2019-09-12 - RESCUE G.I.R.L.s


Toni Ho and Posse come to make Nadia an intriguing business proposition.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Thu Sep 12 02:00:41 2019
Location: RP Room 1

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Sitting just far enough outside New York for the science and retail parks but within walking distance for the train the G.I.R.L building looks fairly unremarkable from the outside. Moderately sized the building has the insect winged logo above double glass doors that lead into a little reception area that's currently empty and has a single sturdy looking double internal door leading out.

Both the outer reception door and the inner door are unlocked to allow walk in visits. Although there's obvious security cameras in place to discourage anyone from trying to steal anything.

The inside is perhaps unlike any science lab most people typically imagine. Two floors of open plan space with the logo proudly painted on the far back wall. Each side wall is lined with college dorm style bedrooms. The nearby corners have a break area with couches and a big tv plus a little kitchen that has an empty box that used to contain donuts and a hastily cobbled together coffee machine made almost entirely out of things from a chemistry lab.

But it's the middle that looks the most impressive. A huge scifi doorway dominates the middle of the room. While a dozen workbenches are covered in various projects ranging from biotech to robotics. A few people bustle around working on projects, including Nadia herself who is perching on a chair in the armoured undersuit for her costume making a few adjustments to a complicated set of mechanical insect wings.

At the front door, a young woman enters. She's certainly older than most of the young women working at the benches here, looking to be in her late twenties, but certainly dressed similarly, with just a pair of comfortably worn jean shorts, Converse hightops and a slightly overized but comfy-looking blue T-shirt with a cartoon panda holding a wooden sword and dressed in plain looking MMO armor, with the word 'NOOB' underneath. Her long hair is pulled up in a messy ponytail, and more notable for the deep rich purple color it's dyed, though she lacks any obvious piercings or tattoos to go with it. Her features are definitely Chinese from the tilt of her almond eyes,w hich are alive with curiosity as she looks around, stopping just inside, then beginning to meander through the lab areas, looking over projects as she goes as she starts making her way roughly over towards Nadia.

The front doors don't quite close before a second woman enters with Toni. Just slightly taller but far sterner of features, Posse's own version of dressing down is better suited to Fall than the warm Summer that's visited so far. A shock of white hair catches attention first as she removes the cap from her head, then follows with her sunglasses. Somewhere in her early to mid-30s, the off-duty policewoman's straight bearing and unsmiling scrutiny as she surveys the lobby mark her as the less enthused of the pair. Olive cargo pants and a jacket offer a muted accent to the tan scarf around her neck while resting on a sturdy-looking frame - fit for purpose.

Pausing for a moment after fully entering the building, the green-eyed veteran pockets her gloves as well, exposing one tan-colored hand the same hue as her face, and a left hand of synthetic muscle and metal joints.

A visitor or two isn't entirely unusual at G.I.R.L especially during the daytime. A few of the members glance up from whatever they're currently working on and offer a friendly wave or at the least a nod of acknowledgement.

Closer up it seems like Nadia herself is in the process of swapping out some unusually small motors. "Hey there!" she calls out with a hint of a Russian accent. "I'm Nadia, is there anything I can help you both with? Thinking of joining up? Either for yourselves or a friend perhaps?" She glances from one of her occupied hands to the other, then gives a rueful grin. "If you don't mind waiting two minutes I've just got to finish this tiny bit of work."

Toni pauses where's she's looking over a robotics project…some sort of powered baby stroller walker?…and glances over at the voice. "Hmmm?" She looks Nadia over, then smiles. "Take your time, doing that freehand isn't easy, I know." She glances over to Posse. "That's her?" she says more softly, curious more than anything else as she watches Nadia work.

Posse briefly straightens her scarf as she approaches behind Toni, looking from the purple-haired scientist to brown-haired one. One of her eyes is framed by a jagged scar and looks just a shade or two lighter green when the light strikes her just right. "I don't know," the cyborg admits bluntly. "I didn't get a good look through the suit."

"Oh this isn't really very complicated. I've done all the fine position work already," Nadia assures, going about her work carefully but confidently. As if it's something she's done a hundred times before and only requires part of her attention. "If either of you would like some coffee just help yourself."

It doesn't take quite as long as she suggested before the work is over. All the while work at G.I.R.L continues as usual. After some murmurered discussions someone sets an mp3 player and begins playing some upbeat swing music.

The projects really do range in topic. Robotics work sits next to genetic engineering work on plants. While a young woman working on the central doorway device seems to be plugging in power cables as thick as her thigh.

Toni nods to Posse absently, then takes advantage of the coffee, sipping it as she patiently waits until Nadia is done, hips swaying a little to the music. "Remind me to put a camera in your armor so when I these things I can check the video." the purple-haired Chinese-American says in amusement to Posse.

