2019-09-10 - Skinhead Suprise


Anya, Lexi, and Luke have a quiet evening until some uninvited guests decide to make trouble.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Tue Sep 10 00:00:00 2019
Location: Luke's

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Luke's is quieter than usual now that most of the regulars have headed home. The music has been turned down low and a slowly dissipating haze of tobacco smoke clings to the ceiling like a gently unraveling blanket.

Luke is behind the bar as usual, bar towel draped over one shoulder as he has a quiet conversation with one of the patrons, laughing at something that was just said to him as the final regular moves to leave. Turning towards the door, a toothy grin on his face, he spots the newly arrived customer and offers a polite nod. "Evenin'. Welcome to Luke's."

The door slips open, and…a purple girl walks in. Well, technically, more a mauve color than truly purple. Definitely not lilac. Certainly a mutant, as if the skin color wasn't a give away, the foxish-ears, golden pupils and silvery white hair probably does. She's dressed for the weather, completely with high cut off shorts and a backless top that ties around her neck and again around her lower back, in a dark blue. She…looks perhaps late teens? maybe she's got one of those faces though!

Lexi saunters over to the bar and hops up on a stool. "Hey…so…whatcha go that's, like, sweet? Cider maybe? Will also take a soda, but only if it has sugar an' it's totally terrible for me. Also what's yer bar food like?" she says, perking as she thinks of it.

If the color of her skin or the fact she is a mutant phases him at all, he doesn't show it. The smile never falters from Luke's face as he gives Lexi a once over, "Something sweet you say? Well, sure, we carry a nice pineapple or raspberry cider, but I am afraid I would have to ask for some ID if I was going to give you a pour."

He moves from his spot a the bar closer to where Lexi sat, and moves to pull a glass from the rack. "Soda, though, I can do easy enough. As for food, I got the normal. Nachos, fries, wings, a pretty decent burger if I do say so myself, and fried chicken from a joint down the street but that takes a bit as they have to deliver it over."

He sets the soda down on a coaster in front of Lexi, "What's your fancy?"

The girl thinks a bit and grins, flashing slightly large canines. "Awww. Well, it's not like it does much ta me anyway, soda's cool. And all that sounds good. Can ya make all of that?" she says hopefully. "I'm really hungry. I mean, if it's too much orderin' from th' chicken place sound great, do they got, like a 20 piece for $20 deal or something? But totally will take nachos while I'm waitin'…" she decides after a moment.

"All?" Luke exclaims as his brow arches up slightly. "Damn, girl. Where in hell are you going to put it all?!"

He shakes his head side to side and laughs to himself as he moves over to grab a basket of chips and a pre-heated package of nacho cheese from a warmer. Fancy it is not.

"Alright, we will start you off with these." Luke says as he sets down the basket of chips and cheese in front of her. "Did you want hot peppers as well?"

After dropping off the chips, he makes his way over to a phone mounted on the wall behind the bar, "I'm not sure they have a 20 for $20, but I will get you a good deal. You got a preference to legs, breasts, thighs, or wings?"

"… y no creo que debas preocuparte por ese pinchazo. El no le da a NADIE una "A". Asi que no te metas las bragas, ?esta bien, hermana?"

A young woman who isn't a total stranger to this bar walks in with a cell phone plastered to her ear. She pauses by door, giving the place a brief once over while the voice squawks in her ear.

Anya Corazon is also dressed for the hot summer night; cut off black shorts, second hand combat boots, a vintage OutKast tee and an old backpack covered with an assortment of patches. Wide net fishnets are on her legs, and the sleeves of the shirt have been ripped off.

"I gotta go," she mutters in the phone, eyes dancing from the fascinatingly mauve woman to the familiar stack of bartender. "There's a stacker here who needs a dose of Corashit. I'll call you later."

Approaching the bar, Anya takes up a spot next to Lexi, hooking her backpack under the bar. "Make me a three pointer?" she asks of Luke, with a glimmer of mirth in her eye.

Lexi grins, then rummages in her cleavage for a moment to pull out a slightly crumpled $100 she sets on the bar. "For my tab….and yeah, I like food." She raises a brow, peering at Luke. "Yer not against girls who like food, riiiiight?" There's a definite tinkle in her eyes as she rests her chin on her hand, elbow on the bar as she watches Luke work. "An' dark meat is great! Legs an' thighs please! It's cheaper anyway." she admits after a moment. "And hell yeah, peppers! Ya can't have nachos without peppers!" she insists.

