2019-09-08 - A Moth At Speed Challenges A Devil With Need


Killer Moth gets paid to help a gang rob an underworld poker game…and Daredevil shows up to stop it, while Velocity gets pulled into it despite some personal objections!

Log Info:

Storyteller: None
Date: Sun Sep 8 03:31:18 2019
Location: Hellfire Club

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"This is a pizza place, the hell are we doin' parked out front of it?" Joey sat there in the large black SUV in Greenwich Village, its engine idling low with a faint rumble even as their daytime running lights had been dimmed, making it less obvious they were doing what they were doing.
"Yeah, and what's next door to it?" Barry asked as he sat in the passenger seat, casually unloading and reloading the pistol in his hand with a few metallic clicks.
"Mmm, oh right."
"Jewelry store. Right?"
"Yeah, but that guy we hired he cost us an arm and a leg."
"Well yeah. Since we ain't just goin' for the jewelry. But the poker game down in the basement?"
"Big take?"
"Million five, not countin' the diamonds."
"Alright then." Joey gave a nod as if he had decided to do it. Sure he was the best getaway driver in the neighborhood. But ever since he took a few rounds from the Vitellis, he needed reminding of things.
It was late at night, and the rest of the gang were geared up at the back entrance. As soon as the clock hit 23:05 that was the time to move. It was 23:03 right now. As soon as that magic minute hit, they'd be moving. And Killer Moth would be on the clock.
"So why are we robbin' a pizza place again?"

It's still an hour til closing! And therefore, Pudgy's Pizza Palace is still open, and pizza is still available for those really wanting something! And Carin is mostly here (and out a bit past curfew) because she keeps getting told Pudgy's is to die for as New York pizza goes and she should totally dry it. So since it was STILL open and no one was especailly paying attention to her (and she's fairly sure it's not a cover for AIM or something in a weird sting to recapture her), here she is. Tapping her foot idly as she leans on the counter, waiting a little impatiently for the pizza as she sips from her drink.

It's a dark, dark night, but in the sky, shines a light. A moth logo is in the sky, against the clouds, only visible to those who have infrared sighting technology. The Maggia have summoned Killer Moth from the Mothcave, somewhere in the outskirts of the city, and he's been paid a fee of three thousand dollars, the fee for a heist cover against a criminal syndicate.

What does Drury Walker do?

He's the supervillain community's answers to every kid that wanted to help his mother.

A long, sleek Dodge Charger comes sliding through traffic, as if it was made of ice gliding on water, a black paint job accented by a white moth on the hood. The beams of the headlights alight upon Pudgy's Pizza Palace and the jewelry store across from it, the Mothmobile gliding to a halt with the spider's grace of an angel in flight.

The headlights go dim, despite the fact that the engine is still running.

Inside, Killer Moth evaluates the situation with his built-in HUD inside his helmet, reaching to the seat beside him and picking up his Mothgun, slapping a cartridge of web fluid into it, before he flips it upside down, rests it on his thigh, and slides a rig of tear gas micro-grenades into the grip.

"Who's that?" Joey asks as the Mothmobile rolls on up.
"The guy we hired."
"For reals?"
"How much is his share?"
"No share, 3k. That's it."
In the pizza place the cashier smiles to Carin, "Probably just five more minutes. Want a refill?" Since the youth manning the register seems a touch taken with her. Or perhaps just friendly. In any case, hey free soda.
Out in the back of the alleyway the clock ticks down. 11:04.
The men make a final check on their shotguns, pulling their masks down into place. Then there's a 'click click' that is heard on the shared comms frequency for the heist. A few seconds after that… 11:05. And the back door is smashed open.
There's the harsh sound of a crack/ka-crack as shotguns fired, then shouts and raised voices.

"Um, yeah! Sure, thanks…" Carin says, smiling at the boy, a little shyly. Not really used to having someone taken with her, given her obvious mutant looks. Either that or she's auditioning to join the local vampire LARP or something. She glances over, eyes squinting as the Mothmobile shines its lights into the front of the pizzaria, blinking slightly, curious why someone's turning in outside.

Then the shotgun blasts are going off next door as she reflexively hits the dirt, crouchin with the reflexes of someone used to being shot at…and somehow the boy finds himself on the floor as well next to her as she's behind the counter in a blur of motion that probably leaves him wondering what just happened. "Um, call the cops!" she says, popping up to snag the phone and putting it on the floor next to hinm as she, well…dithers a bit This is REALLY not her scene! But…but the Professor keeps saying they're supposed to use what they can do to help people…

Killer Moth watches the synchronized time click into place on his HUD, then he reaches to the side of his helmet and mask combination, depressing a button, before a speech wavelength indicator flickers online, and he joins the commlink band.

