2019-09-14 - We Need A Party!


Kori and Sarah over dinner hatch a plan to have a party for the Young Avengers and associated friends…and possibly a tournament battle! Or just, you know, games and movies. To keep down property damage.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Sep 14 04:10:15 2019
Location: Baxter Building - Young Avengers HQ

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It's a Friday night, which means Sarah has prepared another meal…a simpler one this time, though not suprisingly, a spicy one. Enchilada soup with chorizo and cheese quesadillas and stuffed green peppers, so a mix of things. But probably more veggies than some residents actually eat in a month, if she wasn't putting them in the meal plan, so to speak. She's dressed in snug fitting athletic shorts and a midriff tank top in deep green, her long hair braided into a long tail behind her with a silver clasp at the base to keep it in place as she hums to herself, in the process of washing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. More out of habit than anything else.

One thing about Kori: she loves food. Not that she's a gourmand, by any stretch. The things she considers food sometimes flirt the definition of 'edible'.

But she does appreciate the effort, and for what it's worth, good food is preferred over stale cereal. And so she joins Sarah in the kitchen when the food smells ready, wearing calf-length black leggings and a loose-fitting camisole in pink. Her red hair is worn down and unbound, somehow never tangling or getting in her way, and a ripple of motion translates down it when she bounces on her toes with a skipstep and beaming smile for her friend.

"This smells wonderful, Sarah! Am I sensing the presence of the chiles of greenness?" Kori inquires. She finds a stool at the kitchen counter and clambers up onto it, her elbows resting on the granite countertop. "I do enjoy these foods with the… 'Southwestern Flaire'," she clarifies tentatively.

"Of course." Sarah says amusedly. "I know, I use it in everything, but it's just how I'm used to cooking. I should make something that's a bit less Southwestern next time, maybe some Texas chili…." she muses, peering over. "I'm glad to have people to cook for though, and that you like it…" She pauses to walk over to the island, leaning across it as she stands on her tiptoes, giving Kori a little peck on the lips. "Which would you like? I'll warn, the enchilada soup is good but a little messy with the cheese…."

Kori oblingingly leans forward to return the kiss, and her smile widens a bit at the gentle expression of affection. "I find human food to be an endless adventure," Kori informs Sarah and settles back in her seat. "It is always so unique and so varied! The concept of preparing food in all these ways is so … unusual in most of the galaxy. You humans eat foods many species would consider poisonous. Foods /you/ consider poisonous! And yet you relish it. Tamaranean physiology is opportunistic. We can subsist on very little food— minerals, even. We have no great traditions of carbonzing vegetables. Truly, it is your greatest gift to the galaxy," Kori assures Sarah.

"I will have some of everything, I cannot wait to try it all," she adds, and settles back into her seat.

Sarah says wryly. "I do wonder how some people figured out how to eat some of the dishes we have safely, honestly…considering the first bunch of people who tried would have dropped dead often." She walks over and fills a bowl of soup, setting it on a little plate, then transferin ga pair of the stuffed peppers and three quesadilla slices to a plate before she brings then over and sets out silverware.

"So…ah…" Sarah hesistates a bit, then says slowly. "Allison asked me out on a date."

"She did? That is the wonderful!" Kori cheers, and accepts the plate carefully with both hands and a polite little ducking of her head. "Allison is a very good friend," she points out. "She has also been a good ally for our group. I hope your date goes well!"

The Tamaranean starts trying to address the quesdilla, dripping with cheese, then gives up and shoves it rapidly in her mouth with a disregard for the heat. "Mmm," she mumbles, and her eyes lid blissfully. Chew, chew.

She swallows and focuses back on Sarah again. "Have you decided upon a place where you will be doing the dating?"

Kori did tell her she was okay with such things, but some part of Sarah was still a bit nervous about saying it. She noticeably relaxes a bit. "No..probably something low key, going out to eat somewhere. Though she was insisting she wanted to find a place with a piano or something so she could sing something for me." she says with a faint smile. "I wasn't sure about saying yes at first, since I'm her manager too. There are many stories of a manager abusing the trust of their stars they represent, and I wouldn't want a rumor to start about her like that, but…she wasn't worried about it, so, we're trying it." She watches Kori eat, smiling more at the obvoiusly enjoyment.

