2019-09-07 - Win Hearts and Minds


A disgruntled employee takes his CEO hostage after being terminated. Nobody knew he had powers.

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Storyteller: None
Date: Sat Sep 7 15:45:12 2019
Location: Upper East Side

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Friday afternoon, Joe O'Brien was terminates from his contracted position with the American Mutual Life Insurance company over work performance. The commissioned job had put an incredible level of strain and stress on himself and his family… sadly, when he was terminated, something snapped.

CEO Mark Byron has a brownstone in the lucrative Upper East Side of Manhattan. He's always been open with his employees and has hosted parties there, so, his address is no secret. Thirty minutes ago, Joe O'Brien revealed to the world that he was one of the 'others'… in the most unfortunate way possible.

The block is crawling with law enforcement and other first responders. Joe has CEO Mark Byron just outside the front steps to his brownstone in a hostage situation that the NYPD is ill prepared for; a sphere of brilliant yet somehow translucent ice fire surrounds the two, and Joe is holding an ice fire blade at Mark's neck. He's been shouting back and forth with the NYPD's hostage negotiator, but the situation seems to have been at a stand still for a while.

The Upper East Side is not one of Nadia Van Dyne's usual haunts. Outside of the occasional visit to check in on a potential member for G.I.R.L or to talk someone into making a donation she has pretty much zero reason to visit. But she does love Central Park and with all the police activity it was hard to miss that something was up.

But it's not teenage supergenius Nadia that turns up. Instead it's her costumed alter ego the Wasp who flits in on insect themed wings. Taking care to land out of sight of the building so she can get up to speed on the situation without escalting it.

She's at a normal size for now. Her suits communications gear tapping into the police channels.

Zipping through Central Park and past Madison Ave, a blue-striped motorcycle weaves around the city traffic with blue lights flashing. Splitting lanes to slip through the gaps between cars, the narrow electric vehicle would be almost soundless if its siren wasn't on.

Riding in a tight, calm crouch, blue-armored law enforcement follows a projected map of the city while a situation report is broadcast over the mission's secondary channel, then calmly kills both lights and siren as she pivots sharply and swings the bike into an alleyway. The thick, long-barreled rifle on her back clings tightly with magnetic force as the woman officer dismounts and deftly scales the tenement's rear side, reaching the rooftop and then quick-crawling to the far ledge. The hovering insect, if she's noticed, is completely ignored as the blue visor of Posse's helmet peeks straight down at the brownstone's front steps and the hostage situation below. <Officer Posse in position,> she radios in a calm monotone as the energy rifle comes off her back and its coils begin to charge.

Not far away, another figure in black is swinging from the direction of Spanish Harlem uptown. She moves quickly from block to block, swinging on weblines of white spider silk as she barrels above the gridlock caused by all of the activity below. Zooming along behind her is a sleek drone glowing with the same Spider-Girl emblem woven across the woman's torso.

The drone, named 'Arana', is feeding information into the HUD inside of Spider-Girl's mask; an overlay of the situation below, paired with IR and EM scans. "That's weird," she says to herself, before the final approach swing brings both Posse and Wasp into view. Frowning, the masked woman beers toward the former, quietly praying that the officer isn't feeling particularly trigger happy today. She comes in for a landing at a nice, safe distance from the armored cop, releasing one final webline that falls against the building below.

Meanwhile, the drone splits off from her and soars over toward where Wasp is perched. It moves into a hovering position, and a synthesized voice programmed to mirror that of Spider-Girl's comes to life from a speaker concealed in the drone's chassis. "Hello. Spider-Girl requests your assistance, on the adjacent rooftop." The drone then turns into the direction of Spider-Girl and Posse, and the glowing emblem is replaced by segments of white light that flash an arrow pattern on her back, indicating the proper direction.

"What's up?" Spider-Girl asks Posse, a bit hesitantly. "Need a hand?"