She does pause to ask Nadia. "What are you building?

Posse likewise goes for coffee, and almost beats Toni to the jury-rigged machine. Far, far from straight black, hers is diluted double-strength with any available cream and sugar. "You've already got one," the cyborg notes with a purposeful wink. "If you /really/ want ta' record everything I see, I'm not paying for your shrink."

Nadia Van Dyne shrugs. "Oh these? Just doing routine hardware updates for my wings," she explains with a smile. "They're designed for omnidirectional flight but the more sudden shifts in direction they have to make the shorter the overall life of the parts. You know how it goes. Better to check for wear and tear frequently than drop out of the sky!"

She dusts her hands off. "But anyway, I believe I was asking about the reason behind your visit? Not that we mind people just popping in out of curiosity. Far from it! We believe in having the utmost transparency about our work." She tilts her head at Posse. "Everything we do is fully in compliance with the law."

Toni smirks at Posse. "I can probably handle it." she says simply, then turns back to Nadia. "Oh? Omnidirectional flight without verniers, right? Same principles as insects flying?" Toni says thoughfully, then pauses. "Oh, righT! Sorry, got distracted there." She walks over Nadia, then ofers her hand.

"Dr. Toni Ho, of RESCUE. I actually came by to find you. Posse was telling me about running into you, and I've been meaning to come by and chat some, if you've the time." She pauses. "…also I was told I had to leave my lab for at least a day or there would be consequences by a friend." she admits, more ruefully.

Posse gives the Chinese-American workaholic a knowing glance before turning her gaze back to Nadia, offering her own hand next for a firm shake. "Posse, no fancy title. I'm one of RESCUE's pet projects and sometimes this one's chaperone," she introduces with a nod back to Toni. "And cut the cop stuff; I'm not wearing a badge and I'm not that kind'a cop anyway. I only care if you blow up a city block."

While the newcomers have largely been standing around long enough for the members of G.I.R.L to lose interest Toni's comment about leaving the lab draws a few coughs and giggles. Someone even obviously mimes 'We told you that too' to Nadia.

"Why spend years coming up with a design when nature has already done the work for me? It can't match the speed of some modes of transport but it more than makes up for it with precision and discretion." She practically lights up when she talks about her work. "I'd offer to let you have a go but I can't for insurance reasons."

She shakes Toni's hand with enthusiasm and a remarkably strong grip for someone with her size. "Nadia Van Dyne, it's a pleasure to meet you both. And time is something I never quite seem to have enough of but I'm sure I can make some for visitors." She gestures to the couch area over in the corner. "Lets sit and have a chat. You'll have to forgive me but I don't know the name Rescue. I only moved to America fairly recently you see."

Toni has a nice firm grip, a hand roughened by an engineer's calluses and little nicks and cuts along it from work. "I can't disagree if you can replicate nature at that level; but then the Pym name is all about making the micro work at the macro and vice versa. I went with vernier thrusters for mine, but my suit is a bit more bulky than yours." she admits, then wanders over to the couch, plopping down a bit inelegantly after setting her coffee down on the accompanying end table, then pulling her legs up to sit crosslegged.

"Ah, that makes sense." she notes, not looking bothered that Nadia doesn't know her name or that of her company. "Okay, full introduction then. I'm Toni Ho, co-CEO along with Dr. Veronica Kelsey of REsearch, Science, and Cybernetics Unlimited Engineering, so RESCUE for short. We're a first responder, crisis intervention and medical cybernetics company primarily, though we sponsor all sorts of civilian projects beyond that too. Mostly we fit out emergency responders and law enforcement with technological solutions, ranging from improved protection and crisis gear to nonlethal and safe means of stopping people who are threatening the public with violence. I'm more the crisis internvention and first responder side of things; Roni deals with the medical and cybernetics side of things."

She thumbs at Posse. "She actually designed and created Posse's implants, for example, while I helped built her protective armor. Oh, and when I'm actualy /in/ my armor, I'm Iron Patriot."

Posse takes a step back before going anywhere else, wordlessly letting Toni lead and focusing on her coffee. She takes a seat on the opposite side of the couch, busily sipping with her metallic hand until her implants are mentioned. Stretching out her arm, the cyborg pulls back her jacket sleeve far enough to expose a matching metal wrist and artificial forearm. "We brought a little demo - go ahead and look. Speaking from personal experience, you won't find better cybernetics anywhere in the world."

Nadia Van Dyne nods along as Toni explains what RESCUE is. "I must admit I have some concerns about an overly militarized police force," she admits. "But given the number of situations that occur which would be beyond regular human capabilities I must concede there is a case for it. In moderation at least. The last thing anyone wants is an arms race between the police and organised crime!"

