2019-09-14 - Over The Fence


Astryd invites Sif to skating.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Sep 14 06:38:39 2019
Location: Central Park

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It might a surprise when Sif gets a message to meet Astryd in Central Park with her skates on.

When she gets to the place that the blonde indicated she's greeted by the spectacle of the Valkyrie … on skates, swooshing back and long the path.

Having received the message, Sif arrives in Central Park with her skating gear already on and secured. Well, she's still not bothering with the helmet or the wrist guards, she doesn't see the point in them. The knee and elbow pads she wears most because others told her they were required.

Skating along steadily if not effortlessly, she spots Astryd ahead and tries to catch up with the Valkyr. This… could be interesting as she's still learning control and hasn't even begun to consider how to control speed. Thankfully there aren't many pedestrians out and about currently. She would feel utterly guilty if she ran into someone.

From what Sif can see, Astryd moves smoothly. She's not wearing any protective gear either - no helmet, no guards. She's dodging in and out of people as Sif catches up. "Lady Sif. It is good to see you. I thought you might like to practice."

There's a grin from the blonde one that spells trouble - Sif has seen similar looks from Asgardians bent on causing trouble.

Ever so slightly the blonde speeds up.

"Valkyr Astryd. Thank you for the invitation. And any practice is good…" Sif's words trail off at the blonde's dangerous grin, and she's already skating faster than she felt was wise. The other speeding up just that little bit more causes her to start falling behind, but she's never been one to turn down a challenge.

With a faint frown of determination, she tries to speed up as well to catch Astryd. This is a definite risk, though, as she's not at all sure she can keep it up, and also there's a curve in the sidewalk ahead.

Sif might wonder about Astryd's change in demeanour. Hadn't Fenris mentioned some concern to Sif the last time they spoke? Astryd really isn't the sort to do reckless and yet this, is entirely reckless.

"Then we shall help you practice. I haven't skated properly since the 70's. The 1970's that is." There's the shoosh shoosh sound of the wheels of her skates as the blonde sets a moderate pace.

Oh, a bend. Awesome. Astryd floats wide preparing to flatten the line through the corner. "I was wondering if you have had adverse reactions to the mark you took for me…"

Sif struggles to keep up with Astryd even when she settles into a more moderate pace. This whole racing about the Park on skates reminds her what Fenris mentioned last time they spoke, that the Valkyr has seemed unusually reckless of late and this certainly seems to fit.

And then Astryd asks about the mark and Sif is struggling to keep skating AND think about how to answer. "I … am not sure. I did have someone mention that I was more short-tempered than usual, but…" She pauses to pick up her pace again as she's started falling behind. "But I can't tell myself if I am or not."

"More short tempered than usual?" Astryd asks as she zips through the corner. Deftly missing the two pedestrians in front of her. "Did you take someones head off?" She means figuratively, not literally but Sif might not get distinction.

Sifs skate catches on twig, a very small one, that has blown across the path as she follows Astryd.

"Is that the only thing you have noted?"

There's no way Sif could have made that turn as neatly as Astryd managed, and the pedestrians plus the tiny bit of twig spell doom. She promptly loses control and instead of banking around the turn after the blonde, she goes straight off of the sidewalk and hard into the wrought iron railing that separates the walkway from the shrubbery framing it. Speaking of the shrubbery, Sif had been moving with more than enough momentum that she's thrown over the rail and into said shrubbery.

Her skates are the last things to disappear.

It's perhaps the cries of dismay from the pedestrian that has Astryd turning in a circle and pulling to a halt. "Lady Sif?" She calls out as the pedestrians hurry over to try and help the downed Asgardian.

"Are you alright lady?" The man asks as he peers over the railing.

Astryd makes her way to the fencing, laughing raucously. "Well that was rollicking good fun …"

By the time the pedestrians have hurried over to check on Sif she's already moving to get back on her feet. "I'm alright. I was just going too fast," she tells the Midgardians a bit apologetically. She waits for them to continue on then gives Astryd a very unhappy narrow-eyed look, then speaks to her in the Aesir language instead of AllSpeak to keep other passersby from understanding. "I could have seriously injured those Midgardians if I had run into them, Astryd. Why are you finding this so amusing?"

"If you're sure, Lady." the man says, grabbing the woman and heading off.

"Oh come now, Sif." Astryd's still laughing. "You should have seen yourself… All I saw was the wheels of your skates as you went over." There's a glance to the departing Midgardians. "You wouldn't have hit them. You're reflexes are good, far better than theirs. As you just proved."

She's right, really, Sif knows that. But still, it's reckless and not something the Valkyr has been known to do. She usually keeps a low profile. She's had too, living on Earth for so long.

"Come on, let's skate."

Sif isn't so easily mollified. "No. Not if you plan on doing other dangerous stunts where there are Midgardians around. I think I'd rather skate at my own pace." So that's what she does. Taking the time to gingerly make her way back from the shrubbery, she makes it back onto the sidewalk and turns to start skating back toward the Embassy. Slowly.

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