2019-09-14 - Under The Radar


Catching up after the Iraq mission, Mikhail gets asked about joining SHIELD

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Sep 14 22:47:47 2019
Location: Triskelion - Science Lab

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It had taken sometime to get another Quinnjet to Iraq and to secure the location. In fact, there'd been two Quinnjets. One to transport the patients and one to bring in a team to clear the area.

Jemma had returned with the injured, along with anyone else who had wanted to come. The biochem is in the Medbay, watching the three mutants who are secured in containment chambers - they're still too ill to move to holding.

Some of the others who returned are just finishing check ups with the med team - even if they weren't hurt, it doesn't hurt to make sure.

Mikhail Rasputin is watching from the entrance to Medbay without moving in any further. "What is wrong with them?" he asks once it seems the scientist is finished. "Why did they have that reaction when I destroyed their suits? Electromagnetic pulses don't affect people like that."

"I'm not sure." Jemma answers turning to look at the Russian as he stands there. Her british accent a strong counterpoint to his russian one. "We're conducting some tests but initially investigations show they had a dependancy on the suits. Like … an addiction."

She sighs, brushing her back from her face revealing the cybernetic implants that sit on her right cheek. Her left eye implants are impossible to hide, replacing that eye entirely.

"You did well. Thank you for what you did, you saved a lot of people. That's an interesting … ability you have."

It's strange but Jemma had told the med staff not to dig too deeply into the X-Men who had offered to help with that mission.

Mikhail Rasputin lightly shrugs a shoulder. "I do not like knowing this happens and not doing something about it if I can. Hank asked me to come so I agrees. I would prefer not to fight other mutants though." he adds, frowning at the three unconscious mutants. "But they chose their course."

Jemma pauses at that and considers the statement. "Did they though? Choose their course I mean? Those suits were bonded to them, at a molecular level, I believe. Their genetics had been tampered with. I'm not sure they were given the option."

"There are places in the world that treat mutants like animals. Collecting them and experimenting on them without care."

"What is it you do, Mikhail, when you aren't helping Hank?"

"Tampered with?" That's new information and Mikhail looks thoughtful. "Da, I have searched the internet for news about such things." he agrees distractedly. It's her question that focuses his attention back on her and he's silent for a bit before answering. "I am studying some subjects I need to know. America can be a very strange place. I was not taught much about it."

"You haven't been in America long, then?" Jemma hasn't looked into Mikhail and the admission surprises her a little. It's an invitation to share what he's comfortable sharing.

"Tampered with, yes. That nanotechnology was bonded at … I think … the cellular level. It was made part of them. When the EMP went off, it's messed with their makeup. Which is why I'm saying the symptoms are similar to withdrawal. We're trying to stabilise them and work out how to save them."

She's not sure that they can.

"Are you working, Mikhail?"

"Not long. A month or two." Pause. "Two." Mikhail corrects. Time flies. "Could suits have been made to control them from distance? Directly or maybe with reward/punishment. Maybe substitute impulses to replace suits that no longer work." The question gets a shake of his head. "No, I am not working."

"Fresh from … Russia? then?" Jemma asks as she looks at the mutants considering Mikhails questions. "It's possible the nanotech did that. I've seen some horrific things in my time here at SHIELD, Mikhail. Genosha controls mutants, AIM conducts experiments to keep mutants in certain states. A program that controls mutants and their genetics from a distance? That's *easy*."

It's not a bad suggestion, though and Jemma's quiet as she thinks. "It's a good idea and one I'll look into. This work I do, it's such a balance - keeping the *person* comfortable and working on the tech." With her own augmentation that has to be fresh in her mind, doesn't it? "I'm not even sure they *see* themselves as people and we'll be calling the psychologists in to aid with that."

"If you're interested …" the biochem says slowly "… SHIELD is always looking for people. Your skills would be a benefit and having the X-Gene, maybe you'll be able to help with them."

"Da." Fresh from Russia or close enough to make no difference. "Mutants are important in Russia. Government offers money, training. Teaches them to serve country. Say whatever will work to convince. All lies." Nope, no bitterness there. Mikhail gives Jemma a sharp look though it's not without surprise. "SHIELD." One corner of his mouth curls as if the thought amuses him.

