2019-09-14 - Introspection


Astryd goes looking for some excitement and meets up with 'Hilde again.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Sep 14 00:39:42 2019
Location: Farrell's Bar

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Farrell's is one of those pubs that Brunnhilde doesn't always frequent. She often prefers a more free-wheeling sort of place, that tends to be cheap and have interesting people of sorts. Or at least the sort who end up in the sort of job she has, as a bounty hunter. Though technically, she prefers monster hunter.

It's just sometimes the monsters are human.

But over the past month or so, things have….changed. There was a confrontation, a fight, a old, painful story and forgiveness. But it's left Hilde in a state of what can best be referred to as 'flux'.

Which is why instead of knocking back drinks freely, she's savoring a mug of bourbon. And it IS a mug that would be used for beer or ale normally, but for Brunnhilde, it might as well be iced tea as she sips from it, looking lost in thought in a corner booth, her booted feet up on the bench on the other side of the booth.

Astryd doesn't often go to pubs. She's no real need to - generally preferring to while the evening hours away at home with Fenris. It's been their custom since they came to New York in the early 1900's and certainly had been even before that.

The pair of Asgardians walk a fine line - of maintaining their human alibi's and still being Asgardian.

Still it's the blonde that enters Farrels tonight. She's familiar to 'Hilde at least now. Her clothing is a little different though - not the understated tunic top and trousers she's more familiar for - tonight it's snug top, form fitting pants and boots.

Stormy grey eyes take in the clientele, the blonde nodding to 'Hilde when she see's her. A quick trip to the bar and Astryd's soon sitting at the booth with the other Valkyrie - uninvited. "What does one do for fun around here?"

Brunnhilde herself is dressed as she often is…black jeans, biker boots in black and silver, and a band shirt…Dorothy tonight, it seems, which shows a woman licking a pair of scissors on a black shirt. From how worn it is, it may actually be a concert shirt.She turns at her name, then raises a brow curiously as Astryd walks over, her lips twitching up slightly. "Depends on the fun you're looking for, and if it involves breaking bread or breaking bones." she says amusedly. "I didn't think you were the type to seek out the latter?"

Astryd takes a pull on the beer she's carrying, grey eyes nearly glittering as she looks at the other Valkyrie. "Breaking bread is fine, breaking bones … something like that. Just something to get the blood flowing you know?" It's a different mien from the collected blonde that 'Hilde had met previously.

As to not being the type to seek things out, Astryd raises a shoulder. "I've been known to a time or two…" she looks at the mug in 'Hildes hand "You're not drowning your sorrows like the last time I saw you."

Brunnhilde snorts. "I have had…what is the term?…an 'intervention'. Where it was claimed that I drink too much for the wrong reasons." She shakes her head slightly. "To accuse an Asgardian of such things, when we are weaned on Asgardian mead from a young age…bah." She frowns. "But I admit there is something to be said for…using it to try and forget things intead of confronting them." She shrugs her shoulders, her eyes flicking over to AStryd. "And you…you seem more wishing to search out action than abide."

"Those that haven't lived in Asgard find it hard to understand that phenomemon. You seem to have agreed with them, in general though. What were you hiding from?" Astryd's direct but that's possibly not unexpected. "An intervention. Were they not afraid you'd take that badly and thrash them?"

The blonde lifts a shoulder. "No more than usual, I don't think? With the things that are occuring, actions behoves us. Midgardians and Sindr, targeting Asgardians. Powers trying to push Ragnarok to start. I won't let Fenris be affected by these things if I can .."

"…." Brunnhilde mmms, then leans back slowly. "Partly what I told you. What Odin did to me. The betrayals." she murmurs, her eyes far away for a moment, then smirks. "No, they werne't afraid, just…they had been through something similar and were concerned. I did…not take it well. I felt they were pitying me." She pauses. "…a wall was demolished, but I would never have struck her."

She looks over and looks confused. "Sindr? What is this? I had not heard of Asgardians being targeted. Then again, I'm far from close to most."

"A wall demolished is not anything. It can be rebuilt." Astryd nods, pulling on that beer and looking around. "Were they pitying you?" the blonde thinks not but she asks anyway.

The confused look from 'Hilde gets a snort. "It's not highly publicised but Sif told us because she's concerned. There's some form of weapon being developed that attacks those of specific Asgardian descent. A blood line, perhaps, they're not sure. What they have found is that Sindr is involved - how? No idea. Hod has agreed to assist there."