AS the door opens, she peers over to see Anya coming in, flashing her a quick grin as the inevitable glance happens. She doesn't seem too bothered by it…really, by this point she's pretty over people staring or glancing at her. It happens. "What's a three pointer?" she asks after a moment, before snagging a chip dripping with stuff and popping it in her mouth.

Eyeing Anya as she walks in, Luke greets the young Latinx with a nod. Taking the towel from his shoulder he wipes down the spot on the bar in front of Anya, "One Three Pointer coming up, but call me a slacker? Really? Don't you see me slaving away here, earning my money?"

He winks as he reaches under the bar for a rocks glass and very expertly says, giving a look to Lexi, "A three pointer is tequila, triple sec, some blue curacao and lime juice," pouring each measure of liquid into the shaker in front of him as he explains the ingredients, "Stick em all in a shaker, shake it up," which he starts to do, shaking the tumbler vigorously before he pours the mixture into the glass. "Then add a lime garnish." He takes a wedge of lime and places it on the rim, moving it in a half circle along the rim before he slides the glass in front of Anya.

He turns his attention back to Lexi and laughs as he reaches into a small fridge to grab a container of peppers. "Hell no! Nothing wrong with a woman who likes her meals."

His attention turns back to the phone pressed up against his ear, "Yeah, it's Luke. Bring me one of the leg's and thighs buckets. Ok, see ya in 10."

Luke hangs up the phone and turns back to the patrons, "Dark meat is the best, you got that right."

"Don't ask him," Anya tells Lexi. "He doesn't know what a three pointer is."

Without missing a beat, she spins to Luke and says, "I stand corrected. Well, at least there's one three pointer you know how to make." She gives Luke a big grin and adds, "I said stacker, not slacker." She looks around for something to toss his way, but damn if the man doesn't keep his bar clean as a whistle. "You been okay, big man?" She then looks over to Lexi with a big smile. "I'm Anya. Dig the skin, chica."

She is pointedly not weighing on the conversation about food, because she's not completely convinced the Swear Jar isn't for patrons as well.

"Somehow unsuprised ya'd feel that way." Lexi says with a snicker, as she watches the drink get mixed up. "Huh. Neat. Looks like it's fun ta make, at least." She shrugs. "Doesn't do a thing for me, sadly. Well, I mean th' alcohol, I mean." She shrugs slightly, digging into the nachos with gusto. She glances to Anya curiously. "I mean, not required here, right? It looked like a nice place, but I've been ta some where they get all grumpy about me not orderin' drinks. Ya'd think I order enough food ta make up for it…" she grumbles. She perks at Anya's comment though, wiggling her fingers. "Yeah, it's just good genetics an' a constant regimen of skin care products!"

Luke Cage says, "Oh, is that how it is going to be Anya?" says Luke with a smirk plastered on his face, "I got game, don't let the muscles fool you. I'm faster than I look. Slacker or stacker…whatever that is." He picks up a cocktail napkin, crumples it up and tosses it at the Latinx with a little snort. "Now drink the only three pointer your going to get around me."

He turns to Lexi and rolls one shoulder into a shrug. "I don't have any kind of minimum. You can sit and order water if that is all you really want, but I am certainly not going to complain about a paying customer." He looks to the drink than back to Lexi, "Alcohol doesn't effect you, huh? I'll keep that in mind, keep you around as a ringer for any drinking contests I hold. You can play for the house." he says with a wink."

A sideeye is given to Luke, before Anya looks back to Lexi. She mouths 'stacker' and raises her hands, indicating a very tall person. At least that's how it looks in her mind.

"I won't need to make any when I'm running circles around your ass, gran hombre." She grins widely at Luke, clearly in the mood to give him a good ribbing.

"Weeeeelll, I could. I mean, if I, like, chugged a bottle or whiskey or somethin'. But it doesn't last very long even then." the mauve mutant admits, then perks her ears at Anya. "Lexi." she offers after a moment, offering a hand. "Nice ta meetcha both." She grins at Anya, then hmms. "Oh, also, just for possible future reference havin' NOTHING to do with possible current events…this seems like th' sorta place where ya wouldn't allow, you know, like bad hombre sorts, right? Like, tattoos, prob'ly mean ta their mothers, maaaaaaybe a little Nazi-ish….?"

On cue, outside the front windows of the bar a quartet of said bad hombres are walking by, shaved heads and all. One has firmly decided to make himself unemployable by retail by having a huge scorpion tattooed across the side of his face.

