2019-09-11 - From Mars


Phobos asks to speak to Batgirl. She makes him climb the Wayne Technology building.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Wed Sep 11 09:29:13 2019
Location: Staten Island

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It perhaps didn't surprise Batgirl when Oracle got a message that Alex wanted to talk. It had come in earlier in the day and the only response the young man had received was a location and a time. Half past midnight on the top of the Wayne Technology building.

When he gets there, she's crouched on the edge looking out over the city. Something he's probably used to.

When he received the time and place, Alexander grimaced a little and said, "Seriously?" The top of the Wayne Technology building? "Aww man," He grimaced but then made his way across the city to make the redezvous in a suitably timely manner. The trains were his solution again, though of late he had been giving some small measure of thought towards luxuries. Like a car. Or maybe a motorcycle. No, maybe a car.
Riding on top of trains left one a lot of time to reflect on.
Then he made it to the building and looked up… up up at it. Midnight:30 and everything was closed. Maybe could just sneak in and take the elevator. But that would be a whole thing with the video cameras and the security guard. Would have to replace the video feeds, avoid any computer security. That would be a whole… other thing.
So he clapped his hands together outside the building, rubbed them a bit to loosen up, and began the ascent, taking the stealthiest route to avoid any monitoring systems he could spot. About halfway up he murmured, "I need a grapple thing…"
And then his hand over the edge would come into view as he planted it and flipped over the lip of that building's roof, landing quietly.

Seriously. The redhead is a Bat after all and Alex hasn't made the level of trust where she would invite him … home.

"You do need a grapple and probably new armour as well as some other things." Comes the greeting as he flips himself over the edge. A package is pushed in his direction as Batgirl rises and turns.

Inside is the grapple gun he was just lamenting wanting. Some batarangs, Babs own design, and flash bangs. "Don't leave them laying around when you use them."

"You rang?"

Perhaps the climbing was yet another test, he wouldn't put it past her. He was used to having a lot of tests thrown his way over the course of his life. Which reminded him that he needed to study for Friday's chemistry exam.
Accepting the package he picks it up and considers it, taking just a quick glimpse inside then unzipping his backpack to put it in there. "What's wrong with my current suit?" He asks, not petulantly, but more curiously as the little Pink Kitty patch does have some sentimental value for him.
But then she inquires and he gives a nod, "I was hoping you might…" Alexander looks over his shoulder for a moment, then around before he steps closer to her, and past, moving to take a seat on one of the large industrial air conditioners nearby. He settles onto it and sort of makes a gesture for her to join him, though not being rude enought to suggest or ask since she's his elder.
"Orphan. She… seems to carry around a lot of guilt. I think she has tried to tell me before. But…" For obvious reasons communication with her has some difficulties.

Everything is a test really. At least for the next while. Trusting anyone with her secrets meant trust them with the others secrets as well. Secrets are something that Batgirl takes very seriously.

"Show me your suit and I'll tell you." She moves surprisingly fluidly for how well armoured she seems. "Don't worry Kitty, if we do replace the armour, I'll be sure to keep the motif for you." It's so hard to tell if she's serious or teasing. "But only if you want a new suit. I don't leave mine to be hurt for lack of attention or care."

She takes it very seriously, looking after the younger ones. He'd seen that last night, with the Samurai. Stepping up to being their mentor and more.

"Orphan is an enigma wrapped up in mystery." Batgirl answers looking to the seat he offers but starting to pace instead. "What is it that makes you think she tried to tell you? Last time she spoke with me, she ran off."

"Well," Alexander holds his arms out as she approaches, letting her get a good look at the kevlar and leather armored suit. It's not badly made, in fact it's pretty decent. Though it's got none of the design aesthetics or advancements that the BatFamily keep to themselves. It's more utilitarian form meeting function and primarily made for protection and less ease of movement.
"You laugh, but the whole Kitty thing makes me smile." For various reasons as he stands there and lets her look as she would, lowering his head a bit, "But if there's some practical reason to change it I will." Since he is ever a pragmatist.
"You're telling me," About Orphan being an enigma. But then he frowns and he rubs a fingertip along the side of his brow. That monstrous bruise of only a night and some ago is still there, but mostly healed and having shrunk in the interim.
"My father visited me, and I didn't know it at the time but she was… eavesdropping. We had a disagreement and. He struck me." Alex draws his lower lip between his teeth as he worries at it thoughtfully, "She reacted very strongly to the… the idea of fatherhood, and a father that… just a hard father to please. There was a point after where she just… looked at me." Then he looks to her, "You know?" As if that explained it all then he took a deep sigh. "And I could see just… the burden she seems to carry."
Another deep breath and he gives her an out by saying, "Or I could have just been imaginging it. I am pretty sure I was concussed."

"It's not bad." Batgirl allows as she casts an eye over the armour. "Maybe, in time, I can offer you some upgrades. If you're going to be running with Orphan, I'll want to make sure you can keep up with her." Her featureless mask turns up to his face "Who said I was laughing?"

It's impossible to tell. "Having something that makes you smile is a precious thing. Don't lose it."

When he touches the bruise, her gloved hand grasps his chin and turns his head so she can see it better. "Your father did this?" He might imagine he hears her tone flatten. "And Orphan saw it. I don't imagine she responded poorly."

