2019-09-08 - Ocean Reflections


Mera stumbles upon Chasi contemplating life.

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Storyteller: n/a
Date: 2019-09-08
Location: Montaul Point

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Sunday morning and all the good humans are at Church worshipping their false God. So, perfect time for Mera to check out the lighthouse on Montaul Point. Alas, Atlantean research about human Sundays is not as up to date as it could be. There are many more people here than she was expecting. Some brave souls even looked like they were going to go swimming. So Mera, clad in her human clothes of cream pants, and long beige coat over a white shirt, has been forced to go even further off the beaten track. Making her way spryly over a rocky surface towards the sea.

Chasi hasn't been to church in, well, years. Instead he's sat on the rocks staring out to sea. He's wearing smart casual clothing, enough for the rocks as he stays put. He's not interested in worship much. That died decades ago. Instead he's enjoying the ocean air and the waves crashing in on the shore. It's the little things like that, really. He's still new to the States, having come from Europe and all this is still amazing to him.

Getting to his feet Chase is wearing a pair of dark gray pants, smart shoes and a windswept and salt stained and soaked shirt with a dark white, almost gray jacket over it. He gets up and takes a look around, olive skinned hands at his sides as Chasi stretches a moment, then turns to survey hiss surroundings, a full on 360 degree turn.

Even here there is someone. Mera stops her rock leaping upon seeing the man, a frown playing over her face for a moment before she remembers how humans are supposed to react in such situations. "Good morning. Lovely day" she offers as the sea spray spatters over them. Mera is even trying something akin to a smile though it leans more towards grimace. A quick look around to see if the man is alone - he seems to be. She stands with arms crossed as her gaze returns to him.

Chasi looks to her hearing her voice. morning" he asks as if he's unsure how to react too. He's more used to casual greetings, or greetings in his usual tongue. Pulling himself up to his full height of five feet eleven, Chasi studies the woman and offers a hand, getting spattered by more sea spray. "It is lovely day, yes" he says. He learned quickly people in the US love to talk about the weather…. depending on who you ask. He'd asked the right people, apparently as he steps carefully over the rocks and nods to her once he's on firmer ground. "How are you?" he asks, it's a stiff greeting like he's not sure what he is saying in English really. He's trying though. Credit where it's due…

Standing on a flat, solid bit of rock, Chase actually smiles a little. It's been a while since he's been here on a Sunday morning. No, trips via photo apps don't count really. He just needs to get off of the island more often. Chasi gestures to the ocean, "It's beautiful" he says with a hint of awe. "Rocks are hard to sit on though"

It seems her greeting worked since the man is continuing with the expected replies. At least, they seem correct to Mera. All humans have accents, so she is unlikely to spot one in his voice. "I am well" she replies before remembering to add, "Thank you." What is she supposed to say next?

Thankfully, Chasi has it sorted. And it's about her favorite subject. Mera's smile as she looks towards the ocean is much more genuine and warmer. "Yes, it is" she nods before a little snort at the discomfort of rock sitting. "It is easier than sitting on coral." Everyone knows that, right? "You are going swimming?"

Chasi nods and tries not to laugh at her snort. Tries. And…fails miserably, a little chuckle coming from him. "No, I'm not going to swimming, no. I am…" he pauses, unsure how to form the words in English. "I am reflect on the past, yyes" he says. "Think about my life and watch the ocean roll in" he adds with a nod to her then to the ocean with a wave of his hand at the Atlantic. He nods and returns his gaze to her from looking around. "Are you here to swimming to?" he asks, curiosity in his voice. It's clear he's not a native English speaker by his wording. He's unsure she'd understand Romanian, so he's sticking to his, if at times, broken English.

All English is broken to Mera. So many different dialects and phrasing. How can they say they are all speaking the same language? At least she understands him. "Ah, thinking about your life." A sympathetic nod. "I find that the sea keeps me focused too. I hope she helped you come to a decision."

Mera looks out at the rough, roiling sea crashing against the black rocks. "Yes, I was going to go swimming" she admits, "But I am in no hurry."

Chasi nods with a smile, "It helps, sound of waves relaxes" he admits. There's a fact he won't freely admit. Unless of course, it's by the sea. He does though nod to her. "Why no swim now? Too cold?" he asks remembering a random reason people use to get out of swimming.

"Too cold?" Mera pouts as she looks over the broiling ocean before shaking her head. "No, not at all. It's a lovely late summer day." Very late. "Yes, the sounds of the waves are wonderful. The feel of the ocean around you. Holding you. Cradling you. Sustaining you when all else would abandon you." A slight look of pain. "Sorry, too much philosophy too early in the day. I will not hold you up from attending church."

A puzzled look crosses Chasi's face. "I don't attend church. It does nothing, no need" he says, sounding pained. After all the church did nothing when the accident happened, they never helped him at all. He swore off the church after that. "No no, I'd rather walk or drive around, think on things that sit in a church and listen to old man read from holy book" he says. "Book full of lies, too" he says coldly, watching the ocean then to her. "Holy book never helped me once, no."

The Atlantean databases really need to be updated, though Mera is certainly not going to argue about the lies contained in the human Bible. Got the names of the Gods wrong for a start. No wonder it does nothing. "Do you spend most of your day thinking? Do you have not have a job that requires you to do more than contemplate life?" They all have jobs, don't they? For that money they are so enraptured with.

Chasi laughs gently. "Yes, have a job" he says, unsure how much to say about working for SHIELD. "It's for the government" he says as a white lie. It's for /a/ government. Sure. "I have a lot of time at work to think, but I am not at work right now" he says gently, though he does laugh softly, "If I was at work and here, I'd be in a different mood."

"A better mood or a worse mood?" Mera asks with a smirk. "Most people I have met would say the latter. I assume that you mean the U.S.A. government." Not one of her favorites. "It sounds like you have a very lazy job. So, you think a lot? It sounds like you have much to reflect on. Oh, excuse me, I am Mera."

Chassi smiles. "Something like that" he says gently, "I am Chasietru, But most call me Chase or Chasi" he says by way of an admittedly belated introduction. He nods to her again. "I have a job that is both lazy and exciting" he adds with a pleased tone to his voice.

He's not sure how to answer the mood question, though. Both would be a strange answer…so he goes with the convenient white lie again. "A better mood because I'd be helping people" he says as he's not thinking on what he's saying.

"Helping people is always a good thing to do" Mera nods, even if helping humans might involve her people getting more garbage dumped on them. "Lazy and exciting? You have, what do they say, all the bases covered? How long have you been in New York? I don't suppose you were present when the giant creatures attacked the harbor some months ago?"

Chasi grins, "No I was away from the city when that happened. I heard about it however" he admits, "People talk, word goes around, ya?" he asks. Looking over Mera again, Chasi goes to speak as his phone rings. He looks to the screen and frowns. "It was nice to meets you" he says gently, and smiles. "But work needing me, I need to go to help people" he adds and turns to walk over the rocks. Quite how he'll get to work is another matter mind…but…

"I hope it puts you in a better mood" Mera smiles at his call to work. She watches him make his way over the rocks before heading the other way towards

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