They appear to be looking for something. Or someone.

"Yeah, yeah. Y'all are a lot of talk, Chica. We will see what you can do on the court." Luke exclaims. "But I will tell you what, for every point you beat me by if you win I comp you a drink."

He turns to Lexi and leans against the counter top, propping himself up on his elbows. "No? That takes all the fun out of it then. But at least you don't end up with a bad hangover?"

He looks puzzled when she starts talking about the bad hombre contingent, "NO, that isn't the sort of clientele I let into my place. Why…?"

"You are SO on." Anya will take that bet. She takes the drink in hand, and after taking a drink, she smirks at Lexi. "Hey now, ink isn't all that bad. Nazi's though, good for one thing." Her eyes happen to glimpse the boys outside at that moment, at which point her motions slow and a dark look comes to her eyes. "Punching."

Lexi nods cheerfully, take sa handful of nachos which she crams in her mouth, chewing quickly as her ears tilt backwards towards the door as the quartet begins heading towards it. "Oh good! So, I'm not here ya never saw me, and I'm gonna just hide behind the bar. Byeeee!" And then with suprising grace she plants a hand and flips forward over the bar, dropping into a crouch behind it as the door bursts open and the four thugs step inside, immediately looking around as they spread out slightly, one heading towards the restroom area, the other sort of sweeping to the other side, checking the the booths.

Scorpion sneers a bit as he looks around, walking up. "'Ey, you. You seen a mutie around? Purple skinned, like she's one big bruise and dog ears?" His friend smirks and makes a grabby gesture in front of his chest. "An' like double handfuls up here, y'know? Can't miss her."

Following the glance of Anya, Luke eyes the quartet and his good natured smile slowly turns hard and no nonsense. A resolved sigh escaping his lips as he watches Lexi vault over the bar.

As the group walks in, Luke casually takes the towel from his shoulder and wipes his hands on it before tossing it onto the counter top and moving around to the front of the bar.

"I'm only going to ask you this politely once," Luke calmly says as he moves to stand in front of Scorpion and his companion, "Leave now before I am forced to make you leave. I don't want no trouble, and I know you don't want to be messing with me."

It takes such willpower to avoid taking out all four of these assholes right here, right now. The truth is, she could. But she can't. So Anya snatches up her backpack, doing what any young woman in a situation like this would do; make to leave.

The thing is… she isn't headed for the front door. She's headed for the bathrooms. "I gotta piss," she remarks on her way out.

The guy by the restroom smirks a bit, pretty obviously staring at Anya's rump as she hurries past in the restroom, but doesn't stop her, other than to peer past her into the room to make sure Lexi isn't inside the small bathroom before the door closes. Meanwhile, the main three rejoin in front of Larry as Scorpion gives Luke a smirk. "Hey, we'll leave. We're just taking the trash with us. Give us a hand, and nothing gets broke…no one gets hurt." One of the men starts drifting to the bar, shifting over so he start to peer behind it as the apparently leader folds his arms across his chest, his eyes…glimmering? Glowing, actually, for just a moment, as his skin seems to harden into a shell-like armor. "You don't wanna mess with your betters, boy."

Luke very pointedly moves in front of the guy that is headed towards the bar, glancing back to make sure Anya has made it to the bathroom safely as he moves. "Sorry, friend. Only staff is allowed back behind the bar. Insurance purposes and all." He grins, shoving the guy ever so gently in the shoulder, white teeth showing before he mimics Scorpion in crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm only going to ask you once more, this time a little less polite. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Bar."

His eyes narrow as the word 'boy' emanates from the skinheads mouth, but he chokes back the rage and manages a forced grin. "You should take your own advice, son. Leave. Now. Before you regret it." He says a bit louder, "Woman in the bathroom? Stay in there with the door locked."

The fire is certainly rising in Anya's chest. Fortunately, she reminds herself that, as much as she wants to fuck that guy up, it'll end up fucking up Luke's bar just as much. So she disappears into the restroom without preamble.

Cut to the ladies room, where Anya is literally ripping her clothes off and stuffing them in the backpack. Her particular form of costume isn't the usual Superhero Spandex (tm). It's woven of spider silk from her own mutated spineretes, and it can fit into incredibly small places; like tucked beneath cut off shorts and an OutKast tee. It's incredibly easy to stretch over herself once free of those pesky street clothes, and by the time Luke has shouted his warning, she's already completed her transformation.

