2019-09-15 - Family reunion


Bruce stops by Jen's practice and they catch up!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 15 21:12:07 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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The offices of Jennifer Walters is located not too far from Mutant Town, where rent is cheap and the clientele she specializes in are plenty. The building is nice enough, nothing fancy, only five stories tall. The office itself is on the third floor and consists of a waiting room and an office, both of which are furnished nicely.

The waiting room has a comfortable looking couch pushed up against one wall, some potted plants which seem to be well taken care of and a desk which a personal assistant would use, if Jen actually had one. Jen's office has all the things that you'd expect out of a lawyer's office. Nice big desk, oversized office chair, comfortable chairs for her clients, filing cabinets, that kind of thing. Jen, herself, is seated behind her desk with a steaming mug of coffee, typing away at her laptop, scowling and muttering to herself about one thing or another.

Only five stories. Though Bruce, who's currently living in a cheap apartment IN Mutant Town, might think that's quite a lot. Things haven't been the best for him since getting out of prison. The highlight has been becoming passout drunk with a blind god, and that wasn't even him that did it. He's been avoiding meeting anybody he knows, not wanting to potentially draw them into trouble if anybody is chasing him. So far… nobody is. So, he decided to visit his favorite relative. He stands outside the building for a time, staring up at it. He's wearing a cheap suit. Which isn't purple. Apparently they didn't have any of those in the thrift store he shopped at. Finally he sighs, and enters.

A few minutes later, he's entering through the waiting room and approching the door to Jen's office. Knocking on it, or the frame if it's open, he then pokes his head in. "Hello?" Jen wouldn't have seen this particular member of her family for years. She might not have even known WHERE he was, since it very well could have been a 'black' prison they were keeping the Hulk at. "Am I intruding?"

Through the muttering, Jen hears somebody knock on the door. "Come in!" she shouts, not really paying attention to who it might be. "There's a kureg on the desk, help yourself to some coffee and I'll be right out." The big green lawyer types a bit more on the laptop when it suddenly dawns on her… Wait. No. It couldn't be….

She gets out of her chair and rushes to the waiting room and spies her favorite cousin. "Bruce! Oh my God! It's so good to see you!" She rushes over to him and gives him a big hug. "It's been ages!" She holds him out at arms length, releasing the hug, "I've been worried about you."

Bruce smiles over at the tall lawyer and replies, "It's good to see you too, Jen." Then he lets out an oof of air when the superstrong woman hugs him like that, squeezeing her back with considerably less force in this form. "Yeah. Sorry to have worried you so much." He rests a hand on one of her arms, looking up at her. "I was… off the grid for a while. I came to town recently, and…well. I've been trying to keep to myself, but I couldn't resist stopping by to see how you were any longer." He glances around the room. "The practice is going well, I hope?"

Jen puts a hand over Bruce's and leads him over to the couch where they can both get more comfortable. "Well enough." she says, sitting herself down. "I could use more paying customers, but at least I get free maintenance now, and Mr. Haversham's pies are to die for." She looks at her cousin for a long time, taking him in. "I'm glad you're okay. I know how bad things can get for you out there. If you ever need anything look me up. I owe you my life." She smiles at a though, "Even if I didn't I'd still do anything for you, you know that."

Settling down on the couch, holding one of her green hands between his. Looking down at it. "It is what it is. I'm still alive." He looks up at mention of saving her life and smiles again. "I'm just glad the whole going green thing has worked out so much better for you than it did me." He lets out a slow sigh, then adds, "And remember. The same goes for you. If you ever need anything from me, just let me know, alright?" He leans forward, and gives his cousin a brief hug. "And likewise, Jen." He settles back again. "It IS nice to talk to a familiar face again. Though I've met a few interesting people since coming back."

Jennifer chuckles at that. "There are a /lot/ of interesting people here," she says. "And interesting things. I ended up fighting a tentacle monster in the harbor once not too long ago." She winces at the memory of how it ruined one of her best business suits. "I could get the smell out of my hair for weeks," she mutters. "Generally, though, they're good folks here, I've found."

Bruce Banner raises his brows at that. "Tentacle monsters? I thought we were too fast West to run into those." His tone is a bit dry as he says this. "It sounds like New York has stayed as busy as ever." He leans back and looks into the distance for a bit. "I should probably look some people up from back in the day." He considers Jen. "And I should come see you more often. I hope whatever you were doing when I arrived wasn't too important?"

Jennifer shakes her head. "I was just trying to work out a few details of this case I'm working on. Things just aren't adding up, but I've got a couple of weeks to put it together, so it's nothing that can't wait for a bit." She folds her hands into her lap and considers Bruce back. "You should. We all need people to help support us, Bruce. I know you don't like letting people get too close, but I always worry about you when you go it alone for too long."

Bruce Banner nods his head slowly and sighs. "Yeah. I know. It's just… it's not like anything is going to really hurt me. And people around me aren't always so lucky. So sometimes it's better for everybody if I keep to myself. So far I've avoided any major incidents. None of the usual people have come looking for trouble. So that's good." He considers her. "How about you? I know how persistent the superhuman types can be in holding grudges. I'm sure you still have plenty after you."

Jennifer Walters purses her lips thoughtfully. "Not as many as you might think. I haven't really been all that active in that capacity for a long time, not since I hung it up to help fight the registration acts." She chuckles and shakes her head, "I've been wanting to get back into that more but…" she gestures at her office, "People need me here, too, you know?"

Bruce Banner nods his head. "That's good. It does feel nice to help people. But it's not like I ever really wanted to get involved in that sort of thing myself. It just sort of found me, whether I wanted it to or not." He smiles a little. He reaches into a pocket, and pulls out a phone. He thumbs it a bit to bring up a number, then shows it to her. "Just call me at this number if you ever need me. I'll hopefully still have this on me and be able to respond."

Jennifer Walters pulls out her phone, enters the digits and sends Bruce a text, "So you can have my number, too, in case you need to ditch the phone." She considers her younger cousin for a moment, "And if you /do/ need to ditch your phone, come to me. I'll see if I can help you out of whatever trouble happened your way."

Bruce smiles, and raises to his feet. "Thanks, Jen. It was great seeing you again." He leans over, and gives her another hug. "I'll let you get back to work. And talk to you soon." Straightening up, he waves to the green lawyer, then turns and heads for the door out of the office.

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