<Killer Moth, present, sirs. All requests for assistance against interference is to be directed over the communications bandwith. That is the contract.>

That said, he opens the door to his Mothmobile and climbs out, viewing the street between the jewelry store and the pizza place, as the shots ring out from inside the jewelry store. He hefts up the Mothgun, and flicks a switch on his belt, the Mothmobile reporting a security lock sequence with a ping on his HUD.

A lowly held gaze sweeps out with a turn of his head, towards the eatery, as his metal wings stretch behind him. His wings are only used to glide, but the reflexive motion to do so is built into the architecture of the lightweight insulated body armor weave.

The crew in the pizzeria joint go to ground pretty damn quick, as if this isn't the nicest of neighborhoods. While there she gets a good sight line to the kid who sold her that soda and his head bobs rapidly up and down in response as she grabs the phone and sets it down in front of him. He stabs those three needed buttons and waits for whomever is on the other end to pick up… only for him to blink, "No dial tone!" He says to her, almost accusingly like it's her fault.
Outside the pizza place and the jewelry store Moth sights that idling SUV pretty easily. Inside the two moon look at the man with the wings and the armor. Joey waves.
Inside the jewelry store there's the sound of several more shotgun blasts, a scream, then ominously nothing. Lights flicker off and then on again in the place though now with a red glow to them indicating emergency lights engaged. Over the comms,
« Part one completed. Keep aware for incoming. »

"…oh goddammit." Carin mutters as the counter guy confirms the phone is down. That just can't be good, that means there's PLANS. People cut the building phone lines. She frowns, then says. "Okay, just…just stay down for a bit, maybe I can find another phone, okay?" She rolls her neck, then falls into a runners stand, before there's a *woosh* of air and the door pops open in a blur of motion as she zips out, then takes a hard turn down the alley and behind the building to do a quick pass just to see what's there at speed. Because she does not want to get a shotgun to the face. That's what people who walk out in front of people with shotguns get.

Killer Moth's infrared vision registers the rapid movement out of the pizzeria, past him, and then to the alley behind the jewelry store, where the cohorts that hired him are doing their business.

<Incoming is on your six, team. Responding.>

Killer Moth swings around to follow behind Velocity, huffing on his grip-tread boots and performing a quick step down the alley alongside the store, then turning to face down the alley, coming in behind Taylor, but at a standard human speed, perhaps a slower run because of all the gear weighing him down.

There's a splatter-blast noise, as he fires a circle of adhesive web out of his gun, swinging the bulbous device up and around as he turns the corner.

The tall and wide blast of muck, sticky and binding, is sent in as a probe, Killer Moth aware that a speedster requires a forced position against a strong point between them, neither his nor theirs, to catch them. He swings back around the corner after the blast of web is discharged from the Mothgun, listening to her response, if any, in the case that she's already entered.

At that speed, Carin likely gets a good eyeball on what went down and how effectively it did. For the doors on the back look like they were breached, a small charge perhaps and then a team of men had moved in, hit the stairwell down and rushed what looked like two guards that were standing in front of a large metal door that was made to look like a freezer.
Beyond that freezer door, however, is the poker game itself. And once she's done there she'll likely see the fallen four other guards, the five players… and the four shotgun men with their masks pulled down. They're busily transferring cash from several valises into their own canvas sacks.
From above Killer Moth will likely hear from a dark silhouette, "Those wings slow you down." Even as there's a whir of something being thrown with a flick of the wrist, baton ricocheting twice off an alley wall, a dumpster, and then slicing across the air towards Moth's weapon.

It's probably fortunate that Carin has no interest at all of walking into the robbery in progress. Meaning that she does a sharp zig away from the door to do a zoom past it…which is fortunate because she doesn't know Killer Moth until the shot splatters where she WOULD have been if she headed for the door directly, leaving a mess along the door and in front of it, but only spattering rather than directly blasting her. It's enough to make the little speedster stumble and brake. "Hey!" Carin hit the wall with a grunt and bounces off, staggering back, her eyes big as she sees the other guy in the costume. "Oh. Hi." Weak smile! And then Daredevil shows up. "Ohthankgod!" She hesistates slightly…there's a guy here to help now, right? He looks tough! He's like, all 'I am the night' silhouetting and everything! Her reflex is to run, but she pauses, rising on her toes slightly to dodge if she's shot at agin.