"Oh! That had not occurred to me," Kori admits, blinking. She looks at her plate and hems with a lateral motion of her shoulders, then shrugs and flashes another brilliant smile at Sarah. "But you are her friend before her manager, are you not? So then you are already intimate with her emotionally, and everything is going well so far," she concludes, and lifts her soup bowl to start drinking from it with gusto.

"Unless you're courting her as part of a political plan," she hedges, and furrows her brow. "You did not mention being royalty or a politician, though. Are you?"

Sarah laughs. "I'm not a politician." she assures Kori. "I'm as common as they come, for bloodlines. My people don't even really have the idea of a king or queen. A chief, perhaps, or elders of the tribe, but nothing like that." She smiles as she walks over to finish cleaning up the dishes, putting them away. "I wouldn't do something like that to her, no. I'm a little unsure how Dani will feel about it though, but I haven't seen her at the Baxter building in months." she admits. "She's been off doing Asgardian things."

Kori eats with gusto, powering throuigh the food. It's clearly done for a joy of eating, though it veers towards a little gluttony in her eagerness.

"How peculiar," she murmurs with a baffled tone, at the mention of Sarah's tribal customs.

"I am afraid I don't know how Dani will feel about it either," Kori adds. "I suspect she would understand, though. Asgard is ruled by a monarchy, as is the natural order of things. A political alliance would not come as a surprise to her."

"I meant more than I'm pretty sure she and Allison were already dating before Allison decided to add me to that." Sarah says wryly. "But, we'll see. I'm not going to mess things up between them if it's an issue." She shrugs slightly, then tilts her head. "I've noticed we had severa people leave the tower actually, had you noticed? Maybe we need to go on a recruiting drive…"

"Oh." Kori lifts her hands in surrender. "I do not have useful advice in that regard. I have established nothing consistent about human coupling habits except that you are all very inconsistent about them."

Her hands rest on the table and she goes back to eating, though for hte second half of her meal she's slowing down a little. Just a little.

"We do seem to have more empty rooms lately. Whom could we recruit? I don't know anyone at ESH who would be a good candidate." She blinks, sitting upright. "Oh! I met Helena's younger brother, Damien. He was interested in making a 'personal relation' with me. Isn't that nice?"

Sarah blinks. "He wanted to date you?" she says amusedly. "Well, I guess he's about our age. I don't know a lot about him." She wrinkles her nose a bit. "And I don't know much about Helena too, honestly, she hasn't been by here a lot." Dark eyes watch Kori speculatively. "So did you say yes, or…?"

"He did?" Kori's tone matches Sarah, and she blinks in surprise. The princess tosses her head in a shake. "How odd. He was not very direct in that regard. I did not percieve what he wanted aside from conversation."

She finishes her meal and floats in the air over the counter, bowls and plates in hand, to rinse them in the sink. "I simply agreed to talk to him, and then I had to go to class after we finished talking. That is all," she clarifies. "If he wanted a date, he should have been more clear! Perhaps I will ask Helena to clarify." Kori furrows her brow. "I should like to invite Peter and Helena here again. They are among my few non-heroic friends who are welcome here. Peter says, it is important for us to stay friends with people who are not wearing capes. Something about humility and 'relating to common man'?" she hazards. "I was not listening at the time. Peter sometimes says many things and I do not know which are relevant and I am sometimes thinkings about food."

"It's considered rude to be /too/ aggressive about that sometimes, so he probably was being subtle to see how you reacted. If you'd acted interested he might have been more obvious; if you were uninterested he could politely stop without giving offense. If that makse sense?" Sarah says, walking back over to lean on the island, resting her arms on the countertop. "Maybe we could have a party? I mean, not a wild party, but having people over, maybe playing games or watching movies or something?" she suggests. "And I understand what he means…if you don't undersatnd the people who don't have powers and that they're just as important as those that do, then you might lose sight of what you're fighting for."