Having settled in what she assumed was an out of the way spot most of the way up a fire escape Nadia is a little surprised when a drone flies up to her. "That's an interesting drone design. Did you make it yourself?" she wonders aloud. "The lights are a nice touch but have you considered a holographic projector?"

Much as she'd love to perch and talk robotics all day her wings do flutter into life again and, after decreasing in size until she's small enough she could ride on the drone, she zips over to the indicated rooftop.

A little device built into her helmet amplifies the volume of her voice to a normal level "I hope the police aren't already trying to resolve this situation with lethal force.."

Inside the well-armor policewoman's helmet, Posse frowns as her ears start to burn.

As soon as Spider-Girl lands on her roof, the officer's free hand is thrusts backward, palm out to stop her approach. This one's got eyes in the back of her head, and in the thermal and microwave spectrums her entire armored body is positively buzzing. Posse carefully slips her rifle over the roof edge and points it downward, aiming its sights and the camera inside at the hostage situation below before turning her head towards the super-heroine and putting a finger to the mouth plate of her facemask. An inward sweep, and then a point at the ground beside her, tries to move the young woman closer with care.

The drone doesn't respond to the inquires about her design elements. It's possible that Arana simply hasn't been programmed with any social subroutines. It does, however, feed data around Wasp's sudden shrinking to Spider-Girl's HUD, prompting the woman to widen her eyes.

Usually, Spider-Girl goes to great lengths at avoiding interaction with the police. Understandably, she's a bit on edge, and doesn't make any abrupt motions toward the officer until she's invited closer. Moving without a sound, she joins the officer where indicated.

Behind her mask, Spider-Girl subvocalizes a command to her drone. "Arana, corriendo en silencio."

The drone's speaker very quietly sends a message to Wasp, dropping it's decibel level to a point where a normal sized human would have difficulty hearing sound at all. "Spider-Girl has requested silent running." As such, the drone slows its progress, raising Wasp over the rooftop and approaching Spider-Girl's shoulder.

"I'm registering ice," Spider-Girl quietly tells Posse. "Surrounded by… fire. Extreme cold and extreme heat. Not natural at all." She turns her mask slightly toward the officer, her voice barely a whisper. "Ever seen anything like it?"

"Negative," Posse murmurs while following Spider-Girl with her helmet. Inside her visor the officer's vision is split, still tracking down her rifle sight with one eye and keeping the weapon tightly aimed - not at Joe O'Brien himself, but at the wavering image of his raised hand that's distorted through the screen of ice and fire.

"Ground officers are sighted on the shield. If small arms can break it, we have a clean shot. Can you web him up?"

A tiny thumb is raised in response to the request for silent running. Nadia is perfectly happy to let other people do the talking for now. After all there just so happens to be a weird low and high energy physics anomoly taking place nearby and that's far more exciting than anything on the police radio.

She lands on the edge of the building with the best view and sits down. Tiny legs dangling over the edge. Barely two inches tall.

"Unless there is a hidden machine in the room there's a significant chance this is a mutant or metahuman ability. Quite probably shunting heat energy locally.. Cools one spot and the waste heat generates the fire," She broadcasts her opinions loud enough to carry across the rooftop but not to reach further. "You might have a problem firing a weapon if it can absorb kinetic energy too."

"Si," Spider-Girl answers Posse, but she's also concerned about breaking that shield. A hand gesture is made toward the tiny Nadia, and a frown forms on her face. "Hold on. Let me… let me do some math."

Her left hand rises and dances in the air, as if tapping away on an invisible keyboard. Inside of her mask, the HUD is drawing out readings from Arana's sensors while in a separate window she's plugging in calculations.

"Standard arms won't be melted by the fire, but the ice density… it'll take a lot of fire to get through."

Lowering her hand, she glances from Wasp to Posse. That's too long; depending on how motivated Joe O'Brien is, he'll have time to slash the CEO's neck before anyone could stop him. It poses a real problem.

The hostage negotiations, meanwhile, aren't going anywhere. Joe isn't budging, and there's no way of knowing how long he can keep it up, or how long the negotiator will be able to keep things from escalating.

