2019-09-15 - A Bar In Harlem


Chasi encounters Jimmy, Eve, and Sunny at Luke's.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 15 09:34:53 2019
Location: Luke's

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Jimmy Baxter is not exactly Luke's's (yes that possessive works shaddup) usual clientele; heading to Harlem is a bit far afield. But he's curious, and so he's looking into it. He has a table to himself, and for right now, he just drinks. Whiskey, by the look of things. The look on his face is impassive — tired or relaxed. Though then a slightly curious look passes, as he lays a hand on his chest. No, no heart attack; just a curious feeling.

Chasi, he said he'd be back. He's back…again, drinking soda in a corner by a table, mind whirling. He's been doing his SHIELD stuff and has his eyes half closed settling into a quiet, comtemplative mood. Getting up once his drink's gone, he heads to the bar but looks around the place on the way sliding the empty pint (yes, Chasi ordered a pint of soda thank you very much!) glass onto the bar then traipsing back to his seat. Chasi's got on his normal smart casual gear, though there's the bulge of a holster with a gun in it. Chasi's not taking chances really, and he's fully prepared to explain this one. Sliding back toward his table, he decides screw it. I'll sit where I want. Which turns out to be….two tables over from the other guy drinking whiskey. Chasi pulls a book out of his pocket, a dog eared book from his jacket and sets it on the table with a slight thud. It's dog eared and old, but….

Truth be told, Sunny probably stood out amongst the customers in Luke's bar in Harlem…but that was really only because she hadn't found this bar yet, it was just a little further from her home after all. She was dressed in her coat, a long jacket that looked perhaps a little odd even when paired to her black leather pants, knee-high boots and…a bright orange tank top. It was a strange enough outfit, but here in New York…it probably barely brought few second glances.

The blonde woman pushes through the door, sweeping her gaze over the space before she begins to stride towards the bar counter, a smile on her lips at the sight of a familier face.

If Jimmy's noticed the gun lump in Chasi's clothing, he hasn't mentioned it. He's looked at the man with a bit of curiosity, but that's all. When he sits closer, Jimmy gives him a quiet up-nod of greeting. Then just a second before the door opens for Sunny, he turns to face it. Ah, recognition, and the slight pull of a smile. "Sunny." He raises his glass to her. "You seem well."

Chasi slides into a chair and glances around, flipping his book open to carry on reading it. He smiles a little at the book with it reminding him of home. He sighs contentedly and manages that trick of watching people over the top of a book. He's reading it, sort of…while keeping an eye on things. Old habits for Chasi die hard. Digging through his pockets for a moment he tugs out his wallet. Anyone would think a LEO would have things organized. Chasi did. Then he got more things to go in pockets. Plus his holster's covering where his wallet usually goes..so he's a little out of sorts thanks to that. Even so he gives the bar's occupants a friendly, if guarded smile. Politeness and all that.

Arriving a moment after Sunny, the goth that is Eve appears in the doorway before moving up behind the orange-clad Sun Goddess. She's gonna follow that sun, see.

"Looks like I'm here just in time," she says, brightly. "SO, what's on the agenda for tonight?" she assks, taking the time to scan the place. She's heard of it, of course, but hasn't been here until now.

"Well enough," Sunny greets Jimmy, making her way towards the counter and leaning against it. "I mean, decent day, fun afternoon and soon enough I'll have a drink in my hand. What about you?" A wink given at Jimmy, her gaze flicks towards Chasi again and this time? She too spots the weapon. It did used to be a lot easier when gunslingers used to wear their weapons openly.

At least she wasn't wearing her own revolvers at the moment!

Those bright blue eyes of hers seem to regard him and his book for a moment longer…then there was suddenly the equally 'bright' Goth that appeared behind her, turning with a little noise of happy suprise. "Oh hey, you made it!"

Jimmy looks at Chasi out of the corner of his vision. It's clear he's paying attention, but it looks like the kind of attention that doesn't want to be disturbed. So though Jimmy looks enough for Chasi to tell he's seen, he doesn't interrupt. "Fine," he answers Sunny. "Though…" He lays a hand on his chest… and shakes his head. "It's nothing." He sips his whiskey— and then as Eve enters, turns to look at the blue-haired goth. He catches her flash of shock, but apparently misinterprets it. He holds up the glass. "Yes, alcohol this time. I've never really probed my tolerance levels. The last couple times I tried, I got interrupted."

"I did!" Eve chirps, leaning in to give Sunny a quick hug that lasts about as long as it takes for her to notice Jimmy. Sunny will feel a sudden tension and unease in her, as will Jimmy, of course, for reasons of being a filthy empath. She Has A Concern.

