2019-09-08 - Moving On


Loki gets Bucky's help getting into SHIELD

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Storyteller: {$storyteller}
Date: 09/08/2019
Location: New York

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Fall is here. Leaves are turning in the park. And Bucky's in his garden, what's left of it, getting things ready to sleep for the winter. There's a new addition, a little green house tucked off to the side, but the Soldier is adding some amendment to the raised beds that sit on the rooftop, gloves on his hands, hair tied back. The lounge table and chairs haven't been covered yet, though.

Fall is Loki's favorite time. The chill brings him an extra comfort, but not the bite that reminds him too much of what he /really/ is. But this is the sweet spot, full of color and change, and fun holidays that speak to him. And speaking of…sweet spot, his favorite spot, even still, is Bucky's roof. He appears with the sudden smell of ice, that dissipates after a moment, and smiles. He's in his proper Asgardian attire, but sans cape and horns. "James…" he greets, voice resonant. He has claimed using James, knowing well that Bucky is the name the other guy uses!

He doesn't insist, as if recognizing it's Loki's privilege. He looks up from what he's working on, and smiles that smile, the ones that brings the lines out around his eyes. There's genuine pleasure in his face at the sight of the Trickster. But then, Loki's never turned that cleverness to his despite, so he can simply appreciate the Prince's company. "Prince Loki," he says, warmly. "Hi there. Glad to see you. How're you doing - it's been a while."

"It has. I try to put you out of my thoughts here and there, but…today, the air brought my thoughts back to you." There is a pause from the trickster. "And sometimes I just…watch you." He admits honestly. Nothing like having an alien stalker. "You look magnificent though. You have not seemed to age since we last spoke." As if he thought these humans might wrinkle up a bit faster.

That makes Buck blush. He's a pretty transparent soul, when it isn't Winter giving him all the affect of a Terminator. He even glances away, looks back, laughs softly. "I, uh, when I was being experimented on, they gave me a lot of stuff that was supposed to make me like Steve. They succeeded - I age a lot slower than most Midgardians. The guys I've talked to think that barring accidents or violence, Steve and I could make it to about three hundred." He doesn't have to add that accidents and violence won't be barred. "Watch, huh? You must be desperate for entertainment," he teases, gently.

Loki lifts a hand and nears to see what Bucky is up to. "Oh…do not feel embarassed. I just peek for a moment to make certain you are not trapped in some…Italian prison." The tiny giant sits down, casually leaned against one of the boxes Buck is working on. "300 years for a human…a feat. I think you could, in fact, live much longer." Loki winks and spreads his thin lips into a sly smile. "You just have to start worshipping Odin."

Bucky cocks his head like a dog, blinking. "No, haven't been imprisoned for a long time. Three hundred years is pretty long for a Midgardian, yeah," he agrees. "What do you mean - live longer by worshipping Odin?" he asks. IT seems an academic question, for the moment. The span he has out before him, that's more than long enough.

Loki reaches out to touch, just playing some light fingers along Bucky's metal arm, then a flick to his hair, before he retracts his arm and curls in his fingers tightly. "There are other ways to the long life of Asgardians besides simply being one." He lowers his green gaze. "I should not speak more of it. I want to win you on my own, not with bribes of a longer existance."

His hair's loose, for once, down around his shoulders. Buck doesn't balk away from the touches, though it's clear Loki's interest in his metal arm bemuses him a little. "I figure," he says, quietly. Then there's sadness in his face. "I….I'm married, Loki, and it's not an open marriage." He passes his human hand over his face, sighs. "And I don't know if I could live without Steve. He's my life, my heart."

"I know." Loki answers back with a gentle smile. "I have it in my mind…that I should start working with SHIELD. There, I might find a reckless sort of champion, as I seem to be attracted to. But, also, it will keep me busy."

He's thrown Bucky for a loop with that one - the blue eyes widen. "Wow…..you…you really would? I mean, it….we're just a bunch of Midgardians. Wouldn't that be beneath you?" He's entirely in earnest. Nevermind that Thor's an Avenger. Thor's another heroic meatball like the Captain who just has to go where the fight is. Loki's made of different stuff.

"Do you think so? I am on Midgard, operating a book store. I am exploring in a different way. I need it…" Loki answers with a stretch of his neck. "And I do have a friend that I believe could get me in." STARE at Bucky.

"I can try," Buck says, simply. "But….I'm not maybe …..I don't think my influence is what you may think. I'm kind of part of SHIELD because they need to keep an eye on me, make sure my skills are used for the right side. I can ask. I mean….if Thor can be an Avenger, I guess….."