"…. I might be able to crack it." Spider-Girl doesn't sound pleased about it, but she doesn't explain why.

"I didn't mean it would melt it," Nadia points out with a tiny shrug. "We don't understand the process by which he's forming the ice. It could drain the kinetic energy from the bullets and render them useless. Probably won't but hard to say for sure."

She stands up and rolls her shoulders "I can always sneak into the room. Get an idea what's going on. I'm able to reduce my size down to a point it'd be functionally impossible for a regular person to notice me… Unless either of you have any objections?"

She taps a few buttons on the wrist of her suit. "I can tune into one of the police radio channels and relay the intel back… And perhaps we'll get lucky and the ice shell will have some air holes in it." Her wings start to flutter, she lifts off and turns to face Spider-Girl and Posse. And unless either of them object she'll quickly zip off to sneak her way into the crime scene.

Posse is silent at first as the two vigilantes deliberate, her metal facemask as blank and expressionless as the glow of her visor. "Go and don't be seen," she instructs the wasp before turning her helmet to the spider. "How?"

Spider-Girl lifts her chin a bit toward the Wasp, then nods her head in silent agreement at the idea. She watches for a moment as the woman takes off, and can't help but form a grin. There's something just so damn cool about that, and for a brief moment, her mind wheels are a spinnin'.

Posse's question brings her back to Planet Earth, and she turns toward the officer with the grin fading away. Holding out a hand, she looks down to it and seems to concentrate on something for a brief moment. One might notice a soft glow of blue light coming from beneath the costume on her back, and then, something is changing. Her hand forms a fist, and a shell of chitinous hide begins to form over her first and up to her elbow. It's black, with translucent blue color, and it looks remarkably durable. "It ain't quiet, and it ain't nice, but it gets the job done."

And it'll probably hurt like hell, but that goes with the territory.

With her other hand, she makes a few gestures in the air, also tuning into the NYPD police frequencies. "But we'll have to be fast," she adds. "Really… really fast."

"The magic word is please," Nadia notes on the communications channel Posse was using earlier. There's a hint of a Russian accent to her voice and no real concern that she's using what should in theory be a secure police channel. They should have secured it properly after all! "As for being seen. I hardly think he's going to notice a speck with all this commotion going on outside."

"I do hope the plan isn't to kill anyone. This sort of crime is often carried out by someone who is under extreme stress or otherwise has a diminished level responsibility."

It doesn't take all that long for her to cover the distance to the criminal and his hostage. Her wings allow remarkably speedy flight with very little noise.

By the time she's landing on the sidewalk nearby she's shrunk herself to the size of a Wasp. "I see a gap in the ice shield. Should be able to get under it. I'm ninety seven percent certain I can extract the hostage without risk, unless he's also got dramatically increased reaction speeds."

Posse looks up from where she's laying to watch Spider-Girl cover her fist and forearm in an armored shell. Inside her helmet, the veteran soldier almost smirks before presenting her own arm and clenching an armored fist. <Roger, but hold until my signal. We need one hundred and ten percent,> Posse instructs over radio before continuing by voice and radio at once, "Spider, you and I will drop together. Hit the barrier ASAP /after/ I do. Priority one is disarm and then separate the target - for all of us. I'll screen the hostage, you two move the target clear and then subdue. Bug, move when we impact the shield." She pauses to give both women a moment to digest the instructions and then asks in firm monotone, "Can you do that?"

As Nadia gets closer, she'll have a wasp's eye view of the situation. Joe O'Brien is sweating, his eyes wide with that sort of flight or fight panic that borders on mania. The negotiation officer has just asked a question, to which Joe raises his voice and shouts a reply.

"I just want my job back! I want to go home to my wife and my daughter, I want to go to work on Monday, I want.. I want… I want these things, and NONE OF YOU can make it fucking happen!"

His hand trembles, and the ice-fire knife comes dangerously close to Mark Byron's neck. It singes the flesh a little, causing Mark to grimace and hiss in pain.

