'. That has to be Darcy's choice.

"And I don't discriminate or lock people in cages. If he wants you and you want him, just let me know. If you two find room for me to join in, awesome, if you don't I'd like to at least still be friends with both," states the human, hand reaching out. Palm up, it's an offer. They are both in this together, and both set on bringing their boy home.

"And thanks. I appreciate that. I'll… try to do.. whatever I can. I know that I'm not… like him. I'm just me."

Priscilla reaches out and takes Darcy's hand. "I meant it, Darcy. I don't poach. As long as you two are together, he and I never will be." And she's fine with that. After all, she has lots of options, if and when she wants them. But not many real friends. "We're all just us, Darcy. No harm, no foul. All we can do is all we can do. No judgement here." Her former friends, the guardians, would object. But this is Priscilla's truth, not theirs.

"And I mean it right back, Pris. You ever want with him, with us, it's fine with me. Sharing is caring, and you're both gorgeous wonderful people," Darcy says, curling her fingers around the hand. She smiles as she's told that she's enough as she is, the sentiment making warmth bubbling up within her.

"Thanks. You have my number, so… keep me informed, and if you think I need to stay away from him, fine. Your place or… your friend's. Wherever. I could probably call my wife over in jersey and crash on her sofa. I haven't seen her kids in a while, so that could be fun. Aunt McGee, walking 'em home from school for a week," she rambles.

Priscilla is a bit confused by all that; Darcy has a wife? She had no idea. Nothing wrong with it, of course, but it isn't at all what she expected or knew of. "OK. Why don't you go stay in Jersey for a bit. When I know more, I'll be in touch. And I'll see about arranging a good place for you to stay in the meantime, so you don't overstay your welcome with the kids. I'll be in touch soon, I promise." Priscilla stands, leaning over the table and kissing Darcy on the cheek. "Take care of yourself, Darcy. He'll want to know you're OK, once this is over."

A wife, that she clearly doesn't life with while having a boyfriend. Darcy leans forward to accept the kiss, turning her head after to return it.

"Alright, and you be careful doing whatever it is you're gonna do. And, if there needs to be some ass kickin' or something, call me first. I know a chick," Darcy says, pushing herself up to her feet now herself to offer Pris a hug.

"And thanks for talking to me. I.. guess I'm glad I wasn't going crazy."

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