There's a huge explosion of adhesive, tear gas grenades flying in all directions and exploding throughout the alley, as Daredevil cranks a baton into Killer Moth's Mothgun. The adhesive seeps everyone, across the walls and over the ground and along the garbage cans and dumpsters, as tear gas sprays out in random, erratic patterns, obscuring the dim night, the stars above and the wide eyed moon staring down on the fight from the ledges of the building roofs above.

The sticking horror seeps off Killer Moth's suit, as his infrared vision swings around to see Daredevil's heat signature through the gas.

<Two hostiles, on your six. Recommend exit to your twelve team when necessary. Engaging, sirs.>

Killer Moth charges forward at Daredevil, Drury's fist swinging out with a reckless swing at Daredevil, the crook not skilled at hand-to-hand, with no martial arts training, merely the education of being a prison brawler. He's muscular, he's slim, but he's not practiced, his blow coming as a swinging right with a charge behind it, an easy enough trick to spot if you don't rely on your eyes to see through the tear gas.

Inside the jewelry store the robbery proceeds apace. Though no more shots are heard and the people within are very quiet.
Outside, however, Carin and the Devil of Hell's Kitchen continue to confront the Killer Moth.
Daredevil had been dropping off the side of the building at the first spatters, blasts exploding around him even as the Killer Moth's weapon bursts with its vicious fire painting the entire alleyway in its nastiness.
There's a splatter of goo and gunk across his shoulder as he rebounds off the lid of that same dumpster he bounced the billy club off of, flipping through the air and only then landing upon the edge of the affected surface area, but his foot catches on the twisted sticky polymer. He tries to pull it up, and around, only for that moment to be when Moth rushes him.
Hands come up and in a blur of movement they exchange blows, a rapid-fire back and forth even as DD grimaces. Sharply he shouts, "Get the escape vehicle!" Perhaps to Carin, perhaps to an unseen partner. And how did he know they had one? Perhaps he just assumed.

"W-w-wait, don't do that AHHHHH!" Carin squeals as grenades go flying in all directions, exploding into clouds of tear gas as she promptly gets sprayed by some of the webbing glops. "AH ITS IN MY HAIR!!!" Fortunately, there's still nothing wrong with the rest of her reactions as she blurs back and forth, dodging between the incoming gobs as they splash along teh walls and ground around her, until…well, she finds herself forced back into a dead end where she can't really get OUT unless she runs by wingly guy and scary guy as they struggle. And through the clouds of tear gas, which does /not/ look like something she wants to breath in!

"Ah…ah….fuck…what..um…" she stammers, thinking quickly, then raises her hands and starts rapidly swirling them back and forth, waving at the fog. The effect is pretty much immediatley as a powerful gust of wind is created, and the clouds of tear gas promptly move rapidly away from her…

Straight into the open back door of the jewelry shop. Probably not to the delight of the crooks inside. "Ah…sorry!"

And then the growly guy is yelling at her. "Escape…vehicle?" She looks around confusedly. "Uh, r-right, that's..um.." She takes a deep breath, then shoots forward, aiming straight for the wall as she hits it…then heads up the side of the building towards the roof where she can get a better look at what might look like an escape vehicle! Maybe it's that funky Charger?

Killer Moth takes a shot to the facemask, the metal shield over his mouth shielding his mouth from the punch to his jaw as he slides back a step, responding with an uppercut at short range, then taking a blow to the gut, before he swings around with a fist shot down into Daredevil's neck, and then is broken away by a forceful blow to his arm.

He backpedals like a wounded animal, inside the gas and the adhesive billowing throughout the side alley, unable to see Velocity or the doorway in the back alley, where he is meant to protect his patrons.

<Your time is limited, sirs. Lost sight of one.>

"Those are some quick moves," comes Drury's voice, in a low grating growl from his mask's rebreather and vocalizer combination, as he lurks inside the fine mist that surrounds both of them, letting Daredevil deal with the stinging mist and the choking fog, while his own eyes and lungs are protected by his helmet, mask, and suit. "The name's Killer Moth."