"No can do, amigo," she mutters behind her mask.

Moments later, a figure in black is creeping hand over foot along the ceiling. Above the lights, she's all but invisible to the naked eye, to the point where the shadow envelopes her, making her truly invisible, even if one were to look directly at her. She's got eyes on the skinhead by the bathroom, and is ready to drop the moment things go south.

Because this shit always goes south.

The man edging around the bar blinks as he's stopped, glaring at Luke as he blocks the way. Sorpion snorts. "Looks like drinks are on the house then, boys…" he rumbles, flexing slightly claws, now armored hands as he grins toothly. "Shoulda taken the advice, homes." he say mockingly. "Seems like a nice place…just gotta take out the trash." The other men chuckles, reaching under their jackets to produce weapons…a nasty looking knife from one, pair of brass knuckles for another (for the guy by the bathrooms), and a magnum for the last. The leader doesn't seem to need it as he just flexes his shoulders, growing a little bigger as the armor spreasd over his face, his features shifting until its two ice blue eyes over a pair of curved scorpion chelicerae (or its mouth).

The bathroom guy hasn't noticed the person crawling along the roof, his attention on Luke.

Meanwhile, while people are distraced, a purplish tendril carefully curls up over the bar, then snags one of the heavy beer mugs, curling around it and making it disappear behind the bar.

Letting out a little sigh, Luke just shakes his head sadly. "Sweet Christmas, It's folks like you that keep causing my insurance premiums to go up." Arcing his neck one way, then the other, his neck cracks with an audible popping sound.

Luke looks around at the claws, the knifes, the guns and the armor and looks totally unconcerned before finally resting his eyes on the face of the Scorpion, "You are one ugly mother fucker aren't you. Well, you can't say I didn't warn you. If you really want to do this, lets dance Nancy."

A pair of weblines suddenly drop from the ceiling. They attach to each of the brass knuckle-weilding wrists of Bathroom Lurker, and pull his arms up like he's pissing himself in front of the NYPD.

"Surprise," comes a voice behind him.

With a vicious yank, Spider-Girl pulls the weblines toward herself, and the thug's arms are yanked right out of his sockets. Only then does she drop to the floor, and yanks again, pulling his arms behind him with a painful sounding *CRACK*!

Those arms are definitely broken.

Scorpion Knight (because we're not going to defame the actual Scorpion here) snarls at the insult. "Get him!" He draws back and swings it like a sledgehammer, the knife wielder moving to try and flank behind him, while the guy with the gun backs up a bit, bringig it up to get a bead on the big man. Because they don't really fight fair…they like winning.

The odds are somewhat unexpectedly balance, however, one a purple tendril suddenly coils out from behind the bar like a snake, snatching the knifewielder at his feet like an alien in a bad B movie and jerking the startled man over the bar with a slightly girly scream before there's a hard *CLUNK* of something heavy and glass smashing into something harder as the knife goes spinning into the air before a second tendril catches it and zips back behind the bar.

The guy with the brass knuckles is bringing his fists up in a ready position, then blinking as his wrists are webbed. "What the fAAAAHHHH!" he screams as his shoulders are dislocated and he's jerked right off the room, then twisted backwards as he crumples to his knees.

Paying no heed to the guy with the gun, Cage focuses on the more dangerous looking foe. Luke lets out a raging bellow and rushes the Scorpion Knight, even as there is a series of loud *BANGs* as the gunman opens fire towards the bar owner.

The gunman must be a lousily shot and must have missed, because Cage does not stop moving forward, unleashing into the Scorpion Knight with a full on haymaker into his armored gut.

The Scorpion Knight's blow lands into Luke's jaw with a force that would shatter bone, but Luke just takes the hit with a grin like he was hit with a sheet of toilet paper. "That all you got, Nancy?"

"Its 'fuck'," explains Spider-Girl, as she spins about the brass knuckle dude with a pair of fully fucked up arms. "Fuck. Say it." However, before he can say anything, she's spinning around him, webbing him from head to toe with wide blasts from her spineretes.

"Be glad I don't curb stomp your ass," she tells him, before kicking him off balance with a well placed foot to the chest.

Spinning at the sound of gunfire, she turns and sprints across the bar, leaping onto a table and vaulting over it with her hands. She's headed for the dude with the gun, a vicious scowl upon her face, with full intent of catching him in a tackle right below his center of gravity.