"Only this guy! He's the only one!" Joe continues, his words blending rage with terror.

Meanwhile, Spider-Girl has her ear trained on both Posse's instructions and the reports coming from Wasp over the police channels. "Si, seniorita," she answers, and takes a single step back. One hand rises and begins spinning black webbing over her exposed mouth and chin, which has the effect of completely enclosing her in the black. She releases a testing breath to make sure she hasn't woven the fibers too tightly, then clenches her body. The chitinous shell begins to form all over her, transforming her from an angular, short woman in black spider-silk to something insectoid and monstrous in nature. A true terror to behold.

"Ready," says the Latina voice, a stark irony considering the creature it appears to now come from.

Nadia Van Dyne coughs politely. "It is Wasp or Nadia. Not 'Bug'. And I am still waiting for confirmation you don't intend on killing anyone." By this point she's small enough she may as well be invisible. An ant in the gap between two sections of the sidewalk. "I will need a few moments to get into position. Travelling takes rather a long time at this scale."

"Don't be alarmed if the hostage suddenly vanishes," she says calmly. "From his speech pattern, movements and body language… I'm as certain as I can be without a DNA test that Joe does not have an enhanced reaction speed ability."

"I'm going to shrink the hostage, pick him up and fly to safety. So please /do not use lethal force/."

"ROE is lethal force against 'immediate threat to life', get focused on the rescue so that doesn't have to happen," Posse at once answers and orders to Wasp. Her rifle stays trained on Joe just the same as the cyborg officer exhales deeply to empty her lungs, then sucks in a long, slow breath to conscious calm herself before the action starts. "Tactical breathing, girls. Deep yoga breath before we move. Wasp, radio again when you're in position."

"Don't worry, Wasp," Spider-Girl reports over the NYPD channels, revealing that she, too, has hacked in. "I won't let her." She casts a brief look toward Posse, her expression hidden. She has absolutely no love of cops, and some of her actions in the past have probably proven this; however, she's also playing nicely. It's a common sentiment among minorities, and likely the source of some underlying tension. However, in an effort to ease this, Spider-Girl gives Posse an encouraging nod. She clicks off the radio so that Wasp won't hear and says, "I'm on your side here. Okay?" She is, in fact, playing both cards, because the last thing she wants to see is a very difficult, time-sensitive plan go south because of ANYONE'S feelings, hers included.

The creature that is Armored Spider-Girl visibly relaxes her stance and sets eyes on the hostage situation. The left hand bats a few times, typing an invisible command that instructs Arana to calculate swinging vectors to attain maximum velocity from her current position.

Nadia Van Dyne lets out a long sigh. "Well just be aware that I am recording the situation and will release it to the media if I feel the police response was excessive," she informs matter of factly. "I'm climbing the hostage right now. Should be another minute or so. I don't want to risk flying and getting caught in a jet of flame."

A minute passes "I'm in position and am going to extract the hostage on a ten count. He'll shrink to around a thirtieth of his current size, I'll catch him mid-fall and fly immediately towards the gap under the ice. Then bring him to the waiting medical staff."

When the count is over (unless anyone shouts to stop) she'll take flight and zap the CEO with enough pym particles to shrink him instantly to 1/32 of his size.

Posse, likewise, answers without her radio, in the terse and flat way that suggests she's only giving Spider-Girl half her attention. "Just follow the plan and that squirt has a chance to get out alive." The policewoman takes another deep breath after Nadia's reply and waits, not continuing the conversation further.

Just as the ten count elapses her armored hand grabs the roof edge and the officer kicks over it, flinging herself fearlessly into empty space and pushing off the ledge for extra speed in her descent. As she drops, Posse holsters her rifle and aims herself feet first into the wall of fire and ice below. Straightened like an arrow, the joints of her armored suit stiffen and tense as they brace for impact.