There's a rush out of the darkened alley where the white mist billows about, pushing about behind Killer Moth by Velocity, as Drury Walker sallies forth with a swing of a pipe scavenged from the ground at Daredevil's head, the broad sweep faster than the right cross before, with a quick chop to it, his forearm hurting from a blow previously sustained.

Out front the Dodge Charger remains untouched, though that black SUV has come to life, the headlights flickering on and the men inside having pulled their own masks into place. A low rumble is heard from it as they the engine further to life and a /grrrowl/ from it as Joey pushes on the accelerator just to get ready.

« KM, situation under control. Thought we saw something. »

Inside the jewelry store's basement the four gun men start to make their way back up the steps, the five players at the poker game having been tied up and gagged. The guards that were in there either unconscious or shot. But pretty shortly the criminals will be making a run for the front door on Moth's advice.
Daredevil, for his part, is handling the situation as best he can. The gas starts to prey on him, each time he speaks or tries to draw his breath. Though for now he is stifling his breathing. But it still effects his eyes, causing them to water and making his counters less precise, his movements hampered by that foot stuck in the good.
That cross is aimed and Moth can feel the jolt up his arm as the Devil seems to hunker down behind his guard, though his scowl is clear.
'The name's Killer Moth.' And no answer then as he goes and slides that pipe into his hand, Daredevil unable to stop him for the moment. It's only when Drury closes the distance and starts to swing back that the blind man says low.
"I don't care."
And with a twist to the side he pulls up and around sharply, his body straining as that boot heel teeears that glue surrendering before Moth's own, and that blurringly fast kick slashes upwards trying to knock his attacker down wickedly hard…
Even as he's now free.

Carin reaches the edge of the roof, peering down. Well. Two cars. Big flashy mothy car, which she assumes is the guy with the…wings? Who was spewing sticky stuff all over. (Jerk!) And the other car with the two guys in it who…do look kinda sketchy, now that she notices it. She hesistates. This is REALLY not her thing! She's used to running, not…this, but…the other guy seemed really firm about the whole escape vehicle thing so..uh..She looks around and notices a lawn chair nearby on the roof with a little umbrella, and a small pile of empty beer bottles besides it.


She takes a deep breath, then zooms over, grabbing one of the bottles, then smashes it against the edge of the roof so she's got a pointy thing…then does it with another, before she shoots to the side of the buidling and zips down the fire escape, hopping down, then blurring as she shoots past the two guys in the normal car first, and basically shivs the heck out of their tires with the broken bottles as she zips around the car.

Killer Moth swings around to his right as the pipe is sent hurtling out of his hand and against the brick wall opposite Daredevil, as a rapid kick from the ground slams into his chin.

Stumbling sidelong into the wall, there's a clattering and a whine of metal and gossamer mesh as his wing bends from him being downed against a brick wall. His face mask skewed as he drops to his knees, hand pressing against the wall, he chokes at the influx of tear gas into his mouth and eyes, coughing and hacking as his mouth is exposed to the open air, where the garbage and tear gas and adhesive odor mixes on the floor of the trash-ridden alleyway.

Unable to contact his employers in his present state of disability, he remains where he is, on the ground and against the wall, his lower right wing bent inwards against his hip as he reaches to his face and readjusts his mask, his infrared scan flickering on and off, as his view of the alley floor is tilted this way and that.

Drury gets his vision squared, judging his mask to be reoriented.

Joey turns to his pal, "You see that?" He starts to pull his gun even as the SUV /lurches/ roughly to one side, then the other, then levels out as if out of nowhere all four of their tires popped.
"Hey you!" Barry shouts and leans out of the window, scowling as he takes a bead on Carin with his pistol and then with that same scowl he wore when he was listening to Joey drone on and on, he pulls the trigger.
Meanwhile back in the alleyway, Daredevil painfully pushes a forearm over his face, struggling with the conditions forced upon him by the Killer Moth. He scowls and then spends two precious words as he growls, "Stay down!" To the man before he turns and breaks into a run leaping to the wall, partially running up it, and then snaring the rooftop's lip. It's enough to bring him up and out of that mess of clouds and nastiness even as he beats feet to rush towards the front of the building.
His head tilts as he hears the movement of the men inside, then just as they're about to break through the front door he /leaps/ off the roof and drops onto them.

Carin yelps, then shoots backwards away from teh SUV and takes cover behind the nearest solid objects as the gwo gangers open up on her…that being the Mothmobile, because it looks sturdy! Probably not good for the paint job, but it's probably bulletproof or something, right? RIGHT?!? She reeeeally hopes that right, because she is only technically faster than a speeding bullet and only on a straightaway!