Chasi looks between the two and smirks. "Tolerance for drink? Drink until you fall over. Complain like Russian sailor who stub toe" Chasi offers, his English and mind providing the first thought that comes to mind. He looks back to his book then and focuses in on it once more, falling quiet after that pearl of wisdom. A flick of a page and he mumbles an apology to the two of them for intruding, his voice thickly accented.

"Well…you missed out on joining us last time," Sunny points out at Jimmy with a little grin. It was the first time the three of them had been in the one place as they were now. That sudden unease brings a blink, causing a little tilt of her head and a blink before Chasi's speaking up has her glancing over with a laugh. "Sometimes that gets a little expensive, y'know?"

Jimmy has addressed Eve's concern, or what he thinks is Eve's concern; so he nods to Chasi. "That's what I'm trying to do now. The last two times, I was interrupted, one way or another." He shrugs. "Life happens. Just means I have to start from square one." He nods to Sunny's grinning comment. "Yes. Part of what got me thinking about it." He's seen how much Eve and Sunny can drink without ending up under the table, but he'd spent that whole time drinking soda.

Chasi looks amused at Jimmy then smiles. "h, come to Romania. We teach you how to drink like fish. I hear you Americans know how to party though" he admits, still getting used to everything Stateside. He closes up the book and shrugs. "Don't let me interrupt you drink, ya?" he says with a soft laugh then looks to the woman. "Expensive? No. I never pay more then two Euro a drink at home, da. Is cheap. Is paint thinner but cheap and gets you drunk quickly. Apparently." he says…not having been back to Romania in years. Or, for that matter drank paint thinner. Being in the military sort of, well, put a stop to that

Eve smiles at Jimmy. it does not quite reach her eyes, but that unease is still there. It doesn't go anywhere. She pats Sunny on the side and murmurs something quietly to her. Chasi is spared a glance, of course, though his words bring a slightly more amused and genuine humor to her expression than were present before.

There's a frown, a furrow of Sunny's brow at whatever was murmered to her, but it melts away with a nod and then the woman shrugs her shoulders. "Alright." Simple enough a response to whatever she was dealing with as she lazily wraps an arm around Eve's shoulders and drawing her towards the counter. Jimmy's words have her smiling, tilting her head to the side. "Well, name the time and place Jim…" she begins before Chasi's comment has her grinning. "More of an issue of quantity over quality."

"Tastes like paint thinner," Jimmy repeats. "That might be worth a shot. Though if it's too much alcohol all at once, it would make it hard to tell how many standard drinks I can handle. You need a tighter resolution for that." It sounds like he's talking about a scientific experiment, rather than about getting drunk as a skunk. He raises an eyebrow at Eve and her murmuring; apparently, her unease wasn't about his change in drinking habits, but he can't hear what she is whispering about. He tilts his head at Sunny's suggestion. "Any reason why right now wouldn't…" Then he frowns, looking down at himself. He brushes a hand across his front, though there's no spilling. "…no, better not. I feel strange. I will let you know. Should we trade contact details?"

Chasi looks amused as he finally pockets his book again, hands on the table as he looks around. "So if you don't mind asking, who are you?" he asks, then laughs. "Ya. American beer is warm piss, I hear. They do good drink here" he adds miming raising a glass, and since he's not at work, he goes to the bar, orders an ale and returns to his seat. "Do a….how you say….line shots? Line of shots glasses?" he asks, he's seen it in movies. yes, they have /those/ movies in ROmania. Not that Chasi's dumb enough to try. He does though look thoughtful. "Though aere they making the food here?" he wonders, he could sure go for another plate of Luke's amazing ribs with everything.

And drawn towards the counter is Eve! She's definitely going to get herself a drink. Her unease thus soothed, for the time being, or at least under more emotional control, she settles into place at the bar. "GOnna have to agree with you on the state of our beer," she agrees with Chasi.

"It's hard to know if it's gotten better, or worse…" Sunny murmers, mostly over the rim of her glass while she remains leaning the small of her back against the edge of the the counter. "I've always prefered whiskey anyway. Beer kinda tends to have me feeling 'full' before I'm feeling drunk." Jim's almost offer earns a shrug, but the sudden retreat has her blinking yet again. "Oh uh…sure. Got a pen?"

Yeah, she was still the 'written on a napkin' sort.

