2019-09-13 - To Find A Missing Raven


Astryd doesn't return by the alloted time and Fenris goes looking for her.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Fri Sep 13 04:55:59 2019
Location: Underworld

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Astryd often treads the paths of the underworlds. That's not unusual. In all the time Fenris has known her she has never stopped preforming her duties as a Valkyrie, just not for the Allfather anymore. Tonight though, there's something unusual. She hadn't been back at the appointed time and Fenris had gone looking for her.

Her trail had vanished deep into the wilds of abandoned underworlds. Crumbling edifices of death that are haunted only by the most feral, dangerous or desperate of specters and godlings. And she went there alone.

Well, maybe with Cuan but still.

"I swear to me, if she's gotten herself hurt I'm gonna…"

Astryd has walked the paths of the Underworlds alone for aeons. She'd done before she'd reunited with Fenris and she'd done it before she'd met Cuan. This shouldn't be anything new for the Valkyrie except that Fenris had noticed her … reckless behaviour.

And returning late isn't something that she usually does.

The path Fenris walks is cold and dark, the sound of things moving in the dark to the sides can be heard. They're not bothering him, but he can be sure they're keeping pace with him.

Then it comes to him, the scent of someone familiar. Not Astryd. Cuan. "Grandfather …" the ruffled coated wolf growls low, limping out of the gloom towards the God Wolf.

"Cuan." Fenris says, worried but cautious. Many are the things that can adopt familiar forms down here. He leans in to sniff. The scent is right but that too could be duplicated. He's hurt though and the larger wolf moves to shelter the smaller one.

"Where is Astryd?" He cannot think of many cases in which the two would become separated. Cuan has been concerned about his mistress of late and the Old Wolf can't blame him for that.

There's nothing else out there to his hearing. And nothing but the scent of ash and dust. Yet.

Cuan is hurt but it is the God Wolfs grandson, great something grandson really, and the younger, smaller wolf accepts the shelter.

"I don't know what's got into her, Grandfather. She's … changed. She takes risks…." That doesn't bode well for the rest of Cuan's answer. "She's … trapped. This way. I was trying to return to … find you." Fenris is right that Cuan wouldn't be willingly separated from Astryd.

The path Cuan leads them is long and winding. The only thing that Fenris can hear are there spirits that flank them. Those spririts whisper but nothing intelligble. After some time they come to a chamber. It's large, the walls carved with motifs, the floor engraved with circles and runes.

This underworld belongs to an ancient religion, long dead. Fenris might recognise it.

There's a wall of flame around one of the inner circles and on either side of the path that leads through them two … towering fiery guards.

"Show me then." Fenris says without a moment's hesitation.

The path here belongs to a set of gods long since vanished from the earth and yes, Fenris does recognize it. He's more worried though about what else might have taken up residence. Either hangers on from the previous owners or else some being powerful enough to impose its will on this wilderness.

It turns out to be largely the former. Fenris motions to Cuan to stay back as he grows and approaches.

"Yield." He growls, the noise full of implied threat about what will happen if they continue to bar the way.

"Your power has no meaning here, God Wolf." One of the fiery guards speaks, its voice a hiss of heat and smoke. "We will not yield and you may leave. Be on your way. This is not your place."

Both guards draw fiery blades, advancing slightly but not attacking yet.

The flame circle flickers for a moment and Fenris can see Astryd through it. Standing next to a podium of some sort.

Fenris's brows knit. "That's my raven back there and I am not leaving without her. My place or no, I will tumble it all if you keep me from her. Now I'm going to ask you once more. Yield."

He takes a step closer, baring fangs. "Or I will make you…"

When they do not - predictable - Fenris lunges. He fears no flames. He goes right for the throat. Even if this being doesn't have a conventional biology, pounding the head off usually discomfits most anything.

Fenris is a supernatural being, well suited to hurting other supernatural beings. His jaws close on the fiery throat, causing the creature to bellow in pain. The fiery sword slashes, taking the God Wolf in the side - leaving a burning, searing gash in his flesh.