"She told you … tried to tell you how she felt about fathers?"

"I… she attacked him." Alexander lets her turn his head to the side and doesn't complain. The deference given to others by him perhaps more understandable now. "And while she struck at him I could…" His smile returns but it's almost apologetic, "I know how this sounds but she… it feels like I can sometimes understand what she means through. It." His words trail off and he furrows his brow as he looks away.
"With her so much is feeling and sensation and…" He utterly fails at conveying what he means so he falls quiet for a moment.
After the space of several heartbeats he confides, "I just haven't seen her react so strongly before. And it was like he betrayed her himself."
A small smile is given as he looks back to Barbara, "And it… you know, really wasn't that big of a deal. I opened my smart mouth and said something pretty mean to him. So… yeah."

"She did, did she?" Babs wonders if Cass has any idea what she did, who she really attacked. She sincerely doubts it, Cass' experience of the world is … limited. "You can understand her when she hits things?" The redhead is really trying to understand.

"And yes, it's sensation and intent. You will learn in time what you need to there." If Alex was looking for insight into the younger woman, he's not getting it from Batgirl. Not yet.

"It wasn't a big deal that your father hit you? Alex, I would never raise my hand to any of my children, no matter how much they provoked me. If I had seen you hit, I would have stepped in as well."

"But that's not why you asked to see me. What is it you wanted to ask?"

"I know my upbringing was different, ma'am. I'm not trying to argue about that." In the youth's eyes his father can really do no wrong. It was his own fault for speaking out of turn. That much is clear to him. He knits his brow and looks thoughtful at her comment about sensation and intent. "But yeah, sometimes. We understand each other."
For a brief moment Alexander's gaze distances, almost wistful. And really, it's not hard to discern that well… he's in love. Most likely despite his own protests to the contrary.
"I just wanted to ask you if there was anything to be done that might… help? That I could help her? There are times when we seem to be completely on the same wavelength and others when she stops… stops transmitting." His lip curves a little.
"Or is on Mars. Or something."

"You're not the only child to be hit by their parents, Alex. I'm just saying that not all … adults … because I'm not a parent in that sense, would do the same. My job, the job of the Bats, is to protect those that can't protect themselves. Orphan takes that very seriously."

Why? Batgirls' not saying.

"I think you mean Venus." Now she has to be teasing, right? There's an audible exhale of breath before she continues "Help her communicate or not clam up? Time and understanding is the answer in both cases. Learn to sign, help her to learn and understand the world around her. "

"She understood little of what we spoke yesterday. You know that don't you? That the talk of werewolves and gorgons had no meaning to her. You can help her there and in doing so, let her express herself as best she can. And when she can't, don't push her."

A small harumph comes from him at the Venus crack but he takes a breath and sighs. "You're probably right, and I have been learning to sign. I already have a small basis for it and that's helped me out." He offers in way of explanation.
He sits up a little, "I know that time is the best way to figure things out I just…" Alex lifts a hand and pushes it through his blond hair, crinkling his nose at himself as he murmurs, "I worry about doing something stupid and messing it all up and…"
His blue eyes shift to the eyelets in her mask and he smiles a little though with wide eyes as if the whole concept freaked him out. "This whole… caring about someone is really difficult. Things used to be so much easier before I did so." Which, to be fair, is true.

It's so hard to tell Batgirls mood. She gives little away with her posture and the modulated voice strips the emotion. That is till she chuckles, which she does at his harumph. "Don't read the book, trust me."

"If that's what you're doing, then you're doing well. Be honest and tell you're going to mess it up sometimes. You're learning, just like she is." Does that really work? Or is it just a womans view? Alex has to wonder, there's been no rumours linking Batgirl with any suitors. In fact, there's little information on the redhead at all.

"Easier and yet, I suspect, more lonely."

"Again, you're probably right." He rubs the back of his neck thoughtfully and looks over at her. "Should we get into that whole immortal and mortal thing and the whole Highlander Duncan MacLeod thing yet or should we save that for another time?" As he says that he maintains something of a straight face, but then it cracks slightly with a small smile.
"Ok ok, I think that's it. That's all I really had. I'll go umm, take a quick run around the area and see what I can see and let you know if I find anything." That said he hops off that heavy duty building air conditioner and starts to walk back towards the edge of the building.
"Oh hey," He turns around toward her and asks with a tilt to his head, "Where would be the best place to practice with the grapple line?"

"I am probably am, yes. I am your … elder … am I not." Oh come on, she has to teasing for certain now. "I'm not sure there's a lot to get into at the moment. That symbol hasn't bought up anything yet, well correction, it's bought up a lot of things including a range of red hot chilli sauce. We're still looking, Oracle and I. You and Orphan have a house party to crash, I believe?"

"And I need to speak with Orphan, but you can help - about what it is we might be facing. If you hear any rumours about Werewolfs of Staten or Werewolfs of New York, be sure to let me know…."

And for just a moment, the strains of that song plays from the speaker on her suit.

"Grapple practice? Choose a short building. Believe me, missing your swing can hurt. But come along, if you've time, we can do some practice."

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