Jimmy shakes his head to Chasi. "I don't mind. My name's Jimmy, and these are Eve" He nods to the goth. "and Sunny." The blonde. He shakes his head. "Tried beer before, and not interested. Too much carbonation, too heavy." He nods to Sunny. "Leaves you feeling 'full' more than anything. I think that's part of what they used it for in the middle ages — you'd get more calories from ale than from your diet. I've never done a line of shots before." He dips a hand into his coat, and comes out not just with a pen, but a pad of paper as well. He writes his own on a page before offering the pad to Sunny. Oh hey, looks like she won't need to put her number on a napkin after all.

Chasi laughs. "Chasietru Dimitrescu, ut everyone calls me Chas or Chase or Chasi, whichever you like" Chase offers with a nod. With that he takes a long drink of ale, nodding to Jimmy, and the others. With the glass to his lips, Chasi looks content somewhat, even if he's tired and jaded.

"A pleasure," says Eve to Chasi, watching Jimmy casually for a moment before giving him a smile and a nod. Again, she's not entirely authentic there and she radiates no small amount of concern. She then turns her gaze back on Sunny and shrugs helplessly at her.

Seemingly oblivious to the concern, or at least not going to let it hamper her own radiating enjoyment, Sunny makes to write out her number on the page before ripping the page that had Jimmy's own. A tuck of paper into her pocket, she turns to wave her fingertips towards Chasi at the mention of her own name.

There's a light elbowing of Eve, a flash of a smile. "C'mon. Have a drink and relax. Otherwise, what's the point of coming out?"

Jimmy nods to Chasi. "An interesting name. I'm sorry, but I just don't trust myself to pronounce Romanian too well; it'd probably be better if I just stick with Chasi." He tilts his head, peering at Eve and her radiant emotion; though Sunny's makes it seem almost dim by comparison, it's still clearly there. He pockets the pad once he has it back from Sunny, though forgets the pen while he checks the time. "I should be heading back home, personally. But it was good to see you both again, and to meet you, Chasi."

"I mean, a fair point," says Eve as Jimmy departs. She observes him leaving before her eyes swing back to Sunny, still concerned. "Just be careful, hm?" She's not talking about the drinking, obviously. She downs the one she orders promptly, as one does with the sort of drink she ordered.

A trailing of her gaze after the departing Jimmy, then Sunny was looking back towards Eve with a raise of her eyebrow. There was a clear questioning in her expression, but she doubts that she's going to get an answer immediately in the moment. Instead she just downs her own drink in an equally speedy gulp and sets the glass down before looking back at Chasi. "I'll stick with 'Chas'," she offers lightly, "I'm sure I'm going to butcher it otherwise."

"You wouldn't be the first" Chasi says with a laugh. "I've heard butcher names, yeah" he admits and takes sa long long drink, closing his eyes in satisfaction. "Only problem with this bar is…is in Harlem, not Brooklyn, not Queens, no. Harlem" he says. As if he's complaining about going across town to drink and get good food really, still he sets the now empty glass down too and stretches a little.

"Good part of having a three letter name is that it's hard for people to mess up," says Eve, giving Sunny a nod that says she'll try to talk to her more about the part with Jimmy later. Then there's more alcohol delivered to her and she downs it. SLight thing that she is, one would think she should watch it. She clearly doesn't.

True enough, Sunny nods lightly before giving a little laugh. "Most people can get Sunny right…although I've gotten 'blondie' before, or…yeah, a few others," she murmers and shakes her head to trail off. Finally now, she leans back to signal for a drink of her own and then glancing to Chasi. "There's plenty of good food in Harlem out there though."

Chasi shakes his head. "Not first to butcher a short name, no" he says and gets to his feet. "But I'll head home and sleep this off, ya. It was nice to get out here and meet you both" he says, and gestures to the empty chair. "And Jimmy, too" he adds and smooths out his jacket, heading slowly, carefully, for the door. He'll take the subway home and rest. No sense in showing up to the Triskelion drunk or hungover. He already hates teh coffee there…

"..right-o. Nice to meet you," agrees Eve to Chas, flashing a grin at Sunny at her words. She seems amused enough, anyway, and gives her a slight nudge with her foot.

Seems that Chasi was departing, but the blonde woman gives a a little finger-wave of the hand holding her glass. A little laugh, she watches the armed man make a path out the bar before shaking her head. He'll be alright, probably. "Catch you next time!"
A shift of her hand, a turn of her form and she's leaning against the counter once more, her elbows propping her up. "So…you want to tell me what's going on, or are we waiting till we get out of here?"

"I mean, I don't have a clue. Prisc is a smart cookie and she knows something is amiss with our friend Jimmy over there, reccomended I avoid him until she knows more. I want to find out more and will, soon, but beyond that…" She gives a shrug of her shoulders.

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