The Knight is not expecting his hand to just…stop. His eyes widen a bit at that, but he recovers with a snarl as he tries to lower his shoulder and bullrush Luke off his feet, only to meet the train coming the other way…that being the haymaker, which slams into him as he doubles over with a grunt. That armor does seem to help, but it isn't enough to stop the force of the impact as the armored man staggers, then tries to throw himself into Luke to grapple.5R
The man with the gun blinks, looking down in confusion. He…hit him, right? He's sure he hit him!

Which is about where Lexi hops up on top of the bar, doing a gymnast smile dismount, coming down to neatly perch on the edge, leaning back on her arms as her legs cross. "Maybe you just reeeeeeally suck with your shooting?" Though she does look a tiny bit relieved as she quickly glances over at Luke, making sure he's…got this. Yup. Definitely got this.

The guy with the knuckles is…not in a position to use the knuckles. Or his arms. Or much of anything as he's wound up, topping over with a grunt of pain as he struggles weakly. The man with the gun snarls as he sees Lexi. "You little mutie bitch! Gimmee the damn stick or I'm gonna *WOOOFH!*" The last when he's slammed into by Spider-Girl, the gun going flying as Lexi neatly snatches it out of the air with one of the tendrils sprouting from her back, before she twists the gun and disassembles it, popping the slide and tossing both parts of the gun behind the bar with the muscular lengths as she leaves her hands (and her fingerprints) firmly on the bar.

Focusing on nobody but the armored thug in front of him, Luke roars again as the Scorpion Knight goes in for the grapple. Luke obliges and lets himself be taken to the ground, after all on the ground there is less chance of others getting hurt.

On the ground Luke maneuvers for a a choke hold, trying to get behind the Scorpion Knight as the Knight fights to get the upper hand with Luke. A lucky elbow shot catches Luke off guard and the big man grunts, more in surprise than in pain as his head slams into the ground. "Why you little.."

Meanwhile, Spider-Girl keeps going. She keeps going right on past the NRA worshipper, and is likely to smash through the exterior wall, causing the first real bit of collateral damage to Luke's bar.

That won't do.

Tumbling head over feet, she plants her palms on the floor and comes to an abrupt halt, leaving the precious wall intact. A picture rattles, but that's about it. Raising her head, she hefts her butt into the air, plants her feet on aforementioned wall, and her body lifts itself right off the ground.

Hands come up and fire a pair of weblines at the downed gunman's shoulders with hairpin accuracy. Then she tugs, hauling him toward her with a smirk on her face. "Come into my parlor," she quips.

The pair go down with a crash as a table and chairs go flying as they roll into it, the Knight getting an arm under the attempted choke as he snarls, curling as he jerks free and rolls up to his knees, then links his hands together, raising them up over his head as he tries to smash both down into Luke with an angry roar! He seems all brute force..not a lot of finesse. Apparently being a giant armored scorpion man sorta makes up for that with most opponents.

The gunman starts to shove himself up his eyes distracted for a moment by…well, butt…and its his downfall as he's abruptly webbedk and knocked back into the floor prone, before he kicks out at a loose chair, trying to send it flying at Anya.

Meanwhile, a tendril suddenly shoots out, wrapping around the Scorpion Knight's wrists as he jerks, his eyes widening as they're abruptly held in place, stopped in mid descent. "So, sorry about this, but, um, would ya mind please?" she says to Luke sweetly as the Knight grits his teeth. "You goddamn little mutie SLUT, I will - "

Yeah, Luke's got a clean shot if he wants it while he's both distracted and temprarily off balance.

Cracking his neck as he regains his target, Luke looks ready to block the incoming attack when it is suddenly stopped for him. A slow grin slides over his face as he hears Lexi's voice pipe up from behind the Knight and snorts, "I don't mind if I do."

"Say goodnight, Gracie." quips Luke as he rears back with his powerful arm and launches his fist right between the chelicerae, only pulling back enough to make sure he doesn't decapitate the guy.

Up comes Spider-Girl's leg, bending in an awkward position up and over her shoulder, leaving her attached to the wall by literally one foot, for a moment.

The chair is captured by sticky toes, and a single hand comes down to balance herself on the floor. The chair is twisted around by a feat of digital wizardry, it's legs slamming into the ground around the gunman's head just hard enough to make a bang, but not hard enough to shatter the item.