Loki lifts his chin. "You do not have to ask for me. You only have to introduce me. I think I could be rather convincing. And…they can know if they have you, then…they know my weakness."

That's a gift….and while he should be wary, he doesn't really think it's one of those signature pieces of manipulation. There's ready grief in his face, in fact. Sadness for what he can't see coming to be. "All right," he says, gently. "I'll see what I can do. Gods know you'd be a power on our side few could stand against…."

Loki knits his brows when he catches the expression on Bucky's face. "You think its hopeless?"

"You getting into SHIELD? Not at all. I'm just sorry I can't….be what you want me to be, is all," he says, looking into the Asgardian's face with a watery little smile. "You're really amazing."

"Of course I am. I know you can't. You have been strikingly clear. Its fine, James. I should not tease with you, I suppose. I am sorry I mentioned winning you. I really am not trying to do so, anymore. But I think its fair to…hope I do find someone? I want it. I am interested in it, and I am honestly quite perplexed that there has been no interest." Loki lets out a soft chuckle at that.

Bucky suggests, gently, "Well, you're intimidatingly beautiful, really. And elegant and smart, so I imagine most Midgardians know right off the bat they wouldn't measure up. It's okay." He's blushing again. "It really is." He's digging himself into a hole here, but hey, least he can do.

Loki shakes his head faintly. "Sometimes I get the feeling that you wish you could live two lives. Live the one you've chosen. You should have no regrets. But, its the least you could do, to speak well of me to some smart agent who isn't already married to a superhero. Or to anyone, I suppose."

"I do," Buck says, simply. "I wish I had a different life all the time, even with Steve. I wish this…" And he waves his metal hand, letting the shimmering alloy glimmer in the afternoon sunlight had never happened. "But then, I'd've been dead for decades and never met you then, so….." He trails off, and shakes hishead as if to clear it. "I'll do whatever I can. Honest."

Loki brushes back his own hair and leans so he can look around the garden better, his back fully to the box. "What are you doing? Can these plants not survive the winter?" he asks, boggled a bit by the realization that there are plants living outside their region that must be very specifically catered to.

Loki is, apparently, also Prince of Sudden Subject Change.

He laughs, grateful for the diversion. "Yeah. But they do better if I prepare things to deal with the cold, and be ready to grow for spring. Are there seasons where you come from? I thought there were, that you guys had a cycle, the way we do…."

Loki nods once. "Yes, there are seasons. Asgard is like Midgard, but much closer together. The whole of the realm is…not large, really. One can know the whole place, easily. There are warmer areas, colder areas, and seasons come and go, though that all has to do with Yggdrasil. I still want to take you there sometime."

"I'd still like to go," he says, gently. "Maybe I could." In a world without Steve, though? Unpossible. The blue eyes have gone dreamy, thoughtful. "I used to dream of what it would be like, even before I knew it was real. That you and Thor and the All-father weren't …made up stories. It was another place I'd imagine as hard as I could. I wonder if it's like I imagine. I always thought….the air would be so clean it cut like a knife. Like the wind off distant mountains."

"It is like that. I showed you once…a glimpse from the palace. And you could go…and be back the next day. Really…you woudln't get into any trouble, there." Loki insists, dryly. He sounds honest enough.

"I'll see," Buck says. Loki can see him weakening….and he doesn't really have to exert his wiles. Just the prospect is enough. To go some place that isn't on a mission…to catch a glimpse of something out of his dreams.

Loki isn't trying to physically seduce him. He's been told no enough. And that's the key, really, that there's no expectation of something more. Its an offer without strings. "So, who will you introduce me to?" Loki asks curiously. "I want to find out what sort of brownies they like."

That makes him laugh. "I don't know. You're not some random street magician, not some conjuror of cheap tricks. Actually, it'll be a hell of a coup for me to be able to pass myself off as your recruiter," he says, eyes gleaming.

Loki makes a humming sound. "That's from a movie." He winks and then stands up. "But, I am a conjuror of cheap tricks, sometimes. I think it is time that I closed up my shop. A new chapter…to start now."

Bucky beams at that. "It is. I love those movies," he admits, without even an iota of self-consciousness. Because, in his heart, he's still a twentysomething book nerd. "If you're sure," he says.

"I should likely wait until after the meeting, in case it goes very poorly." Loki reaches into what is presumably a pocket. It was completely invisible before he put his hand into it. Then he pulls out a few coins and offers them over to Bucky. "These are from the treasurey…have one…and think on it in wonder."

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