Her attention turns to Posse and her cyborg arm, although she makes no move to get up for a closer look. "Interesting work. Presumably it favors functionality over the ability to pass for a regular limb?" She hrms thoughtfully. "I've seen some very good cybernetics work in the past. Personally I've always been more of a fan of biotech solutions. Different risks and benefits obviously."

"Oh, we're not a police force. I mean, we have volunteered to serve when trying to contain superpowered threats to the public, but overall we prefer to do disaster and emergency relief." Toni explains. "We have a rapid response group called Overwatch we make available to nations around the world when they need that sort of help, for emergencies. The superpowered thing, generally we stick to New York with that." She wrinkles her nose. "Neither I or Roni are fond of military or police, honestly, after the mess during Registration, so we stick strictly to nonlethal devices and emergency gear. Overwatch only carries nonlethal stuff, for that matter, and that's primarily for protecting refugees or RESCUE teams in the field in hostile or dangerous territory."

She smiles a bit as Nadia looks over the arm. "I'm more a tech girl myself, I've never really had a gift for biotech, but you might find more in common with Roni for that. Pity she's off at a medical conference in Austria or I would have dragged her along, I know she'd love to meet you sometime and talk shop."

"Lucky me you made an exception then," Posse notes to Toni with a wry grin before turning her attention back to Nadia while lowering her arm. "The civvie models have skin, mine's made for function and easy repair so it gets in the way. And there're plenty of chances to field test this stuff now. After a bumpy honeymoon it's been working like a dream," the green-eyed policewoman chuckles knowingly as she adds, "and it's faster than it looks."

"Oh I dabble with all sorts of things. Hardware, software, biotech and pure physics. Anything that takes my fancy really," Nadia explains cheerfully. "Right now I've been toying with a plan for a stable cold fusion reactor. It's part of a long term plan for an orbital black hole generator but… well that works years away right now. Still it's something fun to play around with. Mathematically speaking that is."

She pinches at the sleeve of her sleek black outfit. "My own suit, well the rest of it anyway, has some tools that could be lethal if used improperly. But really that's true of all less-lethal options right?"

Toni mmms. "I really don't like weapons myself, but it was pointed out to me through experience that having something that can take someone down who is about to do harm to themselves or others is necessary sometimes. I can restrain people through strength, but it's hard to do that at range. And I don't want to be another Tony Stark and profess how he's "changed" while he builds weapons in his suit that can punch a hole through a carrier." she adds, a bit sardonically. One might get the idea she's not exactly fond of one Mr. Stark.

"Anyway, Posse is a lot more experience with that sort of thing, but the point being, RESCUE is designed to help people and improve the human condition…and possibly animals too." she tacks on. "We're not the Avengers, we don't go fight alien invasion fleets or whatever. We intervene in natural disasters, or the like more than anything else, or help cities and even countries improve their ability to keep their people safe and happy." She smiles a little. "ooh, a black hole generator? Definitely need to get you and Roni together when she's back, she's been chattering about the idea of creation a viable zero point generator as a power source."

Toni leans forward, resting her arms on her knees. "But, mostly, I came here for two main reasons. First, because I heard about what you were doing with G.I.R.L., and I wantedt o see it for myself. I've also heard you were looking for donors to help you fund it? And secondly…" She motions to Posse. "After Posse told me about you personally and I had some time to research you, I wanted to meet you. You're exactly the sort of person that we want at RESCUE…someone who's dedicated to helping people, but not afraid to put yourself in harm's way to do. Not to mention you obviously have mad chops at technology in a wide variety of fields, and anyone with a mind like that who's dedicated to helping is the sort of person WE want to help." She tilts her head. "So…I wanted to feel you out and see if you might be interested in a job."

Posse smiles competitively as Nadia shows her own suit, only to restrain herself so Toni can talk. Being around the young genius as much as she has, it's a passion she's gotten used to. The cyborg crosses her knees and leans back in counterpoint to Toni's forward bend, taking the opportunity to finish her coffee.

Whatever Nadia's suit is made from seems pretty thin. At least compared with anything Posse might be used to. It's got more in common with a very exotic fabric than with any sort of metal plated armour. Although it does seem like most of the interesting bits aren't attached right now "Well we're always happy to accept donations. Depending on the amount and the conditions I may have to consult with a lawyer for advice.. All our details, including our charter and ethical guidelines, can be found online."

She teps her foot a few times and frowns. "I'd like a little time to do background research before I commit to anything, but in theory I am not opposed to helping out a team like you've described."

