2019-09-15 - Brutus Ate Pixie!


Roy helps Kelly with a purrrfectly awful problem.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 15 19:29:28 2019
Location: Triskelion

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Kelly is fretting. Just a bit. The reason? That would be the plaintive mews coming from a certain kitten that Roy got her. A kitten that's taken to treating one of Jeriah's Canine Death Machines (CDMs) as it's nest. Aaaand it decided to go exploring and now is trapped. Somewhere in the guts of the thing and Jeriah is off, well, somewhere.

"OK, Brutus. Just%<u2026> hold real still%<u2026>" Of course, Kelly's Hardwired directly into the pooch, precisely so she can send overrides if it tries to move too much. The pony-sized robot is laying on the floor, doing its best to give the redhead puppy-dog eyes.

"Maybe if I just take this panel off here, I can%<u2026>"

After feeling Kelly's fret, Roy comes downstairs, carrying a tool kit in his arm as he frowns. "I told you not to feed them the kitten whole." he chides, though there's some worry in his voice, perhaps an echo of her own worry as he watches her at work. "You able to get him open?"

Kelly looks over at Roy, pouting much as the 'dog' is before sticking her tongue out at him. "He's usually *fine*, but then there was a blinking light and he chased it%<u2026> She shakes her head, a few of the pins holding her hair up sliding loose and spilling her hair down. She might have been running her fingers through it in agitation. "It keeps wanting all these weird tools and I'm afraid of breaking Brutus and Jeriah isn't around%<u2026>"

One thing Kelly is *not*, is a mechanic. She works with a lot of software and specialized components that she has others fabricate for her. But tools? Well, it's good she has Roy.

Kneeling down next to her, Roy kisses the side of her head. "Kitten rescue is here, honey." he says quietly and gives the redhead a warm smile. "In the meantime? Go to the kitchen and open a can of tuna to bring back here." He glances down into the internals as he opens his tool bag. "Have you named the kitten yet?" he decides to ask.

The line of Kelly's shoulders relaxes a bit as Roy's here to save the day, leaning into that kiss and the affection that comes through their mind link. Sometimes, it's OK to be the damsel in distress and let someone come ride in to the rescue.

So. No pressure, Roy.

Standing up, Kelly heads to the kitchen to fetch the tuna. Luckily, that doesn't mean she has to stop talking to Roy. Though she does so silently on her end, so as not to turn heads wondering who she's talking to. As one of SHIELD's eggheads, she doesn't tend to have comms in. "« Pixie. You know, Russian Blue, Blue Fairy%<u2026> Pixie. »" Just like Kelly to have this weird string of tangential thoughts to get to the end result.

Sometimes, Roy wonders if he should wear the tin foil armor around Kelly. You know, the whole knight thing. She'd be a total babe in a gown. Just saying.

Bodice ripping is perhaps on his mind for a moment.

Then back to the task on his mind as he glances down. "«So it'll steal our teeth in the middle of the night?»" he has his pixies mixed with his fairies as he starts to open panels. "Easy Brutus, I'm a high qualified, untrained professional." he comments as he starts to get out his hex screws to get to work. "Okay Pixie.. papa's coming."

Maybe Kelly should have drug the electric can opener into the lab. Cats respond to that, right? Well, hopefully the smell of tuna will do the trick too as Kelly returns with the undrained tin.

"Pixie isn't going to steal our *teeth*." There's a laughing sort of incredulity to her words. Of course she can pick up the flicker of Tooth Fairy images that bounce around his head and pushes forward something much more Tinkerbell, and in-line with Disney owning Marvel.

Brutus gives Roy those mournful eyes. Though how a robot can manage to look so very pathetic really boggles the mind. Pixie

"Uhhhh, noooo." Kelly replies. "Somehow, I feel like maybe this is for the best." She replies with a chuckle as she sets the can in Roy's hand and then hovers at his back as he coaxes the kitten.

The mewing inside the CDW intensifies, and there's the sound of scrabbling. And then a little head peeks out. Kelly holds her breath as Pixie finally pulls itself free so it can clamber over towards the tuna. Kelly throws her arms around Roy and hugs him with relief. "Hoooo. Jeriah needs to turn off those blinky lights inside Brutus." Not that she should stop letting the kitten ride around in the mechanical dog.

When Pixie returns to the world from Dog, Roy chuckles, just to feel Kelly's press to him, and he slouches, a sigh of relief as he returns her embrace, lingering there. She can feel how much he needs it at the moment. His thoughts are their usual jumbled mess, but the hug and her closeness always seem to soothe him more than any balm could. "Did he give you Brutus?" he decides to ask. "I mean, if you and him…." he trails off, not even sure if he /wants/ to consider that idea.