Turning back to prepare herself, Spider-Girl watches Posse's movement, relying on HUD video transmissions from Arana. She fires twin weblines at the lower edge of the rooftop's barrier, then pulls them back to create tension. Two, three, four tugs until the cement begins to crack a little. She waits until Posse is halfway to her destination, before kicking off the rooftop and letting physics do the rest.

When the monstrous creature appears, she's traveling at nearly three times to speed of Posse, barreling down behind her.

The timing of all three is nearly perfection. The CEO suddenly blinks out of existence, leaving tracers behind as the pym particles conduct their scientific magic. Joe only has time to gasp when suddenly, Posse strikes the barrier, causing it to crack. The fire envelops her for a moment as her body is violently thrown from the impact, but less than a moment later, Spider-Girl pounds into the same spot, her armored body folded up into a ball.

The ice shatters, forming fiery ice shards that fly outward away from the hostage taker and his shrunken hostage. The armored shell around Spider-Girl is also shattered, joining the cacophony of shrapnel flying about. She strikes the ground like a cannon ball, rolling along the sidewalk and ripping up cement in her wake. However, in the blink of an eye, she manages to cast a webline toward Joe, colliding with his waist and yanking him off his feet. The ice knife disappears, and for a moment, he's completely caught off guard.

The shrink and catch move is a trick Wasp has done a thousand times. The CEO, probably only marginally more terrified at his sudden change in size compared with his previous situation as a hostage, gets scooped out of the air by a slightly larger than before winged figure.

But Nadia can't help but exclaim something really startlingly unladylike in slightly accented Spanish when Posse slams into the top of the ice shield sending fragments everywhere and Spider-Girl seems to shed shrapnel. Turning her flight path into a storm of razor edged hazards that, for added fun, still seem to be on fire and some sort of black substance. She's not severely at risk herself but her passenger is still sadly very vulnerable to being sliced, crushed or burned.

So the only real solution is to fly fast and try keep herself in harms way until eventually, over by the paramedics she manages to exclaim "Next time try not to fall on the criminal until the hostage has been safely removed."

Slamming into the ice roof like a speeding car, Posse's metal-edged boot sinks into fractures in the barrier before the cyborg rebounds out over the street, licked with flames. Her body twists deftly into a smooth backflip that trails smoke and steam in its wake until she strikes pavement - spalling its edges underfoot. The formerly clean edges of her armor are charred and speckled with dust but no bent limbs or mis-angled joints betray any injuries from the PCB officer. Small miracles of modern technology.

Not taking any time to rest, Posse rushes back towards the brownstone just as the hail of ice shards and chitin are settling to help Spider-Girl subdue the would-be mutant criminal up close and personal. For Wasp's benefit, she's even going in empty-handed.

"Mierda!" cries Spider-Girl with a painful sound to her voice, but she pulls herself up and grasps the webline with both hands, keeping the man in check while Posse runs in.

Narrowing her eyes, she fires another webline toward Joe's arm, connecting and tugging it to prevent him from forming another ice fire weapon. She releases the first line in order to fire a third, this one aimed at the other arm, and she holds him there until Posse is able to detain him.

Hearing Wasp's alert, she grimaces beneath the mask. Her imagination runs wild for a moment, picturing some hellscape of Innerspace merged with Honey I Shrunk the Kids and a touch of Armageddon in the process. "Jesus," she verbalizes. "Sorry, we… sorry!" The young woman can't form much more of a response right now, given the agony her bones are in from the severe impact. Fortunately… nothing is broken. She's pretty sure, at least.

"Next time I'm going to remember to bring a fast acting knock out drug with me," Nadia muses, reverting the poor CEO to normal size in the privacy of an ambulance. So the crowds of onlookers don't stare. It was the sort of flight that could understandably cause a grown man to cry. She's just glad he didn't pee himself. "Along with a /very/ strong umbrella."

Sprinting as she is, it doesn't take Posse long to reach Joe, and even less time to put the panicked metahuman on the ground. From close by Spider-Girl can follow the textbook sweep and tackle that pins him face-down against the sidewalk, catching him just before impact to avoid slamming the now-defenseless man face-first into concrete, but there's a distinct crispness and speed to the armored officer's movements uncommon to the rank and file - perhaps too fast and too smooth to be normal human.