The response shouldn't have been unexpected but the bitterness in the first statement is almost palpable. "I'm sorry for that, Mikhail. If we could change it we would. We're trying to do that here, make it better for everyone."

"It amuses you that I'd suggest you join us?" She's curious. "I expected a more sardonic reply, not amusement. But yes, SHIELD. We have those with the X-Gene and other such powered people as part of our ranks. And as you can see…" she gestures to herself "… even augmented humans."

"You'd be an asset and paid well. I can't say the conditions are wonderful, though. You'll be called out of bed in the middle of the night to address situations, the hours can be long and often the public don't appreciate or even know what we do. BUT you'll be protecting people - not just US citizens but around the world."

"I served in Russian military." Mikhail points out. "Long hours in middle of night with public not knowing anything is, how do you say? Par for course'. I have wondered what to do now I am in America. To join SHIELD was not option I thought of." He considers Jemma then runs his hand over his hair. "Should tell you, government will want me dead if they know I am not."

"Par for course is correct." Jemma chuckles. For a moment her troubles pushed aside with that statement. "It's often thankless work but I rather like knowing that what I do makes a difference, you know?"

"You've seen how we work with others. I hope you can see how treat all as equal." That seems important to Jemma. "Maybe you'll consider the option now that I've mentioned it?"

She snorts at his admission "You aren't doing your job right if at least one nefarious agency doesn't want you dead by lunch time." beat "Perhaps you'll tell me why. If not today, then later."

"Government does not like when agents disappear." Mikhail says with a shrug. That surely isn't news. "I am dead to them. And they think so. If they know I am not, they will try to fix, da? SHIELD would not find this bad? To have agent hunted not by nefarious power but by Russia?"

"They don't, this true." Jemma gives Mikhail a long hard look. "Did you defect? You wouldn't be the first agent to that and we'll have to manage it carefully."

"There's at least one more Agent in SHIELD who I'm sure Russia would like to recover. Then there are the ones that Genosha and Madripoor want to get their hands on."

"Trust is required on both sides here, Mikhail. SHIELD will go into your background in depth to ensure you aren't a risk but being a defector? I don't see we'll care overly except to make sure you're protected as best we can."

Mikhail is silent as he studies Jemma. Finally, he gives a small shake of his head. "Nyet. Not defector. I am cosmonaut. Go on mission through rift. Powerful, dangerous. Too powerful, too dangerous. I can not control energy. Ship is destroyed, crew is killed. Other side is dimension. I am there days, years pass. Mutant finds me, gets brother and sister to come save me. Learned they lie to me, to family. I am done with Russia."

"Really?" that fascinates Jemma "a dimensional rift? Where time was different? Was there life there? Vegetation?" she catches herself as the Jemma-babble starts bringing herself back on topic, realising the rest of what Mikhail just told her.

"I sorry your family was lied to. Was it about what happened? I assume they said you died in a mundane way."

"Russia thinks you're dead. That's what you said.SHIELD will just make sure they keep thinking that."

"Was very rocky. I was badly injured so did not explore. Many broken ships." Mikhail tells Jemma. "They lie long before mission, saying I die. They don't want contact with family. Russia only family." A sharp hand motion dismisses them. "Many years for them. For me, three months." Less. "I will think about it, talk to siblings. You do your check. Maybe I say yes. Mikhail Rasputin." Not difficult to find information on a cosmonaut.

Mikhail is possibly unaware that one of Rasputin/Kurita residence has joined WAND recently. It will make for an amusing conversation at the least.

Jemma shakes her head, looking perturbed at that information. "I'm so sorry Mikhail. What you and you're family must have been through. It's wonderful you've found them though."

"Think on it, please. If you're not in a hurry, I can show you around some. Would you like that?"

"Da." Mikhail agrees. "When government comes, says they need me, I say yes. Is honor. Don't need to think. Now, I think. I want to see all, read about SHIELD, talk to others. I don't trust what government teaches."

As well you shouldn't! Come along then. I need to eat, do well stop by the cafeteria on the way and pick up something. Then I'll give you the Jemma Simmons special tour. "

They'll stop by recruiting to pick up a pack. Mikhail said he wanted to read. Jemmas good with aiding that!

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