2019-09-08 - Miss(ed) Information


Lexi Haze seeks out Laynia Petrovna (Darkstar) after being asked to watch for her by the leader of the Pride…but discovers that she has a slightly incorrect idea of her and Kladviya's relationship. Or Laynia's allegiances.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 8 08:09:52 2019
Location: Mutant Town

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It is well past the witching hour, and under ordinary circumstances Laynia would probably be home in bed, the thing is that she couldn't sleep, and rather than sit there, she came out to mutant town to just walk about, keep an eye out, nodding to any one she knows in a friendly greeting. It is not /quite/ a patrol, unless one were to htink of a foot patrol by a beat cop. Dressed in simple black jeans and an overlong amber t-shirt, hair in a plain French braid, Laynia is anything but particularly striking.


While it's hardly a novel greeting, it does have the benefit of actually coming from above Laynia, as opposed to, you know, someone actually walking up and saying hi, like a normal person.

As opposed to hanging upside down from a sign from a pair of muscular tendrils extending from her lower back, her feet planted against the underside of the sign, as the odd mauve mutant peers down at Laynia. "Are you Laynia?"

Novel is good, but there's something to be said for simple and straight-forward too. Of course, that goes out the window with the whole tendril hang-y thing. Fair is fair though, in Mutant Town odd IS normal.

Laynia looks up, cinnamon eyes friendly and nods. "Da, I am Laynia, hello." One nice thing? Powers are also a thing here, so she simply floats up to be on a comfortable level with the mauve girl. "Is there something I can do to help you, miss…?"

Her English is good, the accent is still noticeable - very Russian.

Which is why the girl promptly switches to Russian at that point. "<Oh good. I've been looking around for you, but Klavdiya didn't tell me where you'd be, exactly, just that you were working with her now and I should help you out if you needed it and to look for black armored dudes who are trying to kill both you or something, but she never tells me anything so she didn't actually tell me a lot about what you looked like or where i could find you or like a phone or something so I could text or stuff…>"

She pauses to take a deep breath. "<…so it's great I finally found you!>"

She grins, her fox-like ears perking forward. "So, like, hi." she says, returning to English.

Laynia's eyes light right up when the girl switches to Russian! "<Your Russian is very good, miss.>" Laynia replies in kind. "<Yes, the Black Razors. Very dangerous men if you should see them it would be best to seek help, or hide, or best of all…both.>" She laughs at the rapid fire commentary. "<Well, I could perhaps give you my number, that way if you need me, or I need you we can each reach the other, yes.>"

A solemn nod. "<Definitely is great. There can be no question.>"

And then she grins, the bridge of her nose crinkling up as she does so, and switches to English when her mauve friend does. "It would perhaps be good thing to know what to call you, though. Sign Hanging Girl is bit of mouthful…and probably inaccurate, I am sure you hang from other object too, da?"

Lexi drops down gracefully as she flips over, the tendrils sprouting from her back retracting to vanish into her body, leaving odd little purple swirls on her skin. From how common they are, it appears they can pop out all sorts of places, as she's certainly not shy about showing skin. Then again, with a power like hers, it's helpful to not have to rip your clothes whenever you need to create a new appendage. "Black Razors. Sounds ominous and shit." the girl says, rummaging in a backpack to pull out a phone and offer it over. "Yup! Lotsa stuff. Ya can call me Lexi. Lexi Haze. Or I go by Whiplash sometimes." the foxish girl says cheerfully as she looks Laynia over with interest. "So ya actualy knew Klavdiya from before? Or ya just met her since ya got here?" she questions.

Laynia also drops to the ground, there's a bit of chill around her a moment, but it passes readily enough in the night.

"Oh, they are ominous, no question that man of them were shits too, very pissy fellows, bad attitude with high tech weapons and armor." Laynia says with a hint of smirk. With a name to put to the face, Laynia smiles, cinnamon eyes meeting golden. "Nyet, I have not met anyone named Klavdiya, only Weather, really. Older man, black, you know him? Who is this Klavdiya?" She surely seems to be serious, never met her? That might be awkward. "You are with the Pride though, yes? I had assumed…"

Either way she takes the offered phone, inputs her number, then calls herself; once the phone rings she closes Lexi's and returns it. "There you go."

Lexi gets a 'oh crap' expression, her golden eyes widening slightly. "Oh. Uh, so forget I said that. Hunter. I meant Hunter." she notes, her hair shivering slightly as it seems to move like an invisible breeze caresses it lightly. "Um, kinda in charge of th' Pride an' stuff? Big gruff blond woman who uses words like she's savin' up pages for a dictionary?"

She takes the phone back, tucking it away. "Thanks…so, uh…you're kinda needin' a place ta hide out an' stuff? Or are ya pretty set up for that sorta thing? If ya need stuff, I'm yer girl, I can find all sortsa things."

"Oh! /Hunter/. I have not met, but have heard much." Now that makes more sense, though the name, that's good to know. "Do not worry, I will not mention to anyone, in fact I have no memory of any name other than yours, Lexi Haze, and Hunter. Is good?" Even better, a -description-, better and better. Lexi is an info jackpot!