Positioning herself on Joe's back, Posse rests her knee atop the man's spine, threatening but not applying any weight as the other policeman cautiously move in. "No sudden movements, no powers. You're under arrest."

Once the man is properly detained, Spider-Girl releases the weblines, letting them fall to the ground. "They'll dissolve in about four hours," she tells the officers, likely something of a nuisance but all things considered, it's a hell of a lot better than someone ending up dead.

Having watched the way Posse takes the man down, she can't help but notice the difference; the efficiency, the skill, the speed. The mask prevents anyone from noticing a raised eyebrow, but she does reach up to detach the makeshift silk covering the lower half of her face, which typically remains exposed.

Moving away from the detained hostage, she walks toward Wasp. "Arana, vigilancia," she subvocalizes, ordering the drone to adopt a watchful hover over the detained metahuman. "Are you okay?" she asks, then jerks her head toward the ambulance. "And mister one percent in there. He okay? Did he soil his Brooks Brothers?"

To be fair, she at least tried not to smirk.

As for Joe O'Brien, he's no longer a threat. He isn't fighting, but he has started sobbing. "I'm sorry," he's telling the police. "I'm so sorry, I didn't… I wasn't… oh god!"

"I had an unexpected preview of what people claim the end of the world will be like," Nadia says, evidently exhausted as she brushes the ice crystals off herself. "I think he passed out when I shrank him. People find it… alarming when it is unexpected. Still I think he will be okay. He could require a therapist but I am sure he can afford it so…"

She shrugs. "That drone of yours was interesting. Did you make it yourself?" She grins. "I'm thinking of making some support drones although I have yet to decide what the specifications will be. Probably just something suitable for recon."

Posse rises briskly once other policeman are available to handle Joe for her, backing away with a promptness that could almost be disdain and heading towards the costumed pair. Starkly, as if a switch were turned off, the officer's movements are slow and unhurried - still smooth, but with none of the speed and vigor of just moments ago.

"Good job you two. Any injuries to report?" she asks, looking between the pair.

"Yeah," confirms Spider-Girl of her little support drone. "All after market mods, no offensive capabilities because the legality of that is questionable, but she's got a charging system that runs on ambient AM radio waves, so, she's always charging. Kind of like the alternator in car, but by transferring radio waves into alternating current. It's… kind of like a bastardization of inductive charging and transistor radios."

She could go on and on, and it shows; tech nerds have a tendency of latching onto each other by some form of otherworldly geek ESP.

Spider-Girl adjusts her stance to involve Posse in the conversation. She considers the question for a moment, and tests out her limbs for a moment, bending them and cracking them in ways that shouldn't be possible. "Nothing permanent," she confirms. "I mean… I've had worse. Nothing's broken, but I'm gonna need some ice packs, a fist full of ibuprofen and tequila. Definitely tequila." She glances toward Joe, and frowns. "He's gonna be in a world of crap, ain't he?"

"Fun! Most of my own tech runs off microscale batteries. I've been considering dabbling with fusion power though," Nadia says brightly, digging in her pocket and pulling out a business card. "We're always looking for members at the Genius in action research lab. It's not a superhero team or anything. But it is.. kind of like a club for female geniuses. We help people get research grants, college places and things." She shamelessly holds the card out for Spider-Girl in case she's interested.

Posse gets a tilts of her head. "I'm fine…" She looks the rather military looking suit up and down "Is that a new model of police body armour? It seems very… Well it's better than I expected for law enforcement. Perhaps a bit much for patrolling the streets though."

Posse watches Spider-Girl stretch with what might be a mild curiosity beneath the blank helmet. It's a subtle reminder of the vigilante's super-humanity - at least subtler than her costume. "That's his problem," she notes pitilessly of their captured meta before turning her attention to Nadia. True to form, it's easy to see up close that the straight-backed officer is dressed for more than a minor hostage situation. The sheer lack of damage from her hard fall speaks to the materials used and the parts of her body not shielded by thick armor plates reveal seams and heavy cables. The officer inside is either very muscular, or wearing even more layers underneath, and if anything her dispersed heat signature has gotten hotter.