There's the smell of burnt dog hair.

The other guardian lurches for Cuan, intent on running the injured wolf through. Cuan might be hurt but he's still agile enough to dart between its legs, using the wall behind to push off from and land with paws on the fiery back. He yelps in pain.

Fenris lets out a noise of discomfort and pushes off his victim to round surprisingly quickly on the one fighting Cuan. He's got a lot of kids - or rather has had a lot over the years - but he's rather fond of Cuan and he'd hate for anything to happen to the younger wolf.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size!" The Old Wolf snarls as he grabs a leg and just SWINGS. Bad things are going to happen, either to the leg or to whomever gets hit by that swing. And that's all good for Fenris.

Fenris manages to tear the throat out of his guardians throat. It spews fire and brimstone everywhere as the guardian collapses to lava.

The second guardian is sent lurching forward by Cuans lunge. The poor wolfs feet burning against the fiery flesh. Putting the creature right into Fenris' path. Caught by the leg, it gets swung around and dashed against the wall. The sword strikes out though, unerringly true - right for the God Wolfs throat.

Fenris has to let go at the last moment to avoid getting his throat slit which isn't ideal and turns the swing into more of a fling. Rather than follow up though he moves protectively in front of Cuan. "Get to Astryd if you can." He growls to his great grandson as he watches to see if the fiery guardian is coming back.

He'd prefer not but if it does he'll shake this place's foundations to end it if that's what it takes.

The fiery guardian hits the wall again, sliding down it in a smear of molten lava. It comes to rest in a heap, twitching like the other one. For the moment, at least, it's out of the fight.

Not dead. Fenris can be sure they'll be regenerate in time.

Cuan growls, limping more now as he prowls around the edge of the fire ring. "I can part the flames for you, Grandfather, but I can not pass them. Go quickly when I do …"

The grandson of the North Wind lives up his to name, sending a blast of icy wind against that wall. The flames flicker and sputter making enough room for Fenris to pass. Cuan will stand guard till they're ready to depart.

As the flames part, Fenris can see Astryd, staring intently at a tablet laid out on that podium. She doesn't flinch or more as Fenris draws near - it's like she can't look away from the page.

Fenris steps through where the flames were and comes to Astryd, averting his eyes from what she's looking at. "Astryd." He growls. His massive muzzle noses her.

"Astryd. Wake up."

If she doesn't respond he's going to have to drag her out and after a couple of moments that's what he starts to do, teeth closing around the back of her clothes as he begins to pull. Whatever she found here she took a terrible chance by coming.

Astryd stirs slightly as Fenris noses her. His nose is COLD and with the flames in here, it's a little warm. That's the only response he gets and he does need to drag her - her steps faltering as she starts to move.

It's not until he breaks her gaze on the tablet that the Valkyrie begins to respond. "Fenris … " Her voice is dreamy, light and airy. "Fenris … I've seen such things…" She's not moving on her accord and he's going to have to keep her moving.

The flames part again, Cuan standing on the other side. "Hurry Grandfather, they are regenerating. We have but moments…" he looks at the blonde, incredibly worried - but stands if Fenris wants him to carry her.

Fenris drags Astryd to the flame's edge and nods to Cuan. As soon as they're clear he's going to open a Way. They need to leave and now. He's not sure what Astryd was thinking and he's going to have to get that from her later.

"As the mortals say, dear, peachy. But right now we need to go. And I need you to walk. Come on…"

She's not heavy, but he is going to turn into a human and pitch her over his shoulder at this rate.

"Peachy keen…" The Valkyrie smiles vaguely and begins to the follow God Wolf out.

Cuan doesn't given her a chance to argue, just angles himself to hoist her onto his back. He is so not impressed with his rider at the moment.

The Way opens as soon as they're clear, depositing them in the back yard of their house. They can work out what's happened to her when they settle.

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