"/Peculiar/ customs," Kori mutters under her breath, and shakes her head. Mostly quietly.

"A party would be most welcome," she agrees, and finishes the dishes while Sarah takes a well-earned break. "Blackbird will surely want to put some security in place. And we shouldn't want to invite many strangers, just friends we've met," Kori offers. Kori's definition of 'friend' is literally anyone who hasn't offended her, so.

"Movies, and games would be fun. Oh! And we could serve of them the tiny foods, on the plates! And also we could have a tournament and fight for the glory of victory!" she declares, eyes shining with enthusiasm.

"Sure, we could do that. And probably people who it wouldn't be a problem with secret identities and such. I mean, unless everyone wants to be in their working costumes." Sarah says amusedly. "And a tournament could be interesting, for fun at least. Though I'm not sure if everyone would want to fight during a party. " She considers. "Maybe I could actually get Fairchild to come by. We'd have to be careful and not be TOO noisy or messy though, I wouldn't want to upset our hosts. Though we could invite them perhaps?"

"I do not know this Fairchild, but if they are a friend, they are welcome here," Kori assures Sarah. She finishes with the dishes and sets things running, then floats over again and sits on the counter next to where Sarah leans. "Sue and Reed have been most gracious hosts. I am certain they would at least join us for some food and refreshments, though I do not think they would stay for the fighting." Her expression brightens. "Oh! What if we used the safehouse? Then we could invite people we know, but also Blackbird will not be driven to 'the crazy' by us bypassing all the security on the building?"

"Fairchild is the woman I mentioned I had a thing for, at the school I escaped from. Escaped with her, actually." Sarah says, starting to put away the extra food as she leans over to affectionately nuzzle Kori as she floats closer. "Hmm…..sure, if that's possible? Wasn't that Gar's house though?" she says uncertainly. "We'd have to ask him if that's the case, rather than just showing up. And we'd need to figure out if we're doing the alcohol thing for those who like that sort of thing. Parties can get wild with it."

"Oh! Now I am remembering," Kori apologizes. Fingers slide up Sarah's neck and weave into her hair, the Tamaranean's near-blunt nails gently scratching her scalp, and she kisses Sarah's forehead fondly as she's leaned against.

"Not Gar's house, no. The other one, the rental in New Jersey," she clarifies. "I know it is not a pretty house, and the neighborhood isn't very nice. But if we serve of the beverages of alcohol, we may as well do it in a place where we are probably going to lose our deposit anyway after the incident with the blender."

Sarah tilts her head towards the touch, sighing a bit as she rests her cheek on Kori's shoulder comfortably. "Oh, that should be fine. Though I'm not sure how we'd do a tournament there without breaking things." she admits. "Maybe Dr. Richards could give us a force field or something that would make it so we could use our abillities without it being obvious or possibly doing damage we didn't mean?"

"Maybe the logistics of a tournament are going to be too much work," Kori concedes. "But the drinking of beverages and the sharing of foods— these are things we should do." She floats off the counter to hover in midair in front of Sarah, toes an inch from the ground. "But this will be the fun! We should prepare for it, right away!"

"Alright, if you're on board…I mean you're awanting to do this, I'll start planning for supplies and such for the party. Maybe we can talk to some of the others, see if there's any type of movies or games they particularly want to play or something, and you can ask people you want to attend so I have an idea of how many people are coming." She gives Kori a pat on her belly as she floats. "It'll be fun, and I'd love to meet more of your friends for more than a quick casual meeting." With that she stands on her tiptoes and gives Kori a peck on the cheek. "For now, I'm gonna get the food stowed so we have leftovers for tomorrow…but I'll get right on it." She smiles softly, then turns back to the counter.

She can't help but feel excited now..a real party! Something she's never really gotten to do before. She's totally going to have to plan the hell out of this!

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