"Sure, I don't mind. You're welcome to ask questions of either of us too, if you'd like, since we're here." She makes a face at lawyers. 'Yeah, I'll probably need to have our lawyers talk to your lawyers, but I'm sure we don't violate any ethical guidelines. I've got no problem being your primary funder though. You don't even need to mention it's us if it bothers you though, I'm not doing it to advertise or such. I just think this place is a great idea that deserves support."
The purple-haired tech notices Posse restraining herself and motions to Posse. "Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt, just wanted to get that out there so Nadia had the offer. And, I will note the main thing that might throw up flags is that my side of the company used to be called AID, and turned out to be an undercover AIM splinter…Advanced Ideas in Destruction. Long story short, they were jerks, I fell for them publically pretending to be an good company, and when I found out they weren't, I used a combination of skills and money to buy them out and purge the bad seeds so I could turn it into something good. All the bad actors in it went to jail…I've got a few who are out on parole that I gave a second chance to who weren't dedicated to destructive technology, but none in positions of authority. I just believe people who honestly want to change should have the chance to prove it sometimes."

She then quiets so Posse can get a word in edgewise!

The moment may have passed as Posse tips her coffee cup back until it's drained empty, then calmly sets it back down and lets out a pleasant little sigh. Nadia's chemistry set has a fan. "And don't let my Sunday dress fool you - all my weapons are PCB."

Nadia Van Dyne nods. "We don't generally advertise who has donated us money unless we feel there could be a conflict of interests. But I should probably make it clear that donations won't result in any policy changes here." She leans on the arm rest of the couch. "Not that I'm suggesting that's something you would want. I just like to make it clear to everyone." There's a little sigh and she adds "I have heard of AIM before. Not that specific division but as a general organisation."

Posse gets a puzzled look. "Printed circuit boards? You'll have to forgive me, English is not my first language. I believe it was the third I picked up."

"Yeah. I'm really not a fan of AIM." Toni says, which is her being a mistress of understatement really. "And that's fine, I'm not expecting to have any control over G.I.R.L. operations or anything. Purely funding for you to use as you need it." She lets Posse explain her comment.

"Powered Crime Bureau of the NYPD," Posse expands a bit flatly. "They're the high-speed police that go after super-human problems - the real kinetic stuff. Icy-Hot is a good example." Balancing her empty coffee cup on her thigh, the white-haired woman raises a brow. "What other languages did you pick up?"

Nadia Van Dyne nods in agreement at Toni's assessment of AIM. "Languages? Oh it's quite a long list… Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English," she explains, counting each off on her fingers as she goes. "It's something I wish I could spend more time with. I've been meaning to acquire some Hindi and some Portuguese but it's a case of finding the time."

Toni perks, then says in Mandarin "<Oh, Chinese? That's rare. I only have three other than English, Mandarin, Cantonese, And Timbetali, which was where my father was from.>" She switches back to English for Posse's sake though after that. "That's really impressive, that you're a polyglot in addition to knowing so many fields…how have you not managed to pick up a stack of PhDs by now?" she wonders curiously.

Nadia's counting manages to lift both of Posse's eyebrows by the time she's done, even if the expression is short-lived. She snorts with mild amusement at Toni's question and asides, "You collect those papers like medals."

"I had a very… unconventional childhood," Nadia admits with a rueful grin. "It's not really something I'd like to talk about in detail right now but… I can say I spent a lot of time at a very remote location in Russia and we didn't have access to traditional schooling. Then when I got to America it seemed like a waste of my time to just get my skills 'rubber stamped' by people who were often much less qualified than me. I'd rather do work that interests me and let it speak for itself." She glances over at the other G.I.R.L members, still hard at work, and nods to herself. "I appreciate that not everyone is in my situation though. Which is why a big part of what we do is getting our members formal qualifications."

"Fair, though it's a lot easier for tech projects to get a degree…I knew a guy back in school who had a one page dissertation that was the mathematical formula he'd come up with, shortest thing ever. Mind, it was brilliant." Toni acknowledges. "But one page!" She grins and settles back. "Well, tell you what. Let's not worry about the job offer or stuff until you've had the time you want to look things over and do the research…we can just chat a bit? I'd love to hear more about what you've been working on and interesting projects here. Annnnnd Posse would probably love more of the delicious coffee." she teases, peering over at the other woman.

"D***, some people really are born smart," Posse quips, only to smirk at being caught by Toni. "I had a long patrol last night."

"Some of my work isn't safe to publish," Nadia laments, motioning for Posse and Toni to help themselves to more coffee. "But you can do wonders with a whole page of writing and a suitably elegant formulae." She springs to her feet. "I'd be happy to give you a tour, although you'd have to speak with individual members regarding what they're working on right now. Lets see if anyone can spare a few minutes!"

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