"Powered Crime Bureau," she explains with a thumb hiked towards the symbol on her shoulder. "We get called in for the more kinetic kind of criminal. Like it or not they're still what this city has for law enforcement," Posse continues, turning her hand towards her fellow officers. "There aren't enough like me to go around."

"And aren't you a little small for tequila, chica?" she notes, or perhaps teases to Anya. There's just a hint of a Mexican accent to her own words, but it may be forced.

Spider-Girl visibly grimaces at the idea of fusion power. "See, I'm afraid I'd carry the wrong zero and blow up half the city. Not how I'd like to go down in history, y'know?" She does, however, accept the business card with what appears to be subdued interest; inside, she's bursting at the seams. With a coy grin, she tucks it away in what had been a previously invisible pouch at her hip; clearly, the costume is not the usual superhero spandex.

"Should be more of you," Spider-Girl agrees with Posse. "There's a high concentration of supers around here. I'm guessing it's the water." She then forms a rueful smirk and says, "Big things come in small packages, hermana. For the record, I am of age."

"That's probably for the best. If your costume became standard issue I'd worry that the city would be equipping the crossing guards with RPGS," Nadia says, her voice even and polite but more than a little wary. "It'd also recommend not underestimating someone just because they're petite." She grins. "I could shrink down and take your entire suit of armour apart."

Her wings flare to life again. "Anyway I better fly. I've got some research to get back to… I hope you both have quiet and uneventful days." And with that she takes to the sky.

Posse snorts quietly from within her helmet. "If enough cars blow up that's exactly what you'll get. Most people like me are busy elsewhere," she notes, answering both women together. "And that's not what I asked, but good for you," she adds to Spider-Girl with dry amusement.

Spider-Girl watches as the other woman takes flight, a bit awestruck by the whole affair for a few moments. "You know…" She pauses for a moment and turns back to face Posse. "I get her concern. I share it, ya know? But I'm sure you get that all the time." She shrugs. "People like us have a thing about cops. We're not really the bad guys, but we do break the rules." She angles her head a bit, genuinely curious and not as defensive as she normally is around the law. "Guess the real concern is… what happens when tech like yours or mine gets in the wrong hands. Badge or not."

The departure gets less attention from Posse and her hands lift to rest idly on her hips, still maintaining rigidly-straight posture in her suit while listening to Spider-Girl. Her tone paradoxically is more relaxed, though still possessing of a rough, barking edge. "That's exactly what I'm here for - dropping trouble. You can think what you want about cops - it's no skin off a' me."

"Same," Spider-Girl answers. Her grin becomes a bit less coy, more earnest. Her friends would shit a brick if they knew she was actually… maybe… possibly making friends with a pig. But then again, that's no skin off her back.

After verbally providing her phone number - the burner number is a google voice number and only possible to trace when she has her rig up and running. "I stick to Spanish Harlem unless something's blowin' up somewhere. You ever need a hand…" She upnods. "I got your back."

Rolling her shoulder again, she's reminded of the ice pack, ibuprofen and tequila in her future. "See ya round, PCB." A webline is flung skyward, and she's soaring with the drone flying along behind her.

Posse sets a hand to her ear, recording perhaps, while Spider-Girl gives her phone number, then nods in affirmation as the vigilante prepares to depart. "Enjoy that shot of tequila," she teases. "And it's 'Officer Posse,'" the cyborg corrects. Once the monochrome spider is sailing through the city sky, the blue-armored policewoman turns her attention back to her fellow police, and then just as quickly away to walk back to her motorcycle. They can handle clean-up themselves.

"Hmph… ''win hearts and minds''," she recalls from an earlier briefing. "Secondary objective achieved I guess."

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