Meanwhile, the impossibly flexible woman in black and white twists her free hand, capturing both weblines and spinning them together. The weblines catch the villain at his neck, and with a quick release, twist of the wrist, a grab, and another spin, the weblines are now wrapped around his neck.

"Unngh!" Spider-Girl kicks herself off the wall, spinning in the air twice before striking the ground on all fours. The webbing is now wrapped around the gunman's head, and with that, she yanks. Not hard enough to rip his head off, but hard enough to pull him, chair and all, into her clutches. An ugly crack symbolizes that whiplash is a distinct possibility.

"Hi!" she tells him, as soon as his face is beneath hers. "Like what you see?" she asks, before jerking her head forward in an effort at head butting the consciousness right out of him.

There's a very satisfying moment where the Knight's attention is drawn right back to Luke as he rears up off the ground. "Oh fffffuuuu-" And then the hammerblow lands, shattering the mouthparts and actually cracking his face armor as he practically jackknives backwards and ends up dangling from the tendril as he goes limp. Unconscious, his transformation reverts…and, well, apparently smashed mouthparts translate to losing some teeth and a cracked jaw.

The thug gahs as he's webbed, his yells muffled as he's yanked forwards…and a sharp crack to go with the first jerking crack as Anya's forehead meets Nazi forehead, and the latter comes in lacking as the man promptly crumples.

Lexi mmms, then lets go of the Knight, letting him slump to the floor unconscious too as she winces. "Oooooo…gonna put a dentist's kid through college with /that/ mouth." she comments, the tendrils smoothly retracting into her lower back as they vanish into her body again, leaving little swirls of darker purple on her skin as she saunters over, then offers Luke a hand up. "Thanks…and, um, you too miss….spider person?" she says, looking over at Ayla. "I really didn't mean ta lead 'em in here, I thought I lost 'em a couple blocks back. Totally will pay for the chairs an' table and stuff?

A more stealthy tendril sprouts out of her calve, curling over to deftly pick the downed Knight's pocket..tastefully decorated with the Teutonic cross and swastika…as she shamelessly pops it open and pulls out a stack of hundreds. "Here!" she says cheerfully, offering it to Luke. "And, um, do I tip ya….or….?" she says uncertainly to Ayla. "Do superheroines get tips?"

Accepting the hand up, Luke brushes his hands off on his jeans and looks around at his bar trying to asses any damage, asking Lexi "Are you ok? Don't worry about the bar, it's just a bar."

Luke's shirt is a mess, the front is relatively unscathed but the back looks shot to hell, holes punched though and burned by the hot lead that passed through the fabric. Glancing over at Spider-Girl he arches a brow and nods, "Uh…thanks. Not sure where you came from, but I appreciate the assist. Can you check on the woman in the back for me? She ran to the bathroom."

He looks at the cash that Lexi procures from the pocket and shrugs a shoulder, reaching out to take it. "Well, he certainly won't miss it."

Weblines still in hand, Spider-Girl scrambles to her feet, picks the chair up, and sets it down out of the way. She looks from Lexi to Luke for a moment, wholly convinced that neither of them would believe that there's an Anya cowering in the ladies' room.

"No," she answers Lexi, and tightens her grasp on the weblines. "And no cops," she adds. "I saw her run out," she adds, hoping the ruse will pass. "Take care of your place," she directs to Luke, and begins dragging the first of four out to the back door by the weblines in her hand. "I'll string these jerks up a couple blocks away."

Turning quickly to hide a grimace, she gets to work. Coming back for the backpack, well… that'll take some finessing.

Lexi tilts her head, hers ear perking forward as she watches Spider-Girl thoughtfully, her eyes glancing briefly towards the bathroom. "Good for her…glad she didn't get caught up in this. And thanks!" She glances over to Luke. "…I totally owe ya a shirt, my man. I'll make good on it. Right now though, i better go dash before their buddies start poking aroundOOHCHICKEN!"

She perks as a slgihtly confused delivery guy step in, then holds the door open politely for the costumed woman dragging the four guys out as Lexi bounces over to him. "Hey, thanks for being quick!" She tosses the now empty Nazi wallet, reaching back into her cleavage as she rummages slightly, tugging out a dark blue memory stick briefly, then producting a twenty dollar bill that she hands to the guy, taking the chicken off his hands. "This place is /great/! Totally coming back here when not being chased by Nazis. Later! Thanks again!"

And with that she's out the door and moving to a quick jog down the street as she fetches a chicken leg out of the bucket to munch on.

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