She stays crouched down behind the building, feeling her heart beating a mile a minute, before Daredevil comes crashing down in front of the guys coming out the front door…which means his back will be towards the guy with the gun and ooooh crap she's really going to do this ahhhh!

"Hey, jerk, you can't hit a Thanksgiving Day float with that shooting!" Then darts to the side in a blur, trying to at least keep the guy focused on hear as she dodges rapidly back and forth to avoid the fire as she gets closer.

Killer Moth pushes himself to his feet drunkenly, stumbling along regardless of Daredevil's words. He kilters to the opening of the alley, seeing the SUV with the man firing across the street, at his car of all things, unable to see the SUV's slashed tires with his infrared still on.

<Attempting to switch to counter-pursuit status.>

Killer Moth sidles out of the alley and goes thumping along, performing a spin around the downed gangsters as Daredevil lands on them, desperately trying to make it to his Mothmobile, the car's black armor having saved it from any major damage from the pistol.

The engine on the Mothmobile is still running, the lights flashing on their high beams down the street with a flick of a switch on Killer Moth's wrist, as its doors unlock.

Killer Moth runs at the high beams, the bright white light in the faces of the downed gangsters, and Daredevil and Killer Moth, Killer Moth registering them as two intense heat signatures in his view.

Barry holds up on the firing and frowns, Joey leans over, "What's the deal? Hose her down. I'll go grab another car."
"No way, that's that dude's car. It's too nice."
Joey slaps Barry in the back of the head, "That or jail, doofus."
But then Carin lifts her voice hollaring at the gunsel and he squints at her, "You hear what she called me?" With a sigh Barry shakes his head and then starts to unload the five other rounds in Carin's direction even as she runs.
The door opens as Joey starts to look around frantically for one of the few vehicles he knows how to hotwire. Only to see the masked vigilante drop down from on high and land on those gangsters. It's a blur of movement as the martial artist grabs one weapon and uses it to crack the skull of his partner, then twists it sharply to break the man's wrist as they struggle for control.
Barry gets out of the car then as well in time to see Killer Moth stumble by, then shares a quick look with his partner…
And the two decide to hoof it.
The lights wash over Daredevil and the remaining criminals as he quickly, methodically, and brutally puts them down with a series of rapid-fire punches ending with the four fallen, the canvas sack dropped, and their weapons scattered.

Normally, Carin would just, you know. Keep going. But things seem to be going well! And she reeeeeally doesn't like being shot at. And perhaps some reflexes forced into her by people doing that to her repeatedly during AIM training kick in a bit…because the moment the two take off, she reverses direction after bobbing and weaving to avoid the fire, before she shoots forward straight at the par and goes low, her arms sweeping out to clothesline them off their feet. Though it's more of a back-of-the-leg line really and forces her into a roll forward afterwards before she regains her feet in front of them. "So, you're like totally out of ammo now, aren't ya?" she questions.

Killer Moth climbs into his car, and slams the door shut.

The Mothmobile goes into hard reverse down the road, curving backwards with the help of Killer Moth's rear view camera in his HUD, before he straightens out, until he's looking directly down the road, from the middle, at both Daredevil and Velocity.

<Stay on the ground, sirs.>

Killer Moth takes his hand off the shift after he moves to an idle position, and pulls a mounting out of the dashboard, a panel on the front left of the body sliding open as a vulcan cannon (a three barrel minigun) flips outwards.

There's a slim smile on Drury's face, beneath his mask, as he manipulates a joystick on the mounting, the vulcan extending to the side and then pivoting, left and right, spraying high caliber shells down the street in a broad view between the sidewalks, bright white tracers lighting up the night as huge smoking shells fall beside the vulcan, where the Mothmobile sits, some distance down the street from the pair of heroes and the six thugs on the ground, disarmed.

