2019-09-15 - Carol's Chili Cookout for Two


Carol is cooking! Alert the Fire Department!

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 15 22:50:08 2019
Location: RP Room 2

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So, there are occasions where Carol is at her apartment away from Avengers Mansion, particularly when she is looking forward to seeing Brunnhilde. This is one of those days, as she's actually someplace where she never really expected herself to be on a Sunday evening.

The Kitchen.

Specifically, she's actually cooking something… what, is not entirely clear, but propped up on a nearby tablet is the visage of Alton Brown giving easy instructions on how to make Good Eats (tm). Carol is… well, she's trying to follow along, and probably trying to impress a certain someone.

Well, surprise might be intended! However, plans don't survive contact with the…well, not enemy. But surprisee, as there's a knock at the front door. There's a bell, but Hilde always prefers knocking when she can. Tactile feeling and all that. She's waiting outside the door patiently, if slightly damp from driving her bike through the rain outside, which is thankfully only a little drizzle.

Carol yelps at the doorbell, shouting, "Um, just a second!" She hits pause on the tablet, then comes out of the kitchen and goes to the door, opening it for Brunnhilde and leaning in to give the ex-valkyrie a kiss, "Hey, come on in, I'm… uh… planning dinner?"

There's definitely some… interesting, smells, coming from the kitchen. Not necessarily unpleasant ones at least?

Hilde raises a brow at that. "You are?" she says, with interest. "And cooking it." She grins a bit. "Hmm, do you want help, or should I find a seat where I won't distract you then?"

Carol grins, "Well, um… I think I have it handled, maybe. It was going to be a surprise, but… well… I think we talked about how I'm not really much into cooking?" She chuckles, "No smoke alarms yet, and nothing burned!"

Which, of course, is the queue for the smoke alarm to go off in the kitchen. "Damnit! I'll be right back, come on in!" With that, Carol dashes back to the kitchen to start fire management in the kitchen, whoops!

Hilde grins a bit. "Why I wasn't going to distract you." she murmurs, as she follows after, finding a seat to pull up at the table so she can chat but not distract /too/ much.

Carol grins ruefully, "Well, I was getting some advice on cooking but uh…" She turns off the smoke alarm, as it wasn't that bad, all things considered, lots of smoke but no fire. Then she hrms and goes through the recipe, trying to get everything together for this, as she says, "Well, you distract me by existing, which is definitely not a complaint." She grins out at Brunnhilde, following the steps to make…

… well, that's a good question. What IS she making?!?

Brunhilde doesn't ask! Because she sort of enjoys the suprise. She does, however, head over to the fridge to see if there's something to drink. Which will probably be water or soda, considering, but she's at least trying. "I will try not to distract you from your heroic contest." she teases softly.

Carol snickers, "Think I'd rather go ten rounds with Ronan the Accuser at this point, but it's coming together!" She pauses, then adds, "I think." Carol gives Brunnhilde a rueful look, "Of course, you could always distract me and we could order out for something instead. But I really think this is going to be good. Passable. Edible. Really." It does look like she's attempting some form of chili, though the oven is on, so… something to go with it? Hopefully?

Brunhilde grins. "Ah, but I would not undermine your attempt! We shall see…though…chili is difficult to truly make inedible, I think you will do fine." she reassures Carol as she leans back in the chair.

Carol chuckles, "You say that…" and then the oven dings, as that appears ready. Carol reaches in and pulls out a small tray of cornbread. For the chili, no doubt. Cornbread gets put on the cooling rack, and then the chili gets a stir, then Carol hmms, "Okay, this is starting to look like actual food, hon… wasn't sure how this would turn out, honestly. I'm used to getting this stuff out of a can." Which, in this case, she clearly did not. She's really trying hard to do her best on this one.

Hilde watches curiously, tilting her head as she sees the cornbread. "Nothing wrong with that, for a first try." the ex-valkyrie notes, resting her chin on her hand as she watches with interest. "The first time I tried to roast meat over a fire, I set the whole thing ablaze.

Carol grins, "I knew that would be happen, so I didn't even try. But I was talking to Jess and she suggested I try chili and cornbread, so…" She gestures, "I think it's ready? Tried to make this not too spicy, but I'm aiming for a smoky flavor. Hopefully." She grins over at Brunnhilde.

Brunnhilde chuckles. "What did you use chili powder or something else?" she wonders curiously. "And it's difficult to mess up chili, it's a pretty simple dish. I'm sure it's fine."