"I am good. I mostly come here to volunteer time and bring supplies. I have not had run in with the Black Razors, but if I need place to hide I have your number." She grins. "So you are facilitator? You make things happen?"

Lexi vaguely feels she has messed up! Surely Hunter met with Laynia earlier, right? She pointed Lexi in her direction, after all, even if she wasn't very…informative. Which is typical, really, but it's never stopped Lexi from being nosy regardless. "Somethin' like that. I know lotsa people, an' I can personally retrieve things if ya really need somethin' special." The teen says, folding her arms over her curvy chest. "I mean, depends whatcha need. Safe house I can do, sure. So, uh, why are these Razor guys after ya, exactly? Just cuz ya got powers or somethin'?" Which, in MutantTown, is pretty common. Though most tend to be not very useful powers.

"Well, is good thing to be, Lexi. People like you are precious to a community, vital for survival against uncertain opposition." And then Laynia frowns. "That is part that bothers me, I have never had dealings with or trouble with the Black Razors, even if I did, it would have been LONG ago." Like decades ago - which is also a long story. She smiles then. "I think perhaps…it was more general warning and offer of aid? I am not in any danger that I know of, but I am certain I could always use more friends, and I am also certain that I have much I can do for YOU if you need me to. I have contacts of my own. In fact already making inquiries about Black Razors."

The mauve mutant cocks her head, flicking an ear thoughtfully. "Well never heard of 'em before…so they're kinda new. 'Round here at least." she admits. "Dunno how new they are to ya, but if they're just movin' in, they're gonna be havin' ta make connections an' stuff here they didn't have before, or use someone else's. They got allies? Russian Mob or stuff, maybe?"

"Oh yes, these men are expert infiltrators. If they are what I remember, they will have extensive contacts, was old part of Russian intelligence service, for all I know is still active. It would not surprise me to learn they were working with Bratva, the Russian Mafia, or other underworld types." She smiles then. "You have a good head on your shoulders, I like the angle of looking for other connections, for connection THEY make, is good plan. Is something I can do to assist you?" Laynia definitely wants to help. "I will text you useful intel if I get any." She adds.

Lexi purses her lips as she thinks. "Hmm. Well, intel's always good. D'ya know if they're goin' just after th' two of you or are they goin' after other people with powers too?" she wonders. "I mean…kinda changes things if it's anyone versus just th' two of you, two people are a lot easier ta hide, especially with th' Pride helpin'." she admits. "Uh…well, what can ya do?" she wonders curiously.

"That's the thing, I am not sure who or what the target is, for all I know it could be entirely a false alarm, or Hunter could be the target, or you could, or Weather. Or nobody." Laynia nods to herself, firmly. "Do you think you can arrange a meet with Hunter, we need to get the information straight before we try to build an ops plan." Geez, SHE sounds like a soldier, though…yeah…definitely not the typical image, not with Laynia's figure. She, she's mature, but definitely not a slouch in the looks department, at all. "Well, my powers are over Darkforce, I can make energy constructs and fly and blast things, also short range teleporter. But I have…military training." Espionage, actually, but that's -sort of- military, right? "Also have government contacts."

Lexi frowns. "Wait, don't ya already know her? She told me ta look for ya…didn't she give ya a way ta contact her?" The explanation of powers makes Lexi nods slowly. "Uh, so, okay, dark…force stuff. Gotcha." Aside: she has no idea what that means, but constructs and flying and blasting, she can get behind! "Uh, are ya government too then?"

"No, we have never met. I only know her by reputation." Laynia admits. "I /do/ have this." She takes out one of the Pride stones, with the sigil carved in it. "I always carry it too." She grins. "Darkforce." She holds her hand up, and with a frown of obviously intense concentration she forms…Lexi, actually…a ball of Darkforce forms over her hand, inky-black, roiling like it is made of smoke, and then it shapes into a ten-inch tall ebon copy of Lexi, like a black statue. "This is difficult, much easier to make walls, or a hammer. A -big- hammer." She nods at the last question. "Yes. I am Agent of SHIELD."

Lexi tenses slightly at the first part of the sentence, then relaxes at the sight of the stone. "Mm. That sounds like her not thinkin' ta give ya a way ta talk to her directly." she grouses, then watches curiously as the ball forms, grinning. "Huh. Handy stuff. Uh, SHIELD, huh?" She looks a little wary, like she's turning that over in her head for some reason. "Well. Huh. Okay. Well, I'll just…I'll go see if I can find her an' if I can set up a meetin', I'll give ya a call or text or somethin'?" She offers. Because noooooo reason an established thief would be a little nervous around a SHIELD agent.

"I am sure she had reasons for this, but I cannot speculate." Laynia grins at the mauve mutant o'tendrils. "Darkforce? Da! It can be." And then she looks wry. "Yes, Laynia Petrovna, Agent of SHIELD. But do not worry, you are CI - confidential informant, I can arrange this, you even get small stipend to be available. Is piece of cake." She nods as the girl prepres to leave. "Is very good, feel free to call or text, mm? I look forward to hearing from you, tovarisch."

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