With a rush of movement and a blur in the air, Carin slices across the distance and cuts the two thugs down as they run, their legs giving out like if she just clicked a button on the back of their knees that said 'siddown' next to it. They hit the ground, roll, the revolver skittering out of Barry's grip.
They both start to rise as she rises in front of them, and Barry grabs the gun, pulling the hammer back. "No!" He answers, "I've got… bullets." As he lifts the barrel towards her she can likely see that it's mostly empty… but then he sets it down. "Alright it's empty."
But it's just as Daredevil is starting to kneel and set about securing the downed thugs that he turns his head to the side. There's that click and hum as the weapon comes online. Then that whirrrrr as it starts to spin up.
"Look out!" Barely enough warning for him to rise and /leap/ in one smooth movement, the baton at his side being drawn and the /FAFF/ of the grapple line firing. It takes him up into the air as the line retracts and snaps him forward. Even as those rounds kick up shattering holes in the wall, the street, other vehicles. A mass of mayhem laying waste to the area.

"Huh?" Carin stares as the Mothmobile whips around and extends…a minigun. "…fuuuuuuuck…" She flips to full speed as there's a rush of air washing over the two down'd thugs as she tries desperately to weave and bob…there isn't really any cover that can stop firepower like that! Thus, a few come reeeeally close…and one clips her, spinning her around as it creases her side. The only good thing about it is the kinetic force mostly isn't stopped because she's already in the process of moving away, the bullet skimming along her side rather than blowing a large bit out of her, and the implanted kevlar underneath stopping some of the force.

Still sends Carin spinning out and rolling along the ground to slam into a guardrail and over it to fall into one of those stairways leading to a lower entrance on one of the neighboring buildings with several yelps of pain as she goes rolling down the stairs then stops with a grunt as she hits the bottom.

Killer Moth loosens his hand on the grip of the joystick, and the vulcan cannon ceases fire, a low whine as it slows down, the three barrels smoking.

<Sirs, I recommend you collect the money. I will be your vehicle of escape.>

Killer Moth's hand moves back to the shift as he moves his feet and bucks forward with a smooth cruise forward, his car moving and purring as if it was moving down an incline, dead center down the street at a leisurely pace to give Barry and Joey time to collect the canvas sacks of money, before they climb into the passenger and rear seat of his Mothmobile, the Dodge Charger the apparent escape vehicle that Killer Moth has in mind for his remaining employers and their principle, the money.

The two thugs that Carin downed each exchange glances and then they gain their feet. "Ri-right." Barry says as he looks over at Joey nervously. They start to rise fully and move over to help their friends, trying to slap a few awake which is harder than it should be.
Of course distantly now there is the sound of sirens, a far off flare of blue and red light down the long Greenwich streets. Help on its way but they still have a fair amount of time.
"C'mon, guys. Get up. Get yer masks on. Let's go." The thugs say as they try to help their buddies get together… one reaching to the side for the large canvas sack…
Only for that sack to be /ripped/ from the man's hands by the red-black blur of Daredevil swinging past and low, snaring the bag by its neck and hauling it off upwards towards the third story rooftop of the building opposite the pizzeria. He lands there with a thip-thap, bare foot crunching the gravel as he scowls. Maybe those men will get away…
But they ain't getting the loot, as he opens the sack and /dumps/ out the mess of jewelry and bills and legal documents that seem to all fall, the lighter loot catching the wind and bursting into a flurry of notes and bills all along the street.

There's a faint groan from the lower stairway as Carin picks herself up…which takes a work because her hair is stuck to the ground now and she has to pull herself free, bringing with it some of the detrius that was on the ground. Not to mention the gasp of pain from the bruises starting to form on her body from the impact. Kevlar only helps so much! Implanted or otherwise. But it has kept her from breaking anything at least. She picks herself, up, holding herside where blood is starting to seep through her ruined shirt.

She thinks small thoughts for a bit, as the minigun finally stops firing, before very carefully getting to her feet and creeping up to peek over the top, ready to dodge back down if there's any further fire!

Instead, she's just in time to see growly man grab the bag and…well, rip the bag open and send money flying everywhere. Huh. She wasn't expecting that somehow. But at least the indecently armed Charger is making its getaway!

"Apologies about your take, guys," comes Drury's voice through the rebreather and vocalizer on his mask, the low, grating filter making him sound as if he's an insect monster. "But you're not in jail."

There's a flick, as he turns his communicator off.

He drives off into the night, with Barry and Joey in his car, the vulcan cannon folding back into the side of the Mothmobile as he cruises into the night, his supercharged equivalent of a battle armored police interceptor making easy work of the pursuing police, without the need to increase his criminal profile with the destruction of police property from his various combat systems.

His computer system, linked to his heads up display in his helmet, guides him along through the city, with a map and instructions in his ear, telling him where to go to return to the Maggia staging point.

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