Carol hmms, "Well, there's this Urfa pepper that I saw on a cooking show, so I thought that would give some good flavor. Also cumin, chipotle, paprika, and some other spices." She grins, "Wanted to do something different for you, since you've been spending some time cooking for me."

"Pretty much what's in chili powder, though I don't know Urfa…." Hilde says curiously. "Well, let's see how it came out then? AT worst it might be overspiced, but that doesn't ruin a chili necessarily." She grins. "Just means you need lots of milk to go with it."

Carol grins, "That is in the fridge, and there's shredded cheese here for the chili." She looks over at Hilde, "Go ahead, and be honest." Her head tilts, as she makes a little 'after you' gesture to Brunnhilde.

The redhead ponders a bit, then gets up to get the cheese at least, sprinklinga bit over the top, before she digs in, trying a bite. A fairly hefty bite, as she doesn't want to be timid! And, well, better to get the shock over all at once if it's…a bit overspiced.

Carol didn't overspice it, but it definitely has an unusual heat… it isn't all at once, but like a slow burn that just lingers, with a vaguely coffee-ish hint of flavor with the usual mix of chili spices. Carol takes a slice of cornbread and puts that at the bottom of her bowl, then puts in the chili, and tosses on some cheese for last.

Hilde ponders as she lets the taste swirl around in her mouth. "It's good. Interesting heat…it's not sharp, but lingers. Tastes…a little bit like mocha?" She tries the cornbread next…aside, not in the bowl. "Mmmm…but very good for a first try, certainly!"

Carol nods, "Yeah, I think that's the urfa pepper, the coffee flavor. Seemed interesting, so I figured why not?" She grins and leans forward at the table, "All part of my master plan." With that, she does a brief Muah-Ha-Ha that lacks a lot of villainous conviction, sadly. You'd think after fighting Dr. Doom she'd be able to do it better.

"As long as it is not the ghost peppers." Hilde says dryly. "i have tried those as a dare, and they are truly the sort to turn the unprepared into a ghost." She uses a bit of the corn bread to scoop up some chili to try them together, mmphing as she munches away happy, then grins a bit after swallowing. "Your master plan? And what is that, hmm? Feed me spicy foods in the hopes that my lust will likewise rise?"

Carol grins, "Nah, I figured if I can't cover that, chili isn't going to help." She winks at that, and tilts her head at Brunnhilde, "Though, well, this is a pretty big apartment that I have all to myself, you know." And with that, she doesn't directly ask, but the implication is pretty much right there.

Whoosh. Right over Hilde's head. "It is quite big for one person, but you are a person of respect and standing. A larger suite does suit." she murmurs amusedly, taking another bite of the chili.

Carol eyes Brunnhilde, a wry expression as she's trying to decide whether 'Hilde is playing with her or not, then says, "Yes, it's really big, so you should share it with me." She grins, "Since you're going to make me just come out and say it…"

Hilde mmms? Mid bite. She pauses, comprehension dawning on her as she finishes chewing, then swallows. "…you want me to move in with you?" she says slowly, a bit tentatively. "Truly?" She leans forward a bit, gazing into Carol's eyes now. "I am not…fixed, or….and I cannot guarantee I will not backslide."

Carol nods, "I know, but you know what… I'm not sure anyone is ever really fixed." She smiles a little, looking at Hilde, "But I care about you, and I want to be with you." She reaches across the table, placing her hand over Brunnhilde's, "What do you say?"

The dusky redhead shifts her fingers, twisting her hand around to take CArol's, giving it a gentle squeeze. "…I'd like that, yes." she murmurs, smiling a bit. "If you can put up with me as a roommate. It's been a very long time since I shared quarters with anyone."

Carol grins, linking her fingers with Brunnhilde's, "I think I can manage… I still have my room at Avengers Mansion too, so I'm used to pretty strange things." She chuckles and leans forward, giving Brunnhilde a kiss as she looks perfectly happy right now.

Brunnhilde smiles softly. "Okay." She tilts her head. "I will get to cook for you as well then…we shall switch off…" She leans into the kiss, sighing out softly as she lets it deepen for a moment, her eyes slitting in pleasure, before she breaks it. "…I have little to bring…but perhaps you can show me which drawers are mine then…after we finish eating, of course?" Because she is enjoying it…just having a meal cooked for her and Carol is…nice. Something she's not experienced in a while, and she's not quite sure how to handle the long buried emotions starting to work their way to the surface.

But uncertainty has never stopped her from charging full tilt at a situation, has it?

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