"Hmm, like the royal line?" Hilde says thoughfully. "That would make sense, as an assassin's weapon." She frowns. "I haven't heard anything of the Lady of Cinders in some time, but I could see her plotting such a thing." She taps her fingers against her mug, pausing to take a deep drink, then mms. "…no. I don't think they were pitying me now but…perhaps I felt more than defensive than I had cause to be."

"Sif isn't certain and the Midgardian scientists can only tell that the … DNA they call it … is similar. Sif thinks maybe Fandrals get, but without access to the Asgard Healers she's working blind. Maybe it's the royal line or something like it."

The blonde considers "It might be best to follow up that with Sif. I think she could use some assistance."

"Sindr. Hod was investigating that link with a resourceful Midgardian reporter, Betty. Betty has a skill for finding information, she outed Fenris and I." Astryds grey eyes dance. "I fear though, that if Sindr is involved, Surtur isn't far behind either and that could be tragic for Asgard and for Fenris in particular."

Hilde makes a face. "Sif and I are not on good terms." she says dryly, then mutters something a bout a stick plunged deep in a posterior as she takes another drink. "…Fandral? Mmm." She frowns, then sighs. "I could…speak to her. I have no idea if she would take my help if offered, but I am…"

There's a long pause as she chews over her thoughts, then says slowly. "I do not hate ALL Asgardians. And I have no love for the King of Fire or his machinations, or for his plots towards your Fenris." She hmms. "You have not considered simply storming Sindr's lair and demanding answers? If she seeks to build this weapon, surely it will be hidden someplace she feels is secure."

"Sif takes some getting used to, I understand that. Though I have found her … much changed in her time here." Perhaps 'Hilde will too. "It's amazing what being away from Asgard can do. And yes, perhaps Fandral. The weapon of biology has only been deployed on those of Asgardian descent … as I said, we need the Asgards Healers to help with that information. Or something like it."

"Sindr's name was raised and the others are trying to confirm. But no we have not considered such a drastic action …" Something glitters dangerously in Astryd's eyes though "… perhaps I should. What we know though, it is not Sindr building it, but resourceful Midgardians. Sindr has something to do with it though."

"She has servants among the people of Midgard, a cult?" Hilde frowns. "That never goes well, her servants tend to be the sort who love the wildfire, but have little concern for their fellow humans." She sighs a bit, her lips twitsting slightly. "Sif and I are…complicated. We were rivals, in days of old, before I won my place. I don't think she has ever forgiven me for leaving my post as I did." She huffs slightly. "Mmm. Well, it would be easier to track traces of Asgardians that are recent on Earth than among Yggdrasil. I am skilled at such hunts, and I find myself between tasks."

"She might? Though I got the impression that it's a business arrangement, I may well have misunderstood that. Servants makes sense in this matter." Astryd shakes her head "I just don't know. If you can aid the search, I don't think the offer would be sniffed at." They need to get a handle on this.

"Sif might understand the reasons you left better now, I think. She's not said why she is on Midgard, but I suspect there's a story there."

"Seek Hod out too, the old cumudgeon. He is in Sifs debt and mine at this time."

"She knows something of my story last time we all met and I spoke on it. Perhaps she has thought on it some." Hilde allows, frowning thoughfulyl, then smiles faintly. "Hod, hmm? I had heard he was around…very well, I will speak to him. If nothing else, it would be good to see him again, it has been some time." she admits.

"Good luck finding him and getting him to talk if you do." Astryd smirks, downing her beer and looking to the bar and then at 'Hildes mug "I find that I have to be where he will be and expect to be railed at when he realises what I've done."

"Now I feel I need some excitement. Is there somewhere we can go to pull pool or … perhaps laser tag? I'd say we could hunting in Neverwhere but Fenris is already dark at me."

Brunnhilde hmmphs. "I have heard tell of a gang of mutants who have been causing difficulties, the Evos. They fancy themselves great because of their mutant blood, but have also inherited the loathsome mantle of the humans who were Nazis a half century past." She raises a brow. "Perhaps we could…encourage them to try and take advantage of two women alone, and then treat them appropriately?"

"Oh that sounds perfect." Astryd grins at Brunnhilde and gestures. "Lets do that. Cracking a few skulls sounds just like the ticket."

"Shall we then?"

The ex-Valkyrie drains the rest of her mug, chugging it down, then setting it on the bar as he tosses down some bills and coins. "Yes." she says in a low purrin growl of anticipation. "it would be very agreeable." She grins a bit, then motions towards the door. "I believe they stalk the dark streets of Mutanttown this time of night, the very worst parts of the area."

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