"Give me Brutus?" Kelly chuckles, leaning her cheek against Roy's head. "No. I just sort of appropriate him. I don't think he's quite figured out how yet."

It's the followup question that gets confusion. "If he and I…." Kelly's thoughts touch Roy's, so she can fill in the rest of the question, and figure out what he's asking. What she finds as her pulling back enough to turn him around so she can look at him, her deep green eyes searching his lighter ones. "There is no 'me and him'." She tells him. Just that. Simply. Instead of asking 'how can you think that', she pries a bit deeper into his mind, to try to see what's causing that insecurity.

He's having one of those moment. This is always about that time that the crash and burn phase of the relationship begins, and he's all in the upright and crash position in his mind of protecting his heart a little more. "I know I have been busy as of late, and our time together has been passing in and out and catching moments where we can."

Kelly Dehaven closes her eyes and leans in so her forehead rests against his and pushes out the warmth of her feelings for him. How she thinks about him. How she feels that something is missing when he's on remote assignments and she can't reach his mind. "And those moments are the best part of my day."

Opening her eyes again and looking at him from that scant distance she tilts her head to kiss the tip of his nose. "I'm not going anywhere."

Closing his eyes as Kelly brings him out of that little pit of despair, Roy sighs and grins at the kiss on his nose. "Good, because you know, I'd have to sue for custody of the cat. And possibly my brain." he teases her softly and wraps his arms about her waist to hold her for a moment. "Now that the cat's been rescued. Are there any other crisises.. crisii? I need to know about?"

When Roy pulls her in close, she makes room in his lap and cuddles up against him. "I suppose, since you rescued Pixie, we can share. But your brain?" She clucks her tongue. "That's all mine." A pause. "And other parts of you." She just smirks as to what those parts might be, though.

Another kiss to Roy's cheek, reinforcing her words through her mental and physical touch. "I think Jemma's dealing with a number of things, but I've been pulled in to a few other assignments. How goes the Thunderbolt tracking?"

"Dead in the water at the moment. There's so much red tape at just the thought of going into Madripoor." Roy shakes his head, a small noise of frustration. "But it seems to have quieted down, so that is going in our favor at least?" and then he smirks, pulling Kelly further into her lap so that she can be comfortable as he loops his arms about her waist. "And what do I get in return?" he asks her playfully, as if he didn't know already.

Kelly Dehaven can't help a bit of a chuckle, grinning as she settles her head against Roy's shoulder and picks up Pixie to settle the cat (and its tuna!) in *her* lap. "The day Roy Harper is stopped by red tape!" She can't help but tease. "We can make that your new codename. Instead of Red Arrow." Yes, she expecting a grimace at that.

There's that grimace, and Roy snorts, poking Kelly. "I changed to Arsenal. Even if my arsenal is a bow, a lot of arrows, and my smart arse mouth." he comments dryly. "I just don't want Fury and Madripoor breathing down my ass if I go off the rails." he points out to her, finally and shakes his head. "Any more issues with Jemma's brain stalker?"

Kelly Dehaven bites her lower lip, and pointedly does not add to the things in Roy's arsenal. She does have to clear her throat a bit to get herself back on topic. "Jemma's doing better. I know she was on a mission recently, so that's a good sign." Speaking of brain stalkers though, she frowns. "I still haven't figured out how to corner whoever keeps trying to get into my network. Throwing machine code at him is only gonna work for so long."

She may not have said it, but thought is a two way street, and when Roy blushes, his freckles are on full display for the world and Kelly to see as he nods. "Maybe.. huh. Trojan horse. Make him think he's gotten into Jemmma's head, but it's not, it's like.. you're facsimile of Jemma's head - like some Inception level brain inside a brain type stuff."

Kelly Dehaven can't help but laugh as Roy blushes. Because it's a rare occurrence and with his coloring it is SO very obvious. "Huh." While not exactly how it would go, it *does* make her start to think of how she might be able to do something like that. Create a faux copy so their invader thinks they're in, and t hen trap him inside somehow. When Kelly kisses him this time, it's full on the mouth. "Roy, you're a genius."

"What, did you finally realize how awesome my boxing glove arrow is?" Roy asks after returning Kelly's kiss and gives her a playful smile. "I could totally make a braining arrow!"

Kelly Dehaven crinkles her nose at the mention of his boxing glove arrow. "I'll save my opinion until I see it in action, how's that?"

The mention of a braining arrow? She chuckles. "Well, if you could use it to stick some of my psisteel on their heads, I suppose that would count as a 'braining' arrow, sure." Then she could just deal with the bad guy telepathically. A bit of a roundabout measure though, when Roy